121 Italy Startups to Watch in 2020

Italy's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Italy tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Digital financial solutions for the Italian SME market

Milan   51-100   $2,400,000  


Satispay is a smart payment platform that enables individuals and merchants to send and receive payments.

Milan   51-100   $50,588,286  


Supermercato24 is an online delivery service transforming the way people buy groceries and home essentials.

Milan   51-100   $19,908,803  


Med-Tech company that developed the most effective system and methodology to reactivate the control of equilibrium

Turin   101-250    


Real time beauty salons online booking

Milan   11-50   $22,408,655  


Musement is the travel companion that allows you to book tickets for activities and attractions around the world, in over 1000 destinations

Milan   101-250   $16,465,762  


D-Orbit is the first in-space transportation company, providing solutions for moving, precise deployment and removing satellites.

Milan   11-50   $7,620,915  


Marketplace of Personal Stylists

Milan   11-50   $1,590,612  


Credimi is developing a new product of digital lending targeted to SMEs and institutional investors.

Milan   1-10   $20,006,609  


ForTune is a digital audio company. We create branded podcasts for companies and marketing tools for podcasters and audio content creators.

Milan   1-10   $95,929  


Cortilia is the leading fresh food online retailer in Italy, offering the best products from local and other excellent producers

Milan   11-50   $19,561,587  

Together Price

Account Sharing Made Easy! Save up to 80% on the cost of services that can be shared among friends, family members, roommates & co-workers!

Rome   1-10   $1,033,941  


ICONIUM is backing the best Blockchain-based token sales and invest in digital assets Worldwide.

Milan   1-10   $5,716,376  


ELSE Corp is an Italian B2B and B2B2C startup, designing new technological solutions for Virtual Retail and Cloud Manufacturing

Milan   11-50   $2,944,675  


A full management service for short-term rentals aimed at those who want more from their holiday apartment, apart from stress.

Milan   51-100   $11,522,370  


Mercurius combines machine learning and risk management techniques in order to transform sports betting into a new asset class.

Milan     $319,147  

Leaf Space

Leaf Space wants to simplify the access to Space for microsatellites’ operators.

Milan   1-10   $2,700,769  


Volvero is an app based on the most innovative technologies for sharing vehicles.

Milan   1-10   $154,383  


Newronika restores brain and body functions with innovative technologies.

Milan   11-50   $11,104,561  


SQUARE is reshaping the fashion content production process, making it smarter and cost effective.

Milan   1-10   $230,164  

Young Platform

Young Platform is a brand-new cryptocurrency exchange designed for the next generation of investors. It is safe, quick and easy to use.

Turin   11-50   $1,937,648  


A pioneer of the circular economy, armadioverde is the number 1 fashion re-commerce website in Italy.

Milan   11-50   $4,301,196  


FrescoFrigo is a smart fridge designed for people who care about their own well being, requiring fresh and quality products.

Milan   11-50   $3,129,254  


Aninnovative startup operating an app based electric ride sharing service

Milan   11-50   $876,099  


Wanderio enables travellers to get anywhere by comparing and booking trains, buses and flights in just one search.

Rome   11-50   $2,534,958  


Lokky focuses on more than 6 million entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees.

Milan   1-10   $1,316,009  


Linkem is the fastest growing broadband provider

Rome   501-1000   $106,163,198  


EatsReady is the marketplace for mobile ordering. Discover the best restaurants, browse menus, pay & collect using our fast-track technology

Milan   1-10   $1,469,799  


Axieme is the Social Insurance insurtech, we reward policyholders with a giveback to acknowledge their good behavior.

Turin   1-10   $785,030  


Provides insurers with a customer insight and profiling platform enabling the sale of instant micropolicies through push notifications

Milan     $1,137,222  


Beintoo is creating an ecosystem for advertisers and publishers to power a new generation of relevant mobile advertising.

Milan   51-100   $7,550,000  


Technology and services that enables brands to personalise communications and strenghten the relationship with customers

Milan   101-250   $5,020,344  


Assiteca is an insurance company that operates in the insurance brokerage market.

Milan   501-1000   $28,039,479  


Tutored is a social platform where students and new graduates boost their academic and professional career.

Milan   11-50   $1,203,232  


MAAM (by Life Based Value srl) is a B2B training platform which delivers a unique “life-based” learning method

Milan   1-10   $1,625,203  


CoreView is the global leader in Office 365 management, reporting, monitoring and security auditing solutions.

Milan     $20,000,000  


Userbot is an AI powered customer interaction platform based in UK .

Milan   1-10   $685,334  

Resonance AI

Atooma created Resonance: it uses the IoT to create contextual predictions and automations based on user lives

Rome   11-50   $1,092,590  


MioAssicuratore is an online insurance broker that helps customers in the harmful world of insurance.

Rome   11-50   $2,015,500  


Smart e-scooter and platform for the ultimate urban sharing service.

