121 Foodtech Startups to Watch in 2022

Foodtech's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Foodtech tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is a network of online food ordering sites with over 100 restaurant partners worldwide.

Berlin   10001   $2,593,571,831  


Picnic is a new online supermarket, that delivers groceries for the lowest price to people’s home, without delivery costs.

Amsterdam   251-500   $108,163,885  


Wolt is a European food delivery company specialising in real-time logistics optimisation.

Helsinki   501-1000   $175,500,000  


HelloFresh is a food subscription company that sends pre-portioned ingredients to users’ doorstep each week.

Berlin   1001-5000   $367,459,140  


Mitto is a debit card and app designed for “Generation Z” teens.

Barcelona   11-50   $2,200,629  

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foodpanda is a online food delivery marketplace that enables users to place orders at local restaurants via its website or mobile app.

Berlin   1001-5000   $749,450,000  


Deliveroo owns and operates an online food delivery platform in the United Kingdom.

London   1001-5000   $1,531,597,403  


Wynd develops the first unified commerce platform empowering retailers to od their omnichannel transformation to address new consumer needs.

Paris   251-500   $123,500,000  

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app for fighting food waste.

Copenhagen     $6,830,717  


Foodvisor app helps you eat smarter and healthier by instantly analyzing the nutrients in your food.

Paris   1-10   $1,282,720  


Gousto is an online meal-kit manufacturer and retailer, using AI and automation to provide extensive choice and personalisation.

London   251-500   $137,678,825  


DayTwo provides personalized nutrition and actionable insights for people to maintain normal blood sugar levels based on their microbiome.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $53,000,000  


Hundred is a direct-to-consumer digital health company providing personalized high-quality vitamins plus Nutrition Expert Consultation.

Berlin   11-50   $8,000,000  


Quandoo offers online channels and mobile apps to search, find and reserve restaurants in real-time.

Berlin   251-500   $39,500,000  


Novo is a professional network environment exclusively for students enrolled at institutions that offer higher education.

Antwerp   11-50    


Foodspring is a premium fitness food & sports nutrition company.

Berlin   101-250   $33,760,771  


Supermercato24 is an online delivery service transforming the way people buy groceries and home essentials.

Milan   51-100   $19,908,803  


Frichti is a home-made food production and delivery company offering a wide range of meals for lunch and dinner.

Paris   101-250   $48,200,000  


Matsmart sells surplus food online. A major part would have been thrown away, due to packaging changes, short expiry dates or other reasons.

Stockholm   101-250   $46,348,123  


nanobebe is the first baby bottle designed to preserve the nutrients of breastmilk, without compromising convenience and style.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $1,270,000  

Innis & Gunn

Innis & Gunn is Scotland’s most awarded and best loved independent brewer.

Edinburgh   11-50   $23,353,560  


Flipdish make branded ordering apps and websites for quick service delivery and takeout restaurants.

Dublin   11-50   $8,559,897  


Feed is a French foodtech startup that designs complete meals, in formats adapted to active people.

Paris     $21,507,978  

Appsilon Enterprise

Appsilon is focused on jewellery production and advanced materials based solutions for production of next-generation materials.

Istanbul   1-10   $3,046,255  

Simple Feast

Simple Feast operates as an online cookbook platform.

Copenhagen   11-50   $45,144,542  


Crisp is an app-only supermarket focused on ultra-fresh food

Amsterdam   11-50   $9,022,885  


Mytime records the amount of time spent by users on a particular online service and converts it into cryptocurrency.

Saint Petersburg   11-50   $3,500,000  

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of crop protection solutions.

Tel Aviv   1001-5000   $240,000,000  


Solar Foods produces an entirely new kind of nutrient-rich protein using only air and electricity as the main resources.

Helsinki   1-10   $2,821,897  


Sweden's largest online grocery store with above SEK 1 billion in sales in 2016 and continued high growth.

Stockholm   251-500   $166,425,993  


LIMA empowers businesses to work smarter and achieve more with technology tailored to customer needs.

