121 Zug Startups to Watch in 2022

Zug's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Zug tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Zug 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Wire is the worlds most secure collaboration platform

Zug   51-100   $8,200,000  


Luxoft is an IT company that works globally to give customers software development, product engineering, and consulting.

Zug   10001   $102,400,000  


The World's First Instant Crypto-Backed Loans

Zug   11-50   $52,500,000  

Veeam Software

Veeam is the leader in backup solutions that enable Intelligent Data Management, serving 80% of the Fortune 500 and 58% of the Global 5000.

Zug   1001-5000   $500,000,000  

Annanow Group

Annanow - the retailer's OS (Operating System)

Zug   11-50   $4,308,571  

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Bancor iscrypto company protocol for the creation of Smart Tokens that touts a decentralized exchange service.

Zug   101-250   $152,310,000  


ICON is creating a blockchain ecosystem that has already begun to hyperconnect the world.



Status.im is a mobile ethereum OS that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a world of DApps on the decentralized web.

Zug   51-100   $99,000,000  


RoomPriceGenie provides smart pricing software for smaller hotels.

Zug   11-50   $10,027  


The best shopping experience in your favorite chat app

Zug   43840   $982,523  

Cosmos Network

An ambitious project with the final goal of becoming the first decentralized exchange .

Zug     $17,000,000  

Crypto Finance

Crypto Finance AG provides professional investors blockchain financial services in crypto asset management, brokerage and storage solutions.

Zug   11-50   $22,375,539  


Ambrosus is building the world’s first publicly verifiable and community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety and origins of food

Zug   11-50   $30,000,000  


SMART VALOR is a security token exchange for alternative investments that set to enable borderless crypto finance.

Zug   11-50   $4,760,122  


Arviem provides supply chain visibility solutions via IoT enabled real-time cargo tracking and monitoring and cloud based data analytics.

Zug   11-50   $12,247,363  


Monday connects people with work. They call it Workforce Relationship Management (WRM), a centralized people graph for ideal placement.

Zug   251-500    


Tangible bearers for digital assets

Zug   11-50   $15,000,000  


pCloud is a provides cloud storage solutions for personal and business consumers.

Zug   11-50   $3,000,000  


The first anti-inflammaging company to fight low-grade chronic inflammation to avoid premature aging and prevent diseases

Zug   11-50   $1,065,592  


Colendi is comprehensive decentralized credit scoring protocol and microcredit platform with blockchain and machine learning technologies

Zug   11-50   $2,500,000  


Datum is a marketplace where users can share or sell data on their own terms.

Zug   11-50   $10,000,000  

Open Mineral

Open Mineral is an online exchange for physical commodities, connecting buyers and sellers to trade directly, efficiently, and transparently

Zug   11-50   $7,689,919  


Mitto enables OTTs, Enterprises and MNOs to engage customers in their go-to channel: Mobile.

Zug   11-50    


Right Mesh is on a mission to connect the next billion users without infrastructure.

Zug   51-100   $30,000,000  


Loyalty on the blockchain.

Zug   43840   $5,000,000  


NovaDAX provides customers a safe, convenient and fast way to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency assets, such as BTC&ETH.

Zug   11-50   $20,000,000  


A crypto-centric mobile banking of the future.

Zug   11-50   $2,000,000  


Trepup.com is a business networking service company based in Baar, Switzerland.

Zug   11-50   $8,218,000  


Melonport builds multi-chain capable software for asset management.

Zug   43840   $2,900,000  


SIBEX is a software development company

Zug   43840   $1,793,747  


Bloomio is a seed stage crowdfunding capital based on blockchain technology.

Zug   11-50   $2,247,084  


SchoolApply matches students with the best education

Zug   11-50   $5,200,000  


Building an open, decentralized blockchain that runs smart contract software with vastly improved performance, capacity, and governance.

Zug   51-100   $166,875,499  


A one-stop solution that includes a creation of multi-language whitepaper, pre-configured token sale dashboard.

Zug     $74,000,000  


Stonestep is a next generation insurance platform offers integrated sales and customer experience tools.

Zug   43840   $4,000,000  

Open Packaging Network

Open Packaging Network uses blockchain technology to create an open ecosystem for various stakeholders to transact with each other.

Zug   11-50   $350,463  


Ammado provides global online donation and fundraising tools to individuals, companies and nonprofits.

Zug   51-100   $9,000,000  

Enterprise Bot

We provide powerful AI-powered Virtual Agents to automate and enhance customer experience for large Enterprises

Zug   11-50   $30,406  


Blockchain Art Asset Network.

