74 Antwerp Startups to Watch in 2020

Antwerp's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 74 Antwerp tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on October 12, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Centrica is an award-winning energy technology company leading the delivery of advanced automated Demand Response

Antwerp   10001   $13,177,009  


Novo is a professional network environment exclusively for students enrolled at institutions that offer higher education.

Antwerp   11-50    


Cashforce focuses on the improvement and automatization of Cash & Treasury processes in medium to large enterprises.

Antwerp   11-50   $9,056,696  


Unifly is the world-leading provider of an Unmanned Traffic Management platform allowing the safe integration of drones into the airspace.

Antwerp   11-50   $25,851,000  


SupplyStack helps modern shippers and logistics service providers to improve their net margin with real-time transport mgmt.

Antwerp   11-50   $7,315,124  


Solutions for advanced product individualization at scale connected to digital manufacturing including 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting,...

Antwerp   11-50   $5,157,107  

Loop Earplugs

Loop is designed to reduce volume by 20dB without sacrificing sound clarity, allowing you to protect your hearing.

Antwerp   43840   $403,527  


Apicbase.com is a SaaS Platform for Food Management: Manage products, inventory, orders and sales analytics on 1 central platform.

Antwerp   11-50   $2,494,947  


The hassle-free platform for collaborative track & trace of sensitive ocean shipments. Secure, flexible and easy to use.

Antwerp   43840   $172,880  


Salesflare is a simply powerful CRM that automates your data to build better relationships and make more sales.

Antwerp   43840   $406,927  


Artificially intelligent screenplay-analysis and financial forecasts.

Antwerp   11-50   $1,400,000  


With its hardware-software platform, Byteflies offers the necessary tools to make wearable health development lean.

Antwerp   11-50   $1,105,827  


PlayPass offers a wristband that enables event organizers to manage crew, artists, and crowds.

Antwerp   11-50   $6,324,577  


Hopala allows users to compare and take out your car insurance - online, easily and cheaply

Antwerp   43840   $975,313  


FundRequest makes it easy to fund open issues on any project, in any language.

Antwerp   11-50   $12,500,000  


Beatswitch is a Music Festival Management Platform

Antwerp   11-50   $1,331,728  


Iristick develops innovative assisted reality enhanced eyewear for industrial applications.

Antwerp   11-50   $316,120  


Sign2Pay allows you to make secure mobile payments with your signature.

Antwerp   11-50   $745,248  

June Energy

June constantly looks for the best market prices & switches you automatically between energy suppliers, based on your personal consumption.

Antwerp   11-50   $2,914,388  


Baunat is a Belgian brand selling high quality diamond jewelry online.

Antwerp   11-50   $7,515,827  


PARKD is a patented and innovative way to pay for your parking session.

Antwerp   43840    


Geckomatics builds AI in the cloud that enables businesses and governments to create and update their own geographical information

Antwerp   43840   $99,578  


Dime.Scheduler is a graphical resource planning and scheduling tool.

Antwerp   11-50    


Chestnote is a messaging and contextual marketing company that transforms every mobile message into a teasing treasure.

Antwerp   43840   $650,000  


Wakati One is an innovative technology that increases the shelf life of fruits & vegetables for smallholder farmers in developing countries.

Antwerp   43840   $400,000  


An online platform that enables people to order homemade meals from talented homechefs.

Antwerp   43840   $499,639  


Campr is an online marketplace for private/alternative campsites.

Antwerp   43840   $83,872  


UXprobe provides User Experience analytics for apps

Antwerp   43840   $108,952  


A mobile context marketing platform providing offline customer intelligence and marketing messages delivered at the most relevant moments.

Antwerp   43840   $511,378  

Board of Innovation

Board of Innovation provides strategic consulting, support, and training services as well as bootcamp sessions to startups.

Antwerp   11-50    


Xylos is an IT solutions provider.

Antwerp   11-50    


Permissionmachine help photographers protect and license their content.

Antwerp   43840   $150,000  


A.S.Adventure is a Belgian retailer of outdoor equipment and clothing.

Antwerp   501-1000    


Otoconsult is a software and consultancy company that develops ground breaking solutions for professionals in the field of audiology.

