104 Austria Startups to Watch in 2022

Austria's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 104 Austria tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Austria 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Tricentis offers enterprise software testing solutions that enable enterprises to achieve high automation rates while minimizing risks.

Vienna   251-500   $172,000,000  


Medicus AI designs and develops an artificial intelligence (AI) based platform that converts health data.

Vienna   101-250   $5,028,315  


TourRadar is an online marketplace to compare & book multi-day tours to over 200 countries worldwide.

Vienna   251-500   $66,500,000  


Invest in Bitcoin, gold and over 20 other digital assets on your phone or desktop. Fast, secure and 24/7.

Vienna   101-250   $48,850,226  


TTTech is a Vienna Austria-based technology leader in networked safety controls.

Vienna   251-500   $197,732,735  

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mySugr is a digital health company that strives to “make diabetes suck less”

Vienna   101-250   $6,627,695  

Pocket Cocktails

We make finest take-away cocktails for all gen(d)erations & every dresscodes. A la minute!

Vienna   1-10   $443,220  

Music Traveler

Music Traveler is a sharing economy company, centralising spaces with musical instruments, equipment for performing arts industry.

Vienna   11-50   $593,095  


kompany is a global RegTech platform for global business verification and Business KYC

Vienna   11-50   $8,355,000  


Eversports connects its members directly with sport venues, helps them to book courts or courses and to meet sport partners.

Vienna   101-250   $10,590,952  


Cortical.io’s offers AI-based natural language understanding solutions built on technology inspired by Neuroscience

Vienna   11-50   $6,283,694  


Refurbed is a marketplace for refurbished electronics, which are used products that are completely renewed and resold.

Vienna   11-50   $2,239,651  


Nabriva Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the R&D of antibiotics for use in community and hospital infections.

Vienna   101-250   $182,354,280  

Themis Bioscience

Themis Bioscience is a start-up biotechnology company.

Vienna   11-50   $81,564,212  


Arsanis is a biopharmaceutical company developing infectious disease treatments based on bacterial protein and carbohydrate antigens.

Vienna   11-50   $120,270,317  


Firstbird is a employee referral plattform that connects you with talent through the magic of referrals.

Vienna   11-50   $6,764,476  


byrd provides an e-commerce logistics platform that gives online shops access to a scalable and powerful logistics solution.

Vienna   11-50   $411,042  


indoo.rs is a mobile SDK that enables you to get real-time position and navigation.

Vienna   11-50   $2,405,572  


wikifolio is an Austria-based online platform for investment strategies of traders and asset managers.

Vienna   11-50   $8,196,665  

Signa Retail

Signa Retail operates a chain of department stores and sports equipment retail stores.

Vienna   11-50   $779,076,238  

Robo Wunderkind

Robo is a Vienna-based company developing modular and programmable robots set to revolutionize the way children learn robotics and coding.

Vienna   11-50   $2,235,132  


Parkbob offer a smart parking service enabling a seamless digital on-street parking experience in cities.

Vienna   11-50   $943,713  


SMARTASSISTANT is the leading Omni-channel Digital Advice technology

Vienna   101-250   $8,946,462  


Morpher is a blockchain trading platform with zero fees and infinite liquidity.

Vienna   1-10   $1,250,000  


CheckYeti is the largest platform to book activities in 1000+ mountain and beach destinations across Europe.

Vienna   51-100   $6,224,036  


Mimo is an application that teaches computer sciences through a fun and unique exercises.

Vienna   11-50   $650,000  


GoStudent develops a smartphone application that connects students to a network of tutors.

Vienna   11-50   $2,553,399  


Cashpresso is an application for smartphones to transfer money and schedule repayment.

Vienna   11-50   $7,020,174  

ImageBiopsy Lab

ImageBiopsy Lab is deploying AI-based software solutions for the early detection and diagnosis of various bone & joint diseases.

Vienna   11-50   $2,344,340  


The leading cycling map & navigation service in the world. Mobile subscription for offline, routing, map features.

Vienna   11-50   $3,016,925  

THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic develops and publishes games.

Vienna   51-100   $168,000,000  


Emarsys enables brands around the world to deliver truly personal customer interactions across email, mobile, social, and web – at scale.

Vienna   501-1000   $55,300,000  


Hitbox Entertainment is a next-generation live-video streaming platform for gaming and eSports.

