98 Glasgow Startups to Watch in 2020

Glasgow's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 98 Glasgow tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on March 25, 2020. This is how we decide who shows up.

Glasgow 10+ employees Fast-growing

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BOLT Learning

BOLT provides online learning solutions using the latest in web technology combined with modern teaching methodologies.

Glasgow   501-1000    


encompass robotically automates information and news discovery for KYC requirements for onboarding, event-driven refresh and remediation.

Glasgow   51-100   $5,461,804  

M Squared Lasers

M Squared Lasers develops and manufactures next-generation lasers and photonic instruments.

Glasgow   11-50   $13,143,830  


CSI is a award-winning Cloud Services Provider.

Glasgow   101-250   $46,842,490  


Customer loyalty, card-linking, automated marketing, open banking, digital, SMB, local businesses

Glasgow   11-50   $4,737,087  


A technology spin-out company from the University of Strathclyde.

Glasgow     $28,251,450  


Bird.i provides access to the latest, up to date satellite imagery, helping you obtain valuable insights & make better business decisions.

Glasgow   11-50   $3,609,666  


MindMate is an application that helps people living with cognitive decline.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,770,000  

Kite Power Systems

Kite Power Solutions is a business developing a disruptive technology to produce renewable energy from the wind.

Glasgow   11-50   $10,285,378  


Nude is a financial coach and savings account for first-time home buyers. Save a deposit, without breaking a sweat.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,250,255  


Houseology.com - the UKs premier online interior design store

Glasgow   51-100   $6,051,465  


Candidate.ID is a Talent Pipeline Software for the employers and agencies.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,276,491  

Twig World

Twig World is award-winning tools and educational resources for the classroom.

Glasgow   101-250   $4,966,271  

The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete is a skill-based fitness training application.

Glasgow   1-10   $225,000  


Simple route planning for cyclists, runners and hikers

Glasgow   51-100    

ACS Clothing

ACS is a provider of mens hirewear to leading retailers in the UK and Ireland. Wtih an extensive range of both formalwear and highlandwear

Glasgow   101-250   $31,370,914  


Admio integrates with any form of marketing to make it shoppable.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,248,698  


Synaptec develops and deploys photonic sensing systems.

Glasgow   1-10   $4,502,985  

Find a Player

Connecting sports people & games in local areas.

Glasgow   1-10   $233,041  


Class4Kids allows people who run kids activities to list on our website for free and pay for an advanced management system.

Glasgow     $2,223,980  

Dimensional Imaging

Dimensional Imaging designs and develops human body 3D and 4D surface image capture and analysis solutions.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,155,870  


Odro is a software business specialising in industry specific live video technology.

Glasgow   11-50   $112,951  

Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank growth finance provides a range of innovative debt solutions for early stage, high growth businesses.

Glasgow   5001-10000    

Incremental Group

Incremental Group provides software consultancy and analytics services to clients in oil and gas, financial services, and the public sector.

Glasgow     $1,545,161  

Silent Herdsman

Silent Herdsman’s vision is to be the leading global provider of predictive analytics software for dairy and beef farmers, that improves

Glasgow   11-50   $4,948,445  

Homes for Good

Homes for Good ensures that a wider stock of affordable, well maintained homes is available to marginalized households.

Glasgow   11-50   $6,287,599  

Bio-Images Drug Delivery

Class leading experts in formulation work and scintigraphic clinical trials.

Glasgow   11-50   $2,800,798  


Anacail Limited is a Research company located in University Ave, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Glasgow   1-10   $3,000,000  


Soar is a Glasgow-based fintech focused on building a better financial society.

Glasgow   11-50   $578,107  


Cutitronics is an AI-driven skincare start-up.

Glasgow   1-10   $1,809,716  


Metix develops devices and services that meet needs and exceed expectations inside the demanding healthcare industry.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,551,626  

Firefish Software

Firefish Software is a recruitment and marketing SaaS platform that helps recruiters reach, engage, and recruit top candidates.

Glasgow   11-50   $391,743  


Flexiworkforce is the only UK-wide job site specialising in all forms of flexible working.

Glasgow   1-10   $819,481  

Freeflow Technologies

FreeFlow Technologies has developed the world’s lightest, greenest electrical bike

Glasgow   1-10   $2,824,563  


Retail platform for sports clubs.

Glasgow   1-10   $50,000  

Lease Fetcher

A leasing comparison start-up based in the UK.

Glasgow     $386,183  

Clear Surgical

Clear Surgical is an innovative product that is set to transform surgical theatres.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,584,457  


Alfacyte is developing many therapeutic application to use in Autoimmune disease, Cancer immunotherapy and Food allergy.

Glasgow   1-10   $308,099  

Clyde Biosciences

Clyde generates human relevant cardiomyocyte functional data to enable faster, safer, and more accurate development of new medicines.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,934,117  

Mono Consultants

Mono Consultants provides infrastructure support services to the telecommunications industry.

Glasgow   251-500   $11,721,189  

Causeway Therapeutics

A pioneering company with global markets in the treatment of human and equine tendon disease

Glasgow     $1,314,278  

The Drum

The home of modern marketing and media in the UK & US with news, features, research, awards, events and jobs.

Glasgow   51-100    


A software development firm specializing in business productivity software to help capture ideas and simplify project delivery

Glasgow   11-50   $541,424  


iMetaFilm digitised films, working with broadcasters, government archives, advertising companies, universities and private collections

Glasgow     $1,285,742  


Aggreko provides power generation and temperature control solutions to customers.

Glasgow   5001-10000    

Organised Health Technologies

Organised Health is a Digital Pharmacy start-up transforming healthcare and improving lives through the use of technology.

