121 Estonia Startups to Watch in 2021

Estonia's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Estonia tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on October 09, 2021.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Bolt provides a ride-sharing platform that connects passengers and drivers from different countries.

Tallinn   501-1000   $244,443,270  


Monese is an online banking platform that offers quick current account opening for all EU residents.

Tallinn   251-500   $80,379,706  


Pipedrive is a Web-based Sales CRM.

Tallinn   101-250   $91,203,107  


Pipedrive is a Web-based Sales CRM.

Tallinn   101-250   $90,200,000  


Veriff provides web and mobile identity verification solutions that help reduce fraud and meet KYC requirements.

Tallinn   101-250   $7,820,000  


Synctuition is the world's first meditation program with 3D sounds and gamma waves.

Tallinn   11-50    


Topia is a global mobility management company that enables employees to work everywhere.

Tallinn   251-500   $108,582,244  


Alternative application store for all devices

Tallinn     $100,000  


Xolo is a all-in-one SaaS platform for solopreneurs, bringing together banking, company formation, accounting and compliance.

Tallinn   51-100   $8,903,077  


RISE is a device that turns your regular window shades into smart shades.

Tartu   11-50    


Lingvist is language learning software based on mathematical optimization and statistical analysis.

Tallinn   11-50   $11,209,783  


Crypterium mobile app allows instant payments in cryptocurrency. Whatever you can do with your money, you can now do with your crypto.

Tallinn   11-50   $51,600,000  


Bondora is an online platform for fixed-income investments in European personal loans.

Tallinn   51-100   $8,753,493  


Klaus is a conversation review tool that improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,900,000  


Fortumo is a digital enabling platform for app stores and digital service providers for user, acquisition, monetization and retention.

Tartu   51-100   $10,000,000  


One-stop shop in crypto: a next generation digital exchange, STO/ICO auction platform, wallet, payment acquirer and many other services.

Tallinn   11-50   $23,000,000  


Adcash, an ad-serving platform, provides targeted solutions and tools for publishers and advertisers to create online campaigns.

Tallinn   51-100   $23,682,792  


MeetFrank is a talent recruitment app.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,165,937  


AWS Lambda monitoring & debugging platform.Serverless observability & troubleshooting. Serverless monitoring.

Tallinn   1-10   $800,000  


Modash allows marketers to build, launch, manage, and measure audience targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

Tallinn   1-10   $142,219  


EstateGuru is the leading cross-border marketplace for short- and mid term property loans in Continental Europe.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,418,610  


Nortal is a multinational strategic change and technology company.

Tallinn   501-1000   $39,852,959  

Rakuten Fits Me

Fit Origin is the ultimate fit recommendation solution for eCommerce fashion retailers.

Tartu   51-100   $16,233,683  

Ampler Bikes

Light electric bikes for urban cyclists

Tallinn   11-50   $3,405,627  


CoinLoan is a trusted crypto-to-fiat lending platform with a P2P economy.

Tallinn   11-50   $3,050,000  


EAgronom is an intuitive farm management system that allows farmers with a low tech skill to plan, manage and analyze their activities.

Tartu   11-50   $2,141,490  


Katana is the first Smart Workshop SaaS, designed to revolutionize the way modern makers, crafters and small manufacturers work.

Tallinn   11-50   $2,430,360  


Adhive.tv is an AI and community powered platform for native video advertising for video influencers.

Tallinn   11-50   $17,500,000  


Kipwise helps teams build up their company knowledge base in seconds directly in slack - less repeated questions, more time for real work

Tallinn   1-10   $436,049  


Weekdone offers a managers’ dashboard and team management service for companies.

Tartu   11-50   $290,000  


RAISON is a platform for operations with investments and personal finance.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,483,159  


VitalFields is a digital agriculture company that offers an easy-to-use farm management system for farmers.

Tallinn   11-50   $2,218,097  


RebelRoam is disrupting passenger connectivity by making Wi-Fi faster for travellers.

Tallinn   11-50   $2,410,325  


Natufia enables growing healthy food for the whole family, automatically, in an ecologically friendly way.

Tallinn   1-10   $1,200,000  


A.I. driven talent analytics platform for executive search professionals

Tallinn   1-10   $809,298  


Paysic is the first blockchain-based platform to provide fiat to fiat transactions using blockchain technology.

Tallinn   11-50   $215,000  


Marketplace for European commercial real estate

Tallinn   1-10   $583,039  


A peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform for startup founders focusing on emerging markets.

Tallinn   11-50   $2,300,000  


Plumbr is a Java performance monitoring solution. The only solution that automatically detects root causes of performance incidents.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,815,000  


International marketplace of assets and financial instruments for SME and the platform of collateral and asset management

Tallinn   1-10   $3,800,000  


An Ideal way to communicate. Fleep is a flexible messenger that integrates with email and lets you store and share files easily.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,747,760  


Multifunctional and democratic exchange. As the first on the market, we give financial benefits to active users.

