115 Edtech Startups to Watch in 2022

Edtech's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 115 Edtech tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is an on-demand cyber skills platform that rewards critical thinking, problem solving, and curiosity.

Bristol   51-100   $48,018,243  


Tribe offers risk & responsability sharing insurance coverage.

Oslo   51-100   $1,000,000  


JoyTunes is reinventing the way to learn, play, and experience music, making it possible for anyone to learn to play a musical instrument.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $42,000,000  


Dreams is a Neo-bank that makes saving, spending and lending money easy, engaging, and social.

Stockholm   11-50   $27,803,971  


Labster is an internationally focused company dedicated to the development of pioneering online tools for teaching science globally.

Copenhagen   51-100   $34,670,000  

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Lingokids develops English language learning application for children.

Madrid   11-50   $12,450,000  


The Business School for the Self Made

Tel Aviv   51-100   $9,150,000  


Luminance develops document analysis software to secure big data systems for multinational and governmental organizations.

Cambridge   11-50   $23,000,000  


Ironhack is an international tech and design school that believes the best way to learn how to do something, is by actually doing it.

Madrid   101-250   $7,000,000  

Music Traveler

Music Traveler is a sharing economy company, centralising spaces with musical instruments, equipment for performing arts industry.

Vienna   11-50   $593,095  


eloomi is a software tool that simplifies skill training and performance improvement in an organization.

Copenhagen   51-100   $16,650,000  


Lingvist is language learning software based on mathematical optimization and statistical analysis.

Tallinn   11-50   $11,209,783  


Hivebrite is a community management platform that helps clients build brand engagement and opportunities.

Paris   11-50   $3,106,404  


ProFinda is a digital platform that intelligently organizes people around work by matching skills to relevant projects and bids.

London   11-50   $7,706,841  


icometrix develops automated biomarkers that standardizes MRI scan measurements to improve treatment procedures for neurological disorders.

Leuven   11-50   $20,175,563  

Sana Labs

Sana Labs is an artificial intelligence company that exerts breakthroughs in machine learning to personalize educational content.

Stockholm   11-50   $2,500,000  


TinyTap offers learners access to the world’s largest library of educational games handmade by teachers worldwide.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $9,050,000  


Jahia is an international software vendor of the most complete open-source Java Digital Experience Platform unifying Content, Apps & Data.

Geneva   51-100   $22,500,000  


LearnUpon is a learning management system delivers corporate training.

Dublin   51-100   $744,718  


Smart Recruitment - Automate the process between your job ad and the first interview.

Stockholm   51-100   $6,852,667  


Cooori is a web-based cutting edge language-learning system. Cooori is located in Japan, Iceland, Belgium and the UK.

Reykjavík   11-50   $916,307  

Blackford Analysis

Blackford Analysis develops software solutions for the worldwide medical, oil and gas, and defense industries.

Edinburgh   11-50   $6,204,400  


Mimo is an application that teaches computer sciences through a fun and unique exercises.

Vienna   11-50   $650,000  


GoStudent develops a smartphone application that connects students to a network of tutors.

Vienna   11-50   $2,553,399  


CoolGames is a developer and distributor of casual online games using HTML5 technology

Amsterdam   51-100   $7,320,339  


Wooclap is the perfect web-based solution to boost interactivity with your live audience during a conference, class or corporate meeting.

Brussels   1-10   $2,582,612  


NFON is a provider of cloud-based telephone systems.

Munich   51-100   $10,457,851  


Meeshkan is a network where you can train and test Machine Learning models in a massively parallel way on distributed nodes.

Helsinki   1-10   $419,956  


Talk-A-Bot is an information technology company that provides an enterprise chat-bot for corporate, company, and brand.

Budapest   11-50   $2,299,100  


NTechLab develops software products using techniques in the fields of artificial neural networks and machine learning.

Moscow   11-50   $1,500,000  


Quipu is an invoicing and financial management cloud-based software that simplifies the accounting process for small enterprises.

Barcelona   11-50   $3,822,551  


Geolid is a search optimization website with a primary focus on french consumers.

Lyon   11-50   $36,600,341  


Codewise is the industry’s first provider of AI-powered online ad measurement and management solutions for digital marketers.

Krakow   101-250   $1,000,000  

Ably Medical

Ably is developing technologies that efficiently integrate patient treatment, practical nursing and medical research.

Oslo     $6,189,906  


OncoImmunity is a bioinformatics company based in Oslo, Norway.

Oslo   1-10   $2,553,101  


Famly is a user-friendly digital platform for daycares, nurseries, and parents to manage communications.

