96 Sofia Startups to Watch in 2022

Sofia's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 96 Sofia tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Sofia 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Transmetrics provides cargo companies with data cleansing, demand forecasting and network optimization based on AI and predictive analytics.

Sofia   11-50   $1,871,052  


Noble is a decentralized referral-based job board.

Sofia   1001-5000   $225,943  

Software Group

Software Group is a global technology company specialized in digital banking and integration solutions for the financial sector.

Sofia   251-500   $30,329,137  


The learning platform and community for entrepreneurs

Sofia   11-50    


A4Everyone offers affordable analytical solutions that improve small and medium businesses efficiency.

Sofia   1-10   $452,127  

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Content Insights

Content Insights is a SaaS editorial intelligence suite providing information on how to have more effective and efficient content production

Sofia   11-50   $4,822,730  

Bee Smart Technologies

Bee Smart™ is a remote diagnostic and monitoring station for any bee hive. We empower beekeepers to join the digital age through analytics.

Sofia   1-10   $595,457  

Vayant Travel Technologies

Vayant provides the global travel industry with airfare search solutions.

Sofia   101-250   $3,000,000  

Cash Credit

Technological finance institution cooperating with MNO’s around the world to jointly offer competitive financial services for the unbanked.

Sofia   101-250   $25,000,000  


Customer Analytics and Intelligent Marketing for eCommerce stores

Sofia   11-50   $1,097,060  


Enhancv is an online resume builder.

Sofia   11-50   $241,231  


DRONAMICS develops unmanned aerial systems for shipping commercial and special cargo applications.

Sofia   11-50   $223,832  


EnduroSat designs and engineers spacecraft for business applications and space exploration missions.

Sofia   11-50   $1,271,140  


Nasekomo is revolutionizing the human food chain by producing animal feeds from organic waste using bioconverting insects.

Sofia   11-50   $1,240,930  

Melissa Climate

MClimate makes your home smart by retrofitting your old appliances with their smart devices. Monitor and control your home with app.

Sofia   501-1000   $693,739  


MammothDB is a big data analytics and enterprise data warehousing that distributes, parallel, shared nothing, SQL compatible database.

Sofia   11-50   $1,800,000  


LegalTrek is an integrated legal practice management solution for small-to-medium law firms.

Sofia   1-10   $503,974  


Coherent UI, a product of Coherant Labs, helps game developers without any programming knowledge implement user interfaces more easily.

Sofia   11-50   $613,700  

Biodit Global Technology

Biodit Global Technology is a tech company that specializes in development of state-of-the-art biometric security systems.

Sofia   11-50   $1,992,860  


BioSeek aggregates the life-science data across multiple sources such as NCBI, UniProt, KEGG, and make it easily accessible at one spot.

Sofia   1-10   $740,741  


NitroPack is a full speed optimization service that makes websites load automagically fast.

Sofia     $225,943  


eBag.bg is an online supermarket.

Sofia     $734,316  


Augmented reality greeting cards.

Sofia   1-10   $109,268  


Appzio is a platform that makes building native apps for Android & iOS radically faster and cost-effective.

Sofia   1-10   $694,360  


Quark VR is the next-gen compression and streaming technology for VR and AR. We provide Immerive Computing on the Edge.

Sofia   1-10   $211,222  


CourseDot is an online marketplace for IT training courses.

Sofia   1-10   $444,952  


BGMENU is an online platform for food ordering and delivery including over 250 restaurants in Bulgaria, which increase in number every day.

Sofia   11-50   $274,798  

Oliver Wicks

Oliver Wicks is a custom menswear e-tailer.

Sofia   11-50   $262,846  


InSelly is an online marketplace where users can browse retailers on Instagram.

Sofia   1-10   $480,659  


ARTery is a customer-oriented, tech savvy and flexible team aided by proprietary software tools for Etsy marketing.

