121 Ireland Startups to Watch in 2020

Ireland's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Ireland tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Keywords Studios

Keywords Studios is a provider of technical services to the video game industry in Ireland, Japan, Italy.

Dublin   5001-10000   $87,948,169  


Kaseya is an automation software provider that offers remote management software for the information technology industry.

Dublin   251-500   $544,777,315  


Profitero is the eCommerce performance analytics platform of choice for leading brands around the world.

Dublin   251-500   $28,724,470  


Debenhams is a international, multi-channel brand with a proud British heritage which trades out of 240 stores across 28 countries.

Dublin   10001   $315,842,745  

Kitman Labs

The World's First Athlete Optimization System

Dublin   11-50   $13,398,272  


Providing the world with quality, affordable healthcare products.

Dublin   10001   $600,000,000  


Glofox is a management software that helps fitness entrepreneurs improve the health of people worldwide.

Dublin   11-50   $12,783,596  


3D4Medical is a technology company that specializes in the development of medical, health, and fitness apps for professional reference.

Dublin   11-50   $16,399,999  

Future Finance

Future Finance is a non-government lender that offers student loans in Europe.

Dublin   11-50   $485,190,933  


Boxever is a customer intelligence cloud for marketers.

Dublin   51-100   $19,000,000  

Sponsored NUACOM

NUACOM is a cloud-based phone system with 50+ features to optimize sales and provide better support.

Why you should work here

NUACOM is disrupting the 100s years old telephony standards all thanks to fast Internet. With a fantastic team in Dublin, they are helping businesses to cut cost, be more efficient, productive and agile with their telephony.

Dublin   11-50   $0  

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NewsWhip is the world's largest engagement database, giving customers an understanding of what's interesting their audience right now.

Dublin   51-100   $9,100,000  


Building the internet infrastructure for data privacy

Dublin   11-50   $3,200,000  


Flipdish make branded ordering apps and websites for quick service delivery and takeout restaurants.

Dublin   11-50   $8,559,897  


Nuritas combines artificial intelligence and genomics to discover and unlock natural bioactive peptides with extraordinary health benefits

Dublin   11-50   $61,496,820  


Jobbio is a beautifully simple careers platform connecting talent and companies directly and privately.

Dublin   11-50   $18,426,181  

Cubic Telecom

Cubic Telecom is a global connectivity platform company offering solutions for IoT, M2M, and device manufacturing companies.

Dublin   101-250   $110,033,534  

Clavis Insight

Clavis Technologies provides end-to-end workflow consultancy and support it with the company's software, services and solutions.

Dublin   101-250   $35,692,323  

Smartbox Group

Smartbox is a provider of experience gifts across eleven countries in Europe.

Dublin   501-1000   $196,635,530  

TransferMate Global Payments

TransferMate is a global B2B payments technology that enables companies to send & receive payments cheaper, faster, easier than ever before.

Dublin   101-250   $59,687,711  


Investigative Intelligence Platform.

Galway   11-50   $14,739,014  


Smartfrog provides a home surveillance solution that includes an application (Android and iOS), a camera, and video storage features.

Dublin   101-250   $35,000,000  


Pointy helps stores by bringing products online, allowing them to get found by people who are searching on the web.

Dublin   51-100   $19,200,000  


Aerogen is a medical device and drug delivery company.

Galway   51-100   $33,703,888  


Brightflag is the enterprise legal management (ELM) platform for corporate legal teams.

Dublin   51-100   $11,109,195  

AMCS Group

AMCS Group provides end-to-end software and on-vehicle technology to the recycling and waste management industry.

Limerick   251-500   $79,679,795  


Learnosity provides the technology framework for authoring, assessment delivery, and reporting for the world's best assessment solutions.

Dublin   51-100   $52,400,000  

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is the largest live online educator in the world, making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all.

