102 Vilnius Startups to Watch in 2022

Vilnius's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 102 Vilnius tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Vilnius 10+ employees Fast-growing

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GOSU Data Lab

GOSU Data Lab is a company with a focus on GAMING DATA and AI

Vilnius   11-50   $2,320,000  

Filippo Loreti

Defining characters through premium designer accessories at fair prices.

Vilnius   51-100   $10,325,052  


Trafi is the most technologically advanced platform for mobility solutions, powering the world’s leading companies and cities.

Vilnius   51-100   $14,000,000  


CityBee is a car sharing startup.

Vilnius   11-50   $124,393,440  


Vinted is an internet, social app, and marketplace for pre-loved fashion.

Vilnius   101-250   $119,394,133  

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Qoorio is a Mobile App company.

Vilnius   43840   $597,999  


Lympo is the place to find the best sports coach. Sport and a healthy lifestyle for you, your family,

Vilnius   11-50    


Lympo is a fitness motivational app allowing users to monetize user-generated sports and wellness data.

Vilnius   11-50   $12,500,000  


Building the Bank for the Blockchain Era

Vilnius   101-250   $100,000,000  


CGTrader is the world's preferred source for quality 3D content, optimized for e-Commerce, Gaming, AR/VR, Entertainment and 3D Printing.

Vilnius   51-100   $2,612,321  


Oxipit research team consists of Kaggle-winning experienced deep learning engineers and radiologists.

Vilnius   11-50   $1,700,000  


Evarvest unites the world's stock exchanges, making it simple to invest in the brands you know, love and trust, commission free.

Vilnius   43840   $259,876  

Game Insight

Game Insight is a developer and publisher of free-to-play games for Facebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Vilnius   501-1000   $9,000,000  


NanoAvionics, LLC is a satellite mission integrator, manufacturing high-performance multi-purpose nano-satellite platforms and subsystems

Vilnius   11-50   $5,174,768  


Profitus develops a real estate investment platform for the Baltic region and other areas in Europe.

Vilnius   11-50   $5,895,907  


Radically Faster Deliveries for Business

Vilnius   43840   $355,587  


Same day grocery delivery service.

Vilnius   43840   $56,437  


Real time audio broadcasting solution for overflow audiences, poster sessions, simultaneous interpretation and more.

Vilnius   43840   $651,916  


Laserpas is a commercial drone operator

Vilnius   11-50   $3,072,247  


Alternative Investment Marketplace

Vilnius   11-50   $3,021,473  


Kevin is a licensed payment institution that provides the necessary international and national payment solutions based on PSD2 directive.

Vilnius   11-50   $1,716,066  

Brolis Semiconductors

A hardware-hard company developing beyond state-of-the-art technology solutions for security and medical sensing applications.

Vilnius   11-50   $11,332,228  


At Tinggly, They scour the globe to find the most inspiring top-quality experiences.

Vilnius   11-50   $170,000  


PIXEVIA - artificial intelligence for smart city, retail and drones.

Vilnius   43840   $781,787  

CHRG Network

SAAS platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their CS.

Vilnius   43840   $191,898  


TrackDuck is a Visual feedback tracking for web development.

Vilnius   43840   $287,721  


RAWG.io is a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services.

Vilnius   11-50   $1,200,000  


TableAir provides employee-centric office experience that increases the sense of community and improves employee retention and health.

Vilnius   11-50   $818,478  

Foodout Group

The leading mobile and online food ordering marketplace in CIS/CES region.

Vilnius   51-100   $2,335,959  


PlateCulture is a community which invites to dine in real homes, eat authentic food and meet interesting people.

Vilnius   43840   $875,775  


Ruptela is a transport management solutions provider based in the UK.

Vilnius     $1,361,080  


AdTech SaaS for Brick and Mortar Retail

Vilnius   43840   $227,735  


Savy is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects investors with borrowers across Europe. There investors get high ROI - 25%

Vilnius   11-50    


Aerial Diagnostics Services fixed wing UAV for Energy Sector

Vilnius   43840   $341,077  


AgriFood Tech Innovation House

Vilnius   11-50   $2,618,348  


Smart GPS tracker for motorcycles

Vilnius   43840   $336,151  


Portal365 is a grant writing and management system for NGOs.

Vilnius   43840   $150,000  


Automation in customer support on messengers

Vilnius   43840   $33,607  


PlaceILive.com combines relevant, objective and systematic information about the quality of living environment and real estate.

Vilnius   43840   $387,707  


Dragdis is a content curation platform that enables users to drag-and-drop images, text, links and videos to save them in private folders.

Vilnius   43840   $264,200  


A marketplace connecting drivers on the streets with brands while leveraging flexible, thin as paper display attached to a car.

Vilnius   11-50   $294,950  


Time saving tools for daily business tasks

Vilnius   43840   $46,566  


Reinventing everyday things making them smarter.

Vilnius   51-100   $23,781  

Kula Tech

High-quality complex solutions for publishers in the mobile era

Vilnius   11-50   $1,950,000  


ClaimsControl is an insurance claims collaboration platform that connects all claim handling process participants.

Vilnius   43840   $43,654  


ad exchange for small and medium ecommerce

Vilnius   43840   $193,378  

Web Robots

B2B web crawling and scraping services. Full service or SaaS service models available.

Vilnius   11-50   $311,825  

JetCat Games

JetCat Games is a young indie studio.

