121 Scotland Startups to Watch in 2020

Scotland's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Scotland tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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DIGIT is Scotland’s leading technology media & events company.

Edinburgh   101-250    


Skyscanner operates as a trips meta-search engine company.

Edinburgh   1001-5000   $197,207,790  

BOLT Learning

BOLT provides online learning solutions using the latest in web technology combined with modern teaching methodologies.

Glasgow   501-1000    


pureLiFi develops technology for communication networks that integrates data and lighting utility infrastructures.

Edinburgh   51-100   $43,936,745  

Cyan Forensics

Cyan Forensics sells software to help police, social media, and cloud providers find & block harmful content from paedophiles & terrorists

Edinburgh   1-10   $1,950,557  

Innis & Gunn

Innis & Gunn is Scotland’s most awarded and best loved independent brewer.

Edinburgh   11-50   $23,353,560  


encompass robotically automates information and news discovery for KYC requirements for onboarding, event-driven refresh and remediation.

Glasgow   51-100   $5,461,804  

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an online personal financial management service allowing users to view their online financial accounts.

Edinburgh   11-50   $15,578,959  

Sigma Capital Group

Sigma Capital Group focus on the creation of communities by delivering new, good quality and well located family homes to rent.

Edinburgh   11-50   $254,611,977  


FreeAgent provides online accounting and money management software for small businesses and freelancers.

Edinburgh   101-250   $10,748,372  


DeltaDNA provides real-time player relationship management solutions for the deep-dive data analysis of player data.

Edinburgh   11-50   $4,300,000  

M Squared Lasers

M Squared Lasers develops and manufactures next-generation lasers and photonic instruments.

Glasgow   11-50   $13,143,830  


CSI is a award-winning Cloud Services Provider.

Glasgow   101-250   $46,842,490  


Nucleus is a software platform for financial advisors.

Edinburgh   11-50    


Customer loyalty, card-linking, automated marketing, open banking, digital, SMB, local businesses

Glasgow   11-50   $4,737,087  

The ID Co.

The ID Co. help businesses onboard their customers using Open Bank data to solve business pains such as credit risk and affordability.

Edinburgh   11-50   $11,146,630  


A technology spin-out company from the University of Strathclyde.

Glasgow     $28,251,450  


Boundary is an IoT Home Security company providing a smart burglar alarm system that can be controlled over mobile devices.

Edinburgh   11-50   $2,841,154  


Float is a SaaS based real-time financial intelligence solution for small businesses to forecast short and long-term cash flow.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,447,231  

The Faraday Grid

The Faraday Grid is a clean energy startup.

Edinburgh     $31,884,989  


TravelNest is an advertising optimisation platform for holiday rental owners.

Edinburgh   11-50   $7,045,283  


NCTech is a big data and analytics provider. Pioneering edge-to-cloud big data capture & provision with ML/AI for Google, government & AEC

Edinburgh   51-100   $13,601,651  


Bird.i provides access to the latest, up to date satellite imagery, helping you obtain valuable insights & make better business decisions.

Glasgow   11-50   $3,609,666  


Drinkly offers an on-demand service of alcoholic drinks to its customers in Edinburgh, UK.

Edinburgh     $40,545  


Mallzee is a B2C clothing retail app and a B2B data suite for clothing retailers to improve margins and make smarter buying decisions

Edinburgh   11-50   $7,957,660  


MindMate is an application that helps people living with cognitive decline.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,770,000  


Robotical makes a low cost walking robot that's more than a toy. The perfect robot for learning about robotics

Edinburgh   1-10   $518,936  

Blackford Analysis

Blackford Analysis develops software solutions for the worldwide medical, oil and gas, and defense industries.

Edinburgh   11-50   $6,204,400  


Gecko Labs provides software to the Higher Education sector to improve the way insitutions engage with their students.

Edinburgh   11-50   $3,996,098  

Kite Power Systems

Kite Power Solutions is a business developing a disruptive technology to produce renewable energy from the wind.

Glasgow   11-50   $10,285,378  


Prodsight is an AI-powered customer feedback analysis software.

Edinburgh   1-10   $241,672  


Pyreos develops and supplies a specialised infra-red sensor platform.

Edinburgh   11-50   $39,636,818  


Nude is a financial coach and savings account for first-time home buyers. Save a deposit, without breaking a sweat.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,250,255  


Sunamp is the leading provider of heat battery (thermal energy) storage systems.

Edinburgh   11-50   $9,483,313  

Mara Seaweed

Scottish company based in Edinburgh selling a range of native seasonal seaweeds of Scottish and Irish provenance.

Edinburgh   11-50   $788,162  


Appointedd is an online booking and scheduling system.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,922,925  

Sofant Technologies

Sofant Technologies offers Smart Antenna and tunable RF solutions for next generation mobile and wearable devices.

Edinburgh   11-50   $10,247,364  


Dukosi is a company focused on developing revolutionary battery technology.

Edinburgh   11-50   $4,077,405  


Calcivis is a biotech company that focuses on unmet needs in dentistry.

Edinburgh   1-10   $25,297,913  


Wootzano allows robots and autonomous systems to sense and feel like humans do with their own skin through our e-skin called Wootzkin.

