94 Lyon Startups to Watch in 2022

Lyon's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 94 Lyon tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Lyon 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Sanofi Pasteur

Sanofi Pasteur SA develops, manufactures, and supplies vaccines in France and internationally.

Lyon   10001   $43,200,000  


Euronews is an online news portal that cover world news from a european perspective.

Lyon   501-1000   $30,000,000  


Vesper is a French on-demand alcohol and snacks delivery service.

Lyon   11-50    


Poxel is a research integrated pharmaceutical company that develops products for metabolic diseases.

Lyon   11-50   $102,983,940  

mojo diagnostics

mojo diagnostics uses computer vision to automate sperm analysis for fertility clinics.

Lyon   1-10    

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Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech is a global technology company that helps the C-suite make optimal business decisions.

Lyon   51-100   $32,892,015  


Tilkee is a cloud based app that increases sales team's closing rate and optimizes prospects follow-up by tracking business proposals.

Lyon   11-50   $4,907,831  


ERYtech Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company, develops enzyme-based medicinal products for the oncology, hematology and immunology sectors.

Lyon   101-250   $188,257,203  


iExec provides blockchain based decentralized cloud computing platform.

Lyon   11-50   $12,000,000  


365talents is the artificial intelligence SaaS solution for HR recommendations.

Lyon     $2,946,257  


Miuros is a cloud-based platform, transparently integrated into your everyday tools.

Lyon   11-50   $2,391,211  


Wizaplace is an e-commerce start-up dedicated to the development of a complete marketplace creation and management solution.

Lyon   11-50   $14,836,908  

ENYO Pharma

ENYO Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company based in Lyon, France.

Lyon   11-50   $73,384,365  


Medicrea is a fully-dedicated spinal implant company focused on introducing reliable and innovative technologies to the global marketplace.

Lyon   101-250   $95,839,158  


Osivax is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of vaccines and immunotherapies.

Lyon   11-50   $12,016,947  


Antidot designs innovative and highly configurable software solutions.

Lyon   11-50   $10,000,000  


Geolid is a search optimization website with a primary focus on french consumers.

Lyon   11-50   $36,600,341  

MaaT Pharma

MaaT Pharma (Microbiota as a Therapy) is a French biotech start-up.

Lyon     $12,373,447  


DigiSchool provides students with learning tools that assist in their primary to postbaccalaureate education.

Lyon   51-100   $19,753,250  


JobyPepper is a workforce management software.

Lyon   1-10   $1,669,424  


Glowbl enables to turn any digital service into a collaborative experience where human interactions are represented just like in real life.

Lyon   11-50   $7,100,000  

Per Angusta

Per Angusta is an agile procurement performance management platform that develops a SaaS to enhance the performance of procurement teams.

Lyon   11-50   $1,184,856  


NightSwapping is a French platform that allows members to host people in their homes in exchange of free accommodation.

Lyon   1-10   $4,825,987  


DOZ provides a all-in-one marketing software and vetted on-demand marketers help to run and master online marketing.

Lyon   11-50   $1,500,000  


Xotelia is a channel manager designed for guesthouses, B&B and seasonal rentals.

Lyon   11-50   $1,389,303  

La Boutique Officielle

The leading urbanwear e-commerce company in France.

Lyon     $11,138,338  


Adocia is a biotechnology company specializing in tissue regeneration and developing medicines with already-approved therapeutic proteins.

Lyon   51-100   $37,052,238  


Holimetrix has been developed specifically for digital companies that significantly invest in media and marketing services.

Lyon   11-50   $3,828,132  


FinKey is a digital platform dedicated to finding financing for start-ups and small businesses.

Lyon   11-50   $892,458  

Lili Smart

Lili Smart is the first all-in-solution supporting and assisting family caregivers and their loved one

Lyon   1-10   $599,617  

Bioxis Pharmaceuticals

France-based developer of Monophasic Tissular inductor MTI12

Lyon   11-50   $2,807,253  


Blockchain-based incentive program for companies.

Lyon   251-500    

Space Designer 3D

Online application to draw, furnish and visualize architectural projects.

Lyon   11-50   $1,246,253  


Optimize your teamwork by collectively managing your external communications directly in Slack or in Microsoft Teams

Lyon   1-10   $1,226,029  


Calixar is a biotechnology company providing services for the production, extraction, and purification of functional membrane proteins.

Lyon   11-50   $2,234,904  


Alinto provides messaging groupware and electronic communication solutions.

Lyon   11-50   $3,602,334  


ForCity is Using 4D simulation to support decision making for tomorrow's smart cities

Lyon   51-100   $10,015,187  


Prototypo provide tools to enable people to get custom fonts in a matter of minutes.

Lyon   1-10   $163,363  


Developer of software to interpret smart geospatial data for decision making.

Lyon   1-10   $1,123,997  


SiS-id platform is the first community of financial departments that preserves transfer fraud.

Lyon   1-10   $81,868  


VeriCampus helps students successfully navigate their way through school by utilizing AI-Powered Smart Messaging

Lyon   1-10   $60,865  


Miraxess develops mobile convergence and turns your Smartphone into a real laptop.

