121 Portugal Startups to Watch in 2022

Portugal's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Portugal tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Portugal 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Unbabel’s Customer Service Solution allows modern enterprises to understand and be understood by their customers in dozens of languages.

Lisbon   101-250   $91,180,004  


VR Brain Training for Cognitive Health

Lisbon   11   $491,000  


Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps developers save time in code reviews and manage technical debt.

Lisbon   1-10   $14,400,000  


Braintrust is a European Business Angels group that invest primarily in Early-stage startups.

Lisbon   11-50    


Infraspeak provides facility management software that speed up and simplify the process of registering and transmission the information.

Porto   51-100   $5,441,116  

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Platforme is the new standard for made-to-order production (MTO).

Porto   11-50   $12,000,000  


Collab was founded with a clear strategy: disruptive innovation in enterprise grade contact centers.

Lisbon   101-250    


Casafari tracks the entire real estate market by aggregating and matching properties from different sources.

Lisbon   51-100   $5,524,874  


Switch provides the technical infrastructure for transaction orchestration across the entire payments value chain.

Porto   11-50    

Stratio Automotive

Fusing automotive engineering with scientific research, we are leveraging machine learning to automate anomaly and fault detection.

Lisbon   51-100   $3,503,854  


Slow Travel Pads™ and Lifestyle Community for Digital Nomads

Lisbon   11-50   $1,000,000  


Jscrambler is the leading client-side security solution for JavaScript protection and webpage real-time monitoring.

Porto   11-50   $2,300,000  


Tonic App is the professional mobile app of all medical doctors.

Porto   1-10   $3,881,673  


Swogo powers bundle recommendations for the world's most successful retailers to increase their margin.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,837,095  

Forall Phones

We’re on a mission to make premium technology affordable while empowering people to live a fulfilled life.

Lisbon   51-100   $5,034,733  


Platform to Aggregate Productivity Tools for Newsrooms

Porto   1-10   $58,000  


EatTasty uses under-utilized kitchen space for outsourcing the production of its daily lunch menus for hyperlocal delivery.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,650,378  


Probely automates web vulnerability scanning and is targeted at companies that build online services.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,443,887  


Automated growth marketing for mobile apps

Lisbon   1-10   $1,000,000  


Mapidea is an Location Intelligence SaaS for smart companies built for business users (not GIS experts). No IT, no setup, great analytics

Lisbon   1-10   $552,161  


Zaask is a new and incredible way to hire local service professionals.

Lisbon   11-50   $2,647,728  


GuestU Phone is the ultimate device for hotel guests. A dream amenity that gives tourists free internet, concierge & controls smart devices

Lisbon   11-50   $3,084,642  


We’re a candidate-driven tech jobs marketplace, matching the best tech professionals to the best companies out there.

Lisbon   11-50   $822,430  


20tree leverages AI, satellite imagery and computing power to help forest industry companies, NGOs & governments to improve decision making.

Lisbon   1-10   $120,000  


Climber is a Revenue Management Software for small hotel chains.

Lisbon   11-50   $541,928  

Nonius Hospitality Technology

Hospitality technology manufacturer and service provider.

Porto   101-250   $8,129,322  


Movvo is a global technology company strategically positioned at the intersection of the retail industry, artificial intelligence and custom

Porto   11-50   $8,745,713  


An IOT platform for industry that gives super powers through augmented reality, saving time and money in your business.

Lisbon   11-50   $3,447,295  


Muzzley is a single intelligent entry point for connected devices, and a complete SaaS and PaaS solution for consumer IoT.

Lisbon   11-50   $4,896,500  


NOESIS is a Portuguese IT consultancy company specializing in providing solutions to increase competitiveness.

Lisbon   11-50    


They build high performance, resilient and scalable software systems to enable businesses across locations.

Porto   11-50    


GetSocial is a social analytics platform that helps content creators make better decisions on which stories to promote on social media.

Lisbon   1-10   $848,938  


Xhockware is a start-up offering innovative retail solutions and bringing the online commodity to the physical store.

Porto   11-50   $4,526,623  


MyDidimo focuses on humanizing technology and reducing digital isolation.

Porto     $708,339  


HealthyRoad is a technology company that develops AI facial biometric software for the automotive industry.

Porto   1-10   $607,291  


Personal finance and investment app that connects people and companies with organizations that need funding for sustainability projects.

Lisbon   1-10   $722,028  


beamian is an event management platform.

Porto   1-10   $906,199  


Advertio aims to set a new standard in digital advertising, by creating a performance advertising platform.

Lisbon   11-50   $725,000  


WEEZZIE develops FIBERCLOUD™ a simple, smart, fast WEB and Mobile solution for fiber network planning, design, construction, and management.

Porto   11-50   $600,109  


We are a decentralized platform where corporates, startups and students can collaborate around specific industry challenges.

Porto   1-10   $408,187  

Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts is a company focused on the creation of start-ups based on technological and scientific projects.

Porto     $40,000  


Cuckuu is a free mobile app for iOS and Android. Cuckuu is the new, innovative, everyday, social alarm clock!

