121 Finland Startups to Watch in 2022

Finland's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Finland tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Finland 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Supercell is a video game development company for tablets and smart phones.

Helsinki   51-100   $143,032,267  


Wolt is a European food delivery company specialising in real-time logistics optimisation.

Helsinki   501-1000   $175,500,000  


A consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring consumers’ behavior on every device, app, and platform they use throughout the day.

Helsinki   51-100   $37,300,000  


Nightingale Health is a biotechnology company transforming the prevention of chronic diseases.

Helsinki   51-100   $27,725,419  

Rovio Entertainment

Rovio Entertainment is an entertainment media company that develops, publishes, and distributes video games.

Espoo   501-1000   $76,106,830  

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MaaS Global, the world’s first Mobility-as-a-Service operator, is set to change how people move in the future.

Helsinki   11-50   $57,376,749  


Varjo is reinventing computing by merging the digital world with the analog reality around us.

Helsinki   101-250   $45,900,000  


RELEX Solutions provides an integrated retail and supply chain planning system that delivers results for customers around the world.

Helsinki   501-1000   $235,856,065  


Molecular diagnostic company focusing on detection of infectious diseases

Espoo   51-100   $72,377,384  

MariaDB Corporation

MariaDB Corporation is the company behind MariaDB, the fastest growing Open Source database.

Espoo   101-250   $98,175,561  


Multilingual Customer Service Automation

Helsinki   11-50   $10,400,543  


Aiven develops managed cloud service hosting for software infrastructure services.

Helsinki   11-50   $10,000,000  


Klevu Oy is a self-learning search engine that helps online retailers turn visitors into customers.

Helsinki   11-50   $344,843  


ICEYE empowers others to make better decisions in B2B and B2G industries by providing access to timely and reliable satellite imagery.

Espoo   43840   $65,059,475  

Enfuce Financial Services

Enfuce is a new kind of financial service provider focusing on the future possibilities within payments – from a world without legacy.

Espoo   51-100   $5,632,749  


The pioneers of gaming surrogacy.

Espoo   11-50   $2,000,000  


Canatu develops and manufactures innovative 3D formable and stretchable films and sensors for 3D touch surfaces andheater solutions.

Helsinki   51-100   $55,985,381  


Enevo is a forward-thinking company with a vision to transform the financial, environmental and social impact of waste.

Espoo   51-100   $55,363,229  


One of Europe's fastest growing FinTech companies driving innovation in payments and lending.

Helsinki   101-250   $158,936,030  


Seriously is a developer and manufacturer of mobile games for ios and android platforms.

Helsinki   11-50   $28,000,000  


Freska is an on-demand online home cleaning services company based and operating in the Nordics.

Helsinki   501-1000   $13,785,219  


Next Games is a free-to-play developer based in Helsinki, Finland. Our priority is to create compelling and easy gameplay experience, that

Helsinki   101-250   $18,640,852  


Solar Foods produces an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich protein using only air and electricity as the main resources.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,821,897  


Aito is a predictive database that uses existing relational datasets for predictions and recommendations.

Helsinki   11-50   $3,506,154  


Yousician is the world's largest music educator.

Helsinki   101-250   $4,750,790  


Leadfeeder is a sales lead generation tool for B2B companies, helping convert promising visitors into sales leads.

Helsinki   51-100   $4,928,413  


Swappie is a technology company which allows refurbished phones to go mainstream. Swappie operates in EU & Nordics and is growing strongly.

Helsinki   11-50   $6,697,877  


Holvi is digital banking for freelancers and small business owners.

Helsinki   101-250   $5,254,438  


Helping enterprises leverage the public cloud to transform their business.

Helsinki   251-500   $25,030,997  


Smarp a leading employee advocacy SaaS provider. Smarp turns employees into brand ambassadors and influencers

Helsinki   51-100   $11,607,066  


Sumitomo is a supplier of innovative circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology providing value to our customers.

Espoo   12473    


ZenRobotics is a supplier of intelligent sorting robots for the waste industry.