Vienna   11-50   $4,000,000  


Grape is a business communication solution with deep service integration.

Vienna   11-50   $1,966,939  


PhagoMed develops phage-based pharmaceuticals to treat chronic bacterial infections.

Vienna   1-10   $6,382,971  


Ares Genetics develops Artificial Intelligence informed DNA-Sequencing Tests to revolutionize Infectious Disease and Drug Resistance Testing

Vienna   1-10   $1,489,467  

Crystalline Mirror Solutions

Crystalline Mirror Solutions manufactures low-noise reflective optics using a proprietary coating technology.

Vienna   11-50   $4,187,547  


The MoonVisionis an efficient visual object recognition plattform for your business.

Vienna   11-50   $1,528,693  


Austria's largest network for startup investors

Vienna   11-50   $1,133,947  


kiweno empowers individuals to understand, manage and optimize their own health in a personalized and engaging way.

Vienna   11-50   $8,375,362  


Kapsch Group is one of Austria's most successful technology corporations in the fields of mobility and digitalization.

Vienna   5001-10000   $309,727  


Create print products like photo books as easy as taking photos, leveraging the power of AI.

Vienna   1-10   $452,207  


User engagement platform that helps businesses create personalized customer interactions.

Vienna   1-10   $170,000  


Ulmon is Mobile travel platform. Makers of CityMaps2Go.

Vienna   11-50   $1,600,000  

Digital Claim

Automating claim recovery for insurances

Vienna   1-10   $650,000  


Adverity enables users of its platform to easily connect and work with their entire media, marketing, and e-commerce ecosystems.

Vienna   101-250   $16,298,684  


Europe's leading healthcare big data enabler | real world evidence | clinical trials | patient management

Vienna   11-50   $1,301,656  


twingz delivers predictive analytics based on anomaly detection out of energy meterdata feeds & provides damage prevention services on top.

Vienna   11-50   $599,175  

Kivu Technologies

Provider of scalable software for network analysis in the security industry

Vienna   11-50   $2,152,440  



Vienna   11-50   $2,057,799  

Smart Engine

Smart Engine develops innovative advertising technology connecting merchants to consumers via payment platforms (Mobile, Online, POS)

Vienna   1-10   $11,403,847  


Der Brutkasten is an austria's multimedia platform for startups.

Vienna   1-10   $2,804,100  


whatchado is a video-based career platform that illustrates jobs in a video format for its users to find a job that suits them.

Vienna   11-50   $2,862,311  


Waytation offers solution for analyzing customer journeys and understanding human interests in offline environments.

Vienna   11-50   $1,364,605  


nymea is an embedded middleware to rapidly connect products to Google, Amazon, Apple, IFTTT, Tuya and any other IoT service or product.

Vienna   11-50   $1,121,284  


iDWELL is a revolutionising CRM software specifically designed for the next generation of real estate management.

Vienna   11-50   $1,170,000  


123sonography is a provider of online echocardiography training for medical doctors, students and sonographers.

Vienna   11-50   $868,325  


JobRocker is the first digital headhunting-platform with a revolutionary matching-technology.

Vienna   51-100   $1,443,153  


A platform for enterprises to plan, create and distribute branded communication aligned to their corporate strategy.

Vienna   11-50   $1,226,339  


tubics is a Software-as-a-Service platform that supports companies to amplify their branded content on YouTube.

Vienna   1-10   $293,201  


Pioneers is an International Relationship Builder for the Tech and Startup Scene offering Events, Intelligence, and Investment.

Vienna   11-50   $400,000  


Data enriched steel, ready for smart manufacturing.

Vienna   1-10   $282,611  


weffect: the AI-driven way to empower all workers to contribute fully to the company’s bottom line!

Vienna   11-50   $1,059,225  


Mikme develops products studio-quality microphones and apps for audio/video content creation.

Vienna   1-10   $3,759,617  


We provide a modular light electric vehicle fleet for the OnDemand economy. To deliver 25% faster in cities.

Vienna   1-10   $226,169  


Tripmakery makes it easy for you to find suitable group accommodations.

Vienna   11-50   $2,419,144  


avedos provides governance, risk and compliance management software for Europe-headquartered enterprises.

Vienna   51-100   $2,980,963  


UNIspotter is your mobile destination for every step in the university application journey.

