European Startup Rankings

A collection of the top startups you must follow across Europe, country by country and city by city. You can also check all European startups.

Curated by @gonsanchezs


Berlin 115 startups

In Berlin, a new startup is founded every 20 minutes. What else is there to say?

Munich 120 startups

Germany's Industrial TechHub. Check out some of the best companies in Munich's thriving ecosystem.

Hamburg 102 startups

Germany's second largest city, Hamburg is quickly becoming one of Europe's A-Level players.

Frankfurt 95 startups

Frankfurt has been dubbed the 'international transportation hub' for a reason.

Stuttgart 97 startups

Stuttgart (or 'Benz-City') is one of europe's most active economic regions. Here are 100 of its companies

Cologne 95 startups

Similar to Berlin but not as stressful and overpopulated, Cologne boasts an impressive startup ecosystem.

Düsseldorf 92 startups

Düsseldorf is readying to be one of Europe's most innovative hubs. These startups are paving the way.

Dortmund 39 startups

The Dortmund Startup ecosystem may be small, but 2020 might turn out be its biggest year yet.

Karlsruhe 83 startups

Karlsuhe is quickly becominng a force to be reckoned with in Germany's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Dresden 64 startups

Founders don't usually choose historic, picturesque cities to start up in. Dresden is an exception.

Essen 36 startups

Take a look at the startups making Essen a tech hub worthy of everone's attention this year.

Mannheim 43 startups

A powerhouse of innovation and culture, Mannheim is the German hub to watch in 2020.

Münster 25 startups

This multi-faceted city is quickly becoming one of Germay's main tech hubs.

Freiburg 28 startups

This student city's startup ecosystem is beginning to grow. Check out the companies responsible for it.


Paris 140 startups

Under President Macron's new regime, the Paris start-up scene is flying higher than ever before.

Lyon 94 startups

Lyon is second only to Paris when it comes to the startup life in France.

Lille 57 startups

Lille is the reigning tech hub in northern France. These are of the startups that have made it their home

Nantes 52 startups

The only city in the world where you can start a company and ride a mechanical elephant at the same time.

Marseille 52 startups

#2 largest city in France & one of its major centres for trade. Check out some of Marseille's companies.

Toulouse 91 startups

Aeronautics, space, biotech and everything in between. Here are some of Toulouse's main startups.

Nice 22 startups

Known as the 'Entrepreneurial Riviera of France', Nice is slowly setting itself up for success.

Montpellier 56 startups

Another of France's burgeoning startup ecosystems. Check out some of Montpellier's top companies.

Bordeaux 56 startups

Bordeaux isn't just praisded international destination for holidays. It's also a blossoming tech hub.


London 112 startups

Forget all about Brexit. Europe's tech capital is still booming with fintech at its core.

Manchester 105 startups

The UK isn't just London. Check out some of the biggest startups in Manchester, the "Northern Powerhouse"

Cambridge 106 startups

Nicknamed 'Silicon Fen', Cambridge combines beautiful scenery with a well established tech community.

Liverpool 85 startups

There's life outside of London. Liverpool is quickly setting itself up to become a rival to the capital.

Bristol 94 startups

Some say Bristol is the best city to start up in the UK. They might have a point.

Leeds 99 startups

Here are 100 startups helping Leeds become the fastest growing city in Northern Europe.

Birmingham 92 startups

The time of the Peaky Blinders has passed. Now, Birmingham is home to a burgeoing tech ecosystem.

Brighton 94 startups

With a particularly high concentration of VR and AR companies, Brighton may just be the UK's tech future.

Reading 93 startups

With over 11,000 digital tech busiesses located there, Reading has been named the UK's top digital city.

Belfast 104 startups

A city on the cuttinng edge of science and innovation. Check out Belfast's top tech companies.

Newcastle 24 startups

This North-Eastern city has a long history of innovation. Check out some of the companies responsible.


Madrid 105 startups

The Spanish capital has more to offer than just sun, good food and lots of wine.

Barcelona 106 startups

Why does Barcelona's tech ecosystem keep on growing? Maybe it has something to do with these companies.