Lisbon   11-50   $1,164,770  

Lapa Studio

Lapa Studio is a software & hardware company that aims to transform the way people search.

Porto   1-10   $2,135,000  


Mobiag develops and markets operations management software for carsharing companies on a full SaaS basis.

Lisbon   11-50   $55,691  


Messenger Concierge for the hospitality sector

Lisbon   1-10   $349,597  


A CRM platform that creates personalized campaigns using AI and advanced ML algorithms.

Porto   1-10   $530,000  

Vawlt Technologies

Vawlt is a dynamic storage platform that simplifies the operation of multiple clouds, while improving data security standards.

Lisbon   1-10   $560,167  


SMARKIO operates a digital marketing platform that helps marketers to generate leads and increase the performance of campaigns.

Porto   11-50   $1,699,106  


Wisecrop is an online Agricultural Operating System that provides predictive indicators and business management tools.

Porto   1-10   $465,494  


1st Bank of Clients. Aggregate accounts. Compare all financial products. Dominate banking negotiations. That world has come.

Porto   1-10   $234,407  


Jungle uses tailored AI models to identify when assets are underperforming and predict when they will fail.

Lisbon   1-10    


MindProber is an automated consumer neuroscience company. We bring speed, scale, and agility to biometric media testing.

Porto   1-10   $586,255  


Wegho allows the on-demand booking of high quality home and family services.

Porto   11-50   $1,943,567  


B-Parts is an online platform made for professionals in the automotive sector and the only dedicated to the commercialization of used parts.

Porto   11-50   $884,474  


Retrofit local offline livestock controllers to IoT in a plug & play solution for climatic, feed and weight computers from any brand

Lisbon   1-10   $552,580  


FASTinov is a R&D intensive Startup with a patented disruptive technology to perform fast and reliable antimicrobial susceptibility tests.

Porto   1-10   $3,527,491  


Visor.ai helps companies to automate interactions using artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Lisbon   1-10   $127,169  


Ticolas makes it easy for consumers and businesses to order, and get high quality flowers and plants delivered to their door.

Lisbon   1-10   $134,267  


Fibersail is a Portuguese startup that will make critical structures on wind turbines smarter and safer.

Porto   1-10   $327,984  


Codeplace teaches you web development by helping you build real sofware projects from A-Z.

Lisbon   1-10   $868,311  


I2S Insurance is an IT company specializing in the design, development and implementation of software solutions for the insurance marke

Porto   251-500   $55,291  


HUUB is democratising Supply Chain through Technology by allowing Fashion Brands to manage its physical and data flow in a unified ecosystem

Porto   11-50   $4,984,637  


CUBO’s concept conception, in order to provide quality water to the population hitherto deprived of distribution infrastructure.

Porto   1-10   $961,824  


Clinical training and analysis for healthcare teams.

Lisbon   1-10   $735,062  

Tap My Back

Tap My Back is an employee recognition software for managers to improve employee engagement, workplace performance and team motivation.

Lisbon   1-10   $66,036  

AKTO | Play Your Future

Technology based e-learning platform with gamification approach to education in Sport and eSport environments

Lisbon   1-10   $341,054  


C2C-NewCap seeks to provide next-generation devices for storing electrical energy and aims to deliver high efficiency energy solutions.

Lisbon   1-10   $221,804  


AirCourts is the #1 software provider for sports clubs in Portugal. We live in 750+ facilities and serve a community of 180K sports players.

Porto   1-10   $108,582  


Nex creates web applications as solutions for the customer's problems.

Porto   1-10   $300,000  


Sensei offers a scalable, seamless store-wide solution that empowers the stores of the future to be check-out and cash free.

Lisbon   11-50   $615,774  


GFoundry is a SaaS B2B product, offering the best gamification multiplatform software to engage and motivate your employees and customers.

Porto   11-50   $410,787  


Last2Ticket empower event organizers of the digital age with flexible e-ticketing tools and expert services.

Porto   1-10   $82,941  


Flykt is a smart travel search engine.

Porto   1-10   $360,452  

Digital Works

Digital Works delivers digital projects for over 100 brands around the world.

Lisbon   11-50   $198,356  


GOVWISE is the sales prediction tool for companies that sell to the public sector.

Lisbon   1-10   $70,077  

Portal da Queixa

Portal da Queixa is the largest social network of consumers in Portugal.

Porto   11-50   $76,936  

Medical Port

Medical Port is the first truly Global Medical Tourism Facilitator.

Porto   1-10   $607,526  

Mater Dynamics

Mater Dynamics develops smart food packging for product traceability and quality control.

Porto   1-10   $54,543  

Meta Innovation Consulting Group

MetaICG helps businesses deliver technology products and services to market quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Lisbon   11-50   $89,363  


Worten is an electronics store provideshome appliances, consumer electronics and entertainment.

Porto   51-100    


SKORR is an app that will put you in control of your presence online. It measures, monitors and improves your presence online.

