82 Galway Startups to Watch in 2022

Galway's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 82 Galway tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Galway 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Investigative Intelligence Platform.

Galway   11-50   $14,739,014  


Aerogen is a medical device and drug delivery company.

Galway   51-100   $33,703,888  

Atlantic Therapeutics

Atlantic Therapeutics is a manufacturer of innovative pelvic floor muscle strengthening and nerve stimulation products.

Galway     $48,111,864  

Vivasure Medical

Medical device company developing a closure device for vascular access procedures.

Galway   11-50   $40,806,310  

Bluedrop Medical

Bluedrop Medical are an early stage startup company investigating the issue of diabetic foot disease.

Galway   43840   $4,497,399  

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4Tech is a one-stop shop for plastic moldings and packaging solutions from design to manufacture.

Galway   11-50   $36,000,000  

Signum Surgical

Signum Surgical is a company who develops implant to encourage healing in a colorectal condition.

Galway     $6,881,118  

PiPiT Global

PiPiT is a digital cash collection platform.

Galway   43840   $1,132,502  


GlowDx is a molecular diagnostics company focused on democratising access to molecular testing.

Galway   43840   $730,903  


Web-based Sales App for Small Business

Galway   11-50   $749,000  

Loci Orthopaedics

A innovative orthopaedic implant for the treatment of thumb base arthritis.

Galway   43840   $6,026,346  


RealSpeaker’s AI-based multi-lingual transcription platform. It has the ability to machine transcribe any kind of media files or URL links

Galway   43840   $169,194  

AuriGen Medical

AuriGen Medical is a structural heart and EP company.

Galway   43840   $4,091,442  

Channel Mechanics

Development & sale of software & services to enable enterprises improve efficiency of channel sales

Galway   11-50   $2,300,000  

Kite Medical

Kite Medical has developed a novel device for detecting kidney reflux in children.

Galway   43840   $1,846,892  


E-procurement software and procurement consultancy services.

Galway   51-100   $850,000  

NVP Energy

NVP Energy markets energy positive wastewater treatment technology that turns wastewater into a revenue generator.

Galway   11-50   $1,825,108  

Westway Health

Westway Health is a biopharmaceutical company based in Galway.

Galway     $5,779,783  


Tr3dent provides 3D solutions and services based on 2D data, model.

Galway   43840   $350,000  


DigiTally is a software platform that enables management of multi-site food businesses

Galway   43840   $33,032  


ÉireComposites provides design, tooling, manufacturing, and testing to the international aerospace industry.

Galway     $1,975,990  


PlanDomino is a software startup that is simplifying the management of complex testing laboratories.

Galway   43840   $114,819  


Poly-Pico Micro-drop dispensing technologies enables non-contact drop-on-demand ultra-high accuracy dispensing of biomaterials and fluids.

Galway   43840   $81,868  

Fintrax Group Holdings

Fintrax Group is one of the world’s leading Tax Free shopping, Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Galway   501-1000    

Marvao Medical

Marvao Medical Devices develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices that reduce the risk.

Galway     $1,767,973  

BioProbe Diagnostics

BioProbe Diagnostics bringing innovative diagnostics products to The Market.

Galway     $83,346  

Tribal City Interactive

Publisher/developer for mobile & online distribution in iPhone/iPod market

Galway   43840   $135,357  

Animated Language Learning

Animated Language Learning is a developer of software that assists in the development of speech and language.

Galway   43840   $80,864  


Data-Driven Bus Scheduling

Galway   11-50    


Viviscal makes hair growth products and vitamins that target hiar loss, for both men and women.



MetaFact uses deep content, network and domain analysis to categorise and prioritise claims.

Galway   43840    

Technology Voice

Deciphering new technologies and making them relevant.

Galway   11-50    

Blue Tree Systems

Blue Tree provides world-class transportation management solutions.

Galway   51-100    

Smyths Toys

Smyths Toys Superstores are a leading provider of children's toys and entertainment products

Galway   1001-5000    


Web-based conference management tool.

Galway   11-50    


The biggest and best info source for sports bettors.

Galway   11-50    

CGA Software

Health & Safety, Facilities & Equipment Management Systems.

Galway   11-50    


WEBTEXT is a messaging company fully integrated with every Avaya and Cisco contact center platform on the market.

Galway   11-50    


The Complete Compliance eLearning Suite for Large Organisations

Galway   11-50    


ProtectBox is an innovative but powerful answer to the dilemma of many small businesses faced with overwhelming cyber protection advice.


