121 Switzerland Startups to Watch in 2020

Switzerland's tech sector is booming. This yearÔÇÖs list of the best 121 Switzerland tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 19, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Autonomous flight control for the electric personal aircraft of the near future

Z├╝rich   11-50   $11,957,636  


Avaloq group is an international fintech company that digitizes the automation of financial services industry.

Z├╝rich   1001-5000   $353,030,769  


Wire is the worlds most secure collaboration platform

Zug   51-100   $8,200,000  


DISCO.IO is a personal music library that allows users to stream music from other sources such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Official.fm.

Geneva   101-250    


Beekeeper is a workplace app that connects the non-desk workforce to operational systems and communication channels.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $71,011,868  


ResponsAbility offers professionally-managed investment solutions to private, institutional, and public investors.

Z├╝rich   251-500   $175,000,000  


Luxoft is an IT company that works globally to give customers software development, product engineering, and consulting.

Zug   10001   $102,400,000  


The World's First Instant Crypto-Backed Loans

Zug   11-50   $52,500,000  


Coople operates as a staffing platform that connects companies and workers.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $75,029,488  


Penta is a Swiss private cloud IT provider specializing in sensitive industries requiring reliability, security and regulatory compliance.

Geneva   51-100    

Veeam Software

Veeam is the leader in backup solutions that enable Intelligent Data Management, serving 80% of the Fortune 500 and 58% of the Global 5000.

Zug   1001-5000   $500,000,000  


Biovotion AG is a digital health company in the field of sophisticated, medical-grade, wearable health monitoring solutions.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $13,495,907  

Annanow Group

Annanow - the retailer's OS (Operating System)

Zug   11-50   $4,308,571  


Scandit develops software for barcode scanning, text and objects recognition, and delivering real-time insights through augmented reality.

Z├╝rich     $43,000,000  


ProtonMail is an internet software company that provides an easy to use secure email.

Geneva   51-100   $4,796,925  


SOPHiA GENETICS combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing.

Lausanne   251-500   $140,152,150  


Ava is a patented multi-sensor bracelet, which allows women to precisely and conveniently predict fertile days.

Z├╝rich   51-100   $42,402,652  


WayRay develops holographic AR technologies for vehicles of the future.

Z├╝rich   251-500   $108,000,000  

Cellestia Biotech

Cellestia is a bio-pharmaceutical company with strategic focus on anti-cancer drugs modulating the NOTCH signaling pathway.

Lausanne   11-50   $28,307,144  

Aleva Neurotherapeutics

Aleva Neurotherapeutics has developed a proprietary neurostimulation platform based on microDBS Technology

Lausanne   11-50   $57,122,994  


Sportradar is the worldÔÇÖs leading supplier of sports and betting-related live data, odds solutions and fraud detection services.

Saint Gallen   1001-5000   $98,288,185  


MindMaze builds intuitive human machine interfaces through its breakthrough neuro-inspired computing platform.

Lausanne   101-250   $110,630,833  


Numbrs is a customer-centric financial services company.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $78,764,275  


Avrios is a cloud computing company that provides tailored transportation services for every employee in one single platform.

Z├╝rich   51-100   $22,381,261  


ONEDAY is a unique coaching method: with one coach, one guest and one topic covered in a single day.

Bern   43840    


Nexxiot AG is the leading independent enabler of the digitized supply chain.

Z├╝rich   51-100   $79,885,114  


Teralytics develops big data analytics based on petabytes of data sourced from credit card operators, CRM, and mobile networks.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $17,500,000  

Planted Foods

Planted is an ETH Spinoff that uses cutting edge technology to turn all-natural ingredients into plant-based meat.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $7,148,812  


Bancor iscrypto company protocol for the creation of Smart Tokens that touts a decentralized exchange service.

Zug   101-250   $152,310,000  


ABB provides power and automation technologies for smart grids, robotics, electric cars, renewable energy and motors.

Z├╝rich   10001   $2,700,000  


Swiss company creator of the world's 1st 3D metal printed security key

Z├╝rich   11-50   $3,883,390  


Frontify is a SaaS B2B platform for brand management that helps brands create consistent brand experiences over all communication channels.

Saint Gallen   51-100   $8,300,000  


Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for inaccessible places.

Lausanne   51-100   $17,928,004  


KNIME develops open source data science software.

Z├╝rich   51-100   $21,474,941  


MoonX - The WorldÔÇÖs ÔÇśtrulyÔÇÖ Collective Decentralised Ownership Exchange.

Geneva   11-50   $29,000,000  


ICON is creating a blockchain ecosystem that has already begun to hyperconnect the world.



SonarSource provides applications and services for continuous inspection of code quality.

Geneva   51-100   $45,000,000  


Tresorit is a cloud-based, secure file synchronizing and collaboration software that enables business users to share confidential data.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $17,776,072  


Status.im is a mobile ethereum OS that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a world of DApps on the decentralized web.

