89 Porto Startups to Watch in 2020

Porto's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 89 Porto tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on March 25, 2020. This is how we decide who shows up.

Porto 10+ employees Fast-growing

European tech moves fast

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Infraspeak provides facility management software that speed up and simplify the process of registering and transmission the information.

Porto   51-100   $5,441,116  


Platforme is the new standard for made-to-order production (MTO).

Porto   11-50   $12,000,000  


Switch provides the technical infrastructure for transaction orchestration across the entire payments value chain.

Porto   11-50    


Jscrambler is the leading client-side security solution for JavaScript protection and webpage real-time monitoring.

Porto   11-50   $2,300,000  


Tonic App is the professional mobile app of all medical doctors.

Porto   1-10   $3,881,673  


Platform to Aggregate Productivity Tools for Newsrooms

Porto   1-10   $58,000  

Nonius Hospitality Technology

Hospitality technology manufacturer and service provider.

Porto   101-250   $8,129,322  


Movvo is a global technology company strategically positioned at the intersection of the retail industry, artificial intelligence and custom

Porto   11-50   $8,745,713  


They build high performance, resilient and scalable software systems to enable businesses across locations.

Porto   11-50    


Xhockware is a start-up offering innovative retail solutions and bringing the online commodity to the physical store.

Porto   11-50   $4,526,623  


MyDidimo focuses on humanizing technology and reducing digital isolation.

Porto     $708,339  


HealthyRoad is a technology company that develops AI facial biometric software for the automotive industry.

Porto   1-10   $607,291  


beamian is an event management platform.

Porto   1-10   $906,199  


WEEZZIE develops FIBERCLOUD™ a simple, smart, fast WEB and Mobile solution for fiber network planning, design, construction, and management.

Porto   11-50   $600,109  


We are a decentralized platform where corporates, startups and students can collaborate around specific industry challenges.

Porto   1-10   $408,187  

Venture Catalysts

Venture Catalysts is a company focused on the creation of start-ups based on technological and scientific projects.

Porto     $40,000  

Lapa Studio

Lapa Studio is a software & hardware company that aims to transform the way people search.

Porto   1-10   $2,135,000  


A CRM platform that creates personalized campaigns using AI and advanced ML algorithms.

Porto   1-10   $530,000  


SMARKIO operates a digital marketing platform that helps marketers to generate leads and increase the performance of campaigns.

Porto   11-50   $1,699,106  


Wisecrop is an online Agricultural Operating System that provides predictive indicators and business management tools.

Porto   1-10   $465,494  


1st Bank of Clients. Aggregate accounts. Compare all financial products. Dominate banking negotiations. That world has come.

Porto   1-10   $234,407  


MindProber is an automated consumer neuroscience company. We bring speed, scale, and agility to biometric media testing.

Porto   1-10   $586,255  


Wegho allows the on-demand booking of high quality home and family services.

Porto   11-50   $1,943,567  


B-Parts is an online platform made for professionals in the automotive sector and the only dedicated to the commercialization of used parts.

Porto   11-50   $884,474  


FASTinov is a R&D intensive Startup with a patented disruptive technology to perform fast and reliable antimicrobial susceptibility tests.

Porto   1-10   $3,527,491  


Fibersail is a Portuguese startup that will make critical structures on wind turbines smarter and safer.

Porto   1-10   $327,984  


I2S Insurance is an IT company specializing in the design, development and implementation of software solutions for the insurance marke

Porto   251-500   $55,291  


HUUB is democratising Supply Chain through Technology by allowing Fashion Brands to manage its physical and data flow in a unified ecosystem

Porto   11-50   $4,984,637  


CUBO’s concept conception, in order to provide quality water to the population hitherto deprived of distribution infrastructure.

Porto   1-10   $961,824  


AirCourts is the #1 software provider for sports clubs in Portugal. We live in 750+ facilities and serve a community of 180K sports players.

Porto   1-10   $108,582  


Nex creates web applications as solutions for the customer's problems.

Porto   1-10   $300,000  


GFoundry is a SaaS B2B product, offering the best gamification multiplatform software to engage and motivate your employees and customers.

Porto   11-50   $410,787  


Last2Ticket empower event organizers of the digital age with flexible e-ticketing tools and expert services.

Porto   1-10   $82,941  


Flykt is a smart travel search engine.

Porto   1-10   $360,452  

Portal da Queixa

Portal da Queixa is the largest social network of consumers in Portugal.

Porto   11-50   $76,936  

Medical Port

Medical Port is the first truly Global Medical Tourism Facilitator.

Porto   1-10   $607,526  

Mater Dynamics

Mater Dynamics develops smart food packging for product traceability and quality control.

Porto   1-10   $54,543  


Worten is an electronics store provideshome appliances, consumer electronics and entertainment.

Porto   51-100    


Smartex is an engineered solution to help textile manufacturers improve production yields, by reducing defective output to close to 0%.

Porto   1-10    

EQS Global

EQS Global is a service provider that operates in the field of Critical Assets'​ Management throughout their entire lifecycle.

Porto   101-250   $56,511  


Meshporto is a design & software development company based in Porto, Portugal.