Zug   11-50   $5,100,000  


Cardiorentis is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company.

Zug     $118,481,579  

healthbank innovation

healthbank, a health-related data transaction platform, allows people across the globe to exchange health data in a secure & compliant way

Zug   43840   $6,297,731  


Global fintech company and a blockchain-as-a-service provider

Zug   51-100   $3,000,000  

The Abyss

The Abyss is a next-generation digital distribution platform.

Zug   51-100   $15,000,000  


VR-All-Art is a platform and a marketplace for artists, galleries, museums and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in VR.

Zug   11-50   $2,000,000  

Demiurge Technologies

Demiurge Technologies AG is a Swiss AI startup that develops neural network models and neuromorphic chips.

Zug   43840   $9,500,000  


CurioInvest opens access to investors in publicly listed collectables assets starting with vetted fine cars and more

Zug   43840   $501,655  


MUUME is a platform for digitalServices for daily consumption.

Zug   101-250   $8,484,592  


Mobile marketing automation platform allowing 1 on 1 mobile customer engagement.

Zug   11-50   $7,565,659  


SwissRealCoin (SRC) is Switzerland's first real estate linked crypto token.

Zug   11-50   $1,267,879  

The eLocations

eLocations is the Commercial Property Decision Maker and Converts Paper Contracts into Smart (Lease) Contracts on the Blockchain.

Zug   11-50   $1,032,429  


Monetas is decentralized system for financial and legal transactions.

Zug   11-50   $6,177,046  


Crypto for Gamers

Zug   43840   $1,215,855  


Glencore operates various commodity industries include coal, copper, cotton, grain and oilseeds, nickel and zinc.

Zug   1001-5000    


InnoMedica’s patented technology of a highly innovative drug delivery system.

Zug   43840   $23,481,149  


The world's first unified network, based on Blockchain technologies with the highest level of encryption, designed for securely storing

Zug     $3,550,434  

Romo Wind

Romo Wind is a technology-led product and service company.

Zug   11-50   $6,253,151  

Teleport Media

Teleport is a smart overlay-CDN solution for broadcasters and online platforms to deliver video with higher quality to growing audiences

Zug   11-50   $460,000  


Elthera AG is a Swiss biopharmaceutical start-up company.

Zug   43840   $2,805,873  


We provide direct access to reviewers to help researchers and publishers to make research faster, fairer, and better validated than ever

Zug   43840   $122,621  


Food integrity and product authenticity solutions using AI and Spectrometry

Zug   11-50   $1,000,000  


The Epteca Creating seamless commerce between partners, brands and the consumer.

Zug   11-50   $6,000,000  

IWG plc

IWG Plc, together with its subsidiaries, provides office outsourcing services in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa.


Data Suisse

Data Suisse is a deep tech company that helps enterprises boost the quality of their data assets.

Zug   11-50   $355,687  

Weatherford International

Weatherford is a leading oilfield service company involved in well drilling, evaluation, completion, production, and intervention.

Zug   10001    


An E-bank and online exchange

Zug   11-50   $206,401  

Coinstruction Network

A B2B & B2C vast liquidity pool consisting of diverse liquidity providers

Zug   11-50   $250,000  


Vissee is a company that develops and researches technologies based in artificial intelligence.

Zug   43840   $1,100,000  

EFW Swiss

Energy Food & Water (EFW) Swiss AG focused on operational efficiency and innovation applied to natural resources scarcity.

Zug   43840   $15,000,000  


Xoop builds innovative digital platforms to inform and entertain, especially on top of social networks.

Zug     $606,651  

Infront Sports & Media

Infront Sports & Media AG, a Zug, Switzerland-based international sports marketing companies.

Zug   501-1000    


We enable retailers and brands to offer the rich, relevant, and emotional product experiences that exceed their customers' expectations.

Zug   251-500    


LifeWatch is a provider of remote cardiac monitoring diagnostic services.

Zug   501-1000    


mybacs is a Biotechnology company specialized in the human microbiome.

Zug   11-50    

Aquarius Water Group

AWG is a provider of advanced water systems, solutions, and technologies for the oil and gas industry and other process industries.

Zug     $8,785,624  


Diramics as a spin-off from ETH Zurich to bring the ultra low noise pHEMT technology from research to the market.

Zug   43840   $81,868  

Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a privately owned registered Swiss legal entity in the form of a shareholder company.

Zug   43840    


yamo is Europe's first digital native vertical brand for child food.

Zug   11-50    


Treecer is developing strategic board games.

Zug     $192,677  

Service at Home

Service at Home is an online marketplace for users to find and book home services based on type, location, and availability.

