121 Denmark Startups to Watch in 2020

Denmark's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Denmark tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Peakon is a platform for measuring and improving employee engagement.

Copenhagen   101-250   $67,971,449  

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app for fighting food waste.

Copenhagen     $6,830,717  


Pleo offers smart payment cards for employees for them to buy things they need for work, while keeping the companies in control of spending.

Copenhagen   101-250   $78,809,635  


Lunar is a 100% digital mobile-based banking app, and it’s our mission to fundamentally change the way we handle money.

Copenhagen   101-250   $53,063,507  


Perfecting every aspect of business document creation.

Copenhagen   101-250   $36,447,294  

Influencer Marketing Hub

Top Influencers, Platforms and Case Studies

Copenhagen     $200,000  


Forecast helps project-driven companies automate operations, empower people, and leverage insights to drive business performance.

Copenhagen   11-50   $9,703,798  


ViaBill is a payment option that allows the users to pay the full amount or pay in installments.

Aarhus   51-100   $57,287,226  


Planday is the workforce collaboration platform that enables managers and hourly workers to communicate, collaborate, and get work done.

Copenhagen   101-250   $58,383,841  


Labster is an internationally focused company dedicated to the development of pioneering online tools for teaching science globally.

Copenhagen   51-100   $34,670,000  


Dixa is conversational customer engagement software that connects brands with customers through real-time communication

Copenhagen   51-100   $16,889,967  


Identity Management & Access Governance Solutions and Services

Copenhagen   101-250   $25,069,057  


Roger.ai is a bill pay and accounts payable automation for SMBs and accountants.

Copenhagen   11-50   $7,350,000  


SoundBoks is a Copenhagen-based hardware company developing and selling battery-powered speaker.

Copenhagen   11-50   $5,420,000  


Genmab is a biotechnology company focused on developing fully human antibody therapeutics for the potential treatment of cancer.

Copenhagen   501-1000   $204,300,000  

Simple Feast

Simple Feast operates as an online cookbook platform.

Copenhagen   11-50   $45,144,542  


Donkey Republic is leading bike share service in Europe with footprint in more than 10 key cities in Europe.

Copenhagen   11-50   $17,970,994  


Goodiebox is an online cosmetic company that provides cosmetics and beauty products.

Copenhagen   11-50   $6,462,365  


Tattoodo is a content provider focused on the tattoo culture and lifestyle.

Copenhagen   11-50   $20,293,785  


Reflectly is a mindfulness app driven by AI.

Aarhus   43840   $774,605  


At Pento we're building a better payroll experience for companies and their employees.

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,510,614  


#1 platform and performance app for youth footballers

Copenhagen   11-50   $11,127,082  


eloomi is a software tool that simplifies skill training and performance improvement in an organization.

Copenhagen   51-100   $16,650,000  


LuggageHero is luggage storage in local shops in major cities all over the world. The concept is self-service through our platform.

Copenhagen   1-10   $3,405,247  


Cobiro is an Artificial Intelligence for Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Copenhagen   11-50   $11,943,574  


Astralis is a professional e-sports organization which represents one of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world.

Copenhagen   11-50   $25,000  


Making display advertising simple, relevant, rewarding for advertisers, agencies and publishers

Copenhagen   501-1000   $27,500,000  


Fast and easy device onboarding for industrial IoT solutions

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,392,939  


Airtame is the most user-friendly wireless HDMI streaming solution for schools and businesses.

Copenhagen   51-100   $7,621,964  


Onomondo is a global cellular operator for IoT

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,599,317  


Liva’s digital coaching platform provides scalable lifestyle change, disease management & patient engagement for NHS England, AXA PPP & more

Copenhagen   11-50   $13,254,545  


momondo is a travel metasearch site that finds and compares the best offers on flights, hotels, car rentals and package holidays.

Copenhagen   251-500   $152,318,625  


LogPoint delivers the most flexible and easy to use platform for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring your machine data.

Copenhagen   101-250   $10,000,000  

Happy Helper

Happy Helper is the leading danish platform for on-demand home services.

Copenhagen   11-50   $7,875,815  


Undo use artificial intelligence to tailor the right insurance to you. categories

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,876,114  


Frey generates efficiencies and opportunities in the market for containerized agricultural commodities.

Aarhus   43840    

Blackwood Seven

Blackwood Seven is a digital marketing firm focusing on predictive analytics for businesses.

Copenhagen   101-250   $43,152,656  


We're an accounts receivables platform for SMEs, solving the biggest reason for bankruptcies in Europe: missing liquidity.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,082,945  


Uizard is a computer software company developing AI tools to transform user interface images into code for building apps and websites.