Lisbon   1-10   $1,000,000  


Smartex is an engineered solution to help textile manufacturers improve production yields, by reducing defective output to close to 0%.

Porto   1-10    


SaaS platform for people behavior analytics through security cameras.

Lisbon   1-10    

THOUGHTS feels good

Application software for smartphones, computer software and media content development, as well as IT and Design services.

Lisbon   1-10   $74,926  


WhiteRabbit is a free web timesheet aiming to help individuals or teams to manage their professional projects.

Lisbon   1-10    


SPEAK a crowdsourcing language exchange between migrants, refugees and locals that breaks barriers, promotes multilingualism and equality.


EQS Global

EQS Global is a service provider that operates in the field of Critical Assets'​ Management throughout their entire lifecycle.

Porto   101-250   $56,511  


Meshporto is a design & software development company based in Porto, Portugal.

Porto   1-10   $89,363  

Secret City Trails

Secret City Trails is a marketplace for city discovery games.

Lisbon   1-10    


FaceinHOLE is a photo manipulation app that allows users to upload their photos and apply them to different backdrops.

Lisbon   1-10    


Sonae is a multinational corporation managing a wide portfolio of companies.

Porto   10001    


Helppier is an online support tool that enables companies to create interactive step-by-step tutorials and tooltips.

Porto   1-10    

Pick - Ubirider

Transport-as-a-service, which includes a mobile app, Pick by Ubirider, for planning door-to-door urban travels, pay and ride

Porto   1-10    


Preze is the first 100% Portuguese Cannabis company with a license to cultivate Cannabis

Lisbon   1-10    

Content Ignition

We generate high quality opt-in leads using content to engage consumers online.

Lisbon   51-100    


Logistema is a consulting company in supply chain management and logistics.

Lisbon     $54,620  


Professional housekeeping for short rental Property Managers

Lisbon   1-10    


muse.ai is an international company that is building an Advanced Artificial Intelligence for understanding the world's video content.

Lisbon   1-10    


BIAL’s mission is to discover, develop and provide new therapeutic solutions within the area of Health.

Porto   501-1000    


AddVolt provides a non-invasive, intelligent and connected solution which saves up to 87% of diesel consumption and CO2 emissions in trucks.

Porto   1-10    


Biosurfit develops breakthrough technologies that enable fast, precise and affordable blood analysis at the point of care.

Lisbon   51-100    

Xpand IT

Xpand IT is an IT company that focuses on technology expertise as a key differentiator for business value creation.

Lisbon   51-100    


GitScrum is a project management tool for agile teams

Lisbon   1-10    


The World's 1st Time and Attention Insurance for Digital Advertisement and Time Monetization Platform for Publishers.

Lisbon   11-50    


NeoBux is is a rewards and loyalty program connecting content providers with their intended audience.

Porto   1-10    


Signinum offers conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of cultural heritage.

Porto     $52,647  


The Digital Delivery Management Solution that automates the shipping process so online stores can spend more time growing their businesses.

Lisbon   11-50    

Build Up Labs

A startup studio, that repeatedly ideate, build and grow several startups in parallel

Lisbon   1-10    


Aveleda is an international wine company dedicated to the production of wines recognized in the national and international markets.

Porto     $55,691  


Your trusted partner to improve Water & Energy Management, Operation Performance and Financial Health of your Building.

Lisbon   1-10    

BeON energy

BeON energy develops pluginverters and solar kits which can safely plug in to a wall socket, turning a solar panel into a home appliance.

Lisbon   11-50    


Convenient, comprehensive and educational financial product comparison platform in Portugal.

Lisbon   51-100    


Social network and competition for the sports betting community

Lisbon   11-50    


Inovretail is a Predictive Analytics company focused on helping retailers predictict promotional impact, stockouts and sales baselines.

Porto   11-50    


Mobipium is a mobile subscription network.

Lisbon   11-50    


Azitek develops a low-cost RFID technology intended to provide indoor and outdoor geolocation solutions.

Porto   1-10    

Novabase Business Solutions

Novabase is a Portuguese IT business services company established in 1989.

Lisbon   5001-10000    

Tech HQ

TechHQ is a dynamic consultancy purposefully built for Innovation & Technology.



Abyssal develops integrated Subsea Navigation Solutions for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Porto   11-50    


The Eventfuel platform enables corporate event planners to rapidly create events and report on them in a single click

Lisbon   1-10    


Intellectual Property specialists: Trademarks, Patents, Designs, Copyright, Domain Names.

Lisbon   101-250   $35,100,000  


Shelf.AI bring AI to e-commerce and empower retailers to engage with customers in truly personalised shopping experience.

Porto   1-10    

Invisible Collector

Invisible Collector is a receivables relationship agent that puts creditors and debtors on the same page.



The Booking.com of Ski Resorts

Lisbon   11-50    


The next-gen #nocode tool for building and publishing business Apps & Sites.

Porto   1-10    


The lead activation company. Multi touchpoint integrated platform for real time personalization, automation and multichannel contacts.

Porto   11-50    

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