95 Cologne Startups to Watch in 2020

Cologne's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 95 Cologne tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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ESL is a gaming news and information network focused on professional gaming, also known as e-sports.

Cologne   251-500   $30,000,000  


Chronext is is a full-service platform for luxury watch trading where clients can buy, sell luxury watches.

Cologne   101-250   $51,629,212  


Silexica provides software development solutions that take intelligent products such as autonomous cars from concept to deployment.

Cologne   51-100   $29,257,027  

Rise Technology

Rise is a software platform that allows a much simpler and more efficient collaboration with the technical field service.

Cologne   11-50    

Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm is to give everyone the power and freedom to build modern software that runs their world.

Cologne   11-50   $3,325,000  


GreenPocket is a leading specialist for consumption visualization and energy management.

Cologne   11-50   $11,621,450  


Nextmarkets is dedicated to helps private investors to operate in a sustainable and better educated manner on the stock exchange.

Cologne   11-50   $13,639,909  


4Stop provides global KYC, compliance and anti–fraud solutions.

Cologne   11-50   $2,801,820  


gridscale is an innovative technology, creates the basis for sophisticated cloud solutions.

Cologne   11-50   $8,114,355  


Studitemps specialized in placing qualified students as temp workers, when necessary even on very short notice.

Cologne   251-500   $17,265,821  


itravel provides customized online mobile leisure booking.

Cologne   11-50   $16,516,397  


Sugartrends is an online marketplace for stores of all types around the world.

Cologne   11-50   $2,421,553  


ShareACamper is a peer-to-peer rental platform for motorhomes and caravans.

Cologne   11-50   $2,244,291  


InfanDx developing a new generation of diagnostic tests for the care of neonates.

Cologne     $5,911,352  


METALSALE is a B2B-marketplace for professional traders of metal scrap.

Cologne   1-10   $944,706  


DeepL is a leading deep learning company for language translation

Cologne   11-50    

Banking One

Predictive Analytics for banks - we predict which customer is interested in what financial product.

Cologne   1-10   $110,401  


LANXESS is a specialty chemicals company.

Cologne   10001    


Find personalized and perfectly matched travel recommendations based on your interests and big data.

Cologne   1-10   $67,991  

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free extension that allows you to block annoying ads and disable tracking in all major browsers.

Cologne   11-50    


Fasciotens helps with the open abdomen - increase the odds, reduce the risks.

Cologne     $3,062,931  


The company QSC AG offers medium-sized businesses extensive ICT services from one source

Cologne   501-1000    


Adbonitas is an internet security company that aims to make digital a safer space for brands.

Cologne   1-10   $597,250  


Cleverbridge is an ecommerce and subscription billing solution for monetizing software, SaaS, and digital goods.

Cologne   251-500    


FoodLoop enables the food retail industry to sell food products with a short remaining shelf-life by providing discount offers on them.

Cologne   1-10   $54,634  


eyeo is develop open source software that millions of people use every day to have a better online experience.

Cologne   51-100    


StudyDrive is an integrated sharing and discussion platform for students.

Cologne   1-10    

Ströer Media

The Ströer Group offers advertisers individualized Out-of-home and online communication solutions.



Saloodo! is a platform that helps shippers to find road freight carriers and helps carriers to find loads optimizing their truck capacities.

Cologne   51-100    


InfluencerDB offers data-driven software for influencer marketing and relations.

Cologne   11-50    


quintly is a Germany-based company that offers its users with online social media analytics tools, helping them optimize performances.

Cologne   11-50    

Rewe Group

Rewe Group is a trading, travel and tourism company.

Cologne   10001    


Ligatus is a Native Advertising Solutions provider for brands, publishers, and programmatic buyers.

Cologne   101-250    


A Smart Device to be put on the wristband of an existing watch.


Social Sweethearts

Social Sweethearts is the largest publisher of customized, family-friendly content and games worldwide.

Cologne   51-100    


BetterDoc helps patients to get the RIGHT medical treatment for their individual health problem by the BEST doctor.

Cologne   11-50    


Famobi delivers HTML5 gaming content for mobile and web browsers and offers revenue for developers and publishers.



CheMondis is an online marketplace for Chemicals

Cologne   11-50    


Userlike offers a professional and lightweight live chat software for websites.

Cologne   11-50    


Armedangels is a clothing retail site which sells classy and timeless fashions for men and women.

Cologne   1-10    

HRS The Hotel Portal

HRS offers a large selection of hotels for business and private travelers worldwide.

Cologne   1001-5000    


Sevenload is a global social media platform that provides photos, videos, interactive show formats, and user generated content.

Cologne   51-100   $38,784,704  


Hitmeister is a German online marketplace offering new and used products across multiple categories.

Cologne   51-100    

SQS Software Quality Systems

The SQS Group (SQS) is the world's leading specialist in software quality. SQS provide solutions, training, consultancy and resources.

Cologne   1001-5000    


shareDnC is an online platform for subletting unused office space and desk space.

Cologne   11-50    


MeinAuto are auto consultants of automobile sales and services.

Cologne   51-100    


e.pilot makes it easier for energy suppliers to enter the digital world and helps them take on a leading role as an energy service provider.

