95 Frankfurt Startups to Watch in 2020

Frankfurt's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 95 Frankfurt tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 19, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Clark is an insurance platform providing transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance cover.

Frankfurt   101-250   $43,810,659  


Thinksurance is a technology distribution platform for business insurance used by brokers, agents, banks and further sales channels.

Frankfurt   51-100   $19,120,586  


Arago is a leading artificial intelligence company that helps businesses automate their IT processes through intelligent automation.

Frankfurt   101-250   $55,000,000  


Arabesque S-Ray is a data tool that quantitatively assesses the sustainability of the world's largest companies.

Frankfurt   11-50   $20,000,000  


FinLab is a Germany-based investment company engaged in the building of companies in the financial services technologies.

Frankfurt   11-50   $12,822,195  


Traxpay is transforming the way businesses communicate, interact, and transact across the supply chain.

Frankfurt   11-50   $19,000,000  


Finanzguru is an AI based financial assistant.

Frankfurt   11-50   $6,836,974  


savedroid exists to bring personal piggy bank savings into the modern world.

Frankfurt   11-50   $3,108,600  


Bita provides enterprise-grade indexes, data and infrastructure to institutions operating in the passive and quantitative investment spaces.

Frankfurt   11-50   $1,410,562  


Embold Technologies is a software technology company.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Embold aims to industrialize software development services and changing the end user experience.

Frankfurt   11-50   $2,851,368  


COBI is an integrated system that connects users' bike with their smartphone new riding experience.

Frankfurt   51-100   $11,701,358  


Mobile banking & business platform for microfinance

Frankfurt   51-100   $2,250,000  


Heliad Equity Partners is an investment firm that focuses on Germanic entrepreneurs who face special situations in their businesses.

Frankfurt   11-50   $2,172,699  


Meet5 is between dating and socializing. Meet new people in groups of 6 people.

Frankfurt   1-10   $610,000  


Covomo is a leading portal for all niche product insurances on a mission to empower people to easily protect the things they care about.

Frankfurt   11-50   $2,502,984  


Travel Software, Flight Booking Engine, XML API, SaaS, Software Development, Content Aggregation

Frankfurt   11-50    


The First Open Blockchain Platform for Cargo Transportation

Frankfurt   11-50   $1,256,868  


CardioSecur creates and sells products and services for mobile health with focus on instant cardiac monitoring.

Frankfurt     $8,632,734  

Northern Bitcoin

Northern Bitcoin has made it its mission to challenge the status quo of bitcoin mining, and to redefine it.

Frankfurt   11-50   $9,103,322  


Bd4travel provides IT solutions to assist firms in targeting and segmenting their customer base.

Frankfurt   11-50   $4,200,000  

USDX Wallet

USDX Wallet is a blockchain-based payment system without Banks, Borders or Fees.

Frankfurt   11-50   $1,750,000  


node.energy builds SaaS solutions for the regulatory and commercial management of decentralized energy supply systems.

Frankfurt   1-10   $911,105  


PIPPA&JEAN is a social selling community with the aim of many women's wish for a self-determined life.

Frankfurt   11-50   $4,442,415  


Giroxx makes international transfers simple and inexpensive - with the same security as the banks.

Frankfurt   1-10   $1,708,381  


ROOMHERO is online interior designer for Residential real estate.

Frankfurt   11-50   $53,400  


CargoSteps is a platform for automated backloads in B2B logistics built on a cross company real-time track & trace solution.

Frankfurt   1-10   $290,912  


AISOMA is a manufacturer AI consulting in the areas of artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Frankfurt   1-10   $58,449  


easyfolio is a German financial services company that enables its customers to invest in diversified portfolios.

Frankfurt   1-10   $1,097,222  


bettervest is a crowdinvesting platform for energy efficiency projects.

Frankfurt   1-10   $63,095  


SMEs get risk adjusted loan rate comparison (single number no ranges) in 15 min, loan approval in 72h.

Frankfurt   11-50   $1,138,412  


Vaamo Finanz AG provides automated investment solutions and financial advice to its clients.

Frankfurt   11-50   $3,764,235  

Emma Matratzen

One of the leading bed-in-a-box brands in Europe, which is primarily sold online in 14 markets.

Frankfurt   101-250    


Homefully is the leading co-living startup in Europe.

Frankfurt   11-50    

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is a national German newspaper that provides news under many categories: Policy, Economy, Finances, and more.

Frankfurt   51-100    


Leading virtual data room provider in Europe, enables fast and effective due diligence and solutions for the entire lifecycle of assets.

Frankfurt   101-250    


Ginmon provides fully-automated online investment services to customers in Germany and Continential Europe.

Frankfurt   11-50    


360T is the leading global provider of web-based trading technology.

Frankfurt   501-1000    


Fincite CIOS empowers Financial Service Providers with an End-to-End Investment Software

Frankfurt   51-100    


Solactive is an Index provider focusing on tailor-made indices; developing, calculating and distributing them worldwide.

Frankfurt   101-250    


FastBill is a pioneer in web-based finance management for small businesses.

Frankfurt   51-100    


We are the Home of Digital Identity. With the platform we increase data quality, reduce operating costs and mitigate risk in KYC processes.

Frankfurt   1-10    


Billwerk is a software specifically for European subscription companies.