Dublin   251-500   $10,759,877  


Voysis believe voice will soon be the first point of contact between ‘man’ and machine

Dublin   11-50   $8,000,000  


ChannelSight's B2B SaaS eCommerce platform enables brands, publishers and broadcasters to generate new revenue streams from digital content

Dublin   51-100   $13,754,513  


Corlytics is a risk focused financial intelligence technology company. It is the world leader in regulatory risk intelligence.

Dublin   11-50   $15,623,816  


AerCap is the global leader in aircraft leasing and aviation finance.

Dublin   251-500   $700,000,000  


The Home of Irish Dairy is an agri-food commercial co-operative which markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its members.

Dublin   5001-10000   $1,288,586,826  


iCabbi provides cloud-based taxi dispatch systems that integrate seamlessly with websites, booking engines, and mobile booking apps.

Dublin   11-50   $1,639,184  


Providing simple care for the connected home by reshaping the way technical support is provided to make it intuitive for non-tech homeowners

Dublin   11-50   $11,700,000  


Phorest operates a web-based salon management tool and online booking services.

Dublin   101-250   $25,103,437  


AYLIEN is an artificial intelligence startup that focuses on creating technologies that help machines understand human languages better.

Dublin   11-50   $3,795,294  


Openet develops software used by telecommunications service providers to commercialize and analyze activity on their network.

Dublin   501-1000   $51,500,000  


Everyone should be able to own their financial future. MyWallSt is here to guide and support you in your investing life.

Dublin   11-50   $8,453,329  


Roomex is the world’s only business-focused corporate hotel booking platform.

Dublin   51-100   $13,030,150  

Iterum Therapeutics

Iterum Therapeutics Limited is an Ireland-based clinical-stage pharmaceutical company

Dublin   11-50   $105,000,000  

Urban Volt

Urban Volt is an energy-saving LED lighting firm.

Dublin   11-50   $97,326,817  


VideoElephant offers ready-to-monetize video content solutions to advertising technology providers, publishers, and advertisers.

Dublin   11-50   $9,668,249  


Immedis is a specialist provider of enterprise technology solutions for global payroll and mobility tax services.

Dublin   101-250   $28,296,259  


AID:Tech is a digital identity and seamless access to life's services through Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Dublin   11-50   $1,180,350  

Mainstay Medical

Mainstay Medical is a global medical device company that is developing devices to deliver innovative therapies.

Dublin   101-250   $112,437,456  


Network and Security Orchestration Software

Dublin   101-250   $20,000,000  

Atlantic Therapeutics

Atlantic Therapeutics is a manufacturer of innovative pelvic floor muscle strengthening and nerve stimulation products.

Galway     $48,111,864  


HealthBeacon is a connected health care device designed to drive treatment adherence for patients on self-injectable medications.

Dublin   11-50   $14,269,808  

Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge provides automated currency hedging solutions for individuals, businesses and institutions.

Dublin   11-50   $6,479,862  

Origin Enterprises

Origin Enterprises plc manufactures, supplies, and distributes agri-service products. It offers agronomy, technology, and strategic

Dublin   1001-5000   $443,015,973  


Artomatixis a software company that uses Artificial Intelligence to create realistic 3D art creation.

Dublin   11-50   $12,217,679  


Avolon is an international aircraft leasing company, headquartered in Ireland

Dublin   101-250   $4,065,000,000  


FIRE1 and is based in Dublin, Ireland, will focus on developing novel therapeutic devices.

Dublin     $57,137,214  


Inflammasomes generate signals that cause immune cells to fight infections.

Dublin   11-50   $63,822,006  

Linked Finance

Linked Finance offers a new and painless way for Irish businesses to borrow money from a large group of real people.

Dublin   11-50   $63,219,882  

Strongbridge Biopharma

Strongbridge Biopharma is a clinical and financial foundation to connect patients with new treatments for rare diseases.

Dublin   101-250   $139,000,000  

Carrick Therapeutics

Carrick Therapeutics is pioneering a portfolio of unique, first in class, cancer treatments.

Dublin   51-100   $95,000,000  


LearnUpon is a learning management system delivers corporate training.