Sofia   1-10   $85,069  


The best IT coworking space in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sofia   11-50   $1,660,000  


Farmia is online livestock marketplace that helps farmers and buyers to trade in a more efficient, cost effective and secure way.

Sofia   1-10   $311,688  


FootballScout is a professional web-based platform for football players, agents, coaches and teams.

Sofia   1-10   $2,605,930  

Crypto APIs

Crypto APIs is an infrastructure layer helping development teams to build Blockchain and Crypto products faster.

Sofia   11-50    


A key motivation for the ProsFit team is building the capability to accommodate the increasing number of amputees.

Sofia   1-10   $3,540,982  


Clicko offers a hardware product that enables individuals to open automatic doors using their smartphones.

Sofia   11-50   $139,892  


All-in-one online platform for training providers that combines an LMS, virtual classrooms, and an eCommerce store into one solution.

Sofia     $330,274  

365 Data Science

An educational career website for aspiring business intelligence analysts, data analysts and data scientists.

Sofia   11-50   $100,000  


A social media platform based on AI where people exchange skills and knowledge

Sofia   1-10   $55,248  


The world's first smart speed radar gun

Sofia   1-10   $135,408  


Viblast is an innovator operating in the online video industry that improves on last-mile delivery, stream quality and playback.

Sofia   1-10   $264,782  

I Rise mechanics 357

High-tech company for engineering and manufacturing robotic mobility devices for people with lower limbs disabilities .

Sofia   1-10   $352,374  


Transform any flat surface into a collaborative whiteboard area

Sofia   1-10   $130,032  


CoKitchen is a co-working space for chefs, where good food is prepared with locally grown ingredients by freelancing food professionals.

Sofia   1-10   $27,317  

Playground Energy

Playground Energy develops ideas to make outdoor games more fun, educational and functional for children.

Sofia   1-10   $291,332  


Adormo makes it easy to manage property listings on multiple vacation rental websites like Airbnb.

Sofia   1-10   $128,507  

Damocles Analytics

AI Driven Political Insights Platform

Sofia   1-10   $58,422  

Rebellious Software

Software development company focused on making games that make you think.

Sofia     $283,538  


B EYE is specialized in delivering state of the art Business Intelligence and Planning solutions and applications.

Sofia   51-100   $25,000  

Golden Pages

Golden Pages is the number one directory for professional services and goods in Bulgaria

Sofia   11-50   $190,376  


VIVACOM is a leader in developing modern telecommunication services to meet the highest professional standards.

Sofia   10001    


Perpetto is a personalized reccomendations engine that allows shoppers discover the right products with fewer clicks and fewer emails

Sofia   1-10   $254,180  

Yatrus Analytics

Yatrus Analytics software technology allows their clients to leverage Yatrus Analytics Platform in their decision making processes.

Sofia   1-10   $100,000  


Domestina is a VC funded, fast growing startup company which offers housemaid services in a novel and very progressive way.

Sofia     $219,739  


Havelock is ready to use production management software.

Sofia     $56,485  


Jumpido provides a series of educational games for primary school students aged 6 to 12.

Sofia   1-10   $384,383  


SafeConnect helps online travel agencies, airlines, and insurance companies enter the world of virtual interlining.

Sofia   1-10   $6,800  

COPRIX media

Coprix Media develops learning apps that opens up opportunities for kids to really engage in education

Sofia   11-50   $126,191  

Tool Domains

Tool Domains is a startup company providing customers a tool to research expired domains with SEO value.

Sofia   1-10   $181,836  

Comac Medical

Comac Medical provides innovative and non-conventional solutions of high quality for unmet pharmaceutical industry needs.

Sofia   251-500   $56,511  


Ontotext is a technology company specializes in semantic platforms that identify meaning across unstructured data.

Sofia   51-100    


CM2W provides the ability to remotely monitor and control a wide range of hardware equipment.

Sofia   11-50   $275,176  


Eventyard enables users to create and discover upcoming events based on their interests and location.

