106 Cambridge Startups to Watch in 2022

Cambridge's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 106 Cambridge tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Cambridge 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Spectral Edge

Spectral Edge combines patented Image Fusion tech with Deep Learning to reveal more of the color, detail and clarity in any image.

Cambridge   11-50   $8,093,474  


Darktrace is an artificial intelligence company for cyber security.

Cambridge   501-1000   $230,500,000  


Healx is an AI-powered and patient-inspired technology company, accelerating the discovery and development of rare disease treatments

Cambridge   11-50   $67,909,854  


Abcam is a producer and distributor of high quality research-grade antibodies and associated proteomics research products.

Cambridge   251-500   $335,736,300  


SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with the country’s most trailblazing companies.

Cambridge   11-50   $22,802,765  

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PROWLER.io is an AI/machine learning platform for building autonomous agents for games and decision-support simulations.

Cambridge   101-250   $38,944,882  


FiveAI provides software for safe and cost effective urban mobility in public transport and solution to complex urban environments.

Cambridge   51-100   $37,700,000  


Featurespace is a provider of adaptive behavioral analytics technology for fraud and risk management in financial services & gaming.

Cambridge   101-250   $71,213,886  


Speechmatics provides automatic speech recognition technologies that can be used anywhere, by anyone, in any language.

Cambridge   11-50   $8,236,954  

Ieso Digital Health

Ieso is a world leading digital health company specialising in internet enabled evidence-based psychological therapies.

Cambridge   51-100   $24,853,655  

Fluidic Analytics

Fluidic Analytics designs, develops and manufactures tools that seek to revolutionise the way proteins are characterised.

Cambridge   11-50   $40,724,544  

Bicycle Therapeutics

Bicycle Therapeutics is developing a technology for the creation of new generation biotherapeutics.

Cambridge   11-50   $117,927,000  

Cambridge Quantum Computing

CQCL develops tools for the commercialisation of quantum computers by understanding quantum protocols and also quantum algorithms.

Cambridge   11-50   $22,400,000  

Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic provides sound recognition technology that makes consumer technology more intelligent.

Cambridge   11-50   $20,172,620  


Luminance develops document analysis software to secure big data systems for multinational and governmental organizations.

Cambridge   11-50   $23,000,000  


GeoSpock is an extreme-scale spatial big data platform company that provides analytics, visualisation & builds insight.

Cambridge   51-100   $32,840,768  


Congenica is the provider of the diagnostic decision support platform.

Cambridge   11-50   $32,364,940  


Metail is a virtual fitting room service for fashion retailers that allows customers to create a 3D model of themselves and try on clothes.

Cambridge   11-50   $32,374,300  

Horizon Discovery

Horizon is a world-leading gene editing company that designs & engineers genetically-modified cells, applying them to advance human health.

Cambridge   251-500   $38,511,176  


IPV is a provider of multi-media content management systems

Cambridge   11-50   $2,747,098  

Frontier Developments

Frontier is a UK games developer and publisher based in Cambridge.

Cambridge   251-500   $23,246,956  

Cambridge Cancer Genomics

Cambridge Cancer Genomics develops precision oncology solutions to transform the way cancer patients are treated.

Cambridge   11-50   $8,500,000  

Azuri Technologies

Azuri brings affordable solar power to off-grid rural africans.

Cambridge   101-250   $53,549,837  

UltraSoC Technologies

UltraSoC Technologies provides SoC infrastructure to enable rapid development of embedded systems.

Cambridge   11-50   $21,284,577  


Kymab is engaged in the discovery and development of human monoclonal antibody therapeutics.

Cambridge   101-250   $229,400,000  


Fetch.AI is an artificial intelligence and digital economics company based in Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge   11-50   $21,000,000  


Undo allows some of the biggest software companies to improve the quality of their products and fix customer issues quickly.

Cambridge   11-50   $20,550,000  

Artios Pharma

Artios is a DNA Damage Response (DDR) company focussed on developing first-in-class treatments for cancer.

Cambridge   1-10   $115,582,868  


KisanHub is a Crop Intelligence Platform that connects enterprises with their crops to deliver actionable insights.

Cambridge   11-50   $7,664,430  

Cambridge Epigenetix

Cambridge Epigenetix is using epigenetics to reduce several routine & important diagnostic tests for common cancers to a simple blood draw.

Cambridge   51-100   $56,500,000  

Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics develops products for use in single cell analysis and characterization, and provides associated collaborative R&D services.

Cambridge   11-50   $19,804,627  


Bango is the standard platform chosen by leading global stores to deliver mobile payments to everyone.

Cambridge   51-100   $36,772,587  

Eagle Genomics

Eagle Genomics is a enterprise software solutions company to enable the management, orchestration and exploitation of life sciences data.

Cambridge   11-50   $11,125,399  

CMR Surgical

CMR Surgical is developing the next-generation surgical robotic system for minimal access surgery.