Vienna   1-10   $1,244,686  

Hookipa Pharma

Hookipa is a clinical stage biotech company developing best-in-class active immunization therapies for infectious diseases and oncology.

Vienna   51-100   $149,284,351  


Midnightdeal is a dynamic travel marketplace that connects travelers, looking for premium vacation deals and hotels that have empty rooms.

Vienna   1-10   $226,420  


We bring together creators and followers of trading bots, enabling them to beat the market with algorithmic trading.

Vienna   1-10   $163,969  

Global Rockstar

We believe that every new artist deserves a global stage to earn money.

Vienna   11-50   $1,536,454  

EveliQure Biotechnologies

EveliQure was founded in 2012 with headquarters in Vienna and developed for the first time a combined vaccine.

Vienna     $2,821,874  


Seasonax, an analytics and charting app, allows financial professionals to identify and evaluate seasonal patterns for any asset-class.

Vienna   1-10   $1,301,988  


Crystalsol is a technological company that focusses on developing a new type of flexible photovoltaic technology.

Vienna   11-50   $18,882,092  


Viewpointsystem produces the most advanced system for recording, presentation and interpretation of human eye movements.

Vienna   11-50   $4,127,654  


APEPTICO is a biotech company developing new peptide-based medicinal drugs for the treatment of severe and chronic diseases.

Vienna     $3,950,000  


SaaS for Time Management, Payroll and intelligent Analytics.

Vienna   1-10   $1,267,584  

Hypest Hive

We make influencer partnerships simple

Vienna   1-10   $341,970  


Sheepblue is a software company based in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna   1-10   $228,049  


Fittrack provides a sensor solution for existing gym-equipment, to allow users to automatically track and monitor their fitness workouts.

Vienna   11-50   $26,900  


A digital coach for anxiety and stress

Vienna   1-10   $50,000  


zoomsquare is the place to be for seekers and providers– kind of a dating service based on square meters.

Vienna   11-50   $612,378  


Your digital happiness guru

Vienna   1-10   $291,282  


Kokoro captures the key variables that create high performing environments at scale, transparently, and in real-time.

Vienna   1-10   $175,357  


lifebrain is a holding company based in Austria that makes investments in the laboratory diagnostics sector.

Vienna     $11,226,556  


Marinomed is a biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative anti-viral and immunological treatments.

Vienna   11-50   $1,556,637  


Sezame is a patented remote multi factor authentication without password via App using your mobile phone fingerprint reader.

Vienna     $697,273  


Speech Codes are printable 2D datamatrix codes containing up to 40 minutes of spoken word - offline.

Vienna   1-10   $1,961,294  


EUCODIS Bioscience delivered high-performance enzyme solutions for applications in the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Vienna   11-50   $12,826,303  


myVeeta is a personal application management service that enables its users to connect with their preferred organizations.

Vienna   1-10   $352,783  


QROK is a mobile location-based application that offers indoor navigation, positioning and emergency tracking

Vienna   11-50   $500,000  


viRaCube is the first full hybrid garden watering system - fully automated and for your smart home.

Vienna   1-10   $33,435  

DataScience Service

Data Science Service is a Professional Automated Property Valuation.

Vienna   11-50   $85,651  


B2B marketplace for consulting & coaching services

Vienna   11-50   $758,885  


meinKauf/miKunu is a web and mobile platform that offers retail marketing and brand promotion services.

Vienna   11-50   $3,926,974  


cogvis is a team of experts for intelligent analysis of 3D data and images.

Vienna   11-50   $81,868  


Helioz is a social enterprise engaged in R&D and sale of affordable products for low income households in developing countries.

Vienna   1-10   $1,054,543  


Prediki is the open prediction platform. It aggregates its users opinions into one objective prediction.

Vienna   11-50   $650,000  

Ponix Systems

Ponix Systems is an agtech company based in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna   1-10   $59,464  


We’re A Handsome Group Of Professionals Passionate About The Digital Space. Simply Put We Design Experiences.

Vienna   11-50   $150,000  


CyberTrap Software is specialising in deception technology for government organisations and large enterprises in EMEA and APAC.

Vienna     $81,868  


Simax is a software for translation of text into 3D-animated sign language.

Vienna     $1,354,687  


A platform for measurable Outdoor Advertising

Vienna   1-10   $247,257  

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  • hopin.com
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  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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