90 Romania Startups to Watch in 2020

Romania's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 90 Romania tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Bitdefender is a global security technology company that provides advanced threat protection to both business and consumer customers.

Bucharest   10001   $187,000,000  


Travelio are leaders in Romania on the IT services market offered to travel agencies.

Bucharest   251-500    


Persona represents the solution for identity management, aligned with the latest data protection regulations.

Bucharest   11-50    


Elefant.ro is a Romanian online retailer that provides products for children and adults, for home, wellness, and garden.

Bucharest   11-50   $6,087,774  


Omniconvert is the world's only platform that enables companies to generate data-driven insights and to run personalization experiments.

Bucharest   11-50   $1,086,530  

Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce provides crowdsourcing solutions for digital media, advertising, database management, and other related fields.



Robotic Personal Assistants for Small and Medium Businesses

Bucharest   1-10   $222,562  


Jobful is a gamified recruitment platform.

Bucharest   11-50   $418,809  


FaceRig is an upcoming program enabling anyone with a webcam to digitally embody any character they want.

Bucharest   1-10   $2,300,000  


SymphoPay connects all payments terminals of a merchant to a central platform transforming them in smart marketing machines.

Bucharest   1-10   $1,362,934  


Zitec is a software company specialized in online products and applications development.

Bucharest   101-250   $1,800,000  


DeviceHub is an integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) for IoT solutions, in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies.

Bucharest   1-10   $152,027  


FashionUp is an online B2C fashion market place in Romania.

Bucharest   11-50   $2,307,840  


Confidas helps SMEs get paid on time by providing credit risk data

Bucharest   1-10   $203,945  


Noriel is a multi-channel retailer of toys and children products in Romania.

Bucharest   501-1000   $9,467,596  


CyberGhost is the creator of one of the world's most reliable privacy and security solutions in the world: CyberGhost VPN

Bucharest   51-100    


Wizmo.ro is a estate website people can find advertisements published by both owners and agents.

Bucharest   1-10   $567,792  


Baro.io is a digital marketing start-up

Bucharest   1-10   $94,995  


Docbook is a marketplace for booking medical appointments.

Bucharest   1-10   $298,897  


Kinderpedia simplifies communication between kindergartens, teachers and parents, by bringing them on the same platform.

Bucharest   11-50   $136,397  


Social platform dedicated to pet lovers

Bucharest   1-10   $526,788  


eMag is an e-commerce platform offering wide range of products.

Bucharest   501-1000    


Mavenhut transforms classic single player games into social games.

Bucharest   11-50   $737,878  

RAV Antivirus

RAV Antivirus was founded in 1994 to primarily meet the growing security needs of internet service providers and Linux users.

Bucharest   1001-5000   $100,000  


edtech platform for that helps students learn faster by using a quiz style based learning.

Bucharest   1-10   $49,865  


FeedCheck is a company which brings all product reviews in a single place

Bucharest     $10,000  


InnoPlanner is a 3D interior decorating software built for designers, architects, retailers and manufacturers.

Bucharest   1-10   $26,000  


Yellow is a revolutionary service that offers you chef-cooked meals and have them delivered right to your home or office.

Bucharest   11-50   $300,000  


Questo is the mobile exploration game, offering mission-like city tours which you can play.

Bucharest   1-10    


JustNow is a service provider and smart advertising platform that aims to reduce fresh food waste.

Bucharest     $17,631  


Crescendo deliver applications, infrastructure solutions and personalized integration services.

Bucharest   1-10    


Edus is a company that provides educational software for parents and students.

Bucharest   1-10   $690,093  


Softpedia features free-to-try software, games and gaming tools, Windows device drivers, mobile devices, and IT-related articles.

Bucharest   51-100    

DCS FAST LINK (dcs plus)

dcs plus offers a range of complete end-to-end solutions for the travel and tourism industry.

Bucharest   51-100    


DocProcess is a cloud finance and accounting automation solution based on RPA and eInvoicing. Designed for enterprises, SSCs and BPOs.

Bucharest   51-100    


FINQ is a middleware financial API aggregation platform to interconnect businesses and fintechs with banks.

Bucharest   1-10    


We believe in different thinking and in the power of change brought by the brain sciences.

Bucharest   1-10   $15,843  

Clever Taxi

First Romanian taxi-ordering app

Bucharest   11-50    


In any field there are many brands that are fighting for first place in the consumer's mind and soul.

Bucharest   1-10   $55,926  

Fashion Days

Fashion Days is a fashion website offering products and daily advice.

Bucharest   501-1000    


VCE is an independent, high-tech engineering company that provides consultancy services.

Bucharest   1001-5000   $59,667  


We develop revolutionary digital solutions that leverage next-generation technology - AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, AR, VR.

Bucharest   101-250    


Froala re-imagined the web editing experience from its roots by creating an outstanding mobile friendly WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Bucharest   1-10    

Creative Tim

Premium Boostrap themes, templates and UI Kits.

Bucharest   1-10    


Fishpointer develops the World most interactive map for fishing.

Bucharest   1-10   $31,977  

Sunwave Pharma

Sunwave Pharma is dedicated to Natural & Nutritional Health Products. Nature can offer solutions for all problems.

