96 Budapest Startups to Watch in 2022

Budapest's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 96 Budapest tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Budapest 10+ employees Fast-growing

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AImotive is gearing up to be the leading provider of camera-first, AI-powered, automated driving technology.

Budapest   101-250   $47,581,868  


Empowering businesses to build better apps, faster through a SaaS DevOps platform built by mobile developers for mobile developers

Budapest   51-100   $23,517,361  


Turbine's platform understands the inner mechanisms of cancer enabling the discovery of novel targets & precision medicinal therapies.

Budapest   11-50   $3,321,045  


Shapr3D is a 3D modeling app for the iPad Pro that brings a revolutionary 3D modeling experience.

Budapest   11-50   $7,300,000  


Recruitment crowdsourcing platform transforming the way people find jobs and companies find talent through personal networks.

Budapest   51-100   $6,278,747  

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Family Finances

Design-driven mobile banking apps for banks with a special focus on younger customers including boxed solutions and E2E product development.

Budapest   1-10   $727,058  


Talk-A-Bot is an information technology company that provides an enterprise chat-bot for corporate, company, and brand.

Budapest   11-50   $2,299,100  


Balabit, a One Identity business, is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management and Log Management solutions.

Budapest   101-250   $8,000,000  


Neticle is a SaaS-based listening and survey solution for enterprises applying market-leading NLP algorithms.

Budapest   11-50   $3,710,704  


SignAll is pioneering the first automated sign language translation solution.

Budapest   11-50   $1,710,700  

Barion Payment

Buying experience on steroids. From comfortable payment to catchy offers, we provide an extraordinary personalised buying experience.

Budapest   11-50   $2,895,218  


Pocketguide is a mobile service that offers audio tours with voice navigation for cultural cities in Europe.

Budapest   11-50   $2,090,723  


Creating an automated office using robotic process automation (RPA)

Budapest   11-50   $463,441  

Gravity R&D

Gravity R&D provides recommendations solutions that enable businesses to deliver better user experiences.

Budapest   11-50   $3,000,000  

TrustChain Systems

Secure digital contracting for companies with integrated financial solutions.

Budapest   11-50   $753,492  


Synetiq helps brands & media producers create high performing video ads from based on biometric data from their target audience.

Budapest   11-50   $1,077,000  


Statzup is a developer and operator of various fantasy sports games and related products for different platforms.

Budapest   11-50   $1,749,019  

Now Technologies

NowTechnologies turns electric wheelchair control systems into a multipurpose, modular onboard platform.

Budapest   1-10   $2,690,452  

Asura Technologies

Asura Technologies creates analytic, data collection and management systems based on License Plate Recognition for Smart Cities.

Budapest   11-50   $800,000  


Crypto collateral based fiat lending platform.

Budapest   11-50   $1,812,000  


indivizo is a recruitment workflow management SaaS that specializes in video interviews.

Budapest     $1,404,875  


SeeMe is a company offering bulk SMS delivery online through a secure gateway site.

Budapest   1-10    


HandInScan commercializes a hand hygiene system named Hand in Scan for direct and objective evaluation and control of hand washing.

Budapest   1-10   $2,967,556  


Salarify is an employer-sponsored financial wellbeing FinTech based in Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest   1-10   $30,000  


SMV is a SW developing SME providing computer vision-based solutions on portable devices especially AR/MR solutions in industry 4.0, fashion

Budapest   1-10   $235,000  


Samebug is a platform that helps developers to find and share solutions to software problems.

Budapest   1-10   $896,000  


Maven7 integrates the latest results of Network Science and Data Mining into its business applications and services.

Budapest   11-50   $2,346,358  


Avatao engages people to learn how to build secure software using hands-on IT security exercises and tutorials.

Budapest   1-10   $200,000  


Mártogatós is a business catering solutions provider that offers an alternative to the usual cold dishes.

Budapest   1-10   $89,986  

Ordit Food Delivery & Catering

Ordit Food Delivery & Catering provides an innovative platform for companies and their employees to access a wide range of restaurants.

