89 Pharma Startups to Watch in 2022

Pharma's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 89 Pharma tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Simplifying pharmacy, helping everyone get the medicine they need.

London   51-100   $11,531,830  


Coople operates as a staffing platform that connects companies and workers.

Zürich   101-250   $75,029,488  


Topia is a global mobility management company that enables employees to work everywhere.

Tallinn   251-500   $108,582,244  


Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision.

Malmö   51-100   $24,500,000  


EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on novel solutions for chronic airway diseases.

Reykjavík   1-10   $1,448,879  

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Meds is an online pharmacy that sells prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Stockholm   11-50   $10,581,112  


Acticor Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company developing an innovative drug for the treatment in the acute phase of ischemic stroke.

Paris   11-50   $33,202,487  


Alvotech is a global biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing biosimilar versions of leading monoclonal antibodies molecules.

Reykjavík   51-100   $350,000,000  


Nabriva Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the R&D of antibiotics for use in community and hospital infections.

Vienna   101-250   $182,354,280  

Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics is a enterprise software solutions company to enable the management, orchestration and exploitation of life sciences data.

Cambridge   11-50   $11,125,399  

Iterum Therapeutics

Iterum Therapeutics Limited is an Ireland-based clinical-stage pharmaceutical company

Dublin   11-50   $105,000,000  


Arsanis is a biopharmaceutical company developing infectious disease treatments based on bacterial protein and carbohydrate antigens.

Vienna   11-50   $120,270,317  


Tilkee is a cloud based app that increases sales team's closing rate and optimizes prospects follow-up by tracking business proposals.

Lyon   11-50   $4,907,831  

Avantium Technologies

Avantium Technologies provides high-throughput R&D technologies for applications in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

Amsterdam   51-100   $199,790,567  


Minoryx Therapeutics offers pharmacological chaperones, which are small molecule drugs used for the treatment of genetic diseases.

Barcelona   11-50   $56,151,618  

PragmatIC Printing

PragmatIC Printing manufactures ultra-thin and low-cost flexible microcircuits, incorporated into mass-market objects and packaging.

Cambridge   51-100   $26,960,755  


Breath Therapeutics is a private clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.

Munich     $45,870,543  

Sublimity Therapeutics

Sublimity Therapeutics Limited (Sigmoid Pharma Limited), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

Dublin   11-50   $70,344,654  


Oculis is a clinical-stage, privately held, pharmaceutical development company focusing on ophthalmic drugs and novel drug delivery.

Reykjavík   11-50   $37,355,908  


Miuros is a cloud-based platform, transparently integrated into your everyday tools.

Lyon   11-50   $2,391,211  


A tech company that empowers marketers by offering a Unified Video Programmatic Platform for video advertising solutions across all devices.

Montpellier     $2,245,099  


Lingualeo.com is an online service for learning and practicing English, used by 17 million people around the world!

Moscow   11-50   $3,000,000  


AFYX Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company

Copenhagen   1-10   $30,717,611  


Endomag is a medical technology company devoted to improving breast cancer care through its magnetic sensing technologies.

Cambridge   11-50   $19,785,556  


Pryv's purpose-built middleware helps healthcare organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,376,064  

AELER Technologies

AELER is an AI-powered, logistics technology company. They enable full in-transit visibility through next-gen shipping containers.

Lausanne   1-10   $1,361,381  

EcoChain Technologies

EcoChain Technologies originated from frustration with conventional LCA methodology

Amsterdam   11-50   $2,378,599  


Prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy and treatment from a doctor via video call.

Helsinki   1-10   $5,390,981  


DigiSchool provides students with learning tools that assist in their primary to postbaccalaureate education.

Lyon   51-100   $19,753,250  


PhagoMed develops phage-based pharmaceuticals to treat chronic bacterial infections.

Vienna   1-10   $6,382,971  


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a research company that focuses on health, security, communications, and the environment.

Munich   10001   $1,318,967  

Silicon MicroGravity

Silicon MicroGravity is a company developing novel sensor technology.

Cambridge   1-10   $11,273,692  


Unistellar is an incredibly powerful and accurate backyard telescope.

Marseille   11-50   $2,358,246  


DOZ provides a all-in-one marketing software and vetted on-demand marketers help to run and master online marketing.

Lyon   11-50   $1,500,000  


SwissRealCoin (SRC) is Switzerland's first real estate linked crypto token.

Zug   11-50   $1,267,879  


Quomi is a mealkit delivery service making people eat tasty and healthy at home, following the pillars of the Mediterranean diet.

Milan   1-10   $984,898  


Nervtech is an R&D company specialized in simulations on biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, machine learning, and data integration.

Ljubljana   11-50   $315,671  


Glencore operates various commodity industries include coal, copper, cotton, grain and oilseeds, nickel and zinc.

Zug   1001-5000    


Gradientech is develops products for analyzing cells.

Uppsala   43840   $5,779,087  

Ilya Pharma

Ilya Pharma develops the next-generation biological drugs for treating wounds in skin and mucosa.

Uppsala     $7,589,146  


Xnext is an intensive knowledge scale-up company that produces and develops the most advanced inspection technology.

Milan   11-50   $3,727,808  


SMV is a SW developing SME providing computer vision-based solutions on portable devices especially AR/MR solutions in industry 4.0, fashion

Budapest   1-10   $235,000  


Bleexo is an employee engagement tracking platform.