Manchester     $14,809,640  


Tastewise is a data, analytics and insights platform for restaurants, food brands and hospitality.

Tel Aviv     $6,500,000  

Syqe Medical

Syqe Medical aims to transform cannabis and other psychoactive botanicals into mainstream medical drugs.

Tel Aviv   51-100   $70,000,000  


The Home of Irish Dairy is an agri-food commercial co-operative which markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its members.

Dublin   5001-10000   $1,288,586,826  


Cortilia is the leading fresh food online retailer in Italy, offering the best products from local and other excellent producers

Milan   11-50   $19,561,587  


YFood is a food-tech startup that designs nutritionally complete meals.

Munich   51-100   $5,900,000  


SMART VALOR is a security token exchange for alternative investments that set to enable borderless crypto finance.

Zug   11-50   $4,760,122  

GTX Medical

GTX Medical develops and offers an implantable stimulation system and a robot-assisted training program to rehabilitate individuals.

Lausanne   11-50   $40,995,026  


Lieferando is a mobile app that allows you to order food at restaurants online.

Amsterdam   51-100   $24,261,956  

Buddy Pet Foods

A premium D2C all-natural pet food company from Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm   1-10   $1,256,175  


Iris is an AI Science Assistant, helping R&D double productivity when seeking out new opportunities in published research.

Oslo   1-10   $2,500,825  


agrilution is developing smart devices to grow fresh, healthy food in your home.

Munich   11-50   $4,930,628  


MoneyMan.ru is a digital finance company based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We provide a high-quality online consumer lending service.

Moscow   51-100   $9,000,000  


MyCujoo is a Swiss company providing tech to stream sports live and on-demand, improving the businesses of clubs, leagues, & federations.

Zürich   51-100   $2,261,173  

Lola Market

Lola Market is an online platform, offers a quality service in the online purchase of food products in traditional markets.

Madrid   51-100   $3,372,112  


Metalshub provides a digital marketplace for metals and ferroalloys to promote a more efficient and liquid physical market.

Düsseldorf   11-50   $3,429,825  


Our tagline is to be Stripe for fraud detection platforms. Transparent, asy to use, implement and cost-effective.

London   20   $1,730,233  


Buymie is a mobile app for on-demand groceries wherein one can order goods from local stores & have them delivered in an hour.

Dublin   1-10   $2,976,729  

Alphapet Ventures

Alphapet Ventures is an online retailer and private label company based in Germany that sells pet food and supplies to pet owners.

Munich   51-100   $14,634,744  


MindMate is an application that helps people living with cognitive decline.

Glasgow   1-10   $2,770,000  


Micrima develops a non-invasive and a non-ionizing radio wave technology for detecting breast cancer.

Bristol   1-10   $15,028,248  


Platform to Aggregate Productivity Tools for Newsrooms

Porto   1-10   $58,000  


Syncbnb offers channel management for vacation rental owners.

Athens   11-50   $810,000  


ResQ Club allows consumers to "rescue" valuable food at risk of going to waste, from e.g. restaurants and bakeries.

Helsinki   11-50   $911,693  


Online ordering system custom build just for your restaurant or take-away

Copenhagen   11-50   $9,821,552  

Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics is a personalised medicine research platform with data privacy and transparency at its core.

Cambridge   1-10   $659,241  


Travador.com is a growing travel platform with focus on short and weekend trips.

Munich   51-100   $18,500,000  

Lone Rooftop

Lone Rooftop develops products to optimise big office buildings for hospitality and sustainability

Amsterdam   1-10   $3,015,205  


Bizimply is an all-in-one Workforce Management Platform designed specifically for Retail and Hospitality businesses.

Dublin   11-50   $2,279,264  

Epic Foods

Epic Foods is a Nordic food delivery company, running it's own kitchen network.

Helsinki   11-50   $1,763,016  


BioWatch is a wrist veins biometric reader, functions as a security solution for smartwatches.

Lausanne   1-10   $2,542,719  


FaceApp offers an app that transforms its user's face using artificial intelligence in just one tap.