Budapest   11-50   $356,233  


The easy and fast way to solve any problem around your life. fix24.hu is a service provider, service search website.

Budapest   11-50   $1,754,347  


Multiversum aims to create a new type of decentralized blockchain with the capability of managing complex data structures.

Budapest     $2,900,000  


Data and document certification on blockchain.

Budapest   1-10   $394,852  


BOOKR Kids is the leading digital publishing company of interactive books.

Budapest   11-50   $1,195,550  


SHOKA offers a mobile application (Shoka App) and a smart bicycle gadget.

Budapest   1-10   $430,272  

CodeBerry Programming School

CodeBerry Programming School offers computer programming courses online.

Budapest   1-10   $387,622  


Fitpuli makes workplace prevention more effective by opening a new dimension in digital healthcare.

Budapest   1-10   $1,203,863  

Multipass Solutions

MPS offers IT solutions for extracting and processing printed or handwritten customer data from documents, forms, checks and invoices.

Budapest   11-50   $808,164  


Laborom is a medical data organizer app/web service in 12 languages for patients and a platform where you can connect your clinic

Budapest   1-10   $639,007  

Analogy Co.

Analogy Co. provides a tool for corporations and communities to access aggregated knowledge of thousands of cases as if it was a consultant.

Budapest   11-50   $1,549,068  


VCC Live (former Virtual Call Center) provides call center and telecommunication technology for both in-house and outsourced call centers.

Budapest   51-100   $676,202  


Machine learning powered response recommendation engine for chat agents

Budapest   1-10   $609,471  

Blue Colibri

Blue Colibri put the whole employee lifecycle in the pocket of employees with mobile platform which supports internal communication.

Budapest   1-10   $227,482  


VirtDB is a software company with a focus on IT infrastructure and database analytics.

Budapest   1-10   $1,547,701  


CraftUnique is a Hungary-based company that primarily works to develop both 3D printing software and hardware.

Budapest   11-50   $1,245,000  


We are a full-scale eCommerce platform with outsourced business services for the fashion-, lifestyle- and product design industries.

Budapest   1-10   $336,985  


Instant Personalization and Social Analytics for Achieving Higher Conversion Rates

Budapest   1-10   $356,760  


The search engine and marketplace for outdoor adventure tours and activities.

Budapest   1-10   $268,628  


Codie is dedicated to inspire the next generation through teaching creative coding.

Budapest   1-10   $125,000  

Flight Refund

Flight Refund assists air passengers to enforce claims against airlines for delayed or cancelled flights.

Budapest   1-10   $1,046,439  


Opp.io helps teams and small business to be more productive at meetings and follow-ups. Opp.

Budapest   1-10   $81,500  


ChemPass was founded to develop technologies and software for the design of novel small organic molecules and scaffolds.

Budapest     $459,928  


QuantisLabs is a spin-off company at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The Smartvineyard™ project is its flagship

Budapest   11-50   $1,142,621  


Marketplace to safely and conveniently buy and sell your e-tickets

Budapest   1-10   $503,678  


Brewie is a fully automated brewing machine with a super-sleek, compact design. Perfect for beginners and experts.

Budapest   11-50   $83,346  


An Agro- tech start up working on the PlantCT™, a CT scanner for plants. It monitors crop-health and predicts plant diseases.

Budapest   11-50   $370,509  

Filipper Kft

Filipper Kft provides a product, to increase efficiency and eliminate the negative effects of the widely used timered shower faucets

Budapest     $149,943  

Lyme Diagnostics

Lyme Diagnostics offers reliable, standard diagnostic system for diagnosing Lyme borreliosis.

Budapest   11-50   $8,252,414  


DentistRobot Kft develops a robotized system for tooth reshaping by using custom CAD software and robotic arm for dentists.

Budapest   1-10   $231,730  


Espressite is an AI-powered, personality-based website generator that creates a website by answering simple this or that questions.

Budapest   1-10   $20,000  


Falcon-Vision develops industrial image processing solutions.

Budapest     $1,492,480  

Servo Movement

Servo Movement creates beautiful electric scooters and we charge any light electric vehicles on the streets.