Helsinki   51-100   $18,522,423  


Silo.AI is a private artificial intelligence lab that builds AI as a service for different industries.

Helsinki   1-10   $11,294,483  


Matchmade is an Intelligent influencer marketing platform

Helsinki   11-50   $7,993,600  

Kide Science

Kide Science helps educators support young children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning and storytelling.

Helsinki   1-10   $1,301,977  


IQM builds scalable hardware for universal quantum computers, focusing on superconducting technology.

Espoo     $12,829,088  


Finnzymes works intensively at the leading edge of modern molecular biology, especially in PCR, quantitative real-time PCR and transposon.

Espoo   10001    


Zervant is a market leading pan-European provider of online invoicing solutions

Espoo   11-50   $16,173,687  


Kaiku Health is a digital health company with a mission to improve quality of life through health data science.

Helsinki   11-50   $6,567,248  


Bitbar is a Mobile DevOp company helping mobile app and game developers to automate their software delivery. Speed Wins.

Helsinki   51-100   $3,000,000  


Dispelix simply removes the challenges that the product designers have been trying to hide for years.

Espoo     $15,583,282  


callstats.io offers analytics and optimization services for real-time communication products using WebRTC.

Helsinki   11-50   $3,000,000  


Rocksolid Engine by Basemark is the leading compute (AI, machine learning) and graphics (AR, VR) solution for professional applications

Helsinki   51-100   $3,425,218  


Vizor is an online platform that lets its users explore, create, and publish virtual reality on the web.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,300,000  


Instantly find what to watch. Our team watches thousands of videos every day to pick out the best ones so you don’t have to.

Helsinki   11-50   $9,798,292  

The Curious AI Company

Curious AI is a deep tech startup. Building on decades of research, we build future AI components capable of e.g. autonomy and exploration.

Helsinki   11-50   $5,898,207  


Global marketplace for searching, booking and managing meeting & event spaces. Also offers a booking technology for venues as a SaaS model.

Espoo   11-50   $3,997,160  


Kiosked is an independent advertising automation platform company for ​native, in­view digital advertising.

Helsinki   11-50   $79,815,345  


RePack offers reusable packaging and voucher program for ecommerce that allows returning the package while rewarding its users.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,434,424  


Loupedeck is the photo & video console that makes editing faster allowing you to focus on your craft.

Helsinki   11-50   $5,814,356  

Infinited Fiber Company

Infinited Fiber technology brings enormous social, environmental and economical impact to the textile value chain and everybody’s wardrobe.

Espoo   11-50   $3,700,000  


Norsepower Oy is a clean technology and engineering company pioneering the generation of renewable wind energy.

Helsinki   1-10   $20,433,416  


Beddit offers consumer focused sleep tracking.

Espoo   11-50   $4,003,472  


Eficode is a DevOps, software, automation, and design company with offices in Northern and Western Europe.

Helsinki   251-500   $7,423,179  


Sayduck is a 3D and Augmented Reality visualisation platform. Our photorealistic 3D models show you exactly what products look like.

Helsinki   11-50   $1,480,512  


Bonusway is an online platform that provide its users with ecommerce loyalty programs, cash rewards, and online shopping solutions.

Helsinki   101-250   $10,495,198  


GetJenny is a conversational AI for customer Service.

Helsinki   11-50   $2,281,737  


TWID is a cloud based online commerce solution developed for experts that wish to scale up their business through an online business model.

Helsinki     $559,495  


iFarm is data-driven universal technology of growing plants on automated vertical farms 24/7 everywhere.

Helsinki   51-100   $1,000,000  

Big Data Scoring

The leading big data credit scoring solutions provider globally for banks, telecoms and other lenders

Helsinki   11-50   $3,345,576  


A leading European fintech firm making participation in growth finance easy and fair for everyone.

Helsinki   11-50   $4,862,854  


ResQ Club allows consumers to "rescue" valuable food at risk of going to waste, from e.g. restaurants and bakeries.