Rome   1-10   $527,454  


The first web boutique to offer fast and high quality solutions to the usual problem of female dress code for special events. drexcode.

Milan   1-10   $2,380,459  


Italian high-end food delivery company

Milan   11-50   $1,751,927  

Splitty Pay

Splitty Pay is a shared payment solutions platform

Milan   1-10   $419,369  


LOVEThESIGN is an Italian home design e-commerce platform.

Milan   11-50   $5,808,901  


CarPlanner is a digital car-as-a-service marketplace for all-inclusive, hassle-free car subscriptions.

Rome   11-50   $1,085,341  


Deesup is the first Italian marketplace for design lovers to sell and buy authentic second-hand home-design.

Milan   1-10   $426,786  

TXC Markets

Peer to Peer Fintech Trading Technologies and Marketplaces for Illiquid and Alternative Assets

Milan   1-10   $1,374,792  


Bandyer empowers your website and app with a solution that communicates with everyone in the world. Your platform, our tech!

Milan   1-10   $2,290,057  


Roialty is a marketing technology for customer insights, CRM and DMP enrichment

Milan   11-50   $2,802,807  


Yocabè connects apparel brands and their products with the global customers of online marketplaces.

Rome   1-10   $995,711  


Invoice Trading Platform for Italian SMEs

Milan   1-10   $1,824,598  


Shampora creates tailor-made Haircare

Rome   1-10   $473,151  


Fintech API for the Sharing Economy | Collect money from friend and family for anything you wish

Milan   1-10   $2,266,336  


At Moneymour we want to make financing easy, quick and transparent. Which is how our consumer point of sale loans are.

Milan   1-10   $353,222  


One of Italy's leading equity crowdfunding platforms

Milan   1-10   $448,375  

Rolling Pandas

Rolling Pandas is the fastest growing multi day tours travel marketplace in the Italian Market

Milan   1-10   $200,000  


A vacation home rental management solution.

Rome   1-10   $961,094  


BigProfiles is a Customer Intelligence SAAS that leverages external information about persons to enrich customer profiling.

Rome     $800,534  


Enel is a multi-national power company specializing in the power and gas markets.

Rome   10001    


Quomi is a mealkit delivery service making people eat tasty and healthy at home, following the pillars of the Mediterranean diet.

Milan   1-10   $984,898  

24 Ore Business School

24 Ore Business School is a player in the tertiary education segment in Italy and provides professionally-oriented education and training.

Milan     $94,107,129  


wineOwine is an online, private wine club that provides its members with a wide collection of wines from small Italian wineries.

Rome   1-10   $1,360,583  

Chef in Camicia

Chef in Camicia is a social channel that broadcasts new videos about the world of food.

Milan   11-50   $1,526,957  


A.I. for precision medicine

Rome   1-10   $441,466  

Beast Technologies

Beast, founded and created by aero-space engineers, is an innovative strength wearable tracker based in IoT.

Milan   11-50   $1,169,238  

Fluida Europe

Liquid Workforce Management Platform

Milan   1-10   $464,206  


Neat is an independent design and development company.

Rome   11-50   $50,000  


Xnext is an intensive knowledge scale-up company that produces and develops the most advanced inspection technology.

Milan   11-50   $3,727,808  


Pedius is a communication system that allows deaf people to make normal phone calls.

Rome   1-10   $2,025,960  


Bauzaar is an innovative online platform committed to Pets and their life quality in your families.

Milan   1-10   $278,731  


B2Book.net is a meeting platform between tourist accommodation owners or managers (seller) and travel agencies, tour operators.

Rome   1-10   $335,676  


Deliverart is a B2B channel manager in cloud that simplifies food delivery management through automation and optimization of the processes.

Rome   1-10   $116,593  

Social Academy

A Rome, Italy-based platform for people to discover learning opportunities .

Rome   11-50   $530,449  

Le Cicogne

Le Cicogne is a marketplace that brings together the demand and supply of baby-sitting, baby-teaching, and baby-taxis.

Rome   1-10   $676,241  


Direct-to-consumer brand dedicated to premium knitwear with no retail mark-ups

Milan   1-10   $167,299  


AppsBuilder is a self-service app creator for smartphones that allows its users to create apps with no technical knowledge required.

Milan   11-50   $3,513,335  


B2B Trading platform for Fresh Produce Industry. We help the Fruit&Veg companies to find the best connections for their interests.

Rome   1-10   $283,623  


Dianax develops and manufactures labs-on-chip aiming to transform protein-based diagnostics.

Milan     $3,207,775  


Provides innovative tools for fast prototyping that take advantage of physical support.

Rome   1-10   $162,866  

Pony Zero

Pony Zero is one of the Italian leading companies in environmental friendly first and last mile logistics.

Turin   51-100   $720,680  


nCore HR is a modern video ATS/Recruiting & Video Interview software.