Edinburgh   1-10   $2,945,327  

Machine Labs

Big company machine learning for marketing at a small company price.

Edinburgh   1-10   $1,000,000  


CogBooks is an adaptive web-based learning platform.

Edinburgh   11-50   $6,108,856  


Houseology.com - the UKs premier online interior design store

Glasgow   51-100   $6,051,465  


Candidate.ID is a Talent Pipeline Software for the employers and agencies.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,276,491  

Twig World

Twig World is award-winning tools and educational resources for the classroom.

Glasgow   101-250   $4,966,271  


Online site making learning fun for k-12 students while allowing teachers and parents to track progress and create activities.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,805,692  


Ecometrica is an end-to-end environmental software-as-a-service that helps businesses and governments identify risks and opportunities.

Edinburgh   11-50   $5,746,427  


Synpromics develops and commercializes synthetic promoters to control gene expressions and regulations.

Edinburgh   1-10   $12,489,819  


EnteroBiotix harnesses bacterial communities derived directly from the human gastrointestinal tract to prevent and treat disease.

Edinburgh   1-10   $3,159,771  


TVSquared is the global leader in TV attribution.

Edinburgh   101-250   $26,600,000  

Shot Scope

Shot Scope's patent-pending technology provides unparalleled insights into your golf game.

Edinburgh   1-10   $6,374,909  

The Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete is a skill-based fitness training application.

Glasgow   1-10   $225,000  


Beer52 is the UK's most popular craft beer club.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,234,999  

Wood MacKenzie

Wood Mackenzie is a global leader in commercial intelligence for the energy, chemicals, metals and mining industries

Edinburgh   501-1000    

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is a developer of optical molecular imaging technology.

Edinburgh   1-10   $6,563,144  


Holoxica is an award-winning high-tech company specializing in holographic 3D visualization technologies.

Edinburgh   1-10   $2,612,123  


Zumo turns Bitcoin and Ethereum into money by making crypto work seamlessly with traditional currencies.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,944,151  


LendingCrowd is a fintech company that operates a lending platform to connect small and medium-sized enterprises with investors.

Edinburgh   11-50   $26,642,479  


Atterley is a womenswear and menswear e-tailer for independent boutiques and brands.

Edinburgh   11-50   $3,265,471  

Codeplay Software

Codeplay Software is internationally recognized for expertise in Heterogeneous Systems.

Edinburgh     $2,991,026  


SpecifiedBy helps architects, designers and specifiers to make informed decisions about building products

Edinburgh   11-50   $930,136  


Simple route planning for cyclists, runners and hikers

Glasgow   51-100    

ACS Clothing

ACS is a provider of mens hirewear to leading retailers in the UK and Ireland. Wtih an extensive range of both formalwear and highlandwear

Glasgow   101-250   $31,370,914  


Spoonfed is a catering management software.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,582,062  

Roslin Technologies

Roslin Technologies is a UK-based agriculture biotechnology company.

Edinburgh   1-10   $12,500,000  


Admio integrates with any form of marketing to make it shoppable.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,248,698  


Synaptec develops and deploys photonic sensing systems.

Glasgow   1-10   $4,502,985  

Find a Player

Connecting sports people & games in local areas.

Glasgow   1-10   $233,041  


ShareIn is a software and compliance firm specializing in crowdfunding solutions and technology.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,000,000  

Celtic Renewables

Celtic Renewables is a biotech startup formed to commercialize a process for producing a superior next generation biofuel.

Edinburgh   1-10   $18,801,819  

Cognitive Geology

A specialist software provider for the oil industry

Edinburgh   11-50   $3,120,891  

Desana Network

Desana Network is a flexible workspace and coworking spaces booking start-up.

Edinburgh   1-10   $673,530  


Flavourly is the UK's leading craft beer & spirits discovery club and also operates an eCommerce shop serving all craft alcohol categories.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,326,078  


Class4Kids allows people who run kids activities to list on our website for free and pay for an advanced management system.

Glasgow     $2,223,980  

Dimensional Imaging

Dimensional Imaging designs and develops human body 3D and 4D surface image capture and analysis solutions.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,155,870  


Human Capital Asset Allocation Software: Engaging and deploying employees for new project teams to maximise return on employee investment

Edinburgh   1-10   $397,914  


Odro is a software business specialising in industry specific live video technology.

Glasgow   11-50   $112,951  

Caldan Therapeutics

Caldan Therapeutics, a spin-out from a long-standing collaboration between Professor Trond Ulven at the University of Southern Denmark

Edinburgh   1-10   $8,676,234  


SIRAKOSS is a medical device company based in Scotland that has developed synthetic bone graft substitutes

Edinburgh   1-10   $4,800,000  


Edesix provides professional body worn video camera solutions.

Edinburgh   11-50   $5,232,007  

Blazing Griffin

Blazing Griffin is a digital entertainment company driving innovation at the dynamic intersection between film, games & post production.

Edinburgh   11-50   $6,330,580  

Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank growth finance provides a range of innovative debt solutions for early stage, high growth businesses.

