102 Hamburg Startups to Watch in 2022

Hamburg's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 102 Hamburg tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Hamburg 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Evotec is a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company.

Hamburg   1001-5000   $159,870,166  


Wunder Mobility is a tech platform that enables companies and cities worldwide to provide clean, convenient, and accessible mobility.

Hamburg   101-250   $70,000,000  


Kreditech uses machine-learning technologies to provide access to better credit for the underbanked.

Hamburg   251-500   $519,223,147  


Exporo is an online platform for real estate investments.

Hamburg   101-250   $66,292,167  


BIO-LUTIONS offers sustainable packaging and disposable tableware solutions made of agricultural residues.

Hamburg   11-50   $11,209,814  

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quantilope is an Agile Insights platform transforming the speed, complexity, and quality that hinders traditional market research.

Hamburg   101-250   $12,000,000  


Jimdo enables users to create a website on a computer, smart phone or tablet using a simple intuitive interface.

Hamburg   101-250   $28,869,396  


Finanzcheck.de is a leading, independent online comparison portal for installment loans and private financial products.

Hamburg   251-500   $53,267,667  


Nightcorn is an online platform for watching video content.

Hamburg   11-50   $4,500,000  


payever is a unique commerce solution that covers the whole sales cycle, from online shop and point of sale software to payment.

Hamburg   11-50   $810,093  


Bigpoint is a browser game portal that offers a collection of free online games.

Hamburg   251-500   $459,870,791  

NAGA Trader

NAGA Trader is the social network for traders, allows everyone to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks and CFDs by copying other traders.

Hamburg   101-250   $14,958,102  


bepro11 is a sports video and data analytics startup.

Hamburg   11-50   $9,150,000  

NAGA Group

The NAGA Group is a fintech company provides access to the best market tools for everyone across the globe.

Hamburg   101-250   $14,310,970  


Appinio provides real-time market research services via mobile app.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,037,541  


Secucloud is a service provider of cloud-based IT security, operating worldwide.

Hamburg   51-100   $13,848,732  


Nordex is a management holding company with control and coordinating responsiblities.

Hamburg   5001-10000   $99,781,024  


Happycar offers customers an extended transparency of offers showing insurance packages, kilometer fees and one-way fees, among many others.

Hamburg   11-50   $4,476,290  


Breakpoint Therapeutics is a company that discover and develop new anti-cancer drugs.

Hamburg     $33,613,332  


Semasio is a provider of targeting and insight solutions for programmatic advertising.

Hamburg   11-50   $5,171,231  


Sponsoo is an online marketplace that connects athletes and sports teams with sponsors.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,041,842  


Localyze offers a software solution for relocation management.

Hamburg   1-10   $209,017  


shipcloud is the shipping service provider and represents a new generation in package shipping.

Hamburg   11-50   $3,158,674  


pflege.de is a service portal for care and housing for the elderly.

Hamburg   101-250   $6,213,264  

DARAG Deutsche Versicherungs und Rückversicherungs

DARAG Deutsche Versicherungs- und Rückversicherungs is a legacy specialist and a pioneer in the delivery of finality solutions.

Hamburg   51-100   $303,953,144  


Sviper is an independent mobile gaming studio.

Hamburg   1-10   $2,843,545  

Breeze Technologies

Breeze Technologies provides air quality sensors and data and analytics services.

Hamburg   1-10   $81,868  


Sustainable banking. Green Finance. A bank that funds and promotes Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Wind Power and sustainable agriculture.

Hamburg   1-10    


DZ-4 offers leasing, installation, and operation services of solar power systems and storage systems to household customers.

Hamburg   11-50   $8,574,657  


Aiconix.ai relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the area of ​​video optimization.

Hamburg   11-50   $890,688  

Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions is provider of the open banking platform for deposits connecting banks and depositors.

Hamburg   101-250   $198,871,071  

City Masters

Software for eSports Tournament and League Automation

Hamburg   1-10   $2,519,677  


Kleding offers you a large and varied selection of well-known brands and shops.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,539,783  


minubo is the new enterprise business intelligence solution as a service for ecommerce merchants.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,952,235  


Adtriba is a simple, cross-channel digital marketing management platform based on data-driven attribution modelling.

