94 Bristol Startups to Watch in 2020

Bristol's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 94 Bristol tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is an on-demand cyber skills platform that rewards critical thinking, problem solving, and curiosity.

Bristol   51-100   $48,018,243  


Graphcore is a semiconductor company that develops accelerators for AI and machine learning.

Bristol   101-250   $310,000,000  


Loop Email brings teamwork and messaging to your email inbox

Bristol   11-50   $6,903,859  

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is an independent energy technology company and supplier.

Bristol   1001-5000   $323,637,027  


Brightpearl is the omnichannel retail management system that puts your orders, inventory, financials, POS and CRM in one place.

Bristol   51-100   $54,500,000  


Ultrahaptics is working to create the most remarkable connection between people and technology.

Bristol   51-100   $85,870,124  


XMOS is a fabless semiconductor company with class leading far-field voice capture solutions and audio interface products.

Bristol   51-100   $94,809,539  

Open Bionics

Open Bionics is a robotics company creating affordable 3D-printed bionic hands for amputees, researchers and makers.

Bristol   11-50   $8,818,120  


YellowDog is the only predictive and intelligent scheduling & orchestration platform.

Bristol   11-50   $7,334,594  


Loungers operates a chain of cafes, bars and restaurants across Britain.

Bristol   1001-5000   $80,329,463  

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow design aeroponic irrigation and control technology for vertical farms.

Bristol   11-50   $1,311,018  

Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks simplifies the monitoring, management and automation of complex ICT networks

Bristol   11-50   $4,084,234  


DOVU is a global rewards platform for smart travel, powered by cryptocurrency.

Bristol   11-50   $6,448,024  

Industrial Phycology

Industrial Phycology has designed and patented a system to harness the power of algae to remove nutrients.

Bristol   1-10   $2,607,761  


Global managed marketplace for tailor-made holidays.

Bristol   11-50   $10,454,496  


Micrima develops a non-invasive and a non-ionizing radio wave technology for detecting breast cancer.

Bristol   1-10   $15,028,248  


A web and app marketplace helping people discover and transact at handpicked local food & drink establishments.

Bristol   11-50   $2,544,748  


3D vision and artificial intelligence applied to subsea robotics servicing offshore wind & oil decommissioning

Bristol   11-50   $5,176,423  


Tumelo is an investment app dedicated to impact investment.

Bristol     $1,252,315  


3radical's mobile gamification platform enables Brands to achieve unprecedented levels of consumer engagement.

Bristol   11-50   $10,286,909  


Apitope is a European biotech company

Bristol   11-50   $26,445,728  


World leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants, blowing agents, industrial gases, halon and fire suppressants.

Bristol   501-1000   $31,009,173  


Scribeless is the easiest mail marketing platform for sending personalised, handwritten letters

Bristol   1-10   $486,307  

Perceptual Robotics

Perceptual Robotics is creating intelligent automation to make wind turbine and other infrastructure inspection simple and fast

Bristol   1-10   $1,533,065  


BOXARR is a software company headquartered in the UK. The BOXARR platform is the leading solution for Inter-dependent Systems Management.

Bristol   11-50   $3,085,686  


Workspace software. Simplified.

Bristol   1-10   $553,254  


Neighbourly is a digital marketplace connecting local community and charity projects with businesses keen to do social good.

Bristol   11-50   $3,502,428  


Peer-to-peer Income Share Agreement Platform providing creators with access to funding in exchange for a share of future income.

Bristol   1-10   $444,880  


BookingLive provides powerful scheduling, reservation and purchasing experiences that create profitable customer relationships.

Bristol   11-50   $646,276  


Coull is a Bristol born video advertising specialist.

Bristol   51-100   $6,000,000  


Inductosense is developing wireless, battery-free, sensors that can be permanently fixed.

Bristol   1-10   $2,157,375  


Featured in Forbes and Engadget, GameBench helps companies deal with Android fragmentation through performance related tools & services.

Bristol   1-10   $479,955  


Trunki designs and distributes children’s travel products.

Bristol   11-50   $6,074,355  


Zenstores is a platform to propel online sellers to ecommerce greatness.

Bristol   1-10   $603,305  


Plantforce is a well-established and fast-expanding reputation for excellence in machinery, attachments, service and safety.

Bristol   11-50   $6,083,811  

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown plc is a financial service company based in Bristol that sells funds and shares and related products.

Bristol   501-1000    


Changing the way small businesses access financial services, making it faster, simpler and cheaper for them to work with their customers.

Bristol   1-10   $84,217  


The marketplace for handcrafted designer jewellery featuring over 450 independent designers and 20,000 unique pieces of jewellery

Bristol   11-50   $318,546  


Col8 is a video delivery platform providing an intuitive interface to explore and understand video content at scale.

Bristol   1-10   $267,038  


Cookpad is a tech company building a community platform for people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips.

Bristol   251-500    

The Moving Home Warehouse Limited

Moving home packaging supplies on-damand.

Bristol   1-10   $287,730  


Bot-Hive helps small businesses find robots that will improve their company’s efficiency

Bristol   1-10   $392,033  


SETsquared is a collaborative partnership that supports enterprise activities, spin-outs, licensing, and incubation.

Bristol   11-50   $193,094  

Azul Optics

Azul Optics is developing a device that can rapidly assess macular pigment density.

Bristol     $663,631  

Folium Optics

Folium Optics was founded in November 2013 by Steve Kitson and John Rudin.

Bristol   1-10   $1,546,711  


Celebrity Video Messaging platform used by 100s of celebrities to record personal videos messages for birthdays, proposals, endorsements etc

Bristol   1-10    


A platform to validate and develop early stage business ideas.

