104 Belfast Startups to Watch in 2022

Belfast's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 104 Belfast tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on January 21, 2023.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Belfast 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Chain is a secure mobile communication platform for professionals.

Belfast   11-50    


Cloudsmith is your friendly neighbourhood Package Management as a Service ... service. A SaaS for DevOps savvy companies.

Belfast   43840   $2,693,737  


B-Secur represents the next generation of internal biometrics.

Belfast   11-50   $13,677,772  


axial3D is 3D printing anatomical models for the healthcare industry.

Belfast   43840   $3,646,796  


Gravity is a business consulting, digital marketing, and development company dedicated to improving business efficiency.


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Neurovalens delivers innovative solutions in the field of neuroscience, bioscience and neurophysiology

Belfast   43840   $9,881,561  


Datactics provides data consolidation and re-engineering software that enables business users to access information across multiple formats.

Belfast   11-50   $3,166,454  


Kraydel is a small, plug, and play device enabling the elderly to age safely at home.

Belfast   11-50   $1,655,709  

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence provides information management software and services.

Belfast   11-50   $3,933,118  


RepKnight provides SaaS platforms for Data Breach Detection, Dark Web Monitoring and Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Belfast   11-50   $7,193,462  


BrainWaveBank allows anyone to measure and track cognitive health at home taking just a few minutes daily.

Belfast   11-50   $3,924,940  


SaltDNA is the first company to provide a solution for encrypted communications between devices with centralised control for the enterprise.

Belfast   11-50   $3,000,000  


arc-net is a unique cloud based data company that supports product and brand security and authenticity.

Belfast   11-50   $2,503,893  


Sensum is a emotions based software solutions company.

Belfast   11-50   $1,758,550  

MOF Technologies

Nanomaterials for a low carbon world.

Belfast   43840   $3,206,172  


The first communication app that really makes sense for wearables.

Belfast   43840    

Orca Money

Orca Money provides investors with a platform to compare the various companies and products in alternative finance.

Belfast   43840   $1,081,069  


Making Market Segmentation Better With One Platform.

Belfast   11-50   $557,388  

DisplayNote Technologies

DisplayNote transforms presentations for presenters and participants. Use it to present wirelessly with an iPad or Android.

Belfast   11-50   $3,081,390  


Brewbot is a multidisciplinary team of designers and developers.

Belfast     $1,500,000  


Ampliphae uses analytics and machine learning to understand and automate wide-area networks.

Belfast   11-50   $1,970,975  

RMS Group Services

RMS Group Services offers a wide range of competitive cash management services and security systems to a vast array of industries.

Belfast   101-250   $1,499,123  


AirPOS is cloud-based POS and e-commerce software that helps retailers manage multichannel sales.

Belfast   43840   $610,827  

Yedup Limited

Yedup develops real-time, continually adaptive AI technology for high value, ultra-low latency capital markets applications.

Belfast   43840   $625,212  


Liopa is a new biometric verification solution for mobile that uses techniques to track lip movements.

Belfast     $1,055,691  

Titan IC

Titan IC is a supplier of hardware engines for content and network processing, for both low cost

Belfast   11-50   $1,299,863  


SureCert is a recruitment platform that sources, stores, shares.

Belfast   43840   $565,989  

Fluent Technology

Fluent Technology are experts in business transformation through better information management.

Belfast   101-250    

Komodo Learning

Komodo Learning is an online mathematics home learning app for children.

Belfast   43840   $331,847  


QuizFortune is an experiential real-time trivia platform that monetises your mobile [fan] engagement, by adding new revenue streams.

Belfast   43840   $2,250,000  


Reliable Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) across a broad spectrum of applications.

Belfast   11-50   $930,425  


GoReport provides a range of purpose-built solutions for a variety of survey types across the entire property sector.

Belfast   11-50   $454,215  


Sentireal creates software and media platforms that turn mobile devices and headsets into smart assistants.

Belfast   43840   $239,675  

Central Fusion

Central Fusion is a Northern Irish events startup.