Glasgow   11-50   $194,229  


TopMission is a mobile application that allows you to perform simple tasks using your smartphone and get paid for it.

Glasgow     $355,114  


CHOC+ is a new, truly innovative chocolate brand.

Glasgow   1-10   $259,758  


Opinurate is a software company which specialises in building solutions for organisations to understand their customer's experiences.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,044,695  


Reimagined Social Media - the social network for brands and consumers

Glasgow   11-50   $650,000  


Restaurant reservation management service.

Glasgow   51-100    


Merson Signs designs, manufactures, and installs signs for airports, automotive, commercial, education, events, financial, highways.

Glasgow     $1,440,523  


Blushr is an online dating platform that enables teenagers to anonymously find out if their crush likes them as well.

Glasgow   1-10   $65,000  


Voomfit is a new digital platform for health, fitness and wellbeing needs.

Glasgow   1-10   $193,467  

Sunstone Communication

Putting start up entrepreneurs, investors and analysts on the same page by linking business model to numbers and value.

Glasgow   1-10   $20,000  


iomart Group is a cloud hosting platform that designs, delivers, and manages any cloud platform to meet specific business objectives.

Glasgow   251-500    

KeyPoint Technologies

Redefining mobile search and discovery. Innovating mobile text input technology.

Glasgow   51-100    

Alba Orbital

Alba Orbital build and design the world's smallest commercial satellite platforms being PocketQube format.

Glasgow   11-50    


Esure offers competitive insurance coverage.

Glasgow   5001-10000    


We create different toys for the Visually Impaired and Blind, our main product is the Smash-a-Ball, and Electronic board game.

Glasgow   1-10   $16,969  

Titan Vision

Titan Vision is aunique concept in physical security information management.

Glasgow   11-50    


ECS Uk is a IT consultancy and services company for enterprise clients.

Glasgow   501-1000    


Sunglasses made by photographers.

Glasgow   1-10    

Daily Record

The Daily Record publishes news, opinion pieces, and information on politics, crime, health, business, sports, entertainment, and more.

Glasgow   251-500    


Gaia-Wind is a specialist designer and manufacturer of small wind turbines.

Glasgow   11-50   $55,691  

Easthall Park Housing Co-operative

Easthall Park Housing Co-operative is a community controlled housing organisation based in Easterhouse, Glasgow.

Glasgow   1-10    

Bifrost Wealth

Bifrost Wealth offers personalized advice and a tailored investment experience from financial experts

Glasgow   1-10    

CC Technology

CC Technology are a leading supplier of enterprise grants management software.

Glasgow   251-500    

Revive Eco

evive works with waste management partners to collect used coffee grounds from across Scotland.

Glasgow   1-10    

Scottish Development International

Scottish Development International supports inward investment to Scotland.

Glasgow   501-1000    

Orb Group

Orb Group is a global marketing merchandise solutions provider servicing major brands locally and internationally.

Glasgow   11-50    


Voicekey is a secure voice verification product which can be easily integrated into contact centres & mobile applications.

Glasgow   1-10    


QUIZ is an established and distinctive omni-channel and international own brand in the women's value fast fashion sector.



SgurrEnergy provides a range of consultancy, engineering and measurement services.

Glasgow   251-500    

My Customer Lens

SaaS business turning customer feedback into business intelligence

Glasgow   1-10    

Vtec Solutions

Vteck Solutions is a fleet management/tracking software.

Glasgow   1-10    


weather marketing and analytics platform. Analyze and optimize campaigns based on real-time weather events.

Glasgow   1-10    

Mindfulness Everywhere

The creative studio combining meditation, technology & design.

Glasgow   1-10    

Create LMS

Create LMS - award winning Learning Management System. Making training & talent development easy. - Great service - Great price - Great LMS

Glasgow   11-50    


4icg is the driving force behind the most talked-about marketing brands.

Glasgow   101-250    

Sgaia's Vegan Meats

Sgaia Foods is at the heart of a new, innovative approach to plant based living and dining.


Startup Drugz

Startup Drugz is a clothing manufacturer celebrating the Start-Up World and entrepreneurs alike.

Glasgow   1-10    


EmergeAdapt are the creators of CaseBlocks which enables users to create cloud based business solutions.

Glasgow   11-50    

BiP Solutions

BiP Solutions helps the public and private sectors work together. We connect Buyers and Suppliers in the tender process.

Glasgow   101-250    


Opinew provides visual user generated content by collecting, managing and ranking customer reviews and aggregating e-word of mouth.

Glasgow   1-10    


MCCurrach is one of the manufacturer's agent global brands in Grocery and providing financial services to the industries.

Glasgow   1001-5000    


STV is a Scottish digital media company that produces soap operas, dramas, factual content, other entertainment shows, and news.



CyberBee is a cyber-security Insurance Broker

Glasgow   1-10    

Listings Ledger

AI-powered valuations of private companies.

Glasgow   11-50    


Newslines is a crowdsourced news search engine

Glasgow   1-10    


CellAge is a disruptive startup aiming to increase human healthspan

Glasgow   11-50    


Devro is a manufacturer of collagen products for the food industry.

Glasgow   1001-5000    

Mobile Guardian

Create a safe learning environment for students and children with our multi-OS device management platform.

Glasgow   11-50    


PayPunto is registered payment service provider with Master & VISA and iPSP in EU.


Howco Group

Howco Group manufactures, supplies, and manages bespoke metal products.

Glasgow   1-10    

Altia Solutions Limited

Altia Solutions Limited is the fast-growing investigation software firm.

Glasgow   11-50    


Door-2-Door Luggage Shipping Service

Glasgow   1-10    


INAA aka (I need an appointment) lets you book hair and beauty appointments on-line for free.

Glasgow   1-10    

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