Tallinn   11-50   $3,500,000  


Vumonic provides market tracking and competitive intelligence to the world's leading ride-hail, food delivery, and e-commerce companies.

Tallinn   11-50   $224,553  

Like a Local

Like A Local Guide is about finding those cool and cozy spots that locals' like to hang out at and missing the tourist traps.

Tallinn   1-10   $118,602  


Onboard team members from anywhere in the world with our reliable, done-for-you immigration and settle-in services.

Tallinn   11-50   $10,204,305  

Hepta Airborne

Automating defect analysis for power lines. Bringing 3 dimensional world to everyone, everywhere.

Tallinn   11-50   $736,936  


Fully autonomous A.I. and robot empowered bartending unit. It serves drinks, handles payments, identifies and communicates with clients.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,098,467  


Cloutex is a data logistics company that allows businesses to move and manage their data quickly and easily.

Tallinn   1-10   $620,249  


Zerply is the network for creative talent in TV, film, and games.

Tallinn   1-10   $700,000  


Eco-friendly mobile car wash

Tallinn   11-50   $612,408  


A platform for managing internal and external challenges and research grants.

Tallinn   1-10   $1,268,987  


First EU regulated Crypto-Fiat Exchange

Tallinn   11-50   $22,000,000  


Deekit is a collaborative whiteboard for remote teams and digital nomads.

Tallinn   1-10   $543,709  


AI-powered email marketing for e-commerce

Tallinn   11-50   $1,495,000  


Elcogen is a manufacturer of efficient and high-performance fuel cells to help enable a clean energy future.

Tallinn   11-50   $6,899,089  

Proof Suite

Proof Suite is an open-source blockchain technology company, specializing in next-generation financial market toolsets.

Tallinn     $3,050,000  


IoT Technologies is commercializing a decade of research focused on distributed sensing / computing technology.

Tallinn   11-50   $28,000  


Cindx is a fund management hub to prosper in crypto.

Tallinn   101-250   $3,868,840  


CEED Tech is a consortium of five startup accelerators.

Tallinn   11-50   $6,476,482  

AASA Global

Aasa Global is an international financial technology company which offers credit solutions to consumers and businesses.

Tallinn     $20,758,734  


Next-generation Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Exchange

Tallinn   11-50   $615,892  


Minimal and Simple Anti-Abuse API. Learn easily if your users are on an anti-abuse blacklist so that you can decide how to proceed.

Tallinn   1-10   $594,649  


Selfdiagnostics is an Estonian company founded on 2008 with the purpose of developing and marketing point-of-care (POC) devices.

Tallinn   11-50   $5,306,748  


Platform SaaS solution transforming how events go mobile while gaining new revenue streams + actionable datalytics.

Tallinn   1-10   $517,623  


DeltaBid is a E-Sourcing software to replace ineficent e-mail and excel based procurement methods.

Tallinn   11-50   $20,475  


Timbeter is a solution for quick and accurate timber measurement and data management.

Tallinn   1-10   $150,000  


Comprehensive sales & distribution management solution for intercity travel industry

Tartu   51-100   $1,594,118  


Autolevi is a Peer to Peer car sharing platform.

Tallinn   1-10   $245,611  


Peer to peer delivery platform for travelers and online shoppers from abroad

Tallinn   1-10   $46,308  


Player development and team management software for youth and amateur sports clubs.

Tartu   11-50   $504,877  

Optofluid Technologies

Optofluid Technologies develops sensors for real-time and on-line dialysis quality monitoring.

Tallinn   1-10   $3,335,422  


GoWorkaBit is like Twitter for jobs. Workbites up to 140 hours.

Tallinn   1-10   $20,540  


Tutor.id makes the business of tutoring easy.

Tartu   43840   $230,653  


SportID manages your company's sports benefits.

Tartu   11-50   $440,650  


SprayPrinter is a device that delivers designs and images from your smartphone to any wall.

Tartu   43840   $62,384  

Topos Network

The Borderless Bank of Migrants

Tallinn   1-10   $500,000  


TADDY brings most accurate data to outdoor media spaces.

Tallinn   1-10   $109,193  

AIDA Service

Global P2P service for e-commerce with a volume of more than 1.5 trillion USD

Tallinn   11-50   $300,000  


DreamApply is a student admission platform for higher education institutions

Tallinn   11-50   $80,864  


FuseBox creates an opportunity for your company to earn money by reducing your unused energy consumption and making the planet cleaner

Tallinn   1-10   $57,794  


Fundwise is a crowd investment platform for small- to medium-sized businesses in the CEE region.