Zug   51-100   $99,000,000  


The easiest way to pay with & accept crypto.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $21,000,000  


Squirro delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured and unstructured data.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $11,500,000  


N-Dream is the company behind AirConsole. The cloud-based multiplayer game console that uses smartphones as gamepads

Z├╝rich   1-10   $4,451,847  


Agile robots for security and safetymonitoring of industrial sites.

Lausanne   1-10   $503,267  


RoomPriceGenie provides smart pricing software for smaller hotels.

Zug   11-50   $10,027  

Kandou Bus

KANDOU specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.

Lausanne   11-50   $96,108,081  


Procsea is the first business-to-business seafood marketplace.

Lausanne   11-50   $10,920,004  


The best shopping experience in your favorite chat app

Zug   43840   $982,523  


Hosco, the hospitality network, is dedicated to the recruitment and guidance of hospitality professionals worldwide.

Geneva   51-100   $12,211,889  

RetinAI Medical

(RetinAI) develops healthcare solutions to protect patients from vision loss using artificial intelligence (AI).

Bern     $2,721,773  

Cosmos Network

An ambitious project with the final goal of becoming the first decentralized exchange .

Zug     $17,000,000  


B3i is a technology company with an ambition to see the market deliver better insurance enabled by frictionless risk transfer.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $22,691,037  

Crypto Finance

Crypto Finance AG provides professional investors blockchain financial services in crypto asset management, brokerage and storage solutions.

Zug   11-50   $22,375,539  


Akselos is the creator of the worldÔÇÖs most advanced digital twin technology to protect critical infrastructure.

Lausanne   11-50   $12,956,399  


Advanon is an online platform where SMEs can find funds for their short-term financing needs by selling invoices to financial investors.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $13,376,896  


GenomSys is a Swiss company composed by engineers with extensive experience in research, development and project management.

Lausanne   1-10   $9,449,125  


MaxiVAX is a Swiss clinical-stage biotechnology company.


Verity Studios

Verity Studios develops interactive and autonomous flying machines.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $21,269,389  


Ambrosus is building the worldÔÇÖs first publicly verifiable and community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety and origins of food

Zug   11-50   $30,000,000  


SMART VALOR is a security token exchange for alternative investments that set to enable borderless crypto finance.

Zug   11-50   $4,760,122  


Hydromea develops products and solutions that allow customers to have autonomous high-speed and high-volume subsea data access in real-time.

Lausanne   1-10   $216,218  


Knip is an innovative digital insurance manager for an easy-to-understand overview of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $18,372,314  

GTX Medical

GTX Medical develops and offers an implantable stimulation system and a robot-assisted training program to rehabilitate individuals.

Lausanne   11-50   $40,995,026  


Nomoko builds the digital infrastructure for the 4th Industrial revolution--the Mirror World

Z├╝rich   11-50   $2,873,579  


Arviem provides supply chain visibility solutions via IoT enabled real-time cargo tracking and monitoring and cloud based data analytics.

Zug   11-50   $12,247,363  


It is specialises in providing Swiss KMUs with state of the art Insurance and Receivables Finance solutions.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $103,499,300  


Monday connects people with work. They call it Workforce Relationship Management (WRM), a centralized people graph for ideal placement.

Zug   251-500    


Xeltis is a clinical-stage medical device company leveraging breakthrough science to transform heart valve therapy.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $101,430,185  


ScanTrust provides a secure cloud-based IoT platform for production authentication and supply chain visibility solutions.

Lausanne   11-50   $5,689,430  


Tangible bearers for digital assets

Zug   11-50   $15,000,000  


TrekkSoft offers a booking and payment solution for the tours and activities market.

Bern   101-250   $3,423,398  


Thingstream is a leading provider of Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS) for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $5,000,000  


CodeCheck is the leading mobile shopping assistant for healthy and sustainable food and cosmetics in German-speaking countries.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $4,569,815  

Bloom Diagnostics

Bloom develops diagnostic devices that help users to keep track, maintain, and improve their health.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $10,816,070  


Piavita is a hardware-enabled SaaS vettech company that brings the veterinary industry into the digitized age.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $6,523,178  


Jahia is an international software vendor of the most complete open-source Java Digital Experience Platform unifying Content, Apps & Data.

Geneva   51-100   $22,500,000  


Gmelius transforms Gmail into your company's workspace.

Geneva   11-50   $150,000  

Lunaphore Technologies

Lunaphore is a med-tech tissue analytics company.

Lausanne   11-50   $17,527,072  


pCloud is a provides cloud storage solutions for personal and business consumers.

Zug   11-50   $3,000,000  


Sensimed designs, develops, and commercializes integrated micro-systems for medical devices.

Lausanne   11-50   $33,408,620  


The first anti-inflammaging company to fight low-grade chronic inflammation to avoid premature aging and prevent diseases

Zug   11-50   $1,065,592  


Colendi is comprehensive decentralized credit scoring protocol and microcredit platform with blockchain and machine learning technologies

Zug   11-50   $2,500,000  


Datum is a marketplace where users can share or sell data on their own terms.