Milan   11-50   $458,220  


PrenotaUnCampo develops online platform and mobile application which allows users to book playgrounds.

Milan   11-50   $1,031,538  


Revotree develops an IoT system with AI to predict soil's moisture and help farmers saving water.

Rome   1-10   $80,864  


200 Crowd is a Crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors.

Milan   11-50   $354,439  


Inkdome.com is an online booking platform for Tattoo parlours and PMU (Permanent makeup)

Milan   1-10   $287,281  


AdvisorEat is the loyalty program reserved for consultants and professionals in the business world.

Milan   1-10   $744,997  

Italy Innovazioni

Italy Innovazioni specializes in the design and development of retractable electrical outlets including new functions.

Rome   1-10   $1,866,956  


Refillable Capsules Compatible with Nespresso Machines.

Turin     $207,650  


Direttoo is the first digital platform that vertically organizes the business relationship between producers and restaurateurs.

Rome   11-50   $307,686  


Namu develops CDM for Sales & Marketing

Milan   1-10   $453,479  


Yakkyo allows micro enterprises to find suppliers and purchase goods from China.

Rome   1-10   $629,604  


Fixool is transforming the market of services for Home and Office with AI-based technology to provide efficiency, transparency, trust.

Milan   1-10   $551,503  


Diet to go every day delivers a thermic bag including fresh meals of the day

Milan     $500,710  

AR Market

AR Market is an innovative startup which operates in the Augmented Reality market at international and multi-sectorial level.

Rome   1-10   $25,000  


RisparmioSuper compares grocery store online and offline prices in Italy and developped ad advanced ecommerce platform for retailers

Milan   11-50   $3,734,115  


Hibye is a chat integrated into a social network

Milan   1-10   $453,457  


Solenica made a designer bot called "Lucy" to bring natural illumination to your Home or Business.

Rome   1-10   $120,000  


Getting hired has never been so easy! The biggest European platform for internships. The best place for students and companies to connect.

Turin   1-10   $174,175  


Quokka is a real time geosocial network that allows its users to see what happens everywhere through geolocation.

Rome   11-50   $247,808  

MyLab Nutrition

MyLab Nutrition is the first service in Europe for the creation of customized sport supplements.

Rome   1-10   $98,134  


GreenItaly1 specializes in providing financial solutions for green companies.

Milan   1-10   $47,844,535  

Advise Only

AdviseOnly is a fintech company focused on investments. It owns a proprietary risk management system enhanced with social media features.

Milan   1-10   $1,315,066  

Sport Grand Tour

Orangogo allows you to discover your talent by finding the best sports courses and lessons.

Turin   1-10   $580,585  


Airgloss develops advanced devices aimed at improving indoor environmental comfort using a proprietary AI based sensing technology.

Rome   11-50   $168,083  


The First Social Lost & Found for Business and Consumer – Never Lost but Found Daily

Milan   1-10   $221,236  


Enhancing Price Comparison Websites through the power of Big Data

Milan   1-10   $623,576  


IndaBox allows to pick-up online purchases at the nearest shop

Turin   1-10   $558,973  


Skuola.net is one of the greatest educational resource and service hub in Italy for students from secondary school to university

Rome   11-50   $675,826  


HURBA® is an Italian Startup that produces and distributes innovative electric scooters.

Rome     $231,542  


Soft skills analytics for teams and individuals

Rome   1-10   $166,008  


TiAssisto24 is a personal car helper system that helps owners to manage their vehicle.

Rome   1-10   $417,435  


WeSchool delivers innovative digital learning software and content to students and companies

Milan   1-10   $557,049  


Extrabanca is a retail banking company in Italy founded specifically for foreign citizens living in Italy and for the businesses they run.

Milan     $18,590,793  


eBoox is engaged in the development of customized e-commerce stores for online companies.

Milan   11-50   $2,064,270  

HiRide Suspension

Smart Electronic Suspension for bikes

Milan   1-10   $381,797  


Jobmetoo is an online web-based platform that provides recruitment services for individuals with disabilities.

Milan   11-50   $687,166  

In Time Link

In Time Link is an IoT-enabling technology for mobile payments, customer assistance and telemetry for the automated retail industry.

Rome   1-10   $206,119  

Chef Dovunque

Chef Dovunque selects homemade and organic ingredients for signature Italian pasta, and packages and distributes them as pre-measured kits.

Milan   1-10   $1,641,366  


GoalShouter provides an iPhone and Android-based mobile communication tool for the soccer community.

Milan     $113,359  


Hi-Interiors is the Italian startup that invented the first smart bed ever conceived and is now accelerating Internet of Furniture.

Milan   1-10   $218,111  


Blubrake Gets the Bicycle Smart. Electronic Braking Assistance, Emergency Call, Virtual Sensor, Braking Performance Evaluation and Much More

Milan   11-50   $4,443,448  

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