Cambridge   251-500   $384,838,304  

Abzena plc

Abzena provides complementary services to organizations involved in the development of bio-pharmaceuticals.

Cambridge   101-250   $64,437,907  

Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best provide hospitals with personal health records software so that their patients can better manage their health.

Cambridge   101-250   $7,893,983  


BIOS is a full-stack neural interface company.

Cambridge   11-50   $5,638,060  


Ubisense is a developer of real-time location systems that provide enterprise business automation services.

Cambridge   251-500   $20,192,413  

The Cambridge Satchel Company

Beautiful leather satchels and music bags in a variety of sizes, colours, backpack or shoulder strap styles.

Cambridge   101-250   $21,000,000  


Imagen is a modular enterprise video platform that enables content owners to publish and monetize media archives.

Cambridge   11-50   $17,108,657  


Smarter infrastructure using Industrial Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics

Cambridge   1-10   $2,139,190  

PragmatIC Printing

PragmatIC Printing manufactures ultra-thin and low-cost flexible microcircuits, incorporated into mass-market objects and packaging.

Cambridge   51-100   $26,960,755  


FlexEnable is the global leader in the development and industrialization of organic electronics for flexible displays and sensors.

Cambridge   11-50   $6,040,872  

Cambridge Touch Technologies

Pressure Sensitive Multi-Touch for Next-Generation Smart Devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Automotive and Industrial

Cambridge     $15,500,000  


Foundries.io delivers secure, over-the-air updatable software platforms for embedded product development.

Cambridge     $3,500,000  


Healthera is a provider of next-generation, pharmacy-integrated personal health management solutions.

Cambridge   11-50   $10,506,233  

OKRA Technologies

OKRA is an AI analytics company for healthcare. We combine complex data sets, you get evidence-based insights and predictions in real time.

Cambridge   11-50   $4,160,000  

MISSION Therapeutics

MISSION Therapeutics is a platform of technologies for the development of drugs targeting enzymes involved in cancer and other diseases.

Cambridge   11-50   $127,572,919  

Storm Therapeutics

STORM is a company currently tackling disease through the modulation of RNA modifying enzymes.

Cambridge     $39,584,234  

Agile Analog

Agile Analog is a company with a mission to transform the landscape of the Analog IP market space.

Cambridge   11-50   $5,054,487  


techspert.io is an AI-driven technology for identifying and sourcing specialist expertise, globally.

Cambridge   11-50   $1,612,097  

F-star Biotechnology

F-star is developing a pipeline of novel bispecific antibodies with a therapeutic focus in immuno-oncology and oncology.

Cambridge   51-100   $57,285,715  


A multi-disciplinary team, based in Cambridge, working to solve some of the most difficult problems in biotechnology.

Cambridge   11-50   $32,586,107  


Repositive offers a platform that enables individuals to access and share human genomic data.

Cambridge   1-10   $4,275,825  


PetaGene’s mission is to make genomics data cheaper, faster and better.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,363,045  

Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform with data privacy and transparency at its core.

Cambridge   1-10   $659,241  


Endomag is a medical technology company devoted to improving breast cancer care through its magnetic sensing technologies.

Cambridge   11-50   $19,785,556  

Wren Therapeutics

Wren Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based, focused on drug discovery and development for protein misfolding diseases.

Cambridge     $23,320,804  


Aqdot is a specialist chemical company with a focus and expertise in intelligent encapsulation technology.

Cambridge   11-50   $15,157,594  


PhoreMost is a new-model drug discovery company based in Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge   1-10   $18,800,000  

Sphere Medical Holding

Sphere Medical Holding develops and commercializes monitoring products for critical care environments.

Cambridge   101-250   $65,319,835  

Cambridge Communication Systems

Cambridge Communication Systems Limited develops microwave backhaul systems for the mobile communications industry.

Cambridge   11-50   $18,861,277  


Kristalic is building an AI-powered assistant designed to record your work-related conversations

Cambridge   1-10   $2,000,000  

Cydar Medical

Cydar Medical has developed computer vision software that produces real-time automated 3D overlays during X-ray guided procedures.

Cambridge   11-50   $9,109,974  

Money Mover

Money Mover is a global payments and currency exchange platform for small/medium enterprises (SMEs) and the mass affluent.

Cambridge   11-50   $2,640,887  


SATAVIA provides airlines with decision intelligence to make aviation smarter.

Cambridge   11-50   $2,215,081  

Focal Point Positioning

Focal Point has developed next generation navigation and positioning software for smartphones, wearables and autonomous vehicles.

Cambridge   1-10   $5,616,920  

Green Energy Options

Green Energy Options designs and produces in-home energy displays, online energy services, and mobile applications.

Cambridge   51-100   $7,806,965  

Acacia Pharma

Acacia Pharma is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the R&D of supportive care drugs for cancer patients.