Copenhagen   11-50   $420,500  

Witnet Foundation

Witnet is an open source project originally devised by Stampery, the leaders of blockchain-powered data certification.

Madrid   1-10   $4,069,000  


WriteReader is a scientifically-based learning platform that teaches children to read by writing their own digital books.

Copenhagen   1-10   $2,547,249  


Blabu.com is an on-demand marketplace for people around the world where they can practice their English with native speakers.

Prague   1-10   $500,000  


The Bitrobotics is producer of high-tech industrial automation systems for FMCG products.

Moscow     $2,000,000  


ShareACamper is a peer-to-peer rental platform for motorhomes and caravans.

Cologne   11-50   $2,244,291  


Nextsale makes users feel the experience of shopping in a dinamic website with social proof.

Baku   43840   $50,000  

Alelion Energy Systems

Alelion Energy Systems AB was founded in 2006 to create product and system solutions in the revolutionary new lithium battery technology.

Gothenburg   11-50   $3,662,948  


Headshed Cube is a unique combination of CRM and sales tools that make everyday life easier for salespeople.

Trondheim   43840   $570,754  


Luxxy is a leading Russian based marketplace which connecting people who willing to buy and sell luxury, pre-owned fashion products.

Moscow   11-50   $550,000  


The most advanced community management tool for Telegram.

Moscow   1-10   $199,818  

Genz Biotech

Genz is an R&D company developing AI solutions in genomic data analysis for personalized medicine for women fighting breast cancer

Istanbul   1-10   $344,616  


UNIspotter is your mobile destination for every step in the university application journey.

Vienna   1-10   $1,244,686  


BilTech is a platform to aggregate and automate your bill payments

Warsaw   1-10   $53,733  


SHOKA offers a mobile application (Shoka App) and a smart bicycle gadget.

Budapest   1-10   $430,272  


Book venues for corporate and private events online.

Oslo   1-10   $1,782,878  

AR Market

AR Market is an innovative startup which operates in the Augmented Reality market at international and multi-sectorial level.

Rome   1-10   $25,000  


CourseDot is an online marketplace for IT training courses.

Sofia   1-10   $444,952  


Yonderbound is a travel knowledge monetization platform.

Luxembourg   43840   $1,150,000  


Cronoshare is a marketplace that enables people to hire local service professionals.

Valencia   1-10   $420,921  


A clinically tested app to diagnose, prevent, and treat the first stages of depression

Minsk   43840   $100,000  


GoWorkaBit is like Twitter for jobs. Workbites up to 140 hours.

Tallinn   1-10   $20,540  


Oodls allows Instagrammers, brands and companies search and buy content for Instagram

Edinburgh   1-10   $331,053  


Maily is an online tool for children to create e-mails using online pencils, brushes, photos, backgrounds, stamps and words.

Brussels   1-10   $594,983  

The PPL Group

Your creative partner from concept to Completion As the UK’s leading programme publisher

Liverpool   11-50   $2,671,374  


Soft skills analytics for teams and individuals

Rome   1-10   $166,008  


BuldumBuldum.com is a Turkish online shopping site offering a wide variety of products and novelty items.

Istanbul   11-50   $400,000  


Extrabanca is a retail banking company in Italy founded specifically for foreign citizens living in Italy and for the businesses they run.

Milan     $18,590,793  


Evim.com is a Turkish e-commerce site offering furniture and home items such as chairs, tables, sofas, kitchen items, and more.

Istanbul     $5,000,000  


AddGoals, a social network, brings together people who want to achieve their set goals by motivating each other.

Tallinn   1-10   $250,000  


Reliable Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) across a broad spectrum of applications.

Belfast   11-50   $930,425  


Ashbgame is an online gamer. Showcasing gameplays of hottest and latest games launched on multiple devices, consoles and platforms.

Manchester   1-10   $100,000  

Damocles Analytics

AI Driven Political Insights Platform

Sofia   1-10   $58,422  

EFW Swiss

Energy Food & Water (EFW) Swiss AG focused on operational efficiency and innovation applied to natural resources scarcity.

Zug   43840   $15,000,000  


TrainedOn provides trainers with an online platform to organize, create, and share training materials and knowledge with each other.

Tallinn   1-10   $20,710  

Folium Optics

Folium Optics was founded in November 2013 by Steve Kitson and John Rudin.

Bristol   1-10   $1,546,711  


WorldDesk provides personalized mobile computing solutions based around users' devices, the cloud, and VMWare and Citrix platforms.

Belfast   11-50   $1,250,000  


Aimera is an open platform which help companies activate existing customers.