Bucharest   251-500    

Regina Maria

A Romania-based hospital and surgical center operator

Bucharest   1001-5000    


Viva Credit IFN SA is the largest provider of unsecured single-payment consumer loans in Romania with operations.



Toys as a Service - flat fee subscription box: subscribe once, exchange for free whenever you want. Focus on educational and STEM toys.

Bucharest   1-10    


Integrated mobile marketing and payments. revolutionary mobile payment and customer engagement solution. integrated services for merchants

Bucharest   1-10    


SEOmonitor - an award-winning software product that brings a new and better way of measuring and predicting SEO performance.

Bucharest   11-50    


Sypher Suite is a software platform that simplifies analysis and helps prevent mistakes when documenting and maintaining GDPR compliance.



ExigeApp is a web app which helps entrepreneurs and students understand financial modeling and use it to their start-up’s advantage.

Bucharest   1-10   $27,893  


Allevo provides software solutions to enhance financial services. Allevo creates software applications in line with open source culture.

Bucharest   11-50    


We develop a software suite for the global ecommerce market, used by thousands of online stores from 120+ countries.

Bucharest   1-10    


Axigen focuses on the development & distribution of innovative messaging solutions.

Bucharest   51-100   $4,940,000  


StartupCafe is a project to promote entrepreneurial culture and supported by Hotnews and Google.


Juno Software

JUNO Software is specialized in developing innovative communications software for MNOs, MVNOs and Global Enterprises.

Bucharest   1-10    


The ultimate sketchbook for fashion designers

Bucharest   1-10   $5,488  


Quality WordPress themes and plugins and step-by-step tutorials on how to make your WordPress site awesome.

Bucharest   11-50    

QTeam Solutions

Our purpose is to deliver complex digital solutions in web related industries like e-learning, e-commerce and social media marketing.

Bucharest   11-50    

Digital Artflow

Specialized in WebGL-driven applications such as: 2D and 3D product configurators, quoting tools and VR/AR applications.

Bucharest   1-10    

Reflex Help

Motion tracking sensors that enable patients to finish their physical rehabilitation at home, under the team's supervision.

Bucharest   1-10    


certSIGN is a company specializing in the development and implementation of software applications for information security.

Bucharest   251-500    

CS Academy

CS Academy helps recruit some of the smartest people in the world.

Bucharest   1-10    

Digi Communications

Digi Communications is provider of telecommunication services in Romania and Hungary.



Bricostore Romania S.A. operates a chain of hardware stores that offers bric-a-brac, home furnishings, electrical, gardening.


Global Technical Group

Global Technical Group is to create better living & working environments through the extensive use of technologies that enrich comfort.

Bucharest   51-100    

GECAD ePayment

GECAD ePayment (now PayU Romania) is an integrated ecommerce solutions provider.

Bucharest     $2,000,000  


TheWebMiner company offers enterprise web crawling and other data processing solutions

Bucharest   1-10    

Romania Insider

The leading source of English - language news in Romania.

Bucharest   1-10    

Footprints for Retail

Indoor Location Intelligence is the most valuable digital asset in retail property investments.

Bucharest   11-50    

HyperSense Software

Full-stack mobile and web development company located in Bucharest, Romania.

Bucharest   11-50    


Powerful call tracking platform that hepls data-driven marketers & agencies to increase conversion rate.

Bucharest   1-10    


Wiacom.ai is a cloud based WiFi analytics and direct communication platform.

Bucharest   1-10    


PriceFlux is the most comprehensive online price monitoring and reporting tool for small to large online retailers.

Bucharest   1-10    


The smartest way to find the perfect laptop. A search engine that brings all internet information on laptops in a single place.

Bucharest   1-10    

Green Horse Games

Green Horse Games is a company dedicated to building online games.

Bucharest   1-10    


Online business grower, creative team builder and proud father. Country Manager Getlokal.ro & Owner of UrbanKid.ro - positive parenting.

Bucharest   1-10    

Advantage Software Factory

Advantage Software Factory is a leading provider of business software solutions for debt collection, CRM and reporting.

Bucharest   51-100    

Star Taxi

Star Taxi is the mobile taxi ordering app that is operating in Bucharest, Romania and other cities.

Bucharest   11-50    


Smartree Romania is an outsourcing company specialized in payroll outsourcing, personnel administration & temporary staffing services.

Bucharest   51-100   $200,000  

Bucharest Stock Exchange

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is currently building a competitive capital market in the CEE region.

Bucharest   51-100    


ClusterCS is a Cloud-Based Linux Control Panel that works with any type of VPS or dedicated servers.

Bucharest   11-50    


Powering the largest affiliate networks in Romania and Bulgaria.

Bucharest   11-50    

Hey, Be Well!

A platform designed with a single purpose: to help you accomplish your wellbeing goals with the help of Specialists and Suppliers.

Bucharest   1-10    

Brain Spotting

Brain Spotting is the leading technology recruitment and selection consultancy in Romania.

Bucharest   11-50    


The service platform for Romanian entrepreneurs

Bucharest   1-10    


Conectoo is a software and marketing platform that enables users to operate email marketing campaigns.

Bucharest   1-10    


Lundin.fo provides business software solutions designed to sharpen business processes and information flows.


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