40 Video Startups to Watch in 2022

Video's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 40 Video tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Video 10+ employees Fast-growing

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VideoStir is a young innovative and professional company that aims to make creative and commercial simple and easy.

Tel Aviv   1-10   $796,779  


Minute is a video optimization technology company that provides viewers with highlights of the video content on the web.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $12,000,000  


VisionLabs is a world-leading visual recognition company

Moscow   51-100   $5,500,000  


A pioneer of the circular economy, armadioverde is the number 1 fashion re-commerce website in Italy.

Milan   11-50   $4,301,196  


Prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy and treatment from a doctor via video call.

Helsinki   1-10   $5,390,981  

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Radionomy is an online radio platform enabling to create, discover and listen to online stations from all around the world.

Brussels   11-50   $6,000,000  

dent & buckle

dent & buckle is an innovative application dedicated for aviation structural damage reporting with a next generation 3D user interface.

Reykjavík   1-10   $710,794  


OZ offers an online club membership service for users with specific interests.

Reykjavík   251-500   $27,964,449  


Securaxis leverages new technologies such as AI, data science, ioT to develop security & safety solutions, sp. smart acoustic sensors.

Geneva   1-10   $357,950  

Aridhia Informatics

Aridhia informatics provides biomedical informatics and analytics services to improve the management of chronic diseases.

Edinburgh   51-100   $1,637,716  


YoloBook is a photo-printing app, creating stunning timeless products to keep your memories safe.

Belgrade   11-50   $275,164  


Food integrity and product authenticity solutions using AI and Spectrometry

Zug   11-50   $1,000,000  

AblePay Technologies

AblePay Technologies enables mobile payment for any payment terminal, mobile or tablet.

Trondheim     $160,000  

Mono Consultants

Mono Consultants provides infrastructure support services to the telecommunications industry.

Glasgow   251-500   $11,721,189  


Digas designs a game changing product for high horsepower diesel engine applications.

Riga     $1,650,541  


Develops a drone for environmental monitoring in aquaculture

Bergen   43840   $426,919  


DeeMe is a messaging application that enables users to send personalized picture messages to their friends and family.

Bergen   11-50   $598,000  


Navocap offers mobility assistance solutions for public transport, blind and military people.

Toulouse   11-50   $782,372  


X2TV is a developer of mobile and entertainment solutions.

Rome   11-50   $4,500,000  


Sensition is building a focus assist device that captures depth of scene in real time and uses this information to keep picture in focus.

Tallinn     $7,939  

Urban Owl

High Definition sunglasses for style lovers, handmade in Greece.

Athens   1-10   $25,968  


Swiftty is a developer of a cloud-based file conversion platform based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Belgrade     $55,926  


AreTheyHappy is a Social media and Review Management Software

Ghent   43840    

NFC Team

NFC Team is a software house which develops loyalty solutions for POS terminals, mobile apps, and web-based CRM systems.

Riga     $68,529  


OceanExis one of the fastest-growing and reputable cryptocurrency exchange.


Avant Car

Avant Car provides car rentals, chauffeur-driven service rentals, business vehicle rentals and fleet management solutions to its clients.

Ljubljana   11-50    


ibani.com helps you exchange money & send it abroad at the best rates of the market and without hidden fees.

Geneva   1-10    


Vibration Energy Harvesting

Vilnius   43840    


Remipay is enterprise software platform solution for global transactions combined with Business Process Services.



Mealmatch connects people at a joint Meal - in restaurants and private environments.

Cologne   1-10    

Clipper Logistics

Clipper Logistics is providing value-added logistics solutions.

Leeds   1001-5000    


ewa is an insurance-backed basic income.



Staply is a web app for individuals and groups of people to collect all types of content (files, links, texts) for their projects.

Saint Petersburg   1-10    


Molslinjen is a privately held company that operates ferry services between the Jutland and the island of Zealand.



eSATURNUS is a technology company that offers data management and video-over-IP solutions in the medical field.

Leuven   11-50    


Jalis is specialized in search engine optimisation and Internet marketing solutions.

Marseille   101-250    


SkillSnap is the only web-based recruitment platform which helps recruiters and hiring managers recruit LESS by identifying the best fit.

Brighton   1-10    

Creating Careers

Creating Careers develops and supplies e-learning platforms and content to the education sector.

Newcastle   101-250    


BuffetClub is an online platform that allows its users to chat online with buffets of their choice and book the date of their party.


Vattenreningsgruppen H2O

Vattenreningsgruppen H2O is a market and install water treatment equipment for households, industries and municipalities.


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  • Company
  • Hopin
  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
  • TIER
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  • Events
  • Food
  • Fintech
  • Fintech
  • Sales
  • Mobility
  • Location
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • London
  • Tallinn
  • Berlin
  • Raise
  • $125M
  • $169M
  • $100M
  • $59M
  • $500M
  • $250M
  • URL
  • hopin.com
  • glovo.com
  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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