97 Stuttgart Startups to Watch in 2022

Stuttgart's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 97 Stuttgart tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Stuttgart 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Impulse Dynamics

Impulse Dynamics is a medical device company dedicated to offering innovative solutions for treatment of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF).

Stuttgart   101-250   $75,000,000  


AnyDesk allows users to connect to a computer remotely, be it from the other end of the office or halfway around the world.

Stuttgart   11-50   $7,683,169  


SHAPE is a cross-platform independent software vendor and web-based services​ provider.

Stuttgart   11-50   $10,000,000  

RIB Software

RIB Software provides software solutions, which support the life cycle of a construction projects.

Stuttgart   501-1000   $10,000,000  


5Analytics is an AI software company that helps companies integrate Artificial Intelligence into business processes.

Stuttgart   11-50   $1,038,489  

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Internetstores is a digital multichannel supplier of bike and outdoor products.

Stuttgart   501-1000   $39,837,886  


Daimler is an automotive company that produces premium cars and commercial vehicles with a global reach.

Stuttgart   10001    


Helping premature babies to recover faster by keeping them connected to their mothers.

Stuttgart   1-10   $65,000  


Truck Tracking & Fleet Management Software

Stuttgart   1-10    


Tocario is a end-to-end solution to Cloud Providers and Managed Service Providers around the globe.

Stuttgart   11-50   $2,171,262  


Aucobo is a cloud-based platform that allows its users to easily connect different machines, software, and sensors with one another.

Stuttgart   1-10   $27,590  


Peakboard helps enterprise customers to distribute real time information to workers in logistic and production processes.

Stuttgart   11-50   $1,258,639  


tsenso is an automated, cloud-based solution to track and gather information on product storage conditions from farm to fork.

Stuttgart   1-10   $81,446  


Subitec is engaged in the production of microalgae biomass substances for the cosmetics and food additives industries.

Stuttgart   11-50   $6,330,700  

AX Semantics

AX Semantics is the AI-powered content generation solution for the digital age. We give companies copywriting superpowers.

Stuttgart   11-50    

EKU Power Drives

EKU Power Drives provides intelligent, gas-electric hybrid solutions to enable oil and gas production with natural gas as the primary fuel.

Stuttgart   1-10   $480,982  

moovel Group

moovel Group is changing the way people use public transportation and get about in the city.

Stuttgart   251-500    


eMovements Modern technologies are constantly revolutionizing our way of moving forward.

Stuttgart   1-10    


AER is a creative camera equipment designer and developer.

Stuttgart   1-10   $138,008  


CourseYard is a web-based platform that can be utilized to create interactive e-books and e-course materials.

Stuttgart   11-50   $218,537  

GFT Technologies

GFT develops, implements and maintains customized IT solutions and enables financial institutes to quickly and securely.

Stuttgart   5001-10000    

flexis AG

flexis is a software supplier and consulting firm providing cutting edge solutions for a multitude of production markets.


Vector Informatik

Vector provides reliable products and solutions that simplify your complex tasks in different application areas.

Stuttgart   1001-5000    


MAHLE offers innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure.

Stuttgart   10001    


Filestage is a software that helps creative teams to manage reviews and approvals of videos, audio files, designs and documents

Stuttgart   11-50    


Trimble is a leader in photogrammetry and digital surface modeling for aerial surveying, mapping and remote sensing applications.

Stuttgart   5001-10000    


Vialytics is a system solution for the road maintenance management of municipalities.

Stuttgart   11-50    

diconium digital solutions

diconium digital solutions is an online shop & e-business service provider

Stuttgart   501-1000    

Intland Software

Intland Software is the developer and vendor of leading software tools to support the development of safety-critical technology.

Stuttgart   51-100    


instagrid is a provider of portable battery storage to easily create mobile power infrastructures.

Stuttgart   11-50    


ETAS provides innovative solutions for the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry.


Daimler Financial Services

Daimler Financial Services offers a comprehensive range of automotive financial service as well as innovative mobility services.



Glarify is an online community for artists, galleries and art-lovers to show and find artworks worldwide on a map.

Stuttgart   1-10   $70,683  

Startup Autobahn

Startup Autobahn connects startups with corporate partners to pilot their technology and drive a successful production-ready implementation.

Stuttgart   11-50    


eliso plans, implements and operates charging solutions for electric vehicles by offering innovative software and all-around services.

Stuttgart   11-50    

uTrail me

uTrailMe is a mobile platform that delivers live video broadcasts directly from mobile devices to social networks.

Stuttgart   1-10   $200,000  

Cultured Code

Cultured Code is a software company that makes Things, an award-winning task manager for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Everything you need for the production and automatic optimization of 3D content.


Bertsch Innovation Group

Bertsch Innovation Group is an association of the company DAM Group, TOP21 and e-pro.


Apcoa Parking

Apcoa Parking operates and manages multi-story car parks, parking spaces, and mechanized systems.



WG-Gesucht.de is a German portal for rooms in shared apartments and flats for rent.


Swarm Logistics

A Decentralized Autonomous Logistics Organization (DALO ) - run by machines & based on blockchain

Stuttgart   1-10    

Mojin Robotics

Mojin Robotics develops an assistant robot for humans called Care-O-bot 4.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Coperion is the worldwide market and technology leader in compounding & extrusion, materials handling and service.