Vilnius   43840   $100,000  


ProovStation is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages.

Lyon   11-50   $1,092,859  

Click Travel

Click Travel is a next-generation travel management company that reduces the cost and complexity of managing business travel

Birmingham   101-250    


TDSmaker is a cloud-based datasheet creation and management system that reduces the time and cost by over 85%.

Istanbul   1-10   $35,000  

Aquarius Water Group

AWG is a provider of advanced water systems, solutions, and technologies for the oil and gas industry and other process industries.

Zug     $8,785,624  


Edueto is a teaching tool that allows educators to quickly create customised assignments and tests that target their student’s needs.

Prague     $90,000  


LiveAgent helps companies deliver great customer service. It was voted the best help desk software for SMB in 2016.

Bratislava   11-50    


Tellody is an intriguing, feature packed & fun to use marketing & persuasion tool that helps small and medium business flourish

Nicosia   11-50   $200,000  


YouInvest offers financial research, learning and tools to professionals, institutions and consumers

Milan   1-10   $497,366  


IRIS develops plasma technology applications to liquid and solid waste treatment.

Turin   1-10   $54,326  

Fashion Days

Fashion Days is a fashion website offering products and daily advice.

Bucharest   501-1000    


Nordcurrent is video games developer and publisher

Vilnius   101-250    


Largest online B2B marketplace without broker. Businesset.com is an online platform for the global wholesale and retail trade

Baku   11-50   $100,000  


Delta is the ultimate Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app.

Ghent   43840    


Declaree simplifies the expense management process. Using mobile apps and an online web application,.

Rotterdam   11-50    

MCS Solutions

MCS Solutions provides building management software through the integration of IWMS and the Internet of Things.

Antwerp   251-500    


Cosibon delivers customer information to help trading companies and product manufacturers generate sales pitches and marketing campaigns.

Saint Gallen     $32,019  


Signinum offers conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of cultural heritage.

Porto     $52,647  


BTO is the technology transfer office in Bergen, supporting 8 research institutions in commercialization and technology transfer.


Over Grower

Over Grower is a completely automated hydroponics system for the remote plant cultivation.


Intelligent labs

A high quality supplement company

Brighton   1-10    


YouStock is a full-service storage company that let customers store their items without moving from their couch.

Nice   11-50    


Raven specialises in the production of eSports jerseys for all sorts of teams around the World.

Bristol   1-10    

blue-infinity Linked by Isobar

We are blue-infinity linked by Isobar, an international digital consulting company developing and implementing IT solutions.

Geneva   501-1000    


Vanuse is an on-demand platform, offering a service similar to Uber, but for vans!

Brighton   1-10    


ITpreneurs provides training content, instructors, learning infrastructure, and services to IT training providers.

Rotterdam   51-100    


Social Network for Aspiring Athletes and Coaches

Belgrade   43840    

Dart Group Corporation

Dart Group Corp. is a leisure travel and distribution, and logistics company.

Leeds   1001-5000    


Founded in 1999, Osstell manufactures and markets instruments that assess the stability of dental implants.

Gothenburg   11-50    


A European Blockchain company building the best Blockchain and cryptocurrencies knowledge platform for businesses and individuals.

Antwerp   43840    


The smartest way to find the perfect laptop. A search engine that brings all internet information on laptops in a single place.

Bucharest   1-10    


MOTIFE helps software businesses scale up by building engineering teams in Poland.



Casino game development service for various markets

Novosibirsk   43840    

QWAY energy

QWAY energy is an independent project developer of renewable energy with focus on large-scale photovoltaic systems.

Antwerp   43840    

Elbek & Vejrup

Elbek & Vejrup develops total IT-solutions to a variety of business fields.

Aarhus   51-100    


Portapivot specializes in architectural hardware and made to measure systems for pivot doors, XL room dividers and sliding doors.

Antwerp   43840    


Simplifying the production of ad formats for agencies, media houses, and freelancers.

Krakow   1-10    


Small Heimdallr Smart Tags which you can attach to things to track them

Tartu   43840    

Cheese Burgames

French independant video game studio

Montpellier   43840    


Cosmetics, soaps and candles manufacturer.

Ljubljana   43840    

Enterprise Summit

A series of events specifically positioned to bridge and share knowledge between people and organizations.

The Hague      

Stream Networks

Stream Networks SIA provides fixed and mobile data transmission services, and Internet access to corporate clients in Latvia.

Riga   101627   $1,199,949  


Planktonic is dedicated to the development and production of live feed and preserved feed for the aquaculture and aquarium industry.

Trondheim   51353   $2,642,440  

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