Glasgow   5001-10000    

Incremental Group

Incremental Group provides software consultancy and analytics services to clients in oil and gas, financial services, and the public sector.

Glasgow     $1,545,161  


Kindaba is a private, safe and ad-free space to share family photos, videos, and updates with family and friends.

Edinburgh   1-10   $107,483  


GETGUIDED is capturing uncaptured data in tours & activities industry by bringing offline players to online using innovative tech solutions.

Edinburgh   1-10   $148,679  


Skoog is a powerful, fun music interface for iPad, OSX and Windows, that opens up a world of ‘musicplay’ to everyone.

Edinburgh   1-10   $837,881  

Intelligent Point of Sale

Intelligent Point of Sale is an iPad point of sale system that provides its customers with a low cost, full EPOS.

Edinburgh   11-50   $767,515  

Aridhia Informatics

Aridhia informatics provides biomedical informatics and analytics services to improve the management of chronic diseases.

Edinburgh   51-100   $1,637,716  

Silent Herdsman

Silent Herdsman’s vision is to be the leading global provider of predictive analytics software for dairy and beef farmers, that improves

Glasgow   11-50   $4,948,445  

Homes for Good

Homes for Good ensures that a wider stock of affordable, well maintained homes is available to marginalized households.

Glasgow   11-50   $6,287,599  

Inquisitive Systems

Inquisitive Systems is an information security software company developing the foxDNATM technology for commercial deployment.

Edinburgh   11-50   $5,180,478  

Bio-Images Drug Delivery

Class leading experts in formulation work and scintigraphic clinical trials.

Glasgow   11-50   $2,800,798  

Beta Bugs

Beta Bugs is a cutting edge biotechnology company that produces enhanced insect strains for the growing insect farming industry.

Edinburgh   1-10   $365,818  


Pufferfish open up a world of possibilities for better communication and engagement with world-beating PufferSphere® display solutions.

Edinburgh   11-50   $2,268,450  


Bpay.io is a payment processing company for cryptocurrency and blockchain payments.

Edinburgh   11-50   $500,000  


Anacail Limited is a Research company located in University Ave, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Glasgow   1-10   $3,000,000  


Sustainably enables businesses and consumers to give to causes they care about in frictionless and connected ways as part of everyday life.

Edinburgh   1-10   $168,023  


Soar is a Glasgow-based fintech focused on building a better financial society.

Glasgow   11-50   $578,107  


Ingenza is an industrial biotechnology company.

Edinburgh   11-50   $55,831  


Playerbase is a community driven platform for gamers that delivers solutions to improve overall gaming experience.

Edinburgh   1-10   $39,128  


Sensewhere provide hyper-local indoor positioning technology and applications for mobile devices.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,835,107  

QED Naval

QED Naval is a naval architecture consultancy that is focused on the development of the marine renewable energy industry.

Edinburgh   1-10   $3,014,701  


QikServe is the enterprise platform for guest self-service in hospitality.

Edinburgh   11-50   $8,545,591  


The UK's first clinically validated triage solution for muscle and joint problems.

Edinburgh     $1,316,645  


Cutitronics is an AI-driven skincare start-up.

Glasgow   1-10   $1,809,716  


Metix develops devices and services that meet needs and exceed expectations inside the demanding healthcare industry.

Glasgow   11-50   $1,551,626  

Greengage Lighting

Agri-Tech company providing LED lighting induction systems.

Edinburgh   11-50   $3,177,153  


Neatebox strives to make society more inclusive by developing solutions to address challenges people with disabilities face every day.

Edinburgh   1-10   $219,887  

Firefish Software

Firefish Software is a recruitment and marketing SaaS platform that helps recruiters reach, engage, and recruit top candidates.

Glasgow   11-50   $391,743  

Roslin Cells

Roslin Cells is focussed on creating large numbers of stem cell lines from various cohorts of the population.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,140,243  

Care Sourcer

Care Sourcer is a platform that connects those seeking elderly care with those providing it.

Edinburgh   11-50   $14,519,981  


Sumerian applies IT Operational Analytics to IT Capacity Planning, helping companies to cut their IT costs and de-risk their IT plans.

Edinburgh   11-50   $38,206,181  


Oodls allows Instagrammers, brands and companies search and buy content for Instagram

Edinburgh   1-10   $331,053  


Red61 is an Edinburgh-based ticketing software

Edinburgh   11-50   $862,871  


Flexiworkforce is the only UK-wide job site specialising in all forms of flexible working.

Glasgow   1-10   $819,481  


Uboro is a cloud-based GPS tracking software.

Edinburgh   1-10   $200,000  


SquareBook is a socially responsible FinTech driving a new IPO equity culture.

Edinburgh   1-10   $285,324  

Freeflow Technologies

FreeFlow Technologies has developed the world’s lightest, greenest electrical bike

Glasgow   1-10   $2,824,563  


Retail platform for sports clubs.

Glasgow   1-10   $50,000  

Lease Fetcher

A leasing comparison start-up based in the UK.

Glasgow     $386,183  


Arrayjet is a microarray instrumentation company.

Edinburgh   11-50   $866,894  

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