Hamburg   1-10   $722,807  

Channel Pilot Solutions

Channel Pilot Solutions is a cloud-based tool that enables businesses to connect with their customers online.

Hamburg   51-100   $4,224,016  


Resourcify is develops and operates a neutral cloud platform that enables businesses to manage waste and recycling operations online.

Hamburg   1-10   $1,210,839  


GameBuddy enables gamers to challenge themselves and others on things happening in their favorite online game

Hamburg   1-10   $149,069  


Crumb is a fitness motivational app that rewards users for fitness activities.

Hamburg   1-10   $84,089  

Attention Insight

Attention Insight is an artificial intelligence platform for consumer visual engagement monitoring.

Hamburg   1-10   $226,370  


Mesaic empowers companies with automation & AI to build great relationships with customers, leveraging conversational channels.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,478,618  


HorseAnalytics empowers horse enthusiasts to monitor and improve health and training of horses by applying reliable technologies.

Hamburg   1-10   $741,343  


Cherrydeck is a search engine to connect creatives with clients, and allow them to collaborate.

Hamburg   1-10   $566,050  


Baqend develops a performance add-on that uses innovative caching algorithms to minimize loading times of e-commerce websites.

Hamburg   11-50   $746,467  


RetroBrain R&D develops therapeutic videogames to improve quality of life of elderly people.

Hamburg   11-50   $544,048  


Wetterheld provides online weather insurance for businesses.

Hamburg   1-10   $193,013  


KitchenAdvisor is the first true comparison portal for fitted kitchens.

Hamburg   1-10   $938,311  


UNOWN is an e-commerce website that lets women lease sustainable premium fashion.

Hamburg   1-10   $54,677  


Loxonet digitalizes the European organisation sector with a high performance SaaS software

Hamburg   1-10   $289,427  

Mellow Boards

Mellow Boards designs and manufactures electric drive system that could fit on skateboards.

Hamburg   11-50   $2,000,068  


Cutnut provides the easiest story content creation platform.

Hamburg   1-10   $134,546  


Akanoo connects visitors of online-shops with tailor-made incentives to boost shop revenues.

Hamburg   11-50   $993,158  


NUWIEL specializes in producing clean transportation solutions for last mile delivery.

Hamburg   1-10   $81,868  


YieldKit provides Smart Monetization Solutions for Publishers

Hamburg   11-50   $750,000  


Penseo makes company pensions simple, digital, and understandable.

Hamburg   11-50   $79,087  


CoreMedia Content Cloud. Be Iconic.

Hamburg   101-250   $4,245,770  


Your solution to a healthier & fitter you: cooked meals, workout plans & motivational support personalized for your body and your goals.

Hamburg   1-10   $56,956  


iLocator offers solutions to smartly manage the infrastructure of Smart Cities.

Hamburg     $60,230  


OrderingOnlineSystem.com is an online ordering system for food and delivery available in several restaurants.

Hamburg   11-50   $200,000  


Noventic provides solutions for climate-friendly management of buildings.

Hamburg   501-1000   $6,562,693  


XING is a social network for business professionals to connect and share ideas and projects, as well as find suitable employment.

Hamburg   1001-5000   $6,840,265  


The perfect stay. Zero hassle. Get the best hotel room for the lowest price, even after you book.

Hamburg   1-10   $1,572,383  

Content Fleet

Content Fleet offers technology that assists online publishers in content creation.

Hamburg   101-250   $3,500,000  


AI co-writer that helps create content your audience is going to share.

Hamburg   1-10   $61,544  


Every marketer can optimize all the touchpoints in their customer journey through our DIY A.I.

Hamburg   11-50   $5,424,583  


We increase engagement, retention and monetization in games & apps by making licensing fast, simple and cost-effective.

Hamburg   11-50   $3,300,000  


purefood is a social food business, leveraging consumerism to doing good

Hamburg   11-50   $290,000  


Pydro is a Hamburg-based company that aims to become an integrated solution provider for smart water networks.

Hamburg   1-10   $59,055  

Simply Aloud

Simply Aloud offers speaker-as-a-service solutions with professionally narrated audio articles.

