90 Rome Startups to Watch in 2022

Rome's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 90 Rome tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Rome 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Rome   1-10   $1,033,941  


Wanderio enables travellers to get anywhere by comparing and booking trains, buses and flights in just one search.

Rome   11-50   $2,534,958  


Linkem is the fastest growing broadband provider

Rome   501-1000   $106,163,198  

Resonance AI

Atooma created Resonance: it uses the IoT to create contextual predictions and automations based on user lives

Rome   11-50   $1,092,590  


MioAssicuratore is an online insurance broker that helps customers in the harmful world of insurance.

Rome   11-50   $2,015,500  

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Smart e-scooter and platform for the ultimate urban sharing service.

Rome   1-10   $527,454  


CarPlanner is a digital car-as-a-service marketplace for all-inclusive, hassle-free car subscriptions.

Rome   11-50   $1,085,341  


Yocabè connects apparel brands and their products with the global customers of online marketplaces.

Rome   1-10   $995,711  


Shampora creates tailor-made Haircare

Rome   1-10   $473,151  


A vacation home rental management solution.

Rome   1-10   $961,094  


BigProfiles is a Customer Intelligence SAAS that leverages external information about persons to enrich customer profiling.

Rome     $800,534  


Enel is a multi-national power company specializing in the power and gas markets.

Rome   10001    


wineOwine is an online, private wine club that provides its members with a wide collection of wines from small Italian wineries.

Rome   1-10   $1,360,583  


A.I. for precision medicine

Rome   1-10   $441,466  


Neat is an independent design and development company.

Rome   11-50   $50,000  


Pedius is a communication system that allows deaf people to make normal phone calls.

Rome   1-10   $2,025,960  


B2Book.net is a meeting platform between tourist accommodation owners or managers (seller) and travel agencies, tour operators.

Rome   1-10   $335,676  


Deliverart is a B2B channel manager in cloud that simplifies food delivery management through automation and optimization of the processes.

Rome   1-10   $116,593  

Social Academy

A Rome, Italy-based platform for people to discover learning opportunities .

Rome   11-50   $530,449  

Le Cicogne

Le Cicogne is a marketplace that brings together the demand and supply of baby-sitting, baby-teaching, and baby-taxis.

Rome   1-10   $676,241  


B2B Trading platform for Fresh Produce Industry. We help the Fruit&Veg companies to find the best connections for their interests.

Rome   1-10   $283,623  


Provides innovative tools for fast prototyping that take advantage of physical support.

Rome   1-10   $162,866  


Revotree develops an IoT system with AI to predict soil's moisture and help farmers saving water.

Rome   1-10   $80,864  

Italy Innovazioni

Italy Innovazioni specializes in the design and development of retractable electrical outlets including new functions.

Rome   1-10   $1,866,956  


Direttoo is the first digital platform that vertically organizes the business relationship between producers and restaurateurs.

Rome   11-50   $307,686  


Yakkyo allows micro enterprises to find suppliers and purchase goods from China.

Rome   1-10   $629,604  

AR Market

AR Market is an innovative startup which operates in the Augmented Reality market at international and multi-sectorial level.

Rome   1-10   $25,000  


Solenica made a designer bot called "Lucy" to bring natural illumination to your Home or Business.

Rome   1-10   $120,000  


Quokka is a real time geosocial network that allows its users to see what happens everywhere through geolocation.

Rome   11-50   $247,808  

MyLab Nutrition

MyLab Nutrition is the first service in Europe for the creation of customized sport supplements.

Rome   1-10   $98,134  


Airgloss develops advanced devices aimed at improving indoor environmental comfort using a proprietary AI based sensing technology.

Rome   11-50   $168,083  


Skuola.net is one of the greatest educational resource and service hub in Italy for students from secondary school to university

Rome   11-50   $675,826  


HURBA® is an Italian Startup that produces and distributes innovative electric scooters.

Rome     $231,542  


Soft skills analytics for teams and individuals

Rome   1-10   $166,008  


TiAssisto24 is a personal car helper system that helps owners to manage their vehicle.

Rome   1-10   $417,435  

In Time Link

In Time Link is an IoT-enabling technology for mobile payments, customer assistance and telemetry for the automated retail industry.

Rome   1-10   $206,119  


Quainted is a simple and anonymous problem resolution tool to improve employee engagement.

Rome   1-10   $321,629  


Boxengointegrates all Storage and Moving services, givingcustomers a complete solution. We'reexpanding in Italy and in all Europe.

Rome   1-10   $184,732  


BAGBNB is a luggage storage network that provides luggage storage services.

Rome   1-10    


Dune is a certified company that deals with solving complex problems in different sectors of high technology.

Rome   11-50   $54,326  


Songtree is a music creation platform that lets musicians collaborate in recording songs.

Rome   1-10   $100,000  


Ciaotech is a consulting company that offers support to companies and institutions in the research and innovation processes.

Rome   251-500   $55,926  

Amigo Climate

AMIGO is the first Italian consultancy SME in the field of Climate Services.

Rome   1-10   $81,868  


PlanBee is a pungent civic crowdfunding platform inspired by bees and their strong sense of community.