Bristol   1-10   $186,529  


Tap2Tag is seeking further investment for expansion plans into overseas markets.

Bristol   1-10   $136,564  

Temple Cycles

Temple Cycles design, produce and sell a range of bicycles from its Bristol-based workshop.

Bristol     $248,328  

Clear Water Revival

Clear Water Revival is a leading company in the design and construction of natural swimming pools and natural swimming ponds.

Bristol   1-10   $310,399  


Bioinduction provides a faster and simpler deep brain stimulation.

Bristol   11-50   $13,881  

Service Robotics

Service Robotics is a robotics company.

Bristol     $206,686  

TOG Knives

TOG designs and sells handmade kitchen knives forged in the Samurai sword capital of Japan.

Bristol     $253,196  


With pagesource, you get unlimited custom landing pages built by your dedicated conversion expert for a low cost, fixed fee.

Bristol   1-10   $142,299  

Seadog Television and Film Productions

Seadog is an independent television and commercial production company founded by Monty Halls.

Bristol   11-50   $1,343,190  


Moneyhub's free technology gives you clarity and control over your finances, empowering you to manage your money and plan for the future.

Bristol   51-100    


Hotcha operates Chinese food takeaway and delivery stores in the United Kingdom.

Bristol   11-50   $9,641,404  

This Mum Runs

This Mum Runs is a fast growing, profitable women’s running brand.

Bristol     $135,800  


Meetzoo is all about making business meetings more productive and fun! Meetzoo is a cool new business productivity app.

Bristol   1-10   $178,254  


Simpleweb is a purpose driven software company that specialises in new technologies, product development, and human interaction.

Bristol   11-50    


StorMagic is the simple, cost-effective and flexible virtual SAN solution for edge computing and remote environments.

Bristol   51-100    

Alternative Business Funding

ABF offer commercial lending solutions for small and medium businesses

Bristol   11-50   $7,733,952  


Bunk is a marketplace that empowers peer to peer renting for Landlords and Tenants.

Bristol   1-10    


BusinessZone.co.uk is a web-based platform providing free and practical business advice to entrepreneurs.


Screen Time Labs

Screen Time Labs is a provider of parental screen time control software for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire tablets and smartphones.

Bristol   1-10    

Doctor Jackson

Dr Jackson’s is a niche cosmeceutical company created from 21 years of pharmacognosy research, utilising the best from nature.

Bristol   1-10   $23,891  

Zap Map

Zap-Map is a charging and electric vehicles site, with UK charging point map at the core.

Bristol   1-10    

Bookbarn International

Bookbarn International is one of the largest used bookshops in England.

Bristol   11-50   $76,371  


Colourstory helps to create your own color story that include greeting cards, lamp shades and phone cases.

Bristol   1-10   $17,361  


Doorbell enables application developer to get comprehensive in-app feedback from users.

Bristol   1-10    

Vertical Aerospace

Vertical Aerospace is building technology to revolutionise how people fly, by making air travel personal, on-demand and carbon free.

Bristol   11-50    

Data Cubed

Data Cubed is a data lab, helps you make smarter business decisions, and create new products and services, using data.

Bristol   1-10    


Using data intelligence, machine learning & AI to help companies build fair, engaged & productive workforces.

Bristol   1-10    

The Thoughtful Bread Company

The Thoughtful Bread Company is an artisan bakery based in Bath, England, offering hand crafted, earth-friendly bread and bread products.

Bristol   1-10   $88,099  


Developing a range of new ultrasound capabilities for the creative industries, military and defence, and the autonomous mobility markets.

Bristol   1-10    


Genetrainer is a website that provides a personalized fitness plan for users based on their genes.

Bristol   1-10    

QLM Technology

Quantum Light Metrology (QLM) is a Bristol, UK- based startup developing ultra-compact, high-precision quantum optical sensors.


Prysm Media Group

PRYSM Group is one of the fastest-growing and most progressive exhibition organisers in the world.


Nanotech Semiconductor

Nanotech Semiconductor manufactures driver and receiver ICs for the fiber optic communications industry.

Bristol     $13,500,000  

Sigma Polaris

Pre-hiring candidate assessment and shortlisting tech. Automates employment processes to increase efficiency, diversity and quality of hire

Bristol   1-10    

Call of the Brave

Call of the Brave to help people affected by unfair fashion in a way that doesn't cost the earth.

Bristol   1-10   $13,873  

Lombard Vehicle Solutions

Lombard Vehicle Solutions (LVS) is a vehicle contract hire and fleet management service.

Bristol   501-1000    


Helpfulpeeps is a social marketplace for local help

Bristol   1-10    


Enterprise debt management solutions for the digital age

Bristol   11-50    

Lupe Technology

Patented technology designed to take cordless vacuum cleaning suction power and endurance to the next level.

Bristol   1-10    


Metasonics offers ultra-high fidelity control over sound, giving you the capability to shape, direct and focus soundwaves in real time.

Bristol   1-10    


Raven specialises in the production of eSports jerseys for all sorts of teams around the World.

Bristol   1-10    

Lifetime Training

A UK-based provider of corporate training solutions

Bristol   501-1000    


Provides online sales of car manuals and automotive related sites.

Bristol   1-10    


Create and share interactive web maps that tell the story of your GIS data.

Bristol   1-10    


Tablet-based meal ordering and kitchen management platform.

Bristol   11-50    

Filwood Green

A new home for Bristol's environmental businesses.



Ambersoft is a database software company.


Uniforms Ireland

Uniforms Ireland is an Irish company supplying stylish and high quality Healthcare Uniforms, Beauty Tunics at the affordable prices.


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