96 Greece Startups to Watch in 2022

Greece's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 96 Greece tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Greece 10+ employees Fast-growing

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GloVo is a global volunteers’ platform that connects volunteers to various events based on their location, interests, and abilities.

Athens   1001-5000    

Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet is a global, fully cloud-based digital payments factory, providing innovative, reliable and secure payments services.

Athens   101-250   $18,219,803  


Omada enables businesses to reach global markets and support customers in their own laguage and cultural conventions.

Athens   101-250    


Beat is a ride-sharing company.

Athens   251-500   $6,870,081  


Automated Precision Application of farm inputs in real-time, boosting yield, enhancing quality & reducing input spend using deep learning.

Athens   11-50   $3,100,000  

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Welcome Pickups

Welcome is redefining the in-destination travel experience by making it easy, friendly, and personalized through a single touch point.

Athens   51-100   $6,834,080  


Forky aims to be the go-to brand for your daily food, offering healthy and delicious dishes in the most convenient way possible.

Athens   11-50   $2,604,203  


Spotawheel is a tech-driven used cars dealership platform.

Athens   51-100   $7,907,923  


Syncbnb offers channel management for vacation rental owners.

Athens   11-50   $810,000  


The Greek marketplace for freelancing.

Athens   11-50   $3,681,400  


Intale connects and streamlines the retail industry through their business intelligence and communication platform.

Athens   11-50   $2,950,000  


OPAP is a gaming operator exclusively conducting, managing, organizing and operating lottery sports betting and monitoring games in Athens.

Athens   1001-5000   $851,029,393  

PST Tankers

PSTTankers is engaged in the acquisition of modern product and chemical tankers in the secondary market.

Athens     $83,700,000  


RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a unique approach to QA that significantly enhances the safety of radiotherapy.

Athens   11-50   $2,945,000  


InAccel provides high performance accelerators for Machine Learning & Analytics applications based on novel FPGA engines as IP blocks

Athens   1-10   $600,000  


MyJobNow is help you to find a job near you in 24 hours.

Athens   1-10   $594,924  


Ferryhopper provides an innovative ferry booking platform making ferry traveling easy and fun.

Athens   11-50   $674,685  


BibeCoffee is an IoT real-time monitoring solution company.

Athens   1-10   $400,000  


Funkmartini is an online booking platform for beauty services that enables its users to make their beauty appointments online.

Athens   11-50   $803,062  


Radiojar provides online services for replacing hardware and software operations that are needed to run an internet radio station.

Athens   1-10   $577,000  


Pockee is a mobile coupon platform that brings together FMCG brands & retailers, enabling consumers to get discounts on grocery shopping.

Athens   11-50   $1,328,845  


Nannuka.com helps you find trustworthy babysitters and tutors with verified background check, for your child and family care.

Athens   11-50   $892,878  


GuestFlip offers a smart Online Reputation Management solution for hotels.

Athens   1-10   $225,045  

Clio Muse Tours

Clio Muse enables top tourist guides, local professionals and cultural institutions to create and share immersive themed audio tours.

Athens   11-50   $226,247  


ParkAround helps users to easily find parking spaces in the area that are convenient for them.

Athens   1-10   $678,328  


Specializes in super-fast web and mobile app development for Marketing and Advertising.

Athens   1-10   $443,867  


FlexCar is a car rental and leasing company headquartered in Athens.

Athens   1-10   $1,794,552  


Warply is a cloud-based mobile marketing toolbox.

Athens   51-100   $500,000  

Ex Machina

Advanced weather analytics for all industries.

Athens   1-10   $50,792  


An AI-powered hospitality recruitment solution to help companies find, nurture and hire the very best talent.

Athens   1-10   $470,707  

Convert Group

Convert Grup is a data-driven eCommerce & innovative Market Research consultancy company.

Athens   11-50   $239,979  


Hotelgenius is a Digital Management Suite that brings your hotel a unique way to combine online bookings, guest engagement.

Athens   11-50   $617,352  


CaptainWise is an experienced captain whose purpose is to take you to places using as a compass your budget and your desires.

Athens   1-10   $123,813  


ShipReality is building Mixed Reality design automation software for green energy transition in shipping.

Athens   1-10   $150,000  


SourceLair allos you to develop software from any device using Python, Node.js, PHP, HTML5 and more, in your browser.

Athens   1-10   $250,000  

AbZorba Games

AbZorba Games is a company that creates casino type games.

Athens   1-10   $396,867  


ETME specialists in hydro and enviromental infrastructures and innovations.

Athens     $2,490,995  

Planetek Hellas

Planetek is a Greek company that operates in the field of Satellite Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure, and Software development.

Athens   11-50   $60,230  


E-Food.gr is a website that enables its users to order food online from restaurants in Greece.

Athens   101-250    


ReEmbed is a custom video player that supports embeds from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion as well as HTML5 videos.

Athens   1-10   $107,844  


liateR is a sales solution for retailers that allows their customers to virtually try out and buy clothes.

Athens   1-10   $16,784  


Teletel is a leading software and hardware development company specializing in the leading edge areas of Space, Defense, Aeronautics.

Athens   11-50   $81,868  


Snitch.name is a social white pages application that helps its users search for people's profiles on social sites.



Eberus is an SaaS marketplace that creates 3D interactive presentations or configurations that can be shared anywhere on the web

Athens   1-10   $177,928  


Trafisense operates as a monitoring service for dry-type power transformers based on proprietary machine-learning technology.

