95 Valencia Startups to Watch in 2022

Valencia's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 95 Valencia tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Valencia 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff provides dry cleaning and laundry services online and at home in Spain, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

Valencia   11-50   $15,022,942  


Noken Digital Assets is an asset-backed blockchain tokenization solution with native notarial intervention.

Valencia   1-10   $2,684  


Startupxplore is a premium startup investment platform that allows unexperienced and time-savvy investors to diversify their portfolio .

Valencia   1-10   $1,023,139  


A neobank tailored specifically for investors.

Valencia   11-50   $2,453,377  


A platform that seamlessly guides you towards understanding how valuable your company is.

Valencia   11-50   $538,831  

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Vitcord is an app that allows you and your group of friends to communicate collaboratively by create unique group stories.

Valencia   1-10   $2,293,466  


Closca Design looks to influences consumers attitudes with products that combine design, simplicity and innovation.

Valencia   11-50   $1,959,602  


Pycno is bringing continuous data monitoring and system control to agriculture.

Valencia   1-10   $515,555  


Mobincube is a web-based software that allows anyone to create mobile apps without knowledge of any software programming.

Valencia   11-50   $2,169,193  

Sales Layer

Sales Layer is an intelligent catalog management platform that synchronizes product information across mobile, web, and social media.

Valencia   1-10   $1,595,184  


Entrenarme is the platform and database for personal trainers and sports centers in the world.

Valencia   11-50   $1,850,000  


Zeleros is a Spanish company that develops hyperloop, the one already considered as the fifth means of transport.

Valencia   1-10   $261,412  


Voicemod is the best free voice changer software for Windows.

Valencia   11-50   $547,761  


MYSPHERA focuses on the use of real-time location systems app in healthcare environments.

Valencia   11-50   $4,070,592  


Passporter is a travel community where travelers plan and share trips in one app.

Valencia   11-50   $966,485  


PreSeries takes advantage of Machine Learning to transform startup investing into a successful data-driven practice

Valencia   1-10   $1,121,284  


PlayFilm is a tech startup that develops software for interactive video formats.

Valencia   11-50   $1,996,605  


Boatjump is an online platform for boat rentals that allows users to search, compare, and book a boat anywhere.

Valencia   11-50   $723,901  


Cuidum is a information provider of the best caregiver for your family member's home care.

Valencia   1-10   $1,884,434  


Singularu is an e-commerce site that that enables its users to purchase custom-made jewelry.

Valencia   1-10   $1,341,330  

Kanteron Systems

Transforming patient care through the combination of medical imaging and clinical genomics

Valencia   11-50   $2,000,000  


TellmeGen helps people identify possible future illnesses and sensitivities inherent in their genes.

Valencia   1-10   $271,010  


Journify is a best free car sharing app on your daily trips and save time and travel costs.

Valencia   1-10   $12,192  

Emotion Research Lab

Emotion Research Lab is a technology of analysis of human behavior through facial recognition of emotions.

Valencia   11-50   $218,821  


Codigames develops social media games for various mobile platforms.

Valencia   11-50   $1,264,242  


Airhopping is flight search engine for finding deals up to 4 cities for the price of 1 flight.

Valencia   1-10   $328,504  


Visualfy creates technological solutions that improve the lives of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Valencia   11-50   $3,057,288  


Beroomers is the mid-term housing marketplace for students and young professionals, present in more than 50 destinations worldwide.

Valencia   11-50   $278,220  

Hello Umi

Hello Umi provide your business with chatbot and conversational solutions to offer much more natural, frictionless customer experiences.

Valencia   11-50   $318,823  


Tuvalum Sports is a marketplace that specializes in buying and selling of bicycles.

Valencia   11-50   $292,690  


Comprea is a same day delivery service that lets users order groceries online from favorite stores.

Valencia   1-10   $1,145,374  


We create the most technologically advanced and easy-to-use eHealth product, providing peace of mind and knowledge to parents.

Valencia   1-10   $428,213  


Aabloo is an online learning platform that offers language learning materials and supportive services.

Valencia     $15,000,000  


Hooptap offers an awards and entertainment application for mobile platforms.

Valencia   11-50   $1,903,630  


Ekuore is a technology company that designs, develops, and markets medical devices that connect health to new mobile technologies.

Valencia   11-50   $577,967  


Cronoshare is a marketplace that enables people to hire local service professionals.

Valencia   1-10   $420,921  


Sepiia is an intelligent clothing company, manufactured in Spain in a sustainable manner.

Valencia     $155,610  


Discocil is software that digitizes the management of nightlife venues and events.

Valencia   11-50   $182,101  


Kerionics is dedicated to the production of ceramic membranes modules and facilities for the separation of oxygen from the air.

Valencia   1-10   $285,294  


AIUDO is a concept of home care that is born from a personal experience, for this reason, empathy is one of the pillars of their service.

Valencia   1-10   $229,436  


Doppli connects future moms with their babies anytime, anywhere, allowing continuous monitoring of pregnancy.

Valencia   1-10   $60,153  


Impok is a social network that enables its users to manage their financial portfolios and share investment ideas with others.

Valencia   1-10   $631,048  


lemonKey is the real estate radically different from "integral management" for owners.

Valencia   11-50   $344,290  

Olorama Technology

Olorama is the unique technology for the effective incorporation of scents into the audiovisual world.

Valencia   1-10   $132,100  

Safe Load Testing Technologies

Safe Load Testing is a world wide company specialized in Packaging Engineering and Transport Simulation testing equipment.

Valencia   11-50   $1,206,744  

Tyris Software

Tyris is specialized in high quality solutions with the latest technology in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Services.