Vilnius   43840   $109,268  


Document and process management solution

Vilnius   51-100   $2,700,000  

AKO Trike

All-electric inverse leaning trike

Vilnius   43840   $22,410  


Self-Service Retargeting Platform

Vilnius   11-50   $276,037  

Celi APS

Celi APS is a software company that provides products geared toward automated design and production.

Vilnius   11-50   $259,771  


Gifty is a micro-gifting service company that provides services to individuals and businesses.

Vilnius     $264,147  


A leading cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps.

Vilnius   11-50   $723,832  


Manodaktaras.lt provides an online portal for patients to make doctors’ appointments or dentists’ appointments.

Vilnius   43840   $277,382  


Aichom is a solution created for people and their families who are fighting Alzheimers disease

Vilnius   43840   $20,000  

Bored Panda

Bored Panda is an art, design, and photography community for creative people.

Vilnius   11-50    


Neematic is a new player in the e-bike market that offers and distributes extreme performance electric bikes.

Vilnius   43840   $224,794  


MobilityBee is a mobile technology company that developed a platform helping extend e-commerce to mobile.

Vilnius   43840   $300,000  


Aimera is an open platform which help companies activate existing customers.

Vilnius   43840   $100,000  


LaSpell is an online platform that allows users to search a database of beauty service professionals and book services.

Vilnius   43840   $270,484  


TrackingMap enables a possibility for a fully automated remote digital tachograph data scan and download.

Vilnius     $55,926  

WePower Network

WePower Network is a global blockchain-based green energy trading platform.

Vilnius   11-50    


Answers to the most important fishing questions based on the reports and experiences of successful catching on waters all over the world.

Vilnius   43840   $212,571  


Online plagiarism checker that reviews over 14 trillion web pages, articles, books, and periodicals.

Vilnius   11-50    


Rewalon, a corporate rewarding service, enables companies to send their clients small items like chocolate, event tickets, pizza, and more.

Vilnius   43840   $500,293  


CoinGate is easy-to-use gateway to Bitcoin, Litecoin and 50+ other cryptocurrencies. Integration via API and e-commerce plug-ins!

Vilnius   11-50    


A client development platform that automates customer development, cross selling and up selling processes for large B2C companies.

Vilnius   51-100    


Paysera is a licensed electronic money institution providing online payment services globally.

Vilnius   101-250    

Robert Kalinkin

Robert Kalinkin is an eponymous contemporary Lithuanian fashion brand with a fierce-luxe attitude.

Vilnius   11-50   $226,045  


Fin.do app allows instant money transfers in any currency, avoiding bank's high fees and exchange rates.

Vilnius   43840    

Akira Mobile

Akira Mobile develops browser-based multiplayer strategy games.

Vilnius     $18,391  

Aventus Group

Aventus Group is a successful payday lender, holding the leading position in Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic and Georgia markets.

Vilnius   251-500    


Nordcurrent is video games developer and publisher

Vilnius   101-250    


Media production, Software Development and SaaS Product(s) company.

Vilnius   43840   $1,233  


Pixelmator is an image-editing application for Mac and iPad.

Vilnius   11-50    


Neurotechnology provides algorithms and software development products.

Vilnius   51-100    


Mistertango is the fintech company offering dedicated IBAN accounts to individuals and businesses.

Vilnius   11-50    


Ferentis is a research-intensive biotechnology company.

Vilnius   43840   $56,567  

Benjamin River Productions

Benjamin River Productions is an immersive audiovisual technology development company.

Vilnius     $259,771  


Skycop is a flight compensation company

Vilnius   11-50    


Pipelinepharma is a global B2B pharmaceuticals marketplace.

Vilnius   43840    

Baltu Lanku Vadoveliai

Baltu Lanku Vadoveliai publishing house develops and makes modern educational literature and digital educational tools.

Vilnius     $212,571  

Startup Lithuania

Startup Lithuania is an online platform that provides information about startups in Lithuania.


HiEnd Systems (HES)

HiEnd Systems helps banks and fintechs make the shift to digital lending.

Vilnius   11-50    

Baltic Amber Solutions

Baltic Amber Solutions are banking software development professionals.

Vilnius   11-50    


Invoice Finance for Small and Medium Businesses

Vilnius   11-50    


Devtodev Is Universal Toolbox For Mobile App Developers

Vilnius   11-50    


Oberlo connects Shopify merchants with suppliers who ship products directly to consumers.

Vilnius   11-50    


Receive, Transfer and Withdraw Funds Easily

Vilnius   11-50    


PomoDone App is an easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique

Vilnius   43840    


Vibration Energy Harvesting

Vilnius   43840    


TeleSoftas is a consulting and product engineering service company, providing high-end bespoke software engineering solutions.

Vilnius   101-250    

Moneta International

Moneta International is an international financial institution, based with it's headquarters in Vilnius Lithuania.

Vilnius   501-1000    


VSight, industrial augmented reality software platform.

Vilnius   43840    


Complete one-stop solution for online card payments.

Vilnius   43840    


News in any language, automatically personalised using artificial intelligence.

Vilnius   43840    


Make freight simple.

Vilnius   11-50    


eProcurement and B2B eCommerce.

Vilnius   43840    


Luminor is an independent Baltic bank.


International Fintech

International Fintech refers to a group of fintech companies, that help assist businesses with their managerial services.

Vilnius   43840    

HODL Finance

HODL Finance is the European digital lending company that issues loans backed by cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Vilnius   104634    

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  • Glovo
  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
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  • URL
  • hopin.com
  • glovo.com
  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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