Cambridge   11-50   $33,500,000  


Kirontech uses cutting edge machine learning technology to revolutionize the use of healthcare data.

Cambridge     $3,500,000  


Entomics is a biotechnology platform that transforms food waste into sustainable, renewable resources with the use of insects.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,020,694  


Definigen provides human cells to the drug discovery sector for use in lead optimization and toxicity programs.

Cambridge   11-50   $9,020,405  

Cambridge Glycoscience

Cambridge Glycoscience is a biotechnology platform that makes sugar substitutes that actually work in food.

Cambridge   1-10   $120,000  


Eight19 develops solar cells using organic photovoltaic technology for solar power generation.

Cambridge   11-50   $18,165,096  


Millo is The World's Smartest Smoothie Maker

Cambridge   1-10   $1,583,643  


MORPHOGEN-IX Limited is a drug discovery company founded in 2015 by Index Ventures to develop bone morphogenetic proteins

Cambridge     $25,421,766  


1Spatial provides the software solutions and services that manage the world’s largest spatial big data.

Cambridge   251-500   $2,956,989  

Nanna Therapeutics

Nanna Therapeutics is a drug discovery company addressing age-related diseases for which others are failing to provide effective treatments.

Cambridge     $1,083,425  

Silicon MicroGravity

Silicon MicroGravity is a company developing novel sensor technology.

Cambridge   1-10   $11,273,692  


TeraView develops terahertz instruments which can generate, detect and manipulate radiation to characterize a wide range of materials.

Cambridge   11-50   $26,526,411  


AudioTelligence delivers real-time audio processing technology for the enhancement of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems.

Cambridge   11-50   $4,007,990  

Cambridge Broadband

Cambridge Broadband designs wireless back-haul and access provisions that improve telecommunication network capacity and efficiency.

Cambridge   51-100   $99,250,000  


A world leader in the design and development of Narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni Internet of Things communications.

Cambridge   11-50   $11,687,243  

Phico Therapeutics

Phico Therapeutics is developing a unique antibiotic technology to destroy multi-drug resistant bacteria in the human anatomy.

Cambridge   11-50   $20,602,390  


Yagro.co.uk is a company devoted to supply chain management software for farmers.

Cambridge   1-10   $500,000  

Sorex Sensors

Sorex Sensors manufactures high sensitivity MEMS mass sensors to transform industrial and consumer products.

Cambridge   1-10   $1,602,232  


White-label client portal and document management platform, Clinked offers secure communication, collaboration & information sharing portal.

Cambridge   11-50   $1,165,000  


Creator of ViewRanger - The Outdoor Discovery App helping people worldwide plan, navigate, record and share outdoor adventures.

Cambridge   11-50   $1,334,600  

Elpis BioMed

Produce pure, mature and highly consistent batches of human cell types for research, toxicology and drug development.

Cambridge     $461,990  


Pekama reinvented the best way to manage intellectual property

Cambridge   1-10   $1,397,291  


Zeevou is an easy-to-use online platform that automates hospitality management - from marketing, to bookings, to operations. One unified hub

Cambridge   11-50   $326,577  

Owlstone Medical

Owlstone Medical is a diagnostics company developing a breathalyzer for diseases.

Cambridge   101-250   $73,011,493  

Cab Guru

Cab Guru is a taxi and cab comparison app.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,842,855  


Changing the future of eLearning with OBRIZUM, using Ai to create Automated, Adaptive, and Analytic eLearning.

Cambridge   11-50   $1,438,256  


PsyOmics develops proteomic diagnostics to improve early diagnosis and treatment outcomes for those with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Cambridge     $1,054,326  

Lightcast Discovery

Lightcast Discovery is a life science technology company.

Cambridge   1-10   $1,604,952  

Nemesis Bioscience

Nemesis Bioscience is a new biopharmaceutical company .

Cambridge     $1,377,784  


Mursla is a quantum biology diagnostics company.

Cambridge   11-50   $1,000,000  

ROADMap Systems

RoadMap is founded on four patents licensed from the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) in the area.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,325,000  


Lab 21 supports healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with technically advanced testing services.

Cambridge   51-100   $13,837,126  

Z Factor

Z Factor Limited is a drug discovery company to identify and develop therapeutic agents to treat alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency

Cambridge     $9,011,096  


NeoPhore is creating novel small molecule immuno-oncology therapeutics.

Cambridge   1-10   $3,959,920  


CRiL was formed in April 2013 specifically to develop innovative medical devices to diagnose and manage respiratory conditions.

Cambridge     $3,332,032  


Antibodies.com is a leading supplier of protein research tools.

Cambridge   11-50   $503,899  


Camallergy develops and provides new treatments for common food allergies.

Cambridge   1-10   $1,090,876  


8power is a University of Cambridge start-up developing novel technology for sensing and measurement in industrial applications.

Cambridge   1-10   $941,666  

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