Valencia   1-10   $83,346  

S2 Grupo

S2 Grupo is an IT firm that provides IT solutions and business activity monitoring using real time management systems.

Valencia   51-100   $63,095  


Fyla is manufacturing laser technology designed for high-end industrial applications.

Valencia   11-50   $83,425  


Navlandis develops modern fordable containers designed for the logistic sectors.

Valencia   1-10   $89,363  


Trazable provides end to end food traceability services.

Valencia   1-10   $23,854  


Ordatic is a developer of food delivery management platform intended to connect customers' orders online with their preferred restaurants.

Valencia   1-10   $2,723  


Motorrevive manufacture innovative car and motorcycle cleaning products.

Valencia   1-10   $72,847  


Pay [in] is a simple and intuitive application that allows you to pay for public transport with your mobile or wearable.

Valencia     $157,070  


Ingelia is a technology-based company specializing in R & D in the renewable energy sector.

Valencia   1-10   $63,095  


MasCupon offers coupons and discount codes of online stores such as Amazon, Spartoo, Pixmania, Redcoon, and La Redoute.

Valencia   1-10   $1,300,960  


CryptoUnify is a single intelligent platform connected to all the best cryptocurrencies services

Valencia   1-10   $8,170  


Sportmaniacs is an online registration platform that enables users to search and participate in races around the world.

Valencia   11-50   $271,010  


viVood designs, constructs, develops, and manages a network of sustainable tourism accommodations in the countryside.

Valencia   11-50   $266,088  


Quaternium is the leader company for hybrid multirotor RPAS.

Valencia   1-10   $54,291  

Naan Furniture

Naan Furniture designs and manufactures furniture and accessories for the home.

Valencia   1-10   $18,587  


With our BIOplastics, we contribute to make the world a better place to live in.

Valencia   1-10   $1,201,077  

Optimus Garden

Optimus Garden develops vertical cultivation technology to produce food.

Valencia   1-10   $7,707  


Smartaxi is a mobile application that utilizes artificial intelligence to help taxi drivers predict potential customer locations.

Valencia     $666,096  

NEXT Electric Motors

NEXT Electric Motors develops electric motorbikes that are the real alternative to combustion motorbikes.

Valencia   1-10   $6,059  


Rithmi is the pioneering company of Computational Predictive Care.

Valencia   1-10   $84,473  


Delidatax is an independent DMP that helps publishers monetize their traffic and offers data solutions for advertisers and agencies.

Valencia   11-50   $286,000  


Software solution focused on the management and optimization of the demand planning and forecasting process. Make it easy!

Valencia   1-10   $4,083  

El Mito de Gea

El Mito de Gea is a new collection within the field of accessories that combines exclusivity with experimental creativity.

Valencia   1-10   $110,446  


MatMap is an online platform for buying and selling used construction materials.

Valencia   1-10   $35,983  


Chibig is a video game studio that creates games in a new universe with Deiland, Ankora, and Summer in Mara.

Valencia   1-10   $86,719  


Torrescamara's main activity is the construction of infrastructures, building, extraction of arid, and railway logistics.

Valencia   101-250   $1,664,027  


Hikaru is design and produce immersive experiences for your marketing, advertising and serious games campaigns.

Valencia   1-10   $80,864  


AdLemons is a software development company assisting companies with content marketing and return on investment.

Valencia   1-10   $207,866  


Boonper offer shoes made in Spain by hand using natural materials.

Valencia   1-10   $8,507  


Byom! helps costumers to communicate directly with businesses, without barriers.

Valencia   1-10   $111,757  


Paviado is a digital jukebox that implements digital solutions in business and events.

Valencia   1-10   $894  


InsectFit is a company dedicated to making protein bars with cricket flour.

Valencia   1-10   $3,346  


Elevat is an Esports academy that trains players to improve their game.

Valencia   1-10   $43,523  


Eventeau digitizes the event manager service to help people or companies organize events effortlessly.

Valencia   1-10   $2,723  


MESbook is a real-time management system for factories that combines production, cost, quality and HR control.

Valencia   11-50   $115,271  


Tailor app that calculates size through a selfie and guarantees that improve the online shopping experience in fashion industry.

Valencia   1-10   $1,514  


MundoArti born with the dream of creating an innovative space that encourage and promote art and culture.

Valencia     $81,868  

Ms & Miss York

Ms & Miss York isfashion clothes for moms and toddlers to move their style together.

Valencia   1-10   $4,520  


Tebeox is a digital publisher of comics and graphic novels with a reading platform.

Valencia   1-10   $4,606  

My Pick Box

My Pick Box enables customers to send and receive packages ordered online via any of its delivery points.

Valencia   1-10   $266,088  


Serenmind is an app that automates and digitizes psychological treatments through psychoeducational content

Valencia     $894  


Timpers manufactures shoes designed by the blind.

Valencia   1-10   $4,085  


LainBoox provides a monthly personalized food box.

Valencia   1-10   $7,277  


Kolotrip is a platform for booking bicycle trips in Spain.

Valencia   1-10   $894  


Alegría is a craft beer BrewPub offers beers in different aromas and flavors.

Valencia   1-10   $135,505  


Baterfly allows user to rent a battery at any of their rental points.

Valencia     $536  


Awends is a web platform and app that helps to organize trips with friends.

Valencia   1-10   $894  


Okgift offers a new way to buy a gift and send it instantly to a friend by email or sms.

Valencia   1-10   $1,393  


Wiquot.com is a web-based tool that enables its users to manage their contracts related to insurance, telephony, ADSL, finance, and more.

Valencia   1-10    


Algru is an online e-commerce platform that offers a wide variety of products from various manufacturers.

Valencia     $548,405  

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