Tallinn   1-10   $143,097  


Hashtago is a cutting edge technological solution for cross-platform digital marketing campaigns.

Tallinn   11-50   $230,000  


Hong Kong-based financial platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation.

Tallinn   51-100   $14,804,852  


Hands-free mobile ticketing & validation for public transit.

Tallinn   11-50   $316,476  


GlobalReader brings together a single solution, which can be used to monitor production lines and environmental conditions.

Tartu   43840   $171,351  


Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem.

Tallinn     $1,600,000  


Improves the throughput of communication channels

Tallinn   11-50   $3,191,835  


AddGoals, a social network, brings together people who want to achieve their set goals by motivating each other.

Tallinn   1-10   $250,000  


HAUSING is a management and communication platform, which specializes in the real estate market in Estonia and other Baltic States.

Tallinn   1-10   $300,269  


Paytailor is a cloud multi-platform for payments, services and customer loyalty, creating seemingness digital user experience

Tallinn   1-10   $96,434  


Event Management Software. It helps Organizers to better organize their process from online registration until reports.

Tallinn   11-50   $111,000  


Polisens.io provides actionable insights on the levels of air pollution to city municipalities and interested parties.

Tallinn   1-10   $150,000  

Icosagen Group

Icosagen Group is a contract research provider and technology developer for biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and academia.

Tartu   43840   $1,348,225  

Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems provides cloud automation technology.

Tallinn   11-50   $55,958  


Seamless consumtion and payments for Car-Centric services.

Tallinn   11-50   $261,240  


All the talent management functions with fast setup and competitive price - 360-degree feedback, appraisals, satisfactions surveys.

Tallinn   1-10   $825,344  


Developing software and hardware solutions for precise GPS positioning and navigation.

Tallinn   1-10   $24,673  


Luxury Car Rental Marketplace

Tallinn   1-10   $218,235  


ShufflUp is a hands-off crypto-currency algorithmic trading platform for less-skilled investors

Tallinn   1-10   $44,264  


Spaceit offers mission control as a service, a one stop solution for satellite ground communications.

Tartu   43840   $59,464  


Cacttoos connects the tattoo industry, brands, tattoo studios, tattoo supplies and tattoo artists.

Tallinn   11-50   $112,227  


Faralong.com provides the best digital market place for well-tested and praised products from the travel industry

Tallinn   1-10   $549,257  


SmartAd is an internet advertising company that offers its customers with display advertising solutions and services.

Tallinn   11-50   $30,000  


The Easiest 3D Design Platform for Mobile Devices

Tallinn   1-10   $110,870  


EUROPESHUTTLE is an online platform that enables travelers to find and book airport transfer services from around the world.

Tallinn   1-10   $53,076  


Geme.io is a free urban tech, geo-location app platform that makes cities smarter.

Tallinn   1-10   $71,429  

AVRAME Kit Homes

A-frame buildings delivered worldwide as prefabricated kits.

Tartu   43840   $180,000  


TransferFast moves money between banks quickly and safely.

Tallinn   1-10   $162,788  


TrainedOn provides trainers with an online platform to organize, create, and share training materials and knowledge with each other.

Tallinn   1-10   $20,710  


Roksnet is an IT company that enables secure Internet based data exchange between different information systems and databases.

Tallinn   11-50   $83,346  


Online platform for renting construction tools and services.

Tallinn   1-10   $155,560  

Lowcost Airpost

LCAP allows for airline passengers and users of postal services to interact directly with the mutual benefit of free flight tickets.

Tallinn   11-50   $50,000  


Protobios is an Estonian biotechnology company that develops technologies in the field of cell biology and immunology.

Tallinn     $58,142  


Contentivo, an Employee advocacy platform helping companies amplify social media campaigns by turning employees into social media advocates.

Tallinn   11-50   $20,099  


Mobile app for changing the 'status quo' of restaurant and room service order process.

Tallinn   1-10   $10,927  

UBIK Solutions

UBIK Solutions is an agile technology company dedicated to innovative & smart solutions for sustainable energy industry.

Tallinn   1-10   $82,941  


Markit is a leading online IT purchasing system available in 33 countries globally.

Tallinn   101-250   $2,637,349  

Smart Load Solutions

Smart Load Solutions offers an optimization service for electricity consumers and producers.

Tallinn   1-10   $16,407  


Ejaw is a game developer supporting mobile, console, desktop and virtual reality platforms.

Tallinn   11-50   $16,787  


Heelosophy is a fashion technology company that works in the field of mass customization.

Tartu   43840   $55,008  


BiotaTec develops a nature-based solution raising the cost-effectiveness of bioleaching technology.

Tallinn   1-10   $56,064  

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