Valencia 95 startups

Valencia's ecosystem is vying for Spain's top spot. Check out some of the companies helping it do so.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam 100 startups

Amsterdam is a hyper-connected hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. It's also just so damn beautiful.

Rotterdam 99 startups

With Europe's largest port in its shores Rotterdam is the gateway to Europe. Check out 100 of its startups.

The Hague 103 startups

With its broad range of opportunities for young innovators, The Hague is set to break out in 2020

Arnhem 32 startups

A burgeoning community of founders and incubators make Arnhem a city to pay attention to in 2020.


Stockholm 128 startups

Check out some of the companies that helped Stockholm become one of Europe's biggest players.

Gothenburg 94 startups

Gothenburg's burgeoning start-up ecosystem is overflowing with fresh and diverse opportunities.

Malmö 98 startups

Stockholm's younger brother, Malmö, boasts a sturdy, diverse and thriving tech ecosystem.

Uppsala 54 startups

Uppsala is quickly stepping out of Stockholms shadow to become one of Sweden's main entrepreneurial hubs.


Porto 89 startups

Porto is at the forefront of innovation. Here are some of the companies behind why.

Lisbon 88 startups

Lisbon's status as a startup hub may be recent but don't be fooled. This city has quite a tech ecosystem.


Milan 101 startups

The heart of Italy's startup scene, Milan is a can't miss tech ecosystem.

Rome 90 startups

Milan may be the biggest player in Italy, but Rome is a close second. Check out what's going on there.

Turin 32 startups

Turin is not all Fiat and chocolate. Check out some of the best companies making this city their home.


Dublin 104 startups

Dublin is ranked as the "best city to found a business in" by Forbes. Check out some of those businesses.

Galway 82 startups

Galway may be small in size and population, but its startup scene is posed to break out in 2020.

Donegal 21 startups

Despite its size and humble tech ecosystem, Donegal is in the brink of flourishing into something greater.

Limerick 44 startups

A leading innovation hub in Ireland, Limerick is a tech ecosystem to watch.


Tel Aviv 111 startups

In the last few years Tel Aviv has silently evolved into one of the world's leading startup hubs.


Brussels 98 startups

Belgium's capital is not only about art, architecture and food. It's also a booming startup hub.

Leuven 51 startups

A university town home to the world's largest beer company. Not a party town, but a blossoming tech hub.

Antwerp 74 startups

Recently featured as a startup city to watch in SXSW, Antwerp is quickly becoming a force to reckon with.

Ghent 42 startups

Ghent is Belgium's hidden tech jewl. It is only a matter of time for the rest of the world to realise it.


Copenhagen 111 startups

Find out why Copenhagen has been dubbed 'The Coolest Kid on the Nordic Block'.

Aarhus 90 startups

Never the most popular destination in Europe, Aarhus is like Copenhagen, but smaller and cooler.

Czech Republic

Prague 108 startups

Among Prague's famous Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance archtitecture, lies a booming tech ecosystem.

Brno 57 startups

Prague's little sister Brno is growing up, and it shows. Check out the startups helping pave the way.


Helsinki 110 startups

Helsinki finds itself in second place in Valuer's world’s best city to startup in ranking. Find out why.

Espoo 122 startups

This southern Finnish city is overflowing with innovation. Check out some of the startups paving the way.


Tallinn 124 startups

Innovation-oriented, and business-friendly, Tallin is the unexpected digital capital of the world.

Tartu 45 startups

Tartu has been following the footsteps of its older brother Tallinn - and it is starting to show.


Reykjavík 100 startups

Despite its small population and tight investment laws, Reykjavic is an impressive tech hub.


Vienna 104 startups

Historically known for its culture and music, Vienna is quickly becoming a tech powerhouse. Check it out.


Istanbul 108 startups

Check out these companies to find out why Istanbul has been dubbed "the city of ambitious entrepreneurs".


Geneva 88 startups

Amazing landscapes and great quality of life make the backdrop for some of Geneva's top tech companies.

Zürich 96 startups

This Swiss city is giving us a lot to talk about. Check out some of the companies making that happen.

Lausanne 100 startups

Starting up in Lausanne is easier than ever. Check out 100 companies making this French city their home.