Zug   43840   $300,000  

Web3 Foundation

Web3 Foundatio nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols.



BlockState is a Swiss security token platform for non-bankable assets such as SME equity and debt or real estate.

Zug   43840    


Sika AG manufactures construction materials and offers related services.

Zug   10001    


Insurtech providing a technology platform for efficient roll out and distribution of innovative insurance products to insurances and banks

Zug   11-50    


The Equippo Marketplace offers quality used construction equipment to buyers around the globe.

Zug   11-50    

Midrange Dynamics

Midrange Dynamics provides application development software and consulting services for IBM i systems.

Zug   11-50    


Live Events Crowdfunding

Zug   43840   $3,297  

Allied World Assurance

Allied World Assurance is a global provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions.

Zug   1001-5000    


Mobile App, Meet-up platform, Marketplace for businesses and non-professional service providers in the food, sport, and wellbeing industry.

Zug   43840    


Quadrotech is aglobal provider of applications to manage the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files

Zug   51-100    


Base58 is a technology-driven investment firm specialized in cryptoassets.

Zug   43840    


Binfinity operator of a digital asset exchange platform developed by a team of capital markets specialist.

Zug   11-50    


AirBnB for Out of Home Advertising

Zug   11-50    

Bossard Group

Bossard Group is an international supplier of product solutions and services in industrial fastener and assembly technology.

Zug   5001-10000    


Blockchain-based solution for global banking

Zug   11-50    

Sixty and Me

Company provides services and products for people over 50. Projects include online magazines and messaging services.

Zug   43840    

Tindeco Financial Services

Tindeco Financial Services is a fully integrated investment management platform to banks, family offices, and fund managers.

Zug   11-50    

Covis Pharma

Covis Pharma markets therapeutic solutions for patients with life threatening and other serious medical conditions.

Zug   11-50    


Advisera is market leader in providing small business compliance solutions for ISO 27001, EU GDPR,IATF 16949, ISO 20000 and ITIL.


Stableton Financial

The Marketplace for Alternative Investments

Zug   43840    


Filecamp is a subscription based SaaS Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that helps companies organize and share their digital assets.

Zug   11-50    


A portable deal-closing platform for modern micro-entrepreneurs

Zug   11-50    


BLOCKv provides a software development platform.


flov technologies

Liquidity provision in a digital peer to peer marketplace

Zug   11-50    

LUCY Security

Cyber Security & Cyber Prevention

Zug   11-50    

Global Supply Chain Finance (GSCF)

GSCF has successfully structured and serviced Accounts Payable based programs.

Zug   101-250    


TeqAtlas - a single gateway to high-end tech adoption for SMEs.

Zug   43840    


Cashare is the largest crowdlending platform in Switzerland with P2P loans.

Zug   11-50    

ixo Foundation

ixo Foundation is optimizing the way the world creates impact by combining data with trust.

Zug   11-50    

Integration Alpha

Integration Alpha is your strategy enabler providing alpha from your information assets.

Zug   101-250    


Selecta is a Customer Service company.

Zug   1001-5000    


The CoreLedger infrastructure creates a simple and secure platform from which to use blockchain technology.

Zug   11-50    

Hdac Technology

Hdac is an IoT contract platform based on blockchain.

Zug   43840    


The advertising protocol for the open internet.

Zug   43840    

I2 invest

I2 invest is a Lending tech startup

Zug   43840    

GoodX Finance Network

GoodX is a Swiss-based fintech company that provides a platform for consumers to manage all their assets from one interface with zero fees.

Zug   11-50    


Connexcom is a secure communication company that focuses on mobile devices and technology for private and business use.

Zug   11-50    


ARXUM provides innovative solutions within the manufacturing industry.


Share&Charge Foundation

Share&Charge is a decentralized protocol for Electric Vehicle charging, transactions.



DROTR is the world's first messenger with simultaneous translation of video calls.

Zug   51-100    

Advanced Power

Advanced Power AG is a Swiss-based, privately-owned company whose mandate is to develop, own and manage power generation and related

Zug   11-50    

Block Stocks

Block Stocks Swiss AG is a Blockchain based Token market for Startups and SME's.

Zug   11-50    

TRI Dental Implants

TRI Dental Implants develops, designs, and manufactures dental implant systems.

Zug   101-250    


Gluco-Z GmbH creates wearable non-invasive continuous monitoring device for diabetics & predicts complications!

Zug   63470   $1,300,000  

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  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
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  • URL
  • hopin.com
  • glovo.com
  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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