Porto   1-10   $89,363  


Sonae is a multinational corporation managing a wide portfolio of companies.

Porto   10001    


Helppier is an online support tool that enables companies to create interactive step-by-step tutorials and tooltips.

Porto   1-10    

Pick - Ubirider

Transport-as-a-service, which includes a mobile app, Pick by Ubirider, for planning door-to-door urban travels, pay and ride

Porto   1-10    


BIAL’s mission is to discover, develop and provide new therapeutic solutions within the area of Health.

Porto   501-1000    


AddVolt provides a non-invasive, intelligent and connected solution which saves up to 87% of diesel consumption and CO2 emissions in trucks.

Porto   1-10    


NeoBux is is a rewards and loyalty program connecting content providers with their intended audience.

Porto   1-10    


Signinum offers conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of cultural heritage.

Porto     $52,647  


Aveleda is an international wine company dedicated to the production of wines recognized in the national and international markets.

Porto     $55,691  


Inovretail is a Predictive Analytics company focused on helping retailers predictict promotional impact, stockouts and sales baselines.

Porto   11-50    


Azitek develops a low-cost RFID technology intended to provide indoor and outdoor geolocation solutions.

Porto   1-10    


Abyssal develops integrated Subsea Navigation Solutions for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Porto   11-50    


Shelf.AI bring AI to e-commerce and empower retailers to engage with customers in truly personalised shopping experience.

Porto   1-10    

Invisible Collector

Invisible Collector is a receivables relationship agent that puts creditors and debtors on the same page.



The next-gen #nocode tool for building and publishing business Apps & Sites.

Porto   1-10    


The lead activation company. Multi touchpoint integrated platform for real time personalization, automation and multichannel contacts.

Porto   11-50    

Natapura Black & Yellow

International promotion and sales of Portuguese delicacy Pastel de Nata

Porto   1-10    

Bandora Systems

Bandora is a provider of artiffcial intelligence solutions for commercial building.

Porto   1-10    


Passionate manufacturer of smart TV boxes with embedded DVB experience under Android and creator of IPTV/OTT solutions.

Porto   11-50    


Online advertising Private Data Management and Forecasting Platform.

Porto   1-10    


Aditus is an accessibility tool for teams.

Porto   1-10    

IT Sector

ITSector is a Portuguese Software Development Company created to provide the IT Market with high value solutions.

Porto   251-500    


Codavel speeds up content delivery for mobile apps, solving with software what infrastructure can’t.

Porto   1-10    


Noocity provider of organic farming and food cultivation kits intended to help farmers grow more crops.

Porto   1-10    


proGrow automatically unifies all production information from different sources in one simple platform

Porto   1-10    


SMARTWATT is a services company which provides solutions for energy systems.

Porto   11-50    


Mastters is an online service that enables its users to find work and instantly hire professionals in multiple industries.



Award winning Software & Design Studio seeking an ideal balance between an impact, excellence and pragmatism — We call it Engineered Design

Porto   11-50    

Inosat Global

Inosat Global is a SaaS-based provider of fleet management solutions.

Porto   101-250    


NDrive empowers innovation. Every day millions of people around the world use NDrive GPS products and maps.

Porto   51-100    

Nemobile Applications Worldwide

Become an AI-driven Business, empower your sales and achieve real ROI.

Porto   11-50    

Nimest Tech

Nimest Tech is atravel assistant, powered with AI, AR and Storytelling techniques.

Porto   1-10    

Consumers Trust

The consumer's global satisfaction index, that ranks brands according to its reputation based on consumption feedbacks

Porto   11-50    


Skilleo is a one-stop place where developers can show how skilful they are, learn new skills and apply for tech jobs.

Porto   1-10    

Ground Control Studios

Ground Control is a tiny indie games/VR studio from Porto, Portugal.

Porto   1-10    


Ascendi provides toll collection and operation & maintenance services.

Porto   501-1000    


motel.io is a global and highly-scalable platform for, automatically, testing software on mobile devices provided by a worldwide community

Porto   1-10    


Rent you car next door @ bookingdrive.com. A platform that enables car owners to rent out their cars.

Porto   1-10    


Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Marketplace

Porto   1-10    


Present within the corporate panorama for 65 years, the Mota-Engil Group is leader in Portugal in the construction, public works

Porto   10001    


EuPago is a portuguese Fintech specialized on supporting online and offline payments!

Porto   11-50    

Connect Robotics

Connect Robotics currently doing autonomous drone deliveries BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) in Portugal.

Porto   1-10    


We are harnessing AI for building image based search engines for fashion brands. See, shoot, search and buy.

Porto   1-10    

Shake It

EventShake is the Swiss Army Knife of Event Apps.

Porto   1-10    


The best Portuguese wine online store, with express deliveries in Europe and lots of videos and tips about wine. Cheers!

Porto   1-10    


TINTEX began its journey, making high quality, natural based.



PortugalStartups.com is taking the Portuguese Startup Scene to the world.

Porto   1-10    

Emprego Pelo Mundo

Emprego Pelo Mundo is an online job portal that enables its users to find employment opportunities around the world.

Porto   1-10    


Abaco Consultores is one of the largest Portuguese companies to implement SAP ERP systems.

Porto   251-500    

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