Belfast   101-250   $968,980  


Taggled is a revolutionary online shoppable video platform generating revenue for both brands and publishers. It's Video. Only Better.

Belfast   11-50   $492,266  


Adoreboard is a unique platform that helps brands to understand online customer emotion.

Belfast   11-50    


WorldDesk provides personalized mobile computing solutions based around users' devices, the cloud, and VMWare and Citrix platforms.

Belfast   11-50   $1,250,000  


Patchblocks are small programmable synthesiser modules with big potential.

Belfast   43840   $383,367  


ADFerTech develops innovative solutions for anaerobic digestion (AD) digestate.

Belfast     $81,868  


TotalMobile is an enterprise mobile application platform designed to provide complete mobile working solutions.

Belfast   101-250    

Andor Technology

Andor Technology operates at the high-value end of the global scientific digital camera.

Belfast   251-500    

AquaQ Analytics Limited

AquaQ Analytics is a software company & provider of big data & data science services to clients within the capital markets sector.

Belfast   101-250    


AuditComply is a risk and performance management company that provides a centralized management platform to improve business processes.

Belfast   11-50    


PathXL is a global pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for digital pathology.

Belfast   11-50    


IT Solutions Company.

Belfast   43840    


WE ARE PARADOXX is a haircare brand that prioritizes environmental and social responsibility.

Belfast   43840    


Mifinity is a multichannel payment company providing payment services to international merchants.

Belfast   51-100    

Fusion Antibodies

Fusion Antibodies specializes in producing humanized monoclonal antibodies and antibody engineering projects.

Belfast   11-50   $2,500,000  


Novosco is a leading provider of virtual and cloud based infrastructure solutions with offices in Belfast, Birmingham and Dublin.

Belfast   51-100    

The SHS Group

SHS Group owns eleven successful companies in GB and Ireland representing leading brands within the UK and Ireland.

Belfast   51-100    


AppAttic's games engage users for positive behaviour change and provide data for research, potentially saving the health economy billions.

Belfast   43840    

Limitless Insight

Limitless combines location store & social data in a light to no touch cloud platform.

Belfast   43840    

Viridian Group

Viridian is the independent energy company in the all-Ireland market.

Belfast   11-50    


Never miss a lead from your website.

Belfast   43840    


Sentel offer comms management solutions to businesses around the world.

Belfast   501-1000    


iSensing is a multipurpose IoT solution which tracks and analyses movement data.

Belfast   43840    

JAR Technologies

JAR Technologies provides organisations' performance testing solutions online, using real browser testing and monitoring.

Belfast   11-50    

OCO Global

OCO Global is an economic development advisory firm, working with governments and companies worldwide.

Belfast   101-250    

MCS Group

MCS Group is a firm of ethical recruitment specialists.

Belfast   11-50    


Intelesens is a manufacturer of bespoke defibrillator and ECG electrodes.

Belfast   11-50    

Axon Financial Systems

Axon is a technology-driven compliance platform.

Belfast   11-50    

Liberty IT

Liberty IT create software, services and solutions for their parent company, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Belfast   501-1000    


Repstor helps companies harness the value of their information assets by boosting user adoption and driving compliance.

Belfast   11-50    


Quotezone.co.uk is here to help you compare UK car insurance quotes.



Save real money for real goals with PiggyPot.

Belfast   43840    


TM3 is the power and security of desktop software, with the flexibility of a cloud solution.

Belfast   11-50    

Amphion Semiconductor

Amphion Semiconductor, an advanced microchip design company co-headquartered in Belfast and San Jose, CA.

Belfast   43840   $10,000,000  


FSCom is a boutique consultancy firm that provides compliance solutions to financial services institutions.

Belfast   11-50    


Mindmill is a Human Capital Solutions company who specialise in assessment and HR workflow solutions.

Belfast   11-50    

ARC Regulatory

Medical Device Consultancy & Clinical Research Organisation specialising in Regulatory Solutions within the IVD & Medical Device Industries.

