100 Iceland Startups to Watch in 2020

Iceland's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 100 Iceland tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on novel solutions for chronic airway diseases.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $1,448,879  


Authenteq is an automatic identity verification and privacy platform that issues a blockchain based, self owned & controlled digital ID.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $7,398,101  


Alvotech is a global biopharmaceutical company, focused on developing biosimilar versions of leading monoclonal antibodies molecules.

Reykjav√≠k   51-100   $350,000,000  


Bungalo is a rental platform for rural properties with an experience twist that helps people create lasting memories.

Reykjav√≠k     $102,933  


Make your data as robust as your code. Say goodbye to missing properties, typos, and type errors.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $1,450,000  


GRID empowers every-day Excel users to turn their spreadsheets into modern web applications without learning any new skills.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $4,581,868  


Controlant is a B2B cloud technology company leveraging IoT and next generation analytics.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,792,276  


An award-winning trip planning solution now available for Travel Agencies, OTA’s, Airlines, Travel Services and Bloggers/Indie Media.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $8,020,053  


DoHop is an online search engine and a mobile app that offers information about flights, hotels and rental cars.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $7,960,315  


Cooori is a web-based cutting edge language-learning system. Cooori is located in Japan, Iceland, Belgium and the UK.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $916,307  


Oculis is a clinical-stage, privately held, pharmaceutical development company focusing on ophthalmic drugs and novel drug delivery.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $37,355,908  


Lucinity is the Intelligent AML solution company that empowers clients to detect suspicious behavior patterns and improve review efficiency.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,000,000  

Activity Stream

Activity Stream makes client's organization better by turning business data into actionable intelligence and insights.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,704,493  


ARK Technology is an environmental management company that provides software solutions and advisory services for the maritime industry.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,385,482  


Nox Medical is founded by engineers, investors and medical professionals to offer standard solutions for sleep monitoring and diagnostics.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $3,865,781  

Data Dwell

Data Dwell brings high-performance sales and marketing tools to the central nervous system of revenue: the CRM.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $1,277,089  

AGR Dynamics

AGR Dynamics offers a powerful supply chain management software, AGR, inventory optimiser, and sales manager.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $1,009,270  


Enterprise-friendly screen sharing platform.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $681,114  


Monerium is a regulated financial services company making currency more accessible, secure, and simple to transact.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,000,000  


Greenqloud is a software company focusing on their premier software, Qstack, a leading Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Reykjav√≠k     $4,560,687  

1939 Games

1939 Games is a small game development studio that focuse on WWII gaming experiences.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $2,462,537  

Solid Clouds

Solid Cloud Games ehf. develops cross-platform gaming solutions.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,944,138  

dent & buckle

dent & buckle is an innovative application dedicated for aviation structural damage reporting with a next generation 3D user interface.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $710,794  

Genki Instruments

Creators of Wave - a ring that lets you control sound with motion.

Reykjav√≠k     $567,220  


Handpoint is a payment platform for integrated EMV payments that focuses on Next Generation POS developers.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $10,576,331  


OZ offers an online club membership service for users with specific interests.

Reykjav√≠k   251-500   $27,964,449  


Aldin creates believable virtual reality experiences and technologies to sustain presence & immersion.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $1,743,225  


Sólfar Studios is a virtual reality studio behind Godling.

Reykjav√≠k     $2,212,580  


KGS offers methodology and software solutions facilitating sustainability and responsible environmental operations.

Reykjav√≠k     $560,035  


A phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany pro­vid­ing solu­tions for peo­ple that want to use high qual­ity herbal med­i­c­i­nal prod­ucts

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $4,257,089  


Improving the travel experience by matching traveller to local advice from likeminded people with similar tastes and interests.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $439,490  


Ankeri provides cloud based platform for ship owners and charterers to communicate and share ship data with focus on ship performance.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $665,000  

Memento Payments

Memento Payments offer the next generation social payment platform for banks.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $761,292  


Kvikna is an International software development firm providing technical solutions.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $912,367  


On-demand micro influencer campaigns, anywhere in the world.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,300,000  


Secure, real-time mobile app for the tourism industry.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $320,000  


Costner is a start-up company that specialises in software solutions for the education sector.

Reykjav√≠k     $692,711  


K√ļla makes 3D lenses for smartphones and DSLR cameras.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $715,664  


Breakroom is the way to turn your virtual reality headset into a multi-monitor system.

Reykjav√≠k     $781,613  


Gangverk is a software consultancy founded by seasoned software professionals.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $522,625  


The enchanting world of Tulipop is an original, beautiful and magical children's range unlike any other

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $2,128,423  

Lauf Forks

Lauf Forks makes ultra lightweight suspension forks for gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, XC hardtails and fatbikes.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $3,682,841  


Lipid Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage, privately held, pharmaceutical development company.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $404,129  


Codland’s goal is to promote progress in the fishing industry through innovation and collaboration.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $949,061  


Curio is focused on seafood processing machines for heading, filleting, skinning and sharpening.