Saint Petersburg      


Natufia enables growing healthy food for the whole family, automatically, in an ecologically friendly way.

Tallinn   1-10   $1,200,000  

Intent Technologies

Intent Technologies develops the first open and cloud-based operating system for smart buildings and the internet of things.

Lille   11-50   $4,609,805  


STMicroelectronics is a global leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions

Geneva   10001    


BluTV is world's leading platform for Turkish TV content and Turkey's #1 subscription video-on-demand service

Istanbul   51-100   $7,000,000  


CogBooks is an adaptive web-based learning platform.

Edinburgh   11-50   $6,108,856  


Definigen provides human cells to the drug discovery sector for use in lead optimization and toxicity programs.

Cambridge   11-50   $9,020,405  


Wide Eyes delivers specific visual search technology that can recognize automatically any kind of fashion article from an image.

Barcelona   11-50   $300,000  


Joygame is a publisher of online games and is one of the biggest gaming companies in Turkey.

Istanbul   101-250   $15,000,000  


Acqustic allows families, friends, couples to order live concerts from musicians.

Barcelona   1-10   $1,092,714  


Yescapa is a rental platform for motorhomes and travel vehicles between individuals.

Bordeaux   11-50   $3,976,442  


PlayPass offers a wristband that enables event organizers to manage crew, artists, and crowds.

Antwerp   11-50   $6,324,577  


Vumonic provides market tracking and competitive intelligence to the world's leading ride-hail, food delivery, and e-commerce companies.

Tallinn   11-50   $224,553  


Aceleron is an innovative UK-based advanced lithium battery developer aiming to accelerate the global shift to cleaner.

Birmingham   11-50   $194,102  


Asya is an app for mindful conversation powered by Ethical AI

Riga   43840   $136,086  


Zumo turns Bitcoin and Ethereum into money by making crypto work seamlessly with traditional currencies.

Edinburgh   11-50   $1,944,151  


PIXEVIA - artificial intelligence for smart city, retail and drones.

Vilnius   43840   $781,787  


JANZZ.technology is a technology and consulting company active in semantic skills and job matching.

Zürich   11-50   $11,044,164  

Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital is a video game distributors help studios and publishers distributing their games worldwide on PC, consoles and mobile.

Montpellier   11-50   $2,258,973  


ElTenedor is a restaurant outlet that reserve and book tables or restaurants quickly and free of charge.

Madrid   251-500   $10,476,785  


TrackDuck is a Visual feedback tracking for web development.

Vilnius   43840   $287,721  


Digital platform to manage people taxes online

Madrid   1-10   $220,062  


Mamsy is a membership club selling goods for mothers and their children.

Moscow   251-500   $15,000,000  


wineOwine is an online, private wine club that provides its members with a wide collection of wines from small Italian wineries.

Rome   1-10   $1,360,583  


Fundinfo is an international platforms for information and mandatory publications of investment funds.

Zürich     $3,723,886  


TableAir provides employee-centric office experience that increases the sense of community and improves employee retention and health.

Vilnius   11-50   $818,478  


RECUP is your reusable deposit system for coffee-to-go cups.

Munich     $205,946  


KitchenAdvisor is the first true comparison portal for fitted kitchens.

Hamburg   1-10   $938,311  

Patent Fund

Patent Fund is a company that helps scientists get help for their projects, with both materials and grants.

Wroclaw     $1,046,383  


Annelutfen is a full price e-commerce company for baby and mother products in Turkey.

Istanbul   1-10   $6,227,708  


Using data to help motorists connect with brands at the key moments that matter all the way through their ownership lifecycle

Manchester   11-50   $1,704,189  


Deliverart is a B2B channel manager in cloud that simplifies food delivery management through automation and optimization of the processes.

Rome   1-10   $116,593  


Cloapp is a tech startup from Uppsala, Sweden developing the Personal Relationship Management app Closr.

Uppsala   43840   $1,408,975  


GuestFlip offers a smart Online Reputation Management solution for hotels.