Belfast   11-50    


INTU Global Shelter (IGS) provide innovative design solutions to meet housing and shelter needs worldwide.


Inkbot Design

Graphic Designer specialising in Logo Design and Brand Identity.

Belfast   43840    

Logicearth Learning Services

Logicearth Learning Services provides support services for learning and development (L&D) professionals.

Belfast   11-50    


TapSOS is an app for a non-verbal method of contacting the emergency services.


The Horatio Group

An awarding winning pub company with 7 bars and an off license, based in Belfast, Newtownards and Downpatrick.

Belfast   43840    

Global EPIC

Global EPIC is a international cybersecurity initiative is designed to combat growing world challenges by facilitating global collaboration.

Belfast   11-50    

Hayward Hawk

Hayward Hawk provides high end recruitment solutions for the technology industry in the UK and Ireland.

Belfast   11-50    

Velocity Worldwide

Creative Marketing & Personalization Technology which grows retail businesses’ bottom line.

Belfast   11-50    

Sync NI

Sync NI is a leading on line media channel designed to serve and promote the best interests of Northern Ireland's Technology.

Belfast   43840    

Instil Software

Instil Software delivers bespoke software and training for clients globally.

Belfast   11-50    


JumPack is a portable extreme sports ramp.


Proto Software

Software Development Company working on a variety of web and mobile, cloud and IoT Products and solutions.

Belfast   43840    


Voxbit is reinventing the business phone by merging the worlds of cloud computing, web services & telecommunications to make collaboration.

Belfast   11-50    

Food Safe System

Food Safe System is an app and digital platform to digitise and automate food safety compliance for the food service industry.



SiSaf is a drug delivery company offering topical delivery systems for medical, cosmetic, and skin care applications.



Northstone (NI) Limited manufactures building materials and utility access chambers.



BioKinetic Europe is an independent, owner-managed early phase Clinical Research Organisation in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast   101-250    

Blick Shared Studios

Blick Studios is a social enterprise, a group of creative entrepreneurs who wanted to create a great workspace in Belfast.

Belfast   43840    


ServiceClarity delivers business benefits from cloud services by monitoring performance of their Key Performance Indicators.

Belfast   11-50    

The Honeypot seed fund

The Honeypot Seed Fund is the dedicated seed fund for Honeycomb – Creative Works, a program that is targeted at the digital content sector.


Connect Telecom

Connect Telecom is a telecommunications company that provides integrated IT and telecoms services.

Belfast   11-50    


A 3D facial avatar system to enable anyone to cross the uncanny valley and the uncanny volume.

Belfast   43840    


Support2Perform High Performance Solutions provide physiology based Science & Technology Products & Support Services.

Belfast   43840    

performanceACTIVE International

performanceACTIVE International is a sports technology and WEB/APP development company.

Belfast   43840    

No Bullying COM

NoBullying is an online forum aimed at educating, advising, counselling, and helping to stop bullying.

Belfast   43840    

Pure Marine

Pure Marine is a technology company focused on generating electricity from off-shore waves.

Belfast   43840    

Moving Quote Compare

Moving Quote Compare is a new site designed to take the stress out of moving home and business.



RecruitNI pioneered the introduction of the 'jobs portal' in Northern Ireland.


christine jones

Sales Management and Lead Generation Outsourcing Company.

Belfast   43840    


Looking for someone for bug identification in the UK ? Reach out to Termapest for the best solutions.


Create Or Close Sales

CreateAndClose can manage your sales for you with a flexible approach tailored to each client.

Belfast   43840    

Irish Business Systems

IBS, a Xerox Company brings unrivalled expertise to the market, providing the full Xerox product and services portfolio



CMI is a company offering manufacturer business streamlining and growth services.

Belfast   70805    

Delta Print and Packaging

Delta Print and Packaging is a specialist manufacturer of printed folding carton packaging.

Belfast   135010    

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  • N26
  • Curve
  • Pipedrive
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  • URL
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  • n26.com
  • curve.com
  • pipedrive.com
  • tier.app

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