121 Oslo