51 Leuven Startups to Watch in 2020

Leuven's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 51 Leuven tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on August 03, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Guardsquare develops premium software for the protection of mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking.

Leuven   51-100   $29,556,877  


icometrix develops automated biomarkers that standardizes MRI scan measurements to improve treatment procedures for neurological disorders.

Leuven   11-50   $20,175,563  


i.materialise is a Belgium-based company that offers its users with 3D printing services and an online community for designers.

Leuven   1001-5000    

SettleMint NV

SettleMint makes it easy and fast for any organization to create business solutions on any blockchain.

Leuven   11-50   $3,793,696  


TiGenix is a biomedical company focused on research and development of innovative local treatments for damaged and osteoarthritic joints.

Leuven   101-250   $69,131,486  


Sitemark is an AI-Powered Aerial Data Platform.

Leuven   11-50   $3,274,901  


LynxCare is the leading big data platform for hospitals and clinics.

Leuven   11-50   $2,982,497  


Sweepatic is an innovative data driven cybersecurity company and operates on a global scale.

Leuven   11-50   $1,137,915  


Cartagenia delivers diagnostic systems and services to enable genetic labs and clinicians to perform clinically relevant genetic analyses.

Leuven   51-100   $8,742,183  


ArtiQ developed AI-based software to help doctors save time & improve interpretation of lung function tests & diagnosis of lung diseases

Leuven   43840   $1,125,980  


Synopsis provides software tools to design and program application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs).

Leuven   5001-10000    


Cumul.io allows you to build powerful data-visualisation dashboards in your own platform.

Leuven   43840   $57,041  


Our solution decentralizes payment systems and digitizes cash, creating a next-generation money ecosystem.

Leuven   43840   $3,310  


Pick-it gives eyes to robots. It offers plug and play smart automation products for any robot.

Leuven   11-50   $2,950,876  


Finactum delivers augmented analytics financial company data on companies located in Belgium.

Leuven   43840   $167,491  


VivaDrive is a mobility platform for companies and organizations to manage and electrify its car fleet.

Leuven   43840   $500,000  


THEOplayer is the industry-leading HTML5 based video player delivering a world-class viewer experience across devices.

Leuven   11-50    

Sustainable LED Light

Sustainable LED Light is an tech company that provides cost effective sustainable solutions for the light industry.

Leuven   43840   $53,845  


On land, at sea and in the air, Septentrio's AsteRx, PolaRx and Altus product lines sets the benchmark for GNSS/GPS positioning solutions.

Leuven   51-100    


miDiagnostics is developing a next-generation diagnostic platform based on a silicon nanofluidic processor.


Twipe Mobile Solutions

Twipe Mobile Solutions enables publishers to engage more readers on mobile platforms.

Leuven   11-50    


Datadobi specializes in seamless data-storage platform migrations.

Leuven   11-50    


CrazyGames is a browser games platform reaching over 10 million unique players every month.

Leuven   43840    


Luciad provides high performance software tools for rapid application development of advanced systems.

Leuven   51-100    


Enabling TelCos to deliver services much faster and with more flexibility through end-to-end automation & orchestration



dataroots is a company focused on delivering the best-in-class AI solutions.

Leuven   11-50    


ViroVet is a pioneering Livestock Solutions company.



TenForce is a pragmatic EHS & Operational Risk Management software solution.

Leuven   51-100    


Selexis SA operates as a global life science company.

Leuven   11-50    


Aviovision provides AVIOBOOK, an electronic flight bag software solution for the aviation industry.

Leuven   11-50    


Empowering people and organisations to manage personal data as it should be

Leuven   501-1000    


VersaSense allows you to reliably connect any asset to any cloud analytics platform, and manage that infrastructure.

Leuven   43840    


nextAuth is on a mission to eliminate usernames and passwords; and do so in a highly secure and user-friendly way.



Rein4Ced is a carbon fibre composites developer and manufacturer.

Leuven   43840    


Intermodalics develops software for robotic applications world-wide.

Leuven   11-50    


Option develops an array of wireless technology devices such as universal tri-band GSM and GPRS PC radio cards.

Leuven   251-500    

Centre for Drug Design & Discovery (CD3)

investment fund and technology transfer platform aimed at promoting the discovery and development of innovative medicines.



Bubbly-Doo create personalised children's books

Leuven   43840    

Oppia Performance

Oppia Performance is a hardware independent AI streaming solution for sport and events.


Virtual Surveyor

Virtual Surveyor is a software service that bridges the gap between drone datasets and CAD or GIS with almost no learning curve.



Parkwind develops, finances, builds, and operates wind farms in the North Sea.

Leuven   101-250    


Atmire is helping increase the speed of scientific progress world wide.

Leuven   11-50   $264,352  


IPCOS is a services provider that maximizes the performance of its customers’ assets in the international energy and chemical industries.


Green Tech Aircraft

Driving aviation towards sustainability.

Leuven   43840    


Craftworkz uses innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, chatbots and IoT to build software prototypes.

Leuven   11-50    


Magwel is a provider of integrated 3D device-EM simulation and analysis products for ICs.

Leuven   11-50    


MireDot allows its users to generate Java REST API Documentation in 5 Minutes.



eSATURNUS is a technology company that offers data management and video-over-IP solutions in the medical field.

Leuven   11-50    


CellSine offers instruments and services based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for drug discovery.

Leuven   43840    


Qmino is a team of skilful software developers focused on Java Web Services and Connected Applications.

Leuven   43840    

MGX by Materialise

MGX by Materialise is a home décor company that provides handmade design products for their customers.

Leuven   43840    

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