Athens   1-10   $225,045  


Frst regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface.

Bratislava     $7,200,000  

ROADMap Systems

RoadMap is founded on four patents licensed from the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) in the area.

Cambridge   1-10   $2,325,000  


BioSeek aggregates the life-science data across multiple sources such as NCBI, UniProt, KEGG, and make it easily accessible at one spot.

Sofia   1-10   $740,741  


Peakboard helps enterprise customers to distribute real time information to workers in logistic and production processes.

Stuttgart   11-50   $1,258,639  


Tengu helps companies become data-driven and increase the efficiency of data profiles.

Ghent   12   $395,192  


Book venues for corporate and private events online.

Oslo   1-10   $1,782,878  

InfraSight Labs

Guide IT professionals in their day-to-day operations by providing actionable insights and first class reporting about IT.

Malmö   11-50   $368,338  


Playerbase is a community driven platform for gamers that delivers solutions to improve overall gaming experience.

Edinburgh   1-10   $39,128  


Quark VR is the next-gen compression and streaming technology for VR and AR. We provide Immerive Computing on the Edge.

Sofia   1-10   $211,222  


Proaction is a platform for online evaluation of employees and candidates at all stages of the HR cycle.

Saint Petersburg     $39,411  


Smarttaxi is a content platform in taxis; providing passengers a fun journey and allowing advertisers to connect with target audience.

Istanbul   1-10   $100,000  


BGMENU is an online platform for food ordering and delivery including over 250 restaurants in Bulgaria, which increase in number every day.

Sofia   11-50   $274,798  

The Parkmead Group

Parkmead is seeking to continue the significant progress the company has already made towards building an independent oil and gas company

Aberdeen     $66,000,000  


OrderingOnlineSystem.com is an online ordering system for food and delivery available in several restaurants.

Hamburg   11-50   $200,000  


Codie is dedicated to inspire the next generation through teaching creative coding.

Budapest   1-10   $125,000  

Sport Grand Tour

Orangogo allows you to discover your talent by finding the best sports courses and lessons.

Turin   1-10   $580,585  

PV Stream

Web-based all-in-one platform for that supports Solar Project development.

Riga   43840   $114,245  

Stormburst Studios

A Birmingham-based startup which develops game-inspired software for business use.

Birmingham   1-10   $187,792  


Arrayjet is a microarray instrumentation company.

Edinburgh   11-50   $866,894  


SKIP-Q is a pre ordering and pre payement platform which focus on lunch in Belgium. It connects users to their local shops.

Brussels   1-10   $356,633  

Weatherford International

Weatherford is a leading oilfield service company involved in well drilling, evaluation, completion, production, and intervention.

Zug   10001    


Facility is a hotel management software replacing paper, phone and mouth-to-mouth communication with one easy-to-use application.

Ljubljana   43840   $783,978  


Thor-Ice specializes in making and managing slurry Ice systems for rapid chilling of fish, poultry and other food products.

Reykjavík   1-10   $1,152,971  

EKU Power Drives

EKU Power Drives provides intelligent, gas-electric hybrid solutions to enable oil and gas production with natural gas as the primary fuel.

Stuttgart   1-10   $480,982  


Marketing solutions for Messaging App. Makers of Mood Messenger (more than 2 million users in 100 countries)

Marseille   11-50   $2,468,751  

Westway Health

Westway Health is a biopharmaceutical company based in Galway.

Galway     $5,779,783  


Lumo Develop short-circuit savings in the service of the energy transition.



Belgian leader in trailer telematics and supply chain mobile apps for driver & goods management focused on the Pharma & Food Retail sectors.

Brussels   11-50   $2,200,000  


GoalShouter provides an iPhone and Android-based mobile communication tool for the soccer community.

Milan     $113,359  

Causeway Therapeutics

A pioneering company with global markets in the treatment of human and equine tendon disease

Glasgow     $1,314,278  


Olivetree (dba myloc) enable businesses to collaborate in logistics networks.

Malmö   11-50   $965,215  

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