Athens   11-50   $53,845  


Owiwi helps companies attract, select, and retain top talent, through a blend of science and gameplay.

Athens   11-50    

Praxia Bank

Praxia is the first Greek digital bank.

Athens   101-250    


Euditi provides consultancy services related primarily to energy conservation and the protection of energy and natural resources.

Athens   11-50   $55,997  


Skroutz is an awarded digital brand which operates skroutz.gr, the leading Comparison Shopping Engine in Greece.

Athens   251-500    


useberry provides Codeless Prototype Analytics for marketers, product managers, business owners and more.

Athens   1-10    

Urban Owl

High Definition sunglasses for style lovers, handmade in Greece.

Athens   1-10   $25,968  


Toorbee is an international travel and tourism company that offers a wide range of services through its on-line B2B transaction system.

Athens   1-10    

Hotel Crux

Hotel Crux is a hotel management system designed for the unique needs of hotels.

Athens   1-10    


FightHoax helps brands unlock the potential of programmatic advertising, with deep news analysis data.

Athens   1-10    


QUALCO offers its customers with debt portfolio management systems and technology-enabled services to manage their debt collections.

Athens   251-500    


Nummuspay is a subscription management and credit card processing platform for online businesses

Athens   1-10    

European Dynamics

European Dynamics is a leading Information Technologies service provider and software developer in the field of e-government.



Created by a team of speech experts with passion for Text-to-Speech, Innoetics has developed an award-winning TTS Technology.

Athens   1-10    

Obrela Security Industries

Obrela Security Industries is an IT security outsourcing company that offers comprehensive security as a service.

Athens   11-50    


Peekintoo is an anonymous social network which allows you to exchange videos through your mobile device.

Athens   1-10   $130,000  


TQCC offers NDT training, certification and consultancy services to companies and persons worldwide since 1999.

Athens     $56,064  

Cube RM

Cube RM offers a Revenue Management & Optimization SaaS suite helping enterprises to accelerate revenue growth and productivity

Athens   11-50    


DryShips Inc. is an owner of drybulk carriers and offshore support vessels that operate worldwide.

Athens   1001-5000    


Elioplus connects software & SaaS companies with resellers & developers.

Athens   1-10    


Spitogatos is Greece's leading property website enabling property seekers to find what they are looking for in Greece and Cyprus.

Athens   11-50   $1,098,558  


UBITECH is a software house, systems integrator and technology provider.

Athens   11-50    


rapidbounce is a e-business management company that helps accommodation providers to grow their revenue and strengthen their brand.

Athens   11-50    


VoiceWeb develops Natural Language Interaction channels between customers and enterprises with comprehensive analytics for decision makers.

Athens   11-50   $6,969,319  


Stoiximan.gr is an online gaming operator in Greece.



insurancemarket.gr is the first true online marketplace detailing the programs and personalized offers of the largest insurance companies.

Athens   51-100    

Great Escape

Great Escape is a real life escape rooms game.

Athens   1-10    


Stackmasters provides cloud management and application hosting solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds.

Athens   1-10    

Chrysi Eykairia Group

Chrysi Eykairia group is a market leader in online classifieds.

Athens   101-250    


giaola is a local services electronic marketplace that helps its users to find, book, and rate qualified professionals.

Athens   11-50    


kleesto is SaaS platform for tour operators that provides tools to manage and scale their business

Athens   1-10    


InternetQ provides mobile, social and app-driven marketing solutions that effectively leverage the massive adoption of connected devices.

Athens   51-100    

Wheels Car Rental System

Wheels Car Rental is a complete front & back office system for car rental, franchise management & long term rental companies.



FarmVent is an Automated Indoor Farming company.

Athens   1-10    


Vermantia specializes in the creation, management and delivery of innovative & immersive gaming content.

Athens   51-100    


Neurosoft is a software development company.



CROWDPOLICY provides online platforms, solutions and services that empower public administration bodies and citizens.

Athens   11-50    


Tickethour is a company specialized in sports ticketing technology.

Athens   11-50    

Texnologia Net

Texnologia.net is an informational tool that covers technological news.

Athens   1-10    

Amjet Executive

Amjet Executive is a private jet booking company.

Athens   11-50    


Advanced ATMs for buying and selling cryptocurrency

Athens   11-50    

Startup Gr

Startup Gr is an online news platform that offers Greek startup news, seminar and event information, strategy, and interviews.

Athens   1-10    


Vyra is an online yacht charter marketplace that integrates boat managing platforms.

Athens   11-50    


CloudBiz delivers successful end-to-end customer loyalty management through unified commerce.

Athens   11-50    


Stampd.io is a web application for the stamping of documents on the decentralized public ledger of digital cryptocurrencies.


TripinView (Geotag Aeroview)

TripinView is the world's 1st visual platform for Summer vacations. Explore in aerial photos and videos all destinations

Athens   11-50    

Elpen Pharmaceutical

Elpen Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company.

Athens   501-1000    


Hostelbay.com provides a selection of the best budget accommodations in Greece and allows users to book ferry passes.

Athens   11-50    

weasic Microelectronics

weasic Microelectronics develops custom semiconductor IP for wireless transceivers.

Athens   11-50    

Delta Ice Cream

Delta Ice Cream provide quality Ice Cream and many other frozen products.



Layerise is a technology startup that develops an intelligent sales channel to personalize hotel bookings.

Athens   1-10    


Fun, personalized learning and skills development for the youth who lack access to formal education system.

Athens   1-10    

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  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
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  • URL
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  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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