Helsinki   11-50   $911,693  


Naava is a smart and active green wall that revolutionizes the air being breathe.

Helsinki   51-100   $8,158,968  


Unelma platforms aims to deliver state-of-the-art software to empower people

Helsinki   11-50   $9,740,000  


Immersal AR Cloud SDK: a markerless, persistent, multi-user AR solution for gaming, retail and beyond.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,171,807  


Yogaia is the first live, interactive online yoga studio in the world. With Yogaia, the studio is where you are.

Espoo   11-50   $3,630,000  


Claned is an open, personal learning environment and education ecosystem platform.

Helsinki   11-50   $7,200,000  


Noona is a mobile service that provides cancer centers a real-time holistic view of their patients’ wellbeing.

Helsinki   1-10   $1,581,694  


Mobile game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We make games for the way people play today!

Helsinki   11-50   $9,041,239  

Armada Interactive

Armada Interactive is a gaming startup that develops next gen core mobile games.

Helsinki   11-50   $10,000,000  


Jolla is an independent designer and developer for mobile devices and open Sailfish OS.

Helsinki   101-250   $24,400,000  


B2B Pay provides virtual bank accounts for exporters receiving payments.

Helsinki   11-50   $283,406  


Meeshkan is a network where you can train and test Machine Learning models in a massively parallel way on distributed nodes.

Helsinki   1-10   $419,956  

Epic Foods

Epic Foods is a Nordic food delivery company, running it's own kitchen network.

Helsinki   11-50   $1,763,016  

Popit Medical Technologies

Popit improves medication adherence through smart consumer devices. We are on a mission to digitize medicine.

Espoo   43840   $1,417,960  


We specialise in customer-centric mobile banking solutions, which we offer as microservices to financial institutions.

Helsinki   11-50   $466,739  


Zapflow is a dealflow management tool for professional investors.

Espoo   43840   $700,000  


Service-Flow is a software service provider specialized in developing and producing the world's first SaaS solution for Service Integration.

Helsinki   11-50   $2,464,054  

Front AI

Front AI is an Conversational AI and 2nd Generation Services Bot company

Helsinki   1-10   $562,945  


Umbra is on a mission to display any 3D content in real time on any piece of hardware.

Helsinki   251-500   $3,400,000  


Frosmo offers software and services to develop and improve websites and transform online experiences using JavaScript.

Helsinki   101-250   $9,411,504  


A cloud-based mobile platform for wellness service providers and corporate employers.

Espoo   11-50   $3,902,514  


Telia is a Finnish ICT service company whose services ensure a secure and reliable IT environment for its customers.

Helsinki   10001+   $25,000,000  


Zadaa is a marketplace app that helps people to sell and buy clothes that fit.

Helsinki   1-10   $3,665,841  


Hubchat provides an on-line platform with unique features for selfexpression in communities where users share the same passion.

Helsinki   51-100   $2,630,049  


Prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy and treatment from a doctor via video call.

Helsinki   1-10   $5,390,981  


Forget paper receipts! ReceiptHero API platform delivers receipts from merchants to your banking and accounting applications.

Helsinki   1-10   $398,772  

Mainframe Industries

Mainframe Industries is a pan-Nordic game venture with studios in Helsinki and Reyjavik.

Helsinki   11-50   $2,187,099  


Wello produces wave energy converters with minimal impact to the environment.

Espoo   43840   $8,909,565  


Singa is the Spotify of karaoke for personal and commercial use.

Helsinki   11-50   $2,534,137  


Tespack is a company specialized in the future of wearables, focusing on the most important part of technology: energy generation on-the-go.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,591,961  


Instantly ready-to-use cloud service with contract management, board portal, VDR, eSignatures and more!

Helsinki   1-10   $1,200,000  


TILT Biotherapeutics is the leading company globally working in the area of enabling tumor.