Toulouse   1-10   $603,075  


A community-driven platform where creative class meets like-minded people, and get hired.

Istanbul   11-50   $234,762  


Nourish offers a service that allows its users to convert RSS feeds into automated email newsletters.

Leeds     $3,000,000  


Lipid Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage, privately held, pharmaceutical development company.

Reykjavík   1-10   $404,129  


ViraSoft is a medical software startup which is founded by TGSD of Ministry of Industry.

Istanbul   11-50   $414,798  


Antibodies.com is a leading supplier of protein research tools.

Cambridge   11-50   $503,899  


8power is a University of Cambridge start-up developing novel technology for sensing and measurement in industrial applications.

Cambridge   1-10   $941,666  


Wehype was founded in 2016 with the purpose of connecting brands and gamers.

Uppsala     $33,821  


3Z Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing drugs that would improve the central nervous system.

Reykjavík   1-10   $881,482  


Marinomed is a biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative anti-viral and immunological treatments.

Vienna   11-50   $1,556,637  


Belgian leader in trailer telematics and supply chain mobile apps for driver & goods management focused on the Pharma & Food Retail sectors.

Brussels   11-50   $2,200,000  


Onboarding international students into accommodation and neighbourhoods.

Liverpool   1-10   $16,800  


EUCODIS Bioscience delivered high-performance enzyme solutions for applications in the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Vienna   11-50   $12,826,303  


An online management platform for long term property rentals.

Riga   43840   $54,425  


FlightWatching offers flight monitoring services based on aircraft & aviation data for commercial aircrafts in many countries

Toulouse   1-10   $470,866  


Comnovo is offering innovative hardware solutions and services in the field of wireless systems.

Dortmund     $56,567  


Redefining service for a new era of customers who want total flexibility requires rethinking logistics.

Rotterdam   1-10   $20,328  

Tool Domains

Tool Domains is a startup company providing customers a tool to research expired domains with SEO value.

Sofia   1-10   $181,836  


Poly-Pico Micro-drop dispensing technologies enables non-contact drop-on-demand ultra-high accuracy dispensing of biomaterials and fluids.

Galway   43840   $81,868  


Heelosophy is a fashion technology company that works in the field of mass customization.

Tartu   43840   $55,008  


Tecnotree Corporation is a telecommunications company, which develops and supplies messaging and charging solutions for operators

Espoo   501-1000    


ArcticMass offers high quality bioanalytical services for the pharmaceutical industry, using analytical techniques.

Reykjavík   1-10   $354,709  

KeyPoint Technologies

Redefining mobile search and discovery. Innovating mobile text input technology.

Glasgow   51-100    


Using data intelligence, machine learning & AI to help companies build fair, engaged & productive workforces.

Bristol   1-10    


VAT4U automates your Value-Added-Tax recovery. VAT4U is Europe’s first automated VAT refund platform.

Düsseldorf   11-50    


Advisera is market leader in providing small business compliance solutions for ISO 27001, EU GDPR,IATF 16949, ISO 20000 and ITIL.



Dunagabona is a wholesaler and foreign trader of cereals and fodder based in Hungary.

Budapest     $59,189  

Gyros Protein Technologies

Gyros Protein Technologies AB is a leading provider of solutions for peptide synthesis and bioanalysis.



enersis aims for a substantial contribution to the Digital Energy Transformation.

Bern   11-50    


IOX develops rapid prototypes for IoT applications, enabling companies to accelerate Innovation.

Düsseldorf   11-50    


StartupCafe is a project to promote entrepreneurial culture and supported by Hotnews and Google.



Innofactor is a provider of cloud solutions and digital transformation.

Espoo   501-1000    

Harrison Goddard Foote

Harrison Goddard Foote is a global intellectual property rights specialists.

Leeds   11-50    


FlyTech UAV has been manufacturing professional, unmanned aircraft systems for specialized uses: photogrammetry, remote sensing, SAR.

Krakow   11-50    


Wineist is a curated wine subscription platform.

Ljubljana   43840    

Subsea Tech

Subsea Tech is an engineering company specialized in marine and underwater technologies.

Marseille   11-50    


CEMA is one of the leading IT services companies in the German speaking region.

Mannheim   251-500    


SeoProfy is a result-oriented international company for search engine promotion, contextual advertising and content marketing.


Scrascom Laptopy Poleasingowe Wrocław

Scrascom is an off-lease desktop and laptop computers vendor. We import and market B2B class computers to B2C markets

Wroclaw   43840    


GREENSPECTOR provides energy efficiency for mobile and IoT applications.

Nantes   11-50    

Atlas CRM

CRM system built for Atlassian tools.

Arnhem   43840    

Libriciel SCOP

Libriciel SCOP is engaged in the development and installation of software.

Montpellier   11-50   $1,190,000  


signTEK develops solutions for online shop.



BizBox will create e-shop just for you! It offfers a unique mix of reliable automation of your processes with a wide range of sales options.

Brno   43840    

Cargo Defenders

Security solutions for the logistics industry to reduce theft of cargo.

Donegal   43840    

Daj Daj cloth diapers

Modern cloth diapers from the finest bamboo fiber: healthier, cleaner and more economical!


Vidhance Mobile

Vidhance Mobile is a real-time, purpose-built all-software video stabilization solution.

Uppsala   11-50    

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  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
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  • URL
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  • glovo.com
  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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