Antwerp     $54,624  


Beeple is an online staff management tool.


SD Worx

SD Worx can help you to harmonize the entire management of your international employment.

Antwerp   1001-5000    


Sibelco is a global material solutions company which provides solutions for society and support the cradle-to-cradle loop.

Antwerp   10001    


T-Mining improves efficiency in logistics and transport by better data sharing and secure title transfer.


MCS Solutions

MCS Solutions provides building management software through the integration of IWMS and the Internet of Things.

Antwerp   251-500    


NGRAVE's wardware wallets are the safest way to store your crypto. The NGRAVE ZERO is the most secure hardware wallet on the planet

Antwerp   43840    


HQ.app allows you to connect your Dropbox, Slack and other supported apps to save time, share knowledge and strengthen client relationships.

Antwerp   43840    


JUCE provies smart hardware and services to help you focus in the age of distraction.

Antwerp   43840    


Foodbag provides food delivery services in the form of dinner boxes.

Antwerp   43840    


RTLOC is a software & hardware platform supplyer for accurate real-time indoor positioning based on ultra-wideband (UWB)

Antwerp   43840    


Qpinch makes steam from industrial waste heat.

Antwerp   43840    


Fidea is a solid independent insurance provider for retail clients, the self-employed and corporates.

Antwerp   251-500    


A European Blockchain company building the best Blockchain and cryptocurrencies knowledge platform for businesses and individuals.

Antwerp   43840    


Tropos is a business 0riented Machine Learning & Data Science consultancy.

Antwerp   43840    


Sepastop.eu lets users cancel consumer contracts and SEPA direct debits online.

Antwerp   43840    

Tusk IC

Tusk IC offers IC design services in the latest CMOS and SiGe processes, from feasibility study, design, to measurements.

Antwerp   43840    

Neoma Labs

Neoma Labs focuses on research and development of solutions for sleep apnea.



MECOMS is a meter data management & customer information system software.



Spacified is a media company that manages experiential media locations for high footfall and destination venues.

Antwerp   43840    


MadeStones is a lab-grown diamonds online retailer

Antwerp   43840    


SleepCoach.co is a website allowing visitors to explore methods on falling asleep fast and staying asleep.



LIFEPOWR are the creators of IO: an intelligent Modular Energy Storage Solution.

Antwerp   43840    


Musebooks is the store of online art books.

Antwerp   43840    


Converza is a fun, simple way to discover and engage with people based on common interests and passions.



Unbrace is an application and web development company.

Antwerp   43840    


Lancr is a platform for freelancers to make their professional purchases easier and at better conditions.

Antwerp   43840    


JobWalkr is an app that informs about job-opportunities based on competencies, skills, education and foremost location.


QWAY energy

QWAY energy is an independent project developer of renewable energy with focus on large-scale photovoltaic systems.

Antwerp   43840    


Roeku is the communication platform that improves the interaction between schools, students and parents via automated text messages.

Antwerp   43840    

VVM nv

VVM nv manufactures and supplies cement for clients in Benelux and France.



mccPILOTLOG is the ultimate electronic logbook for recreational and professional pilots.



Portapivot specializes in architectural hardware and made to measure systems for pivot doors, XL room dividers and sliding doors.

Antwerp   43840    


Medhold is a private clinical laboratory that carries out analysis for human, industrial, and veterinary medicines.

Antwerp   251-500    

The Learn Scape

The Learn Scape is a learning eco-system that uses social apps and social learning principles.

Antwerp   43840    

Books in Belgium

Books in Belgium is a local marketplace for second hand and antique books.

Antwerp   43840    


DVL has a team of 16 professionals offering various services such as Customs Declaration services as well as Education and Consulting.


Foodservice Community

Foodservice Community is a online place where professionals from the food service world come together.


BKD Consultancy

An independent consulting firm based in Antwerp, providing companies across Europe with comprehensive consulting services.

Antwerp   11-50    

The LeadSquad

We help SMEs in Europe run and optimise their marketing & sales with a self-help platform driven by augmented intelligence.



Soundvil is a platform that provides musicians and bands tools to promote themselves online.

Antwerp   43840    

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