Lyon   1-10   $200,000  


ParuVendu is a France-based company that provides classified ads for furniture, clothes, and vehicles sales.

Lyon     $2,378,075  


Interpol is an international police organization that enables law enforcement organizations worldwide to combat transnational crime.

Lyon   1001-5000    


ProovStation is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages.

Lyon   11-50   $1,092,859  


Experio is an internet and application optimizing engine.

Lyon   101-250    


ReportLinker is a professional search engine, based in Lyon, France.

Lyon   11-50    


Novasep is a service provider in the field of molecule production and purification for the life science and chemical industries.

Lyon   1001-5000    


GRAAAL is an interactive platform which includes everybody of the real estate with the aim of facilitating the life of all.

Lyon     $120,107  


Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level approach, engineering and integrating intelligent systems software.

Lyon   51-100    

GL events

GL events provides event-related services and solutions.

Lyon   101-250    

April Group

April Group is an international group of insurance services.

Lyon   5001-10000    


8sec is a casual gaming platform

Lyon   1-10    


The first smart assistant for freelancers

Lyon   1-10    

Mapi Group

The Mapi Group is a service provider to the global healthcare industry.

Lyon   501-1000    


DATA FIRST develops and deploys modular management, marketing and sales solutions for the automotive distribution sector.

Lyon   101-250    

Addev Materials

Addev Materials specializes in the transformation of high-performance materials.

Lyon   251-500    

Eden Games

Eden Games operates as a publisher of racing video games.



Sham is a mutual insurance company that provides medical malpractice insurance in France.

Lyon   251-500    

United Motion Ideas

UMI democratizes access to B2B market research to companies that innovate.



Personalized trip itinerary planner.

Lyon   11-50    


Artelia is the result of a merger between Coteba and Sogreah, finalised on 30 March 2010.

Lyon   1001-5000    


MacGeneration is an online platform that provides Mac news, editorials, forums, tests, and more.

Lyon   1-10    

Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty and commodity silicones, helps its customers to deliver.

Lyon   5001-10000    


Smart Parking management system for entreprises

Lyon   1-10    


Woonoz is today the European leader in adaptive learning.

Lyon   51-100    

Delaware Consulting

Delaware Consulting is a distribution and industrial sectors with sectorised application-related offers, based on SAP software solutions.

Lyon   1001-5000    


Nabl is a solution that connects businesses and their consumers to enhance their experience.



B2Expand is an editor of cross gaming video games based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Lyon   1-10    

In Extenso

In Extenso International Services - Building your success

Lyon   1001-5000    


Edelris is a medicinal chemistry company dedicated to the design and synthesis of innovative, natural product-like screening compounds,

Lyon   51-100    


Panzani is the market leader in France in the dry and fresh pasta, rice, sauces, couscous and semolina businesses



Created in 2015, Hub-Grade is a real estate plateform gathering needs of professionals seeking offices and owners seeking tenants.

Lyon   11-50    


Hume lets you run your application with server class hardware. With great experience quality.

Lyon   1-10    


Ubiant created technology solutions to make buildings and smart objects.

Lyon   11-50    


Mudita makes beautifully simple software to help you focuson your artists' career development.

Lyon   1-10    


Xerus is a mobile app developper.

Lyon   1-10    


Squadata is a data marketing solutions publisher helping SMEs to collect, centralize and process data to better address their customers.

Lyon   11-50    


DigiReward is an omnichannel web solution that enables businesses to engage, reward, and retain their fans and customers.

Lyon   1-10    


Eazylang connects clients and professional translators with a cloud-based innovative software that brings online professional translation.



Acteur français de la recherche et de l'innovation, Acies Consulting Group est un cabinet-conseil créé en 1990 par Patrick Duvarry

Lyon   51-100    


Nephelia produces polluted-air filtration devices

Lyon   1-10    


Novencia offers information technology (IT) consulting and software engineering services.

Lyon   251-500    


SocialWall.me is a Technology for social media marketing and analytics

Lyon   1-10    


Corexpert is AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

Lyon   11-50    

Gaming Campus

Gaming Campus is a platform to reveal talent and develop skills.

Lyon   1-10    


Biomnis is a provider of pathological analysis in the fields of molecular diagnostics, tissue



Le Montmartre du Web, art commissions made simple ! Pick a style, send your photo and get an authentic work of art !

Lyon   1-10    


Arskan is a young and innovative deep tech company.

Lyon   11-50    


Charging station smartphones & tablets customizable.

Lyon   1-10    


Sutunam is a consulting & software development company. Sutunam supports customers with custom Open Source Solutions and frameworks.

Lyon   11-50    


Futurmap is a platform of geographic data processing and 3D modeling.

Lyon   101-250    


Deligreens is to grow and sustain farm-to-door supply chains in Europe.

Lyon   1-10    


Casalink is a platform to buy and sell your home without commission.

Lyon   1-10    

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