Sofia   1-10   $143,511  


Helps parents and guardians of children (people) with autism to overcome one of their biggest fears

Sofia     $222,552  


Intuitics empowers data scientists to easily turn analytics models into intuitive web applications.

Sofia   1-10   $130,000  


Fliiby is digital content publishing and monetization platform built for creative artists and developers

Sofia   1-10   $219,309  


Jobio is an innovative online platform that improves the process of recruitment and assessment of job candidates.

Sofia   1-10   $40,701  


MAXCART provides everything you need to start and run a successful online business.

Sofia   1-10   $56,538  

Wiener Games

Wiener Games is a Bulgaria-based developer of online casino and social games.

Sofia   11-50   $121,451  

Chaos Group

Chaos Group is a leading provider of innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries.

Sofia   11-50    


Credissimo is an online financial company that uses proprietary technology to provide instant personal loans and bill payment services.

Sofia   101-250    


Flyver is enabling developers to write, publish and monetize apps for drones. As easy as for smartphones.

Sofia   1-10   $66,780  


TourVia.me is a marketplace for escorted tours.

Sofia   1-10   $121,265  


Stigni.bg is an online platform that enables users to find and buy bus tickets for rides around Europe.

Sofia   1-10   $62,955  


Fadata’s insurance process platform, INSIS, is an advanced and comprehensive insurance solution available across all major lines of business

Sofia   501-1000    

Telecom Plus

We create a product that is useful and needed by all, which helps in everyday life and work that will make us all closer to each other.

Sofia   1-10   $19,368  

Arthesis Covers

Arthesis Covers brings fashion to leg prosthesis

Sofia   1-10   $67,143  


CloudRunner designs and develops IT infrastructure automation framework.

Sofia   1-10   $136,043  


Filement offers a single point-of-access application that enables users to manage data security on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and clouds.

Sofia   1-10   $102,960  


Althemy is a Marketplace and Community for Alternative subcultures and lifestyles.

Sofia   1-10   $116,799  


Archimedes – UDSS is a Bulgarian startup willing and able to change the very way irrigated farming is done.

Sofia   1-10   $83,304  


StatAce is a revolutionary online statistical system that is easy to use and cost effective.

Sofia   1-10   $174,450  


Collectim is the easiest way to raise funds for your problem, cause or project. It leverages the power of crowd for reaching personal goals.

Sofia   1-10   $100,000  


Interactive co-browsing, session replay, reporting, and analytics tools for support teams.

Sofia   1-10    


MedLease offers an accessible specialized financial service for direct payment of bills to doctors and healthcare institutions.

Sofia   1-10   $235,610  


Ayo is a light-based, energy-boosting wearable that beats jet lag, improves sleep and increases energy levels!

Sofia   1-10    

Budo Finder

Budo Finder is a community marketplace for martial arts. We are focused on building the most vibrant martial arts community.

Sofia   1-10   $55,977  


HutGrip is an industrial IoT solution developed and owned by IndigoVerge

Sofia   11-50   $7,500  


Pivoteka a start-up in distribution and marketing of craft beer.

Sofia     $26,571  


CryptoPotato operates as a source of news, analysis, and information for investment on digital currencies.



phyre replaces your wallet - shop on any contactless POS or online, use your loyalty cards, send/receive money, buy FX, all from your phone

Sofia   11-50    


ScaleFocus is a European IT solutions delivery center.

Sofia   501-1000    


KBLE is an online platform that offers a novelty way of searching, browsing, sharing, and exploring digital content.

Sofia   1-10   $39,488  


Microweber is an open source CMS platform for creating websites using drag and drop technology.

Sofia   1-10    


Fibank First Investment Bank is a public limited company registered with Sofia City.

Sofia   1001-5000    


Opencode Systems is a telecommunications solution provider, dedicated to open systems for the mobile network.

Sofia   51-100    

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  • tier.app

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