Copenhagen   1-10   $3,600,000  


Carpooling, peer-to-peer car rental, and private car leasing with a lease-and-rent-out model

Copenhagen   11-50   $9,505,428  

Lix Technologies

Lix is the new digital way of obtaining knowledge for your education.

Aarhus   11-50   $8,540,538  


LetsBuild is a real-time project management platform for the construction industry.

Copenhagen   51-100   $3,448,075  


Worksome connects highly skilled freelancers and independent consultants with companies.

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,146,000  


Actimo is an easy-to-use communication and engagement platform to reach, train, and manage your workforce on their mobile.

Copenhagen   51-100   $3,287,929  


Spiir is your finance's best friend, keeping track of spending and budgets for you.

Aarhus   11-50   $9,881,525  


Connecting all fashion boutiques and brands in Europe, so our customers can find themselves.

Copenhagen   101-250   $28,069,066  


Save up to 72% on more than one million hotels worldwide.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,239,345  


Autobutler provides information on automobile repair service providers that helps users in comparing service costs.

Copenhagen   51-100   $7,900,163  


Configit is a Danish software business.

Copenhagen   101-250   $7,480,326  


Corti is a machine learning company that helps emergency departments to detect critical illnesses like cardiac arrest in real-time.

Copenhagen   11-50   $2,397,782  


Linkfire creates intelligent links that route fans to the music they love, in the apps they love.

Copenhagen   11-50   $2,717,010  


Keepit provides cloud backup and SaaS workload protection services for Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce.

Copenhagen   51-100   $11,286,327  


Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2015, Gaest.com is an online marketplace for unique spaces to work, learn, live and play around the world.

Aarhus   11-50   $3,500,000  


Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform in Denmark

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,581,401  


Falcon.io provides an SaaS platform that allows marketing departments to create, launch and measure social media campaigns in real time.

Copenhagen   101-250   $40,674,105  


Unifeeder is a dynamic logistics company that provides efficient and sustainable transport solutions.

Aarhus   251-500   $73,702,427  


Organic Basics is a sustainable DNVB that makes everyday essentials in organic cotton and recycled materials

Copenhagen   251-500   $450,000  


Seaborg designs next-generation nuclear power systems by applying full simulation to achieve virtual validation of design iterations.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,903,920  


Voice guidance and on-demand expertise for frontline workers

Copenhagen   1-10   $750,000  


Orphazyme develops innovative new therapies for the treatment of a family of serious genetic disorders called lysosomal storage diseases.

Copenhagen   51-100   $154,214,088  


Data driven decisions for B2B companies.Adjust your channels and touchpoints to drive optimal growth for your business.

Copenhagen   1-10   $535,000  


Eduflow helps you make learning and teaching more effective with active participation and student collaboration.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,890,000  


Samlino.dk is Denmark’s largest financial comparison portal

Copenhagen   1-10   $20,402,094  


Sleeknote is a customer engagement tool for ecommerce businesses, used to engage visitors and turn them into customers

Aarhus   11-50   $1,126,431  


TwentyThree™ is a startup with offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen. We are soon launching our breakthrough video marketing platform.

Copenhagen   11-50   $2,500,000  


Helping micro businesses thrive with access to capital and markets they can't normally reach, with a fact-based reputation and stablecoin

Copenhagen   1-10   $941,277  


Trustpilot is a leading independent review platform - free and open to all.

Copenhagen   501-1000   $192,800,000  


AFYX Therapeutics is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company

Copenhagen   1-10   $30,717,611  


Online ordering system custom build just for your restaurant or take-away

Copenhagen   11-50   $9,821,552  


Nuevolution, a small molecule lead discovery company, conducts drug discovery in partner-funded programs and collaborative projects.

Copenhagen   11-50   $33,735,974  


Sepior enables trust for financial transactions and cloud applications using threshold cryptography.

Aarhus   11-50   $5,101,129  


Helping Kids Discover the fun in Problem Solving

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,189,062  


BLUETOWN offers a sustainable, low-cost technology solution and business model to bring rural internet access to the developing world.

Copenhagen   51-100   $12,251,451  


NewBanking Identity is an Global online platform for identity management.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,851,446  


Creating the cash for a digital tomorrow.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,600,000  


Create beautiful on-brand Event Websites, manage RSVPs & registrations, Design & Send emails and collaborate with your team.

Copenhagen   11-50   $750,000  


Plytix makes it easy for brands and retailers to manage, analyze, and optimize their product data for multi-channel ecommerce.

Copenhagen   11-50   $635,431  


Hypefactors is leading the PR tech revolution. All the tools to power your hype. All the facts to document your results.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,551,951  

Clearhaus Holding

Clearhaus creates online payment systems, that enables small to medium-sized businesses accept major credit and debit card payments online.