Cologne   51-100    


KissMyAds provides publishers, advertisers and app developers with the network and technology to monetize their mobile traffic.

Cologne   11-50    


fitogram is an online marketplace for fitness- and health-related activities.

Cologne   1-10    


Unity Media provides basic cable television and radio services in Germany.

Cologne   5001-10000    


PlusServer provides managed hosting solutions to data centers.

Cologne   251-500    


Flowtify develops and operates a hygiene and quality management platform and application for food service industry.

Cologne   1-10    


An AI-powered service extracting information from restaurant menu cards for Food Delivery Services, PoS Systems and OS Services.

Cologne   1-10    

GUS Group

GUS Group has been providing integrated ERP enterprise solutions for the process industry and logistics services.

Cologne   51-100    

Lumoview Building Analytics

Lumoview prodives automated building analysis through a measurement that takes only 2 seconds per room.

Cologne   1-10    


A Perfect Workout Everyday: Athletes get perfectly scaled, adjustable workouts every day with and without equipment

Cologne   1-10    


entrafin offers purchasing and sales financing services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and banks in Germany.



Legalbird helps consumers to solve their legal issues within minutes.

Cologne   1-10    


Denkwerk combines design, communication and technology to create substantial added value.

Cologne   101-250   $8,424,277  


Simple B2B purchasing of professional equipment for offices & businesses, restaurants & hotels.

Cologne   1-10    

Qimia AI

We are building the world’s most powerful platform for industrialised massively scalable, distributed AI solutions.

Cologne   1-10    


Freightly is a real-time logistics & transport management system.



Balolo is a close-knit company located in Germany dedicated to design and craft exceptional accessories.

Cologne   1-10   $120,000  

NEO New Oncology

NEO New Oncology designs and develops a diagnostic platform NEO.



innovative organic products for a healthy & sustainable lifestyle - we created the world's first organic certified dietary shake

Cologne   1-10    


Athion provides energy management solutions using SaaS approach for real-time analysis and optimization of complex energy systems.

Cologne   11-50    


PlagScan compares your document with billions of others and highlights relevant correlations between them.

Cologne   11-50    


Bendesk is a digital B2B solution for managing corporate & employee benefits.

Cologne   1-10    

ITyX Solutions

ITyX software solutions automate customer service and business processes. A central platform controls all font-based processes.



hijob is a mobile career portal for professionals, managers and graduates.

Cologne   11-50    


Hypd is the ambassador platform that lets fans become nano influencers and receive exclusive rewards for boosting reach and sales.

Cologne   11-50    

Qvest Media

Qvest Media is a world-leading systems architect and ICT integrator in the fields of broadcasting and media technology.

Cologne   11-50    

Startup SAFARI

Startup SAFARIA connects local startup ecosystems in a global community.

Cologne   1-10    


Sicherbezahlen.de provides an online payment solution for step-by-step transactions.

Cologne   11-50    


CryptoTec provides high-security solutions for connecting decentralized computer systems.



Tunnelware is a VaaS (Virtuality as a Service) for tunnel construction industry.

Cologne   1-10    


netSTART offers lectures, keynotes, seminars and workshops on the topics digital economy and digital transformation.

Cologne   11-50    

nkt cables

nkt cables is a global front-line supplier to the energy sector. It develop, manufacture and market high quality cables, accessories.

Cologne   1001-5000    


DepotCity digitalizes the warehousing and fulfillment sector. Simply book your warehouse or fulfillment online - we do the rest!

Cologne   1-10    


Mealmatch connects people at a joint Meal - in restaurants and private environments.

Cologne   1-10    


Koelnmesse stages international trade fairs and conferences.

Cologne   501-1000    


Unidesq enables global brands to manage leading technologies of the programmatic advertising ecosystem with one platform.

Cologne   1-10    


COUPIES is the fastest growing Mobile Cashback Couponing Company in Germany.

Cologne   11-50    


weg.de is one of the most famous online travel portals in Germany.



Quiply is a young SaaS company offering a mobile-first communication app platform for mobile, remote and shift workers - Quiply Employee App

Cologne   1-10    

Flossbach von Storch

Flossbach von Storch is a bank-independent asset management company that manages equity, bond and multi-asset funds.



VulcanoSec provides a powerful Compliance Scanner and Security Automation Framework.

Cologne   1-10    


Passt Digital Services owns and operates an online insurance marketplace platform.

Cologne   1-10    

OnVista Group

OnVista Group is one of the most popular financial portals in Germany.

Cologne   11-50    


MEDIA BROADCAST is the leading full-service provider in the broadcasting and media industry.

Cologne   501-1000    

DocCheck Guano

Guano provides the ideal fertilizer for startups: capital, know-how, market access and network

Cologne   51-100    

PLEV Technologies

PLEV Technologies develops STEEREON, an E-Scooter that connects lifestyle, driving enjoyment, and functionality like no other.



Focused on awesome Insurance/InsurTech apps & helping app start-ups to deliver

Cologne   11-50   $131,519  


XOVI develops all-in-one online marketing suites to increase traffic.

Cologne   11-50    


DLR is the national aeronautics and space research centre.

Cologne   10001+    

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