Dublin   51-100   $744,718  


Trezeo provides financial stability for self-employed workers in the gig economy by turning unpredictable income into regular pay cheques.

Dublin   1-10   $854,028  


Buymie is a mobile app for on-demand groceries wherein one can order goods from local stores & have them delivered in an hour.

Dublin   1-10   $2,976,729  

Sublimity Therapeutics

Sublimity Therapeutics Limited (Sigmoid Pharma Limited), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

Dublin   11-50   $70,344,654  

Alpha Fintech

Alpha Fintech is a fintech‘s end-to-end middleware, connecting the merchant buyer and vendor supplier across the entire fintech spectrum.

Dublin   101-250   $12,000,000  


Makers of AIRE, a breath analysis device to help you find the foods that are most compatible with your unique digestive system.

Dublin   1-10   $1,400,000  


Arralis is ccelerating the worldwide transition to millimetre-wave technology, the future of vision, and wireless communications.

Limerick   11-50   $56,370,476  


iQuate is an Ireland-based company that provides enterprise software analysis and discovery services.

Dublin   51-100   $10,000,000  


Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener, and more connected solutions, which enable the future of mobility.

Dublin   10001   $8,000,000  

Neuromod Devices

Neuromod Devices develop non-invasive neuromodulation therapies.

Dublin   11-50   $15,213,480  


SwiftComply helps water authorities protect human health and the environment

Dublin   11-50   $4,497,360  

Digital Marketing Institute

Digital marketing and social medial courses and certification.

Dublin   51-100   $30,995,257  


LogoGrab builds the world’s highest-quality technology to identify logos in images and videos.

Dublin   11-50   $2,767,452  


YourSmileDirect.com clear braces are a series of tight-fitting, custom-made plastic braces.

Dublin   11-50   $13,939,425  


GoContractor is a contractor management software platform.

Dublin   11-50   $2,302,044  

Accuris Networks

Accuris Networks is a leading provider of convergence, roaming and interworking solutions .

Dublin   51-100   $18,732,338  


AI-Powered platform for retailers to intelligently target shoppers with personalized offerings in-store.

Dublin   11-50   $8,701,572  


Parkpnp is a marketplace that allows people to list, advertise and then generate income from their unused or under utilized parking spaces.

Dublin   11-50   $1,680,263  


Award winning edgescan is SaaS /Cloud based delivery of vulnerability management solutions.

Dublin   11-50   $1,688,890  


A smart shoppers first-stop for any online purchase.

Dublin   11-50   $11,000,000  


CleverGift is an online retail gifting technology. Applying AI to our proprietary big data. Makes buying gifts for close friends easier.

Dublin   11-50   $8,500,000  


Pulsate provides a cloud-based end-to-end context marketing platform for mobile that drives brand and interacts with customers.

Dublin   11-50   $2,950,000  

Atlas Dynamics

Atlas Dynamics is a leading provider of drone-based solutions for the professional user.

Dublin   11-50   $8,000,000  


AREX Markets empowers SMEs to access affordable short-term financing while providing investment opportunities to investors

Dublin   11-50   $3,343,549  

Digit Game Studios

Video games developer and publisher

Dublin   11-50   $5,250,000  


Bizimply is an all-in-one Workforce Management Platform designed specifically for Retail and Hospitality businesses.

Dublin   11-50   $2,279,264  

Vivasure Medical

Medical device company developing a closure device for vascular access procedures.

Galway   11-50   $40,806,310  


Abodoo is the fastest growing global talent platform for SmartWorkers that intelligently matches and reduces unconscious bias in hiring

Dublin   11-50   $883,668  


SalesOptimize B2B Lead Generation SaaS product which scans the internet to find online shops which can be exported to CRM as sales leads

Dublin   11-50   $1,533,169  


Hibernia Networks owns and operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia.