Zug 123 startups

Check out the companies responsible for Zug being named the 'fastest growing tech community in Europe'.

Bern 92 startups

Switzerland's capital and a World Culture Heritage. Bern isn't just a proud and thriving startup hub.

Saint Gallen 31 startups

Home to one of the best business school in Europe, St. Gallen has a long tradition of entrepreneurship.


Budapest 96 startups

The Hungarian capital is buzzing with mind-blowing start-ups. Here are some of them.


Bucharest 90 startups

The Romanian Capital is posed to break out in 2019. Check out these 100 startups.


Krakow 97 startups

Poland's 'royal city' is set to break out in 2020. Check out these 100 startups paving the way.

Warsaw 93 startups

Warsaw is quickly becoming a hotbed for great tech startups. Check out 100 of these companies.

Katowice 15 startups

A small but burgeoning tech hub, Katowice is a city ready to break out in 2020.

Rzeszów 6 startups

This Polish city may just join the ranks of Warsaw and Kraków in the years to come.

Wroclaw 95 startups

Home to startups such as Live Chat ad Cloud Your Car, this Polish city is set to break out in 2020.


Kiev 91 startups

Ranked among the world's top-35 tech hubs, Kiev is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.


Moscow 93 startups

Here are some of the companies behind Moscow's status as Russia's economic center.

Saint Petersburg 91 startups

Russia's second largest city is in the midsts of a digital revolution.

Novosibirsk 27 startups

Novosibirsk may not be Moscow, but that doesn't mean this tech hub should be ignored.


Oslo 137 startups

Check out some of the companies making Oslo the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the Nordics.

Bergen 55 startups

Check out the startups making Bergen one of Norway's thriving tech hubs.

Tromsø 7 startups

Tromsø is Norway's up-and-coming biotech and healtech hub. Check out some of the companies responsible.

Trondheim 56 startups

Trondheim's startup scene is expanding, and 2020 might be its biggest year yet. Take a look.


Sofia 96 startups

Six years ago, Sofia didn't feature in anyone's tech map. Here are the companies that helped change that.


Valletta 52 startups

Despite (or perhaps thanks to) its tiny population of 6000, Valletta is set to break out as a tech hub.


Glasgow 98 startups

From data science and space tech to oil, gas and finance. Glasgow has startups for everyone's taste.

Edinburgh 118 startups

2016's Entrepreneurial City of the Year. Original seat of the Enlightment. What else is there to say?

Aberdeen 76 startups

A robust economy and flourishing entrepeneurial spirit make Abardeen a thriving tech hub.


Athens 96 startups

A startup revolution is helping Greece get out of its financial crisis, with Athens as its base.

Bosnia And Herzegovina

Sarajevo 9 startups

Bosnia and Herzegovina's top ecosystem Sarajevo is quickly becoming fertile ground for founders.


Luxembourg 99 startups

One of the few cities in the world following the e-City initiative, Luxembourg thrives with innovation.


Vilnius 102 startups

Lithuania's biggst tech community is in Vilnius, a city ripe with innovation and ample funding.


Riga 97 startups

The first city to adopt the 'Startup Law' - Riga's may be the David to many of Europe's Tech Goliaths.


Tirana 18 startups

Check out some of the top companies of Albania's main startup ecosystem, Tirana.


Belgrade 61 startups

We've got Belgrade to thank for Serbia's transformation from outsourcing hub to thriving tech ecosystem.


Chisinau 25 startups

2020 might turn out to be Moldova's tech ecosystem's biggest year - and Chisinau is leading the way.


Nicosia 65 startups

Another of SXSW's startup-city to watch roster, and with good reason. Check out Nicosia's tech ecosystem.


Baku 33 startups

Baku may be small, but it's also Azerbaijan's beating tech hub. Take a look at some of its startups.


Ljubljana 104 startups

Vibrant and packed with talent, Ljubljana is making Slovenia a force to be reckoned with.


Bratislava 96 startups

With a young but active startup scee, Bratislava is helping put Slovakia on the map.


Minsk 98 startups

Belarus' capital, multi-faceted tech ecosystem and one of Europe's Top Three Cities for IT startups.