Helsinki   1-10   $13,467,045  


The 1st company to use software-guided power ultrasound to remove fouling from industrial equipment without production stoppages

Helsinki   11-50   $4,645,817  


A group of professionals with 60+ years of total experience from the gaming industry and from companies such as EA, Rovio, Remedy.

Helsinki   11-50   $2,928,936  


kuuhubb is to build app vendors with strong Asian distribution and marketing, as well as robust IP partnerships with leading Western brand.

Helsinki     $22,269,810  


WebMicroscope is designed to handle large, gigapixel size, digitized whole slide images of scanned tissues and biopsies.

Helsinki   1-10   $7,645,889  


Disrupting industrial asset life cycle management. Focus on rotating machines in demanding industrial environments.

Espoo   11-50   $5,629,147  


Nordic Salesforce Platinum Consulting partner. We make customer data meaningful in the moments that matter the most.

Espoo   51-100   $3,574,194  

Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce is the only company purely specializing in RPA services in the Nordic countries.

Helsinki     $5,639,337  


Smartcart offers intelligent shopping cart solutions for retail & grocery trade.

Helsinki     $1,731,337  


Ladimo develops machine visionapplications for different industry needs.

Espoo   43840   $1,840,291  


Giosg.com is a Real-time analytics platform to find indecisive visitors and target them with the right actions

Helsinki   11-50   $2,400,384  


Boksi.com is a micro-influencer platform that makes buying micro-influencer marketing not just easy but also financially effective.

Helsinki   1-10   $1,000,000  


Nuuka is a Finnish software company that builds management solutions for commercial and public buildings.

Helsinki   11-50   $1,535,064  


The Easiest Way To Start a Video Advertising Campaign™

Helsinki   1-10   $689,766  


Marketplace for event spaces

Helsinki   11-50   $934,713  


GameRefinery is a leading provider of feature level analytics, market insights and benchmarks for the global mobile games industry.

Helsinki   11-50   $550,614  


Haptic interface technology company

Helsinki   11-50   $6,000,000  

Everywear Games

Everywear Games is world's leading wearable games company.

Helsinki   11-50   $8,412,514  


CHAOS is an urban forecasting company for creating liveable cities.

Helsinki   11-50   $290,000  


BroadBit Batteries is developing revolutionary new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy.

Helsinki   1-10   $814,897  


Klinik is a health website uniting people with matching health pros and products.

Helsinki   11-50   $3,190,018  


MVision AI is on a mission to bring AI into Radiotherapy and Radiology imaging. Our deep learning based organ contouring tool saves time

Helsinki   1-10   $725,982  


CollectiveCrunch is a leader in AI for the forestry industry. We bring a step-change to prediction of wood inventories.

Espoo   11-50   $979,150  


Taking VR to the masses - Cross-platform Virtual Reality Multiplayer Technology and Games (TechStars London '18)

Helsinki   1-10   $324,129  


Hookle develops a smart social media management and advertising tool for small businesses

Helsinki   1-10   $637,865  

LVS Brokers

AI based brokering - connecting banks and lenders to consumers

Helsinki   11-50   $10,200,736  

Grand Cru

Grand Cru develops mobile and social games supporting player interaction.

Helsinki   11-50   $13,000,000  


Synoste is a startup company developing novel, patient-friendly medical solutions for the treatment of skeletal deformities.

Espoo   43840   $11,809,627  


IPRally serves patent business by providing the first AI that thinks like a patent professional.

Helsinki   1-10   $403,634  


Ambronite is a provider of organic drinkable meal that fulfils daily nutrition recommendations in 2 minutes.

Espoo   43840   $702,824  


Omegawave is the world's first health and sports performance optimizer – scientifically proven and patented technology.

Espoo   11-50   $5,547,857  


Futurefly is a social AR and 3D studio, built up of veterans from the gaming scene & computer vision specialists.

Helsinki   11-50   $3,000,000  


Software tools and solutions for quantum computing

Helsinki   1-10   $222,649  


AI-powered feedback tool that automatically measures, manages and takes action through out the entire customer journey - online and offline!

Helsinki   11-50   $547,533  

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