About me and Seedtable

Seedtable tracks the fastest growing companies in Europe – and the people behind them. It's run by Gonz Sanchez.

Seedtable was born in 2019 as a weekly newsletter on European tech. As an expat living in the 6émé arrondissement of Paris, blocks away from where Hemingway and other luminaries used to congregate, writing felt like the natural path to help me understand technology and expand my network.

Writing one of the first Seedtable editions at KB Coffee Roasters

The newsletter was a moderate success – it went from nothing to 10,000 subscribers and 70,000 monthly visits in less than a year, including getting featured in major publications like Wired, MSNBC, Sifted, the Venture Stories podcast, Not Optional and Atomico's State of European Tech; and praised by incredible folks.

Edition #118, probably written somewhere in Barcelona

I spent the past 3 years as VP of Marketing and Growth and Partner at On Deck, a company slash venture fund that helps people start and scale companies, find their next role or accelerate their careers, backed by Founders Fund and Tiger Global.

I'm lucky enough to be able to do some angel investing in companies like Valuebase (backed by Sam Altman), Cal.com (backed by 776), Talently, Vital, Ellipsus (backed by Speedinvest), ContentRadar (backed by HustleFund), Awari (backed by Ryan Hoover) and many more.

During my time at On Deck, Seedtable kept growing but a much slower pace, reaching, to date, 20,000+ subscribers – founders, senior operators and investors from hundreds of top organizations like Stripe, Entrepreneur First, Atomico, Balderton, Index Ventures, Accel, Klarna, Sifted, and more.

Despite the plateau, Seedtable’s mission remains the same: help more people start more companies by giving them the information they need to find ideas, ambition, capital, and collaborators. What has changed is our ambition.

- Gonz