Zug   11-50   $10,000,000  

hystrix medical

Medical Device marketplace

Bern   11-50   $2,698,651  

Amal Therapeutics

Amal Therapeutics SA is a privately held Swiss/German biotech start-up company and spin-off from the University of Geneva.

Geneva   11-50   $45,304,725  


ImmuniWeb® AI provides a full spectrum of application security testing, continuous web security monitoring and security ratings solutions.

Geneva   51-100   $4,300,000  


Advertima creates an artificial intelligence that analyzes people in its surroundings.

Saint Gallen   11-50   $8,535,789  


Hyper-Personalised Travel Solutions - Nezasa's booking software optimises your travel service

Z├╝rich   51-100   $6,956,955  

Open Mineral

Open Mineral is an online exchange for physical commodities, connecting buyers and sellers to trade directly, efficiently, and transparently

Zug   11-50   $7,689,919  


MyCujoo is a Swiss company providing tech to stream sports live and on-demand, improving the businesses of clubs, leagues, & federations.

Z├╝rich   51-100   $2,261,173  


Mitto enables OTTs, Enterprises and MNOs to engage customers in their go-to channel: Mobile.

Zug   11-50    


Online marketplace for best local and organic food, directly from farmers & foodmakers.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $5,184,468  


Right Mesh is on a mission to connect the next billion users without infrastructure.

Zug   51-100   $30,000,000  


additiv is a provider in the field of digitization of banks, asset managers and insurers.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $21,445,355  

Westhive Coworking Ecosystem

Inspirational co-working ecosystem in Zurich that brings Startups and innovation teams from companies together

Z├╝rich   11-50   $800,000  


KiWi is the Fintech app of micro-businesses in emerging markets

Lausanne   11-50   $4,385,697  


MyKronoz is a Swiss company that manufactures, designs, and develops wearable devices.

Geneva   11-50   $17,350,469  


Remoto is a global corporation that is specialized in solutions and platforms in the Connected Car sector.

Lausanne   51-100   $2,170,000  


Loyalty on the blockchain.

Zug   43840   $5,000,000  


Fotokite is an interactive personal flying camera that may be used virtually anywhere with minimal training.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $2,451,868  


Amazentis is a life science company dedicated to employing research and clinical science to create therapeutic nutrition products.

Lausanne   1-10   $8,855,005  


TestingTime is an automated recruiting service of test users for usability tests, interviews, workshops, focus groups and surveys.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $3,711,902  


NovaDAX provides customers a safe, convenient and fast way to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency assets, such as BTC&ETH.

Zug   11-50   $20,000,000  

Kido Dynamics

Kido Dynamics uses machine learning and quantum physics techniques to analyse and predict human mobility.

Lausanne   11-50   $2,627,238  


LEND operates as a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects investors with borrowers.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $11,217,953  


Qumram captures 100% of all digital interactions to ensure compliance, prevent fraud and enrich customer service.

Z├╝rich   101-250   $6,147,172  


A crypto-centric mobile banking of the future.

Zug   11-50   $2,000,000  


9T Labs advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $1,015,991  


The first BaaS (Bottles as a Service) platform using IoT to capture every bottle opened & connect bartenders directly to beverage companies.

Lausanne   11-50   $3,601,328  


PIQ is a powerful wearable that can be used in many sports with innovative metrics.

Lausanne   101-250   $5,500,000  


Fashwell automatically recognizes and tags fashion and furniture products in images.

Z├╝rich   1-10   $1,082,015  

Sequana Medical

Sequana Medical is a Swiss medical device company providing implantable pump systems to manage fluid balance within the body.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $70,701,814  


WealthArc is a FinTech SaaS with financial data analysis, A.I. and cyber-security for asset management companies.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $1,531,145  


Ledgy is the platform where you can track all your shares, manage your ESOPs and model detailed financing rounds.

Z├╝rich   1-10   $1,135,447  


WeCheer is building a unique data platform based on actual consumer engagement.

Bern   11-50    


CUTISS is a Personalized-Skin startup .

Z├╝rich     $8,360,434  

SAGE Group

SAGE is a Swiss leading software publisher dedicated to the Wealth Management industry.

Lausanne   10001    

Debiopharm Group

Debiopharm Group is a global biopharmaceutical development specialist that in-licenses promising biologics and small molecule drug.

Lausanne   501-1000   $2,100,000  


Foodetective is a global foodie community offering a platform to connect eaters to the best places to eat and drink.

Geneva   11-50   $816,800  

Mt Pelerin

Mt Pelerin is a Swiss project creating a next generation bank based on the blockchain.

Geneva   11-50   $2,039,299  


Pryv's purpose-built middleware helps healthcare organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,376,064  


Legartis is a legal tech startup developing a contract intelligence software. Using ML, NLP and AI, we automate the analysis of contracts.

Z├╝rich   11-50   $1,089,268  

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