Hamburg   1-10   $59,115  

Corporate Health

Corporate Health helps to secure the health, creativity and performance of your employees and managers and enhanced.

Hamburg     $644,230  


Milabent provides a self-service marketing platform that enables SMEs to advertise locally.

Hamburg   1-10   $700,050  


Flits is a mobile-first platform for video livestreaming generated by artists and concertgoers themselves - that with high fidelity sound

Hamburg   1-10   $127,968  


collectAI is a software platform providing digitised, AI-based payments and collection services to manage accounts receivables.

Hamburg   11-50    


Montblanc offers watches, leather, jewelry, eyewear, and fragrance for men and women.

Hamburg   5001-10000    


First digital freight forwarder in Europe using AI to improve utilization of trucks. Long-Haul Trucking, Logistic, Transportation, AI.

Hamburg   11-50    


GitMate is a ML based ticket manager for Jira and GitHub.

Hamburg     $89,577  


25friends ia an app to find friends and suggests events in the city.

Hamburg     $329,403  


Visarity is a 3D platform creates rich 3D images and delightful creative experiences on mobiles and tablets.

Hamburg   1-10   $30,000  


Serrala is an international provider of solutions for inbound and outbound payments and related finance processes.



Phrase is the translation management solution, enabling software developers around the world to localize software more efficiently.

Hamburg   51-100    

Cougle’s Recycling

Cougle’s Recycling is to educate, motivate and help companies save money in waste costs

Hamburg     $16,000  


Immonet.de is an online marketplace for real estate providers and searchers.

Hamburg   501-1000    


COYO is a web-based intranet & knowledge management software, that allows employees, teams, clients and partners to work together.

Hamburg   101-250    

Ibeo Automotive

Ibeo Automotive Systems is the market leader for LIDAR sensor technology in the automotive industry.

Hamburg   11-50    

Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is an entertainment software studio that designs and develops online games.

Hamburg   251-500    


The Self-Service Future of Identity Verification as a Service

Hamburg   1-10    


PhantoMinds is a crowdsourcing provider for innovations and connect their community who develop innovations with companies looking for them.

Hamburg   1-10   $56,942  


Risk42 Software offers a sophisticated risk management platform for E-Commerce, Telecoms, Financial Services and Banks.

Hamburg   11-50    


Loodse develops software that makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple container clusters in any organization.

Hamburg   11-50    

Fashion Cloud

Fashion Cloud is a digital platform connecting retailers and brands in the fashion industry.

Hamburg   51-100    


Korber AG is operates in the automation, logistics systems, machine tools, pharma systems, tissue and tobacco.

Hamburg   10001    


LogTech startup bringing the logistics industry online through white-label SaaS solutions

Hamburg   11-50    


Sleekcommerce develops cloudbased e-commerce solutions that offer new possibilities for professionals and retailers as well.

Hamburg   1-10   $58,142  


AddApptr is to generate advertising revenues for their app publishers and developers, while offering premium service and tech support.

Hamburg   11-50    


Flio is an android mobile application that lets users find helpful information about airports.

Hamburg   11-50    


Germany‘s first blockchain-based residential real estate investment platform.

Hamburg   11-50    


Gamigo develops and distributes massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) of various genres.

Hamburg   51-100   $1,220,000  

Exit Games

Exit Games develops the realtime, multiplayer, cross-platform product PHOTON.Photon is used by more than 330,000 game developers.

Hamburg   11-50   $4,610,000  


Creators of home automation products and specialists in Z-Wave, Aeon Labs offers a broad range of IoT accessories under its Aeotec brand.

Hamburg   501-1000    

Neuro Flash

Neuro Flash – Marketing Solutions using Neuropsychology and Big Data they go beyond conventional marketing studies.

Hamburg   11-50    


PeerAce is a community-driven marketplace that offers mobile, on-demand sports and fitness services in your city.

Hamburg   1-10   $27,606  


Influencer powered native advertisement on every major platform.

Hamburg   1-10   $50,000  

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  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
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  • $250M
  • URL
  • hopin.com
  • glovo.com
  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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