Vetex Medical

Vetex Medical has developed the Vetex thrombectomy catheter as a platform technology for the venous vascular system.



BriteBiz brings all the processes and people together to allow you to get work done.

Galway   11-50    


Understand the conversations people are having with your brand on chat channels.

Galway   43840    

Contego Sports

Contego Sports Limited manufactures and sells head guards for rugby players.



Econiq is the conversation behavior intelligence company.


PlanNet 21

PlanNet21 is specialised converged network solution provider.

Galway   101-250    

Galway Technology Centre

Provides serviced office space in a prime location in Galway to meet the needs of companies

Galway   43840    

Element Wave

Element Wave is an award-winning Mobile Marketing Automation platform, creating game-changing, scalable, user journeys.

Galway   11-50    

Celtic Water Solutions

CWS is a one step shop for Clack water softeners, reverse osmosis water filters, office water coolers, well water treatment in Ireland.

Galway   11-50    

Cambus Teoranta

Cambus Teoranta., doing business as Cambus Medical., designs, develops, and manufactures hypotubes and micro-component solutions.

Galway   101-250   $663,423  

Everyday Finance

Everyday Finance was established as a consumer loan provider.


Pocket Anatomy

Pocket Anatomy like to think of ourselves as the small company that care about healthcare transformation.

Galway   11-50    

Revive Active

Revive Active is a revolutionary nutritional health food supplement which delivers increased energy, maintains the immune system.

Galway   43840    

Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Galway

Radisson Blu Hotel Galway & Spa is situated on Lough Atalia Road just a three minute walk from the famous Eyre Square.

Galway   10001    

Vulcan Solutions

A software solutions company and provides business applications, custom software and CRM solutions, and technology consultancy.

Galway   251-500    


The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) is a world-class biomedical research centre.


DFT Games

DFT Games is an Ireland-based independent game studio that specializes in cross platform development services.

Galway   43840    

Mint Tek Circuits

Providing an online marketplace that makes it faster, easier and cheaper for makers to build hardware prototypes.

Galway   43840    


TradeCert provides Certificate of Origin and other documentation and certification services to exporters around the world.

Galway   43840    


Discover Amazing Newsletters

Galway   43840    


Mykidstime is an information website for parents and their children.

Galway   11-50    


Sezmic is a music creation and collaboration platform.

Galway   43840    

Career and Life Planning

Calp is a company that helps people plan their lives and careers.

Galway   43840    

Heaventree Design

Heaventree Design provides services for digital marketing, software development, e-commerce, Web design & development

Galway   11-50    

Biocell Water

Biocell Water is a manufacture and supplier of sewage treatment systems, septic tanks and rainwater harvesting systems in Ireland.



SaaS providing data analytics for food safety in the cold chain.

Galway   43840    


Count your stock/inventory 68% faster using EasyCount. Eliminate the need for pen & paper counting and double entry.

Galway   43840    


Schoolbooks.ie is Ireland's Favourite School Book Store

Galway   43840    


Merris is a company that manufactures dispensing and Mixing equipment.


Outsource Technical Concepts

Engineered Solutions in Medical Device Manufacturing.

Galway   11-50    


Eye-movement controls for mobile devices

Galway   43840    

Project Central

Simple Project Management SAAS app for Microsoft work account users

Galway   43840    

SmartBay Ireland

SmartBay Ireland supports the testing and validation of novel sensors and equipment for its clients.

Galway   43840    

091 Labs

091 Labs is a collaborative community space based in Galway City.

Galway   43840    

Proxy Biomedical

Proxy Biomedical is a leading innovator in the research, design, development and manufacture of biomaterial focused solutions.

Galway   11-50    

Startup Galway

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galway


Key Webs

Website Design and social media management for small businesses in Galway. Unlock the Internet with Key Webs.

Galway   43840    

English Bubble

Learn English through games with English Bubble. English Bubble create fun, social and personal language learning games and English classes.

Galway   43840    

Galway Arts Festival

Galway Arts Festival is an Irish creative collision of performance, music, visual art, and discussion.

Galway   43840    

West Bake

West Bake is an Irish manufacturer of branded and non branded sweet confectionery.

Galway   51-100    


fitnessBattle is a fitness community website for those who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively.

Galway   43840    


Stocktaking.ie was created in 2004 with the goal of creating a higher standard of stocktaking across Ireland.

Galway   101-250    

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