Budapest     $683,561  

UTB Envirotec

UTB Envirotec Zrt is a clean technology company that provides consulting, engineering, contracting and operations services.

Budapest   101-250   $1,667,905  


Smart matchmaking app for bands and DJ's to discover their potential fans all over the world through exchange gigs and collaborations.

Budapest   1-10   $33,945  


Cubilog is an end to end home automation platform to give total control to the user over any smart or even wired home device.

Budapest   1-10   $618,069  


CloudAgents provides multilingual customer support services with at-home agents worldwide.

Budapest   251-500   $2,168,699  


Responsive email editor for end users, agencies, brands and 100% white-label integration into any software

Budapest   11-50   $200,000  

Eva Vision

Eva Vision provides a voice controlled eyewear for the visually impaired.

Budapest     $59,309  


Martin and Co is providing different R&D services in the field of chemistry method development, biotechnological process development.

Budapest     $2,889,014  


ulockme is a wifi-enabled home lock.

Budapest   1-10   $240,793  


Innowaste is a Hungarian company that specializes in developing burning technology and processing sewage sludge.

Budapest     $1,641,692  


Artklikk is a research and development company focusing on applied research and product development in mobile telephony.

Budapest   11-50   $2,500,000  


Shopguard offers instore retail security devices for phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other anti-theft loss prevention security systems.

Budapest   101-250   $81,868  

Akkucomp Hungary

Akkucomp Hungary is an experienced IoT developer company.

Budapest     $81,868  

IFEX Tűzvédelmi

IFEX Tűzvédelmi develops and manufactures firefighting technology patents, the pulse quick fix and instant foam extinguishing systems.

Budapest     $953,355  


Study in Budapest is a mobile application that enables students to apply for university admissions on their own.

Budapest   1-10   $40,000  

Nerd Developments

Nerd Developments specialized in dealing with taxi companies.

Budapest   1-10   $81,868  

PERFUMANCE by Mindenki Media

The first and only white label mobile solution for product recommendation offered to fragrance retail companies.

Budapest   11-50   $304,314  


EDISON Light Up! competition winner. Innovative heating.

Budapest     $149,514  

DO3D Innovations

DO3D Innovations develops and markets professional 3D printing equipment.

Budapest   1-10   $55,691  


HelpyNet’s solution is a free application linked with real time working Central Control System (CCS).

Budapest   1-10   $144,421  


BiFarma is a company that is focused on high value added R&D projects.

Budapest     $78,922  


ASK-M Instrument Planner, Producer and Service develops and manufactures fine mechanical and optical devices.

Budapest     $93,781  

Pharmahungary Group

Pharmahungary Group provides contract research with strong scientific support and offers early-stage novel technologies for out-licensing.

Budapest     $59,206  


Dunagabona is a wholesaler and foreign trader of cereals and fodder based in Hungary.

Budapest     $59,189  


Assister provides online solutions for commercial retail networks to manage shops and motivate its sales force with built-in sales tools.

Budapest   1-10   $130,000  


Organochem is an international science-based chemical company in Europe.

Budapest     $82,941  


Largest and fastest growing beauty and wellness marketplace in Eastern Europe

Budapest   1-10    


ARworks is a smartphone Augmented Reality (AR) application developer, serving clients in marketing, retail, education and entertainment.

Budapest   11-50    


The first Rapid cooling technology in the world, can chill your drink in just a minute!

Budapest   1-10    


Online community builder platform for local sharing and trustful communities

Budapest   1-10    


Instalent is an employer crowdsource platform for recruiting workers using a network of independent recruiters.

Budapest   1-10    


Event ticketing and permission based acceptence company operating worldwide

Budapest   101-250    


Screbo is a smart platform that helps serviced apartment owners provide better guest experience and make more revenue.

Budapest   1-10    


BeMyBoss is a virtual job search assistant that helps passive candidates to find a place for their dreams.



Nuage builds digital products and develops unique software products for startups and enterprises.

Budapest     $1,653,590  

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