56 Bordeaux Startups to Watch in 2022

Bordeaux's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 56 Bordeaux tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 24, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Bordeaux 10+ employees Fast-growing

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News Republic

News Republic is a fast and convenient way to stay informed with latest news from India & around the world from various sources.

Bordeaux   11-50   $10,300,000  


Azendoo is a project management platform for agile developers and high performance managers.

Bordeaux   11-50   $2,435,000  


Paylead uses transaction data to get to know the customer better and to recommend personalized cashback offers based on purchasing behavior.

Bordeaux   11-50   $832,517  


Wiidii was created in 2014 from the meeting of artificial intelligence and personal assistance.

Bordeaux   11-50   $3,153,239  


Yooji offers delicious meals in frozen portions for babies.

Bordeaux   11-50   $10,441,201  

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Yescapa is a rental platform for motorhomes and travel vehicles between individuals.

Bordeaux   11-50   $3,976,442  


Mieuxplacer.com is a free accompaniment for a savings made to measure.

Bordeaux   11-50   $6,366,119  


OnCrawl is a powerful SEO crawler and log analyzer for enterprise SEO audits and daily monitoring.

Bordeaux   11-50   $4,092,193  


GEEV is a collaborative mobile app that allow its members either to donate objects, or to collect various stuff for free.

Bordeaux   11-50   $3,711,074  


HelloAsso is the free solution for associations and clubs to receive payments over the Internet.

Bordeaux   51-100   $8,378,862  

LNC Therapeutics

LNC Therapeutics is developing gut microbiota directed drugs to target obesity and associated cardiometabolic diseases.

Bordeaux   11-50   $12,248,821  

Ideal Groupe

Ideal Groupe is a Travel and Hosting company.

Bordeaux   51-100   $12,266,887  


Samboat is an online markeplace for peer-to-peer boat rentals and yacht charters all over the world.

Bordeaux   11-50   $1,379,209  


European leader and international major contributor in innovative, immersive and collaborative 3D technologies

Bordeaux   11-50    


FineHeart is a medical device company

Bordeaux   11-50   $7,189,838  


1001pneus is the specialist in online sales of tires for all types of vehicles.

Bordeaux   11-50   $5,524,562  


Lucine has the ambition to transform and improve patient’s health.

Bordeaux   11-50   $81,868  

Pollen Robotics

Robotic product development made simple

Bordeaux   43840   $82,941  


Deolan is the collaborative platform for the air transport ecosystem

Bordeaux   11-50   $3,264,513  


Poool owns and operates a platform that allows publishers to progressively involve and monetize readers with premium content.

Bordeaux   43840   $415,166  


VeraCash reintroduces gold as a currency.

Bordeaux   43840   $534,168  

Mobiles Republic

Mobiles Republic is an online resource that offers news applications and services on smartphones and tablets.

Bordeaux   11-50   $9,000,000  


Lumo Develop short-circuit savings in the service of the energy transition.



Cdiscount is an e-commerce website offering a wide range of products including high-tech, IT, household appliances, and personal app.

Bordeaux   1001-5000    


Nuage is a Cloud-native tech & data freelance outsourcing platform



Tastemap turns wine purchase into a fun, simple and personal experience while increasing sales & customer loyalty.

Bordeaux   43840   $16,773  


The first marketplace 100% online for wine professionals, which allows to negotiate and to close a transaction in a few minutes

Bordeaux   43840   $260,532  


FieldBox.ai helps industries dramatically improve operational efficiency by deploying artificial intelligence in the heart of factories.

Bordeaux   51-100    

Asobo Studio

Asobo Studio is a next generation game developer.

Bordeaux   101-250    


LegalVision is a web-based software that allows lawyers and business owners to manage their legal documents and process.

Bordeaux   11-50    

Motion twin

Motion Twin has been making free browser and mobile games since 2001.


Linguali Interpreting System

Simultaneous interpreting without equipment: speakers & participants communicate with the on-site interpreter on their smartphones / Wi-Fi

Bordeaux   43840    


Libcast is the cloud-based service for live streaming and on demand videos built on a customizable publication platform.

Bordeaux   11-50   $450,000  

WorldCast Systems

WorldCast Systems is a provider of professional, reliable and innovative solutions to the Radio & TV industry worldwide.

Bordeaux   101-250   $3,030,000  


Ubiquity.ai is a Real Time Prescriptive Modeling Platform.

Bordeaux   43840    


Crowdmap supports brands on creating 5 stars innovation based on omnichannel voice of customers feedback.

Bordeaux   43840    


Somm’It is the automated sommelier for every restaurant.



TEEO is an innovative company with expertise in energy management and the integration of solutions.

Bordeaux   11-50    

Pack'n Drive

Pack'n Drive is a mobile app offers a courier-service at low cost, enabling the secure transmission of parcels to be followed in real time.

Bordeaux   43840    

Wine and Co

WineandCo is a website devoted to wine, offering amateurs a wide choice of wines from all over the world at competitive prices

Bordeaux   11-50   $15,350,000  


Drone-Move is a drone - HD - 4K - Live aeronautical solutions company based in Bordeaux & Brest.



Akigora is a platform designed to connect companies with Experts.

Bordeaux   43840    


Gablys is a provider of bluetooth devices that help with anti-theft and anti-loss.

Bordeaux   43840    


Shoot4ME is a social platform allowing to delegate photo shooting

Bordeaux   43840    

Neotech Solutions

Neotech Solutions is a consulting firm.

Bordeaux   101-250    


At Millesime.ai we develop Machine Learning algorithms to predict fine wine prices

Bordeaux   43840    


My-Yeti, a personalized travel booking platform, provides a new way to discover most relevant destinations matched to your preferences.

Bordeaux   43840    


Areavan is an e-commerce platform that enables users to rent and sell used motorhomes, caravans, and camper vans for travelers.

Bordeaux   43840    

La Maison de la Traduction

La Maison de la Traduction translates your documents, publications or correspondence into any foreign language.

Bordeaux   43840    


Drubbbler helps you scheduling your Dribbble shots. Get more visibility, get more oppurtunities :)

Bordeaux   43840    


CforGood is the Solidarity Network Next Generation that brings together citizens, businesses and associations.

Bordeaux   43840    

JOCK Factory Shop

The Jock Group, founded in 1938 and based in Bordeaux, specializes in the design and production of dessert mixes.



Websico provides software that allows individuals to easily create content for their websites.

Bordeaux   43840    


MAHLER is a dermocosmetic company that develops specialized treatments for the face and body.



VINIV is a Bordeaux-based custom winery where you produce your own luxury-class wine.

Bordeaux   43840    


Offic'In is an online marketplace of medicines and pharmacy products with delivery option or click and collect.


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