Reykjav√≠k     $3,286,459  

ATMO Select

ATMO Select covers all aspects of audio branding for companies and brands.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $1,665,741  


IceWind designs and manufactures small vertical axis wind turbines for telecom towers and residential applications.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $2,451,916  


3Z Pharmaceuticals focuses on developing drugs that would improve the central nervous system.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $881,482  


OptiTog develops environmentally friendly fishing equipment that uses light instead of conventional methods.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $1,058,128  

Lumenox Games

Lumenox games is an independent game developer based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $45,340,794  

Einr√ļm Yarn

Einr√ļm Yarn is producing luxury yarn and architectural service.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $77,089  


BioCule aims to develop a DNA sample integrity equipment that analyzes complex nucleic acid samples.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $960,965  


Invector is a provider of asset valuation data to the financial services industry.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $115,634  


Akthelia is focused on the discovery and development of novel antimicrobial therapeutics.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $190,771  


Teatime Games is an Iceland-based gaming startup that reinvents social games.

Reykjav√≠k     $9,100,000  


Oxymap provides imaging products and services for eye-care professionals and clinical researchers.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $882,970  


Thor-Ice specializes in making and managing slurry Ice systems for rapid chilling of fish, poultry and other food products.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $1,152,971  

Digon Games

Digon Games is a game development studio in Reykjavík focusing on casual sports games.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $296,684  


HAp+ is a sugar free acidic drop, which helps teeth to stay healthy, by effective oral clearance.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $163,705  


A globally leading company in research, development, production and sales of marine-derived enzymes for therapeutic application

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $873,885  


SagaMedica offers herbal dietary supplements from pure, Icelandic nature.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $874,138  


Marinox is an icelandic innovation company specializing in the extraction of bioactives from marine algae.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $771,136  


Polar Fishing Gear specialize in design, contracting and sale of high efficient trawl doors for fishing.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $787,993  

MT tech

MT tech is a start-up company specializing in biomedical technology based on ideas of physical therapist Dr. Maria Ragnarsdottir.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $190,357  


Moodist is your expressive review site for popular review topics and a rating aggregator/search engine for popular review sources.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $52,537  

Mentis Cura

MentisCura, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, is a privately held diagnostic company.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $1,382,759  

Ymir Technologies

Lífdísill provides petroleum refining services and transforms bio-waste to marketable products.

Reykjav√≠k     $714,872  


Reon is a well established software development firm with a strong focus on quality and product security.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $626,339  


Syndis is a leading information security company providing bespoke services and innovative security solutions in the global market.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $482,580  


Taramar creates cosmetic products from Icelandic seaweed and medicinal herbs.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $75,053  

Karolina Fund

Karolina Fund is a project management and funding platform to find people to work with and projects to take part in.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $53,430  

Breather Ventilation

Breather Ventilation is developing their new ventilation concept and technology.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $177,690  


Krumma produces and sells toys and educational supplies for children of various age groups.

Reykjav√≠k   11-50   $165,741  


Scintilla is an icelandic design company renowned for its original prints.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $134,089  


Anitar is app for tracking companion animals with RFID tags.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $689,209  

As We Grow

As We Grow is a children¬īs fashion label based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Focused on creating timeless, quality clothing.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $75,053  


Gerosion provides consultation, material testing and specialized R&D work for entities in the geothermal and petroleum industry.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $219,383  


Sportabler is a sports website that helps coaches, parents, clubs and their children to better harness the life developing in sports.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $115,000  

Jurt Hydrophonics

Wasabi Iceland is a new company founded by engineers.

Reykjav√≠k     $545,000  


Vizido is an app that uses photos and screenshots to help the user remember things.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $115,634  


Margildi is a young company that specializes in refining fish oils from capelin, herring and mackerel.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $485,634  


Alvican is a company that develops an automated monitoring system for smart assisted living for the elderly.

Reykjav√≠k     $410,000  


PageKite works to establish its clients on the internet via well designed and creative web sites.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $126,151  


Trappa offers off-site speach training through the internet.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $112,580  


The EcoMals (Eco-Friendly Animals) concept is edutainment for children and the whole family.

Reykjav√≠k     $112,321  


ViralTrade develops a trading platform, focusing on transparent exchange market.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $79,383  


Gracipe develops software for creating and presenting graphical food recipes

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $201,232  


Stiki is a consulting and software company specializing in information systems security.

Reykjav√≠k     $554,632  


R2Javascript is a package for webMethods Integration Server from Software AG that allows services to be written in Javascript.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $39,771  


Belgingur are experts in high resolution weather forecasting, and provide solutions for the global Wind Energy and Emergency Rescue sectors.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $222,151  


Valorka. is developing turbines for tidal energy power plant.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $615,110  


MarkMar identifies possible sources of research funding, and provides expertise.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $368,128  


M√Ĺsk√∂pun is an innovation company established to promote economic activity and utilize internal resources at the area in a sustainable way.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $116,018  


ErkiTónlist promotes creative endeavours in music, especially those that for one reason or other did not obtain commercial support.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $582,858  


Fisheries Technologies is an Icelandic company specializing in the field of fisheries management on a governmental level.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $669,211  


CEO HUXUN is a management tool for managers and CEOs.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $425,634  


Rísóm makes a software that designed to make learning a more fun and interactive experience.

Reykjav√≠k     $159,037  


Rhino-Aviation makes an Aircraft Inventory management systems.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $75,053  


ArcticMass offers high quality bioanalytical services for the pharmaceutical industry, using analytical techniques.

Reykjav√≠k   1-10   $354,709  

D-Tech System

D-Tech System is a new generation of disinfection solution providing outstanding performance.

Reykjav√≠k     $81,868  

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