Stuttgart   1001-5000    


nFrames develops software for 3D reconstruction from images with unique performance and flexibility.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Remipay is enterprise software platform solution for global transactions combined with Business Process Services.



hurra.com’s one-stop solutions make these worries a thing of the past.

Stuttgart   1-10    


traysr allows companies to instantly provide customers and partners with a self-service reporting system.

Stuttgart   1-10    


TruPhysics develops simulation software solutions to support robot development.

Stuttgart   1-10    


With asvin vendors can distribute updates securely and easily to keep IoT devices secure and healthy.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Reparando is currently leading supraregional service providers for high-quality B2B smartphone repairs.

Stuttgart   11-50    


ThingOS offers B2B customers in the smart home and smart retail sector a ready-to-use edge-connectivity and application execution platform.

Stuttgart   1-10    


MyCleaner is the revolutionary concept of a modern and environmentally conscious car cleaning as onsite service.

Stuttgart   51-100    


JimDrive offers European & roadside assistance with all-round service.



Blickshift provides innovative software solutions for the efficient analysis of eye movements.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Corpus.e enables shoe retailers to significantly increase revenues and reduce inventory and process cost.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Mindable Health

Mindable Health offers a therapeutic app to overcome anxiety.


ELO Digital Office

ELO Digital Office develops powerful software products and solutions for holistic information management in the company.

Stuttgart   501-1000    


Steuerbot is your personal tax assistant.



Binando increases the efficiency for waste collection companies through collecting, analysing and optimizing data of waste bins and routes.


StartUp Stuttgart

StartUp Stuttgart is a website that features information about startups launched in Stuttgart and Neckar Valley.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems

Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems is a competitive turbocharger manufacturer in the automotive industry.



fournova is a German startup focused on the development of desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Stuttgart   1-10    


With FetView, physicians can easily evaluate (ultrasound) studies and document professionally their results.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Neuffer Fenster + Türen

Neuffer Fenster + Türen manufactures and sells windows and doors for various properties in Germany and internationally.

Stuttgart   101-250    


S1nn develops high-tech products in the field of infotainment, connectivity, and audio for the automotive industry worldwide.

Stuttgart   11-50    

Theobald Software

Since its inception in 2004, Theobald Software has grown to become the leading provider for SAP integration solutions.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Certeo is a cross-industry supplier of business equipment in Europe.


Amorph Systems

Amorph Systems provides advanced IT solutions.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Relution is the Unified Endpoint Management platform for innovative companies and educational institutions.

Stuttgart   51-100    


FE Simulation Software for Mechanical Engineering

Stuttgart   11-50    


Demicon is the leading IT and consulting company for the digitalization of processes with Jira, JIra Service Desk and Confluence.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Libelle is developing and marketing software solutions.

Stuttgart   51-100    


Retromotion is a multichannel e-commerce platform for high-quality old- and youngtimer spare parts and matching accessories.



scireum is a Germany-based company that develops software for trade information systems and e-commerce solutions.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Globalways AG is a IT infrastructure vendors and offer its customers tailored solutions in the areas of IT infrastructure, housing, hosting.

Stuttgart   11-50    

Bosch Smart Home

Bosch Smart Home System permits controlling of different devices like heating systems and lights via a single app.



CrowdInvesting | CrowdFunding for Equity - Rewards - Donation

Stuttgart   1-10    

hoomn app

A mobile application that connects people based on their location and interest

Stuttgart   1-10    


GiroSolution develops, integrates and operates payment solutions for e-commerce and e-government.

Stuttgart   11-50    

QA Systems

QA Systems tools automate unit testing, code coverage, integration testing and static analysis to optimise safety and business critical.

Stuttgart   11-50    

dig dis!

dig dis is a Germany-based company that provides digital distribution services for electronic music.

Stuttgart   11-50    


matelso is the leading provider of call tracking solutions in Europe.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Farmee is the community for everything smart and farming.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Accelerate Stuttgart

Stuttgart Accelerate supports founders, startups, companies and economic developers in Baden-Württemberg.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Strive HQ

Strive is the easiest way for teams to keep track of contacts, conversations and tasks.

Stuttgart   1-10    


Brokat Technologies began by providing online banking services for financial institutions.

Stuttgart     $10,381,876  


Zoi is an essential paradigm of IT and electronics.

Stuttgart   11-50    


ARtist enables User Generated and Interactive 3D content in Augmented Reality.

Stuttgart   11-50    


bwcon creates a unique platform for cross-sectoral cooperation between developers, users and investors.

Stuttgart   11-50    


Bitfactory provides high quality development services for Web, iOS and Android

Stuttgart   11-50    


DYNAmore is dedicated to support engineers to solve non-linear mechanical problems numerically

Stuttgart   101-250    


Full SaaS and hardware solution to integrate within existing restaurant operations and management.

Stuttgart   1-10    

Fantastic 5G

Fantastic 5G is a flexible air interface for scalable service delivery within wireless communication networks of the 5th Generation.



YOUPublish is a monetizing assets with a suite of digital media.

Stuttgart   1-10    


KBA-MetalPrint is a manufacturer and supplier of multicolor metal printing and coating machines.



The virtual assistant for your business.

Stuttgart   11-50    

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