Frankfurt   11-50    


creditshelf has been shaping digital SME financing for years - simple, fast, innovative.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Debitos is an online platform for trading non-performing loans and bankruptcy claims.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Movie Search Engine - recommendations based on the user's occasion, mood & the desired movie atmosphere

Frankfurt   1-10    


Matrix42 delivers and manages future-ready, self-service digital workspaces that meet the needs of today’s location-independent workforce.

Frankfurt   501-1000    


Liefery delivers shipments in more than 50 german cities within 90 minutes or at customer‘s specific moment in time.

Frankfurt   11-50    

Emma Sleep

Bag Shuttle is a company that offers an airport baggage concierge service.

Frankfurt   1-10   $55,926  


Proventa is a consultancy and development provider in all IT areas.

Frankfurt     $54,543  


Tvarit is the best AI software provider for smart manufacturing, smart factories, and digital transformation.



CrowdDesk provides a SaaS technology platform that enables financial intermediaries and businesses to raise capital online.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Allnex is a supplier of resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks.

Frankfurt   1001-5000    


ToolTime is a Software-as-a-Service solution that helps craftsmen tackle all administrative tasks of their business.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Global Cloud DDoS Mitigation Provider. Headquarter based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt   11-50    


FRAMEN is an online community marketplace for businesses to rent, discover, and book screens around the world.

Frankfurt   1-10    

Blockwall Management

Blockwall Management is BaFin-registered blockchain venture Capital fund.

Frankfurt   1-10    

Bs & T

Bs & T is specializes in the development and production of integrated hyster loop measuring systems.

Frankfurt     $82,941  


Halder is a private equity investor specialise in management buy-outs.

Frankfurt   1-10    

Deutsche Familienversicherung

Deutsche Familienversicherung is the first digitized insurer and the only functioning Insurtech on the German market.



Giromatch offers innovative financial solutions and creates advantages for banks & B2B partners with a fully automated loan solution.

Frankfurt   11-50    


cunio is a social platform that connects tenants, landlords and service provider.

Frankfurt   11-50    


inga. automates active sourcing in social media with chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Frankfurt   11-50    

Finance in Motion

Finance in Motion is an asset management firm exclusively focused on development finance.



asuro designs a software which enables its clients to manage, track, and optimize all their insurance policies, premiums, and benefits.

Frankfurt   11-50    


SecondFloor enables efficient, trusted analytics and reporting, for confident decisions and regulatory submissions.

Frankfurt   51-100    


Online Payment with paydirekt - as natural as your own checking account you're shopping online want, easily and securely pay.

Frankfurt   11-50    

2iQ Research

2iQ is the leading Insider Transaction data provider with a global coverage of 60,000+ stocks.

Frankfurt   51-100    


Compendor helps financial institutions truly understand the regulations needed to comply with by providing easy to use decisions tools.

Frankfurt   11-50    

Casco Automotive Group

Casco Automotive Group Inc. supplies engineered data connectivity, power, charging, and sensor products.

Frankfurt   1001-5000    

Euro Payment Group

Euro Payment Group is a service provider for electronic real-time payments with integrated risk management tools.

Frankfurt   11-50    


SlidePresenter provides a web-based solution for the simple, fast and smart production and distribution of video trainings for B2B

Frankfurt   11-50    


E-shelter develops and runs high availability data centers.

Frankfurt   101-250    


Meshcloud is a multicloud management platform that connects different cloud platforms to a single layer of governance.

Frankfurt   11-50    

Lorenz Life Sciences Group

LORENZ Life Sciences Group has an array of Regulatory Information Management solutions geared towards industry, health authorities.

Frankfurt   101-250    


d-fine is a consulting firm that offers consulting services that focus on financial risk management, system integration, and more.

Frankfurt   501-1000    


Yasni is a people search engine providing an overview of a person's associated networks, pictures and other information.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Aivy predicts proactively the customers environment and recommends situation- and user-related products.

Frankfurt   1-10    


Venios has been developing innovative software solutions.

Frankfurt   11-50    


MyPension provides germany's most modern pension plan - Strong return on ETFs, flexibility, transparent and low costs.



Cyntegrity is an innovative company that provides a specialized software tool for the risk-based monitoring (RBM).

Frankfurt   11-50    


Recurring Billing & Subscription Management

Frankfurt   11-50    


admetrics is a marketing intelligence platform that provides actionable insights across all channels.

Frankfurt   11-50    


SPOBI is a sports management app providing grassroots athletes and teams with professional tools at no cost.

Frankfurt   1-10    

United Signals

The United Signals is a German company for financial technologies and a specialist in digital asset management solutions.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Onapply offers you job advertisements and application management software.

Frankfurt   11-50    


RegHub is data-driven platform to reduce cost & complexity in regulatory change management and compliance through automation & collaboration

Frankfurt   1-10    


VivaNeo is operates fertility clinics and reproductive medical centers.

Frankfurt   251-500    


Almatis develops, produces, and supplies alumina products for steel production, cement production, non-ferrous metal production, ceramics.

Frankfurt   1001-5000    


SUPERKORB is a smart shopping platform for fast-moving consumer goods.

Frankfurt   1-10    


Cogia is a provider of social media monitoring services for optimization purposes.

Frankfurt   11-50    


TrustedCars extends the shopping experience of new and used cars beyond any existing channel.


Deka Immobilien

Deka Immobilien Investment is a real estate company based out of 16 Mainzer Landstraße, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany.

Frankfurt   51-100    


The online transfer process has become established in the German e-commerce market.

Frankfurt   1-10    


powerpay21 is a Global FinTech Network that provides products and solutions for online merchants.


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