Aarhus   11-50   $5,500,000  


Our machine learning technology matches applicants to jobs and jobs to applicants

Copenhagen   1-10   $2,140,000  


Artland is a social art market dedicated to connecting art collectors and galleries worldwide.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,928,323  


Traede streamline the B2B sales and communication between brands/wholesalers and retailers including webshop, inventory, invoicing & CRM

Copenhagen   1-10   $3,133,398  


Founded in 2014, Startup Guide is a creative content and publishing company helping entrepreneurs connect to startup scenes across the globe

Copenhagen   11-50   $529,884  


Iconfinder is a search engine and marketplace for icons for web developers.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,500,000  


Credit rating platform and risk management dashboard

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,006,455  


STYLEPIT is an online fashion retailer that delivers products from local and international brands.

Copenhagen   51-100   $18,439,382  


Graduateland offers a career network for students and recent graduates, enabling them to discover job opportunities.

Copenhagen   11-50   $928,590  


Poshtel PopUp is a global chain of pop-up luxury hostels.

Copenhagen     $500,000  


Introducing Guest Experience Management (GXM), the first all-in-one platform built together with the world’s best restaurants.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,500,000  


Tradeworks is an independent software developer specializing in financial trade automation technology.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,290,000  


OpenLedger develops custom blockchain solutions for enterprises including fintech, healthcare and supply-chain applications.

Copenhagen   51-100   $1,600,000  


FaunaPhotonics monitor insects to ensure sustainable crop utilization and to improve tools for disease control and biodiversity.

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,520,000  


Eye Tribe develops software that enables eye control on mobile devices and computers, allowing hands-free navigation.

Copenhagen   11-50   $5,321,550  


AthGene is the world's first subscription-based genetics platform.

Copenhagen   11-50   $579,579  


Archii is an AI powered document assistant that automatically identifies and sorts your company’s most important documents.

Copenhagen   11-50   $717,170  


AutoUncle is a price comparison site that enables users to buy and sell used cars.

Aarhus   11-50   $1,095,412  


A freight forwarder platform taking the pain out of cargo transportation by automating industry processes and improving customer experience

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,010,000  


AI Customer Service Platform for better Customer Experiences

Copenhagen   1-10   $415,000  


Cortrium is an advanced healthcare technology and intelligent wearables company.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,225,839  


Famly is a user-friendly digital platform for daycares, nurseries, and parents to manage communications.

Copenhagen   11-50   $420,500  


NORD.investments A/S is a mobile and fully automated investment service for the average investor who suffers from high bank fees.

Copenhagen   1-10   $2,832,540  


RETO MOTO is a game studio that develops and operates the WW2 game Heroes & Generals.

Copenhagen   11-50   $5,000,000  


OpenTelehealth is a universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform.

Aarhus   11-50   $1,522,077  


Shopbox is a cloud-based checkout system that empowers business owners in hospitality to run their business hassle-free.

Copenhagen   11-50   $2,231,856  


We facilitate on-demand farming from matching supply and demand to task management, data collection and invoicing.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,136,800  


IndieFrame is an independent digital distribution platform that brings the content creator and the media together.

Copenhagen   11-50   $5,500,000  


ChurchDesk is a cloud-based church management platform that enables church staff and volunteers to increase their productivity and workflow.

Copenhagen   11-50   $3,250,000  


A startup that digitizes the entire hotel experience from the desk to the room.

Aarhus     $507,131  


Bello is a messaging app for all work-related communication.

Copenhagen   1-10   $669,000  


CluedIn breaks down information silos in your organisation and solves the problem of not being able to utilize all the knowledge you have.

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,000,000  


Passendo is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup providing email marketing services.

Copenhagen   11-50   $608,609  


WriteReader is a scientifically-based learning platform that teaches children to read by writing their own digital books.

Copenhagen   1-10   $2,547,249  


GameScorekeeper provides a reliable and fast e-sports results and stats for esports fans, gamers, media, and the betting industry.

Aarhus   43840   $718,814  


QuickPay is a secure, reliable and dynamic payment service provider.

Aarhus   11-50    


Qvest is an online tool for cross-functional change projects.

Copenhagen   11-50   $730,000  


Automating Trash Pickup Schedules

Copenhagen   1-10   $517,500  


Vestas is a global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy.

Aarhus   10001    


Mofibo offers an all-you-can-read type of ebook and audiobook subscription service currently in Denmark and Sweden

Copenhagen   11-50   $2,371,430  


We empower plantbased home cooking, by bringing machine learning to your kitchen. Our app is a chef in your pocket!

Copenhagen   1-10   $170,202  


Clockwork is unifying tradional financial markets and the new digital market into one fully regulated trading platform.

Copenhagen   1-10   $116,243  


Ontame is a recruitment analytics and planning platform, enables HR to measure and optimize talent attraction efforts in real-time

Copenhagen   11-50   $1,830,000  

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