Dublin   251-500   $203,530,716  


Plynk The Money Messenger is Europe's leading social payments app

Dublin   11-50   $29,011,062  


WhatClinic.com is a web platform that allows patients to find clinics, compare their services, and book appointments.

Dublin   11-50   $4,249,592  


goods-to-person robotics platform for multiple applications, e.g. e-fulfilment, material handling, Industry 4.0, retail and self-storage

Dublin   11-50   $2,794,771  

Malin Corporation

Malin Corporation plc is an Irish incorporated public limited company whose head office is in Dublin.

Dublin   1-10   $55,915,152  


Brandtone is a mobile marketing company focused on the developing and emerging market regions.

Dublin   101-250   $54,280,343  


Global meeting venue booking portal

Dublin   11-50   $2,392,983  


Homestay accommodation connects guests with live-in hosts who open their homes to travelers.

Dublin   11-50   $3,000,000  

Bluedrop Medical

Bluedrop Medical are an early stage startup company investigating the issue of diabetic foot disease.

Galway   43840   $4,497,399  


Our world-leading system of intelligence automates, analyses and accelerates environmental risk assessment.

Dublin   11-50   $3,567,827  


Wia offers a cloud platform that enables its users to build a scalable and powerful backend to launch their internet of things solutions.

Dublin   1-10   $888,854  


FenestraPro is software for architects to design environmentally efficient nondomestic building facades more cost effectively.

Dublin   11-50   $1,378,362  


WarDucks is an Irish-owned game development studio.

Dublin     $5,850,264  


4Tech is a one-stop shop for plastic moldings and packaging solutions from design to manufacture.

Galway   11-50   $36,000,000  


Gaelectric is a renewable energy development and operations company focusing on the wind energy and energy storage sectors.

Dublin   101-250   $165,077,183  


A leading global channel banking software provider delivering ATM, mobile and internet technology to financial institutions.

Dublin   101-250   $15,065,000  


usheru powers direct ticketing and marketing data insights for film distributors.

Dublin   11-50   $623,565  


Deposify offers pay and hold rental deposits services.

Dublin   1-10   $1,548,623  


Solgari is the all-channel, all functionality, D365 integrated, cloud business communications solution you've been waiting for.

Dublin   11-50   $5,499,447  

Big Red Cloud

Big Red Cloud is a full service solution for enterprise and small business accounting.

Dublin   11-50   $2,826,113  

Restored Hearing

Restored Hearing offers scientific solutions to problems with hearing.

Dublin   1-10   $2,532,490  


Avvio is a leading hotel technology provider, helping accommodation providers to increase direct website revenue.

Limerick   51-100   $5,601,102  


CeADAR is an applied data analytics research lab

Dublin   11-50   $14,347,217  

Signum Surgical

Signum Surgical is a company who develops implant to encourage healing in a colorectal condition.

Galway     $6,881,118  

PiPiT Global

PiPiT is a digital cash collection platform.

Galway   43840   $1,132,502  


Opening.io is AI-powered engine that provides matching, predicting, and intelligent search technology for resume databases & job platforms.

Dublin   1-10   $710,117  


GlowDx is a molecular diagnostics company focused on democratising access to molecular testing.

Galway   43840   $730,903  


Web-based Sales App for Small Business

Galway   11-50   $749,000  

Loci Orthopaedics

A innovative orthopaedic implant for the treatment of thumb base arthritis.

Galway   43840   $6,026,346  


RealSpeaker’s AI-based multi-lingual transcription platform. It has the ability to machine transcribe any kind of media files or URL links

Galway   43840   $169,194  

AuriGen Medical

AuriGen Medical is a structural heart and EP company.

Galway   43840   $4,091,442  

GenCell Biosystems

GenCell Biosystems is a biological testing tool manufacturer and provider.

Limerick   51-100   $3,691,903  

Fast Payment

Designer of innovative online payment solutions.

Donegal   11-50   $1,061,930  

Channel Mechanics

Development & sale of software & services to enable enterprises improve efficiency of channel sales

Galway   11-50   $2,300,000  

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