Rome   1-10    


Bemyguru is the place in which companies find best consultants in less than two minutes

Rome   1-10   $86,643  


Shoozy is an application that provides its users with a social network of stores, consumers, fashion bloggers, and brands.

Rome   1-10   $25,975  

TEP Energy Solution

TEP Energy Solution makes customers more competitive by reducing energy costs by optimizing the quantities used.

Rome     $60,230  


Book the activities for your children

Rome   1-10   $61,207  


X2TV is a developer of mobile and entertainment solutions.

Rome   11-50   $4,500,000  


The first online booking website and APP focused on the reservation of the whole range of hotel services offered exclusively for day-use.

Rome   11-50    

META Investment

META Investment has invested in over 200 high-growth startups across Europe via eight venture capital funds in three countries.

Rome   11-50    

Applied Research to Technologies

Applied Research to Technologies is an Italian startup that fosters innovation to develop future internet and clean technologies.

Rome   1-10   $162,100  


Translated offers language translation services facilitating the internationalization of their customers' businesses.

Rome   51-100    


Doing is the result of the union of Dnsee, Hagakure and Banzai Consulting. A reality newborn, but already with a great history behind it.

Rome   251-500    

The Telepass Group

Telepass offers urban and extra-urban mobility services.

Rome   101-250    


Healthcare and Medical Records System

Rome   51-100    


3D printed indoor racing game, based on Arduino

Rome   1-10   $31,752  


Stip is an AI-based solution that makes Social & Digital Customer Support 300% more efficient

Rome   11-50    


Thingarage is a web portal for design, 3D models and digital manufacturing on-demand

Rome   1-10   $82,042  

Connexa Insurance

Digital, telematics powered car insurance company launching in Italy.

Rome   1-10    


AlmavivA is a group in the information and communication technology segment that focuses in digital innovation.

Rome   10001    


Recreate on paper the moments you prefer in the form you want: photos, strips, bookmarks will have a different style. Yours.

Rome   1-10    

Progetti Speciali Italiani

Progetti Speciali Italiani is an Italian aerospace company.

Rome     $53,142  

Ingenium Education

We are an education platform focused on Early Years Schools, K12 Schools, Vocational & Training Academies.

Rome   1-10    


Neomobile is a leading Digital Mobile Group operating globally.

Rome   501-1000   $13,500,000  


WordLift is the Artificial Intelligence you need to grow your audience. A Semantic Platform that does what an SEO expert would do.

Rome   1-10    


e-GEOS is a leading international player in the Earth Observation and Geo-Spatial Information business.

Rome   251-500    


Aconet offers tailor-made services such as connectivity, farm, email, disaster recovery, VOIP, cloud, satellite.

Rome     $55,958  


Hurry is Italy's leading Automotive Marketplace. Hurry was the first two-sided marketplace that focuses on selling Long Term Rent

Rome   51-100    


GamePix helps Gaming companies release their full potential by distributing HTML5 videogames on web channels.

Rome   11-50    


Hydroingea operates in the energy saving sector under every point of view, building, plant engineering, administrative and design.

Rome     $55,981  


ClickMeter is a platform that helps marketers take control of their marketing links and maximize their conversion rates.

Rome   11-50    


Acea is one of the leading Italian multiutility firms, managing and developing networks and services

Rome   1-10    


N-Track is a software development company that specializes in music applications.

Rome   11-50    


3D Printing for dentists

Rome   1-10    


Helperbit aims to solve problems related to the management of funds addressed to humanitarian emergencies.

Rome   1-10    


Business consulting partner to support customers in every area of digital transformation.

Rome   101-250    


Powering mobility and sustainability-driven innovation.

Rome   11-50    

Pi School

Pi School is a machine intelligence that focuses on building a future through technology and creativity.

Rome   1-10    

Alta Cucina

Al.ta.Cucina is on the mission to create the world's largest community of Italian food lovers.



Memopal is a cloud-based storage platform enabling users to store and share files on a single centralized system.

Rome   11-50   $1,000,000  

Be Think, Solve, Execute

Be Think, Solve, Execute enables the financial services organisations to manage the complexity of business transformation.

Rome   501-1000    

LTG Elettronica

LTG Elettronica update its lines in keeping with all that is the state-of-the-art in commercial and aerospace engineering.

Rome     $59,189  


CY4GATE is a 360° hub for Cyber Intelligence, Security and Cyber Electronic Warfare solutions.

Rome   51-100    


InfoCert is a software company that provides digitization and dematerialization services for a business.

Rome   251-500    


YPJ is a B2B technology based aggregator to buy and manage ground transportation services

Rome   11-50    


ToucHotel is a free iPhone, iPad and Android app that helps you find the right hotel, as inspired by your "Friends’ Favourite Hotels” .

Rome   1-10    

Alan Advantage

Alan Advantage leverages the multi disciplinary expertise of its open innovation network helping organizations innovate and grow.

Rome   11-50    


Priya is the first home care device which secures your home.


Yumi Lashes

Official Yumi Lashes rerpesentative in Italy, Spain and Andorra. Innovative technology of lashes lifting and treatment.

Rome   1-10    

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