2020 European Tech Statistics, Trends and Data: The Ultimate List

Looking for the latest European tech stats and trends? We’ve got you covered. We’ve collected the latest European technology statistics, trends, and data to help in your quest.

2020 is going to be a turning-point year. When (not if, but when) the Covid19 epidemic is over, things are going to change.

I, like many, have been thinking about what those changes are going to look like non-stop since this whole thing started. I wrote some of those thoughts down here. I’ve also been working on a spreadsheet (now open for collaboration) to try and make a sense of the mess this virus is going to leave behind––and the opportunities it will undoubtedly create.

But before I keep losing myself in the chaotic mess that predicting the future invariably is, I thought we might all need a refresher on what our past looked like. That’s why I’m writing this article.

The thought behind it is: Looking at the different facts, statistics and trends related to European Tech in the last few years might help clarify what I think about the future. So I read Atomico's 'State of European Tech' report again, and studied it more closely. I did some additional research, and tried to compile all the important facts regarding our ecosystem over the last few years.

Here’s the result.


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Current European Tech trends through 2020

Based on recent studies, these are the latest trends in European tech (source). The good news: things are looking up.

  • In the period between 2015 and 2019, 99 companies were backed by VCs for 1B or more.
  • Seven of Europe's Countries attracted $1b+ capital per year.
  • In total, there has been a grand total of $113B cumulative funding for Tech related companies.
  • Within those $133B –– There have been 40 $100M+ Mega Rounds
  • Interestingly enough, 21% of funding rounds had 1+ US or Asian Investor
  • When it comes to gender diversity, only 8.4% Capital invested in 2019 was directed towards mixed/women led teams.
  • 148 Companies have had exits for more than $100M
  • When it comes to the sheer number of talent available, Europe is thriving. There are around 6.1 million professional developers currently residing in the EU (vs 4.3m for the US.) Be mindful that the EU's total population is 513M and the US total population is 329 million.
  • The sheer number of European startups has been growing yearly by around 20% (since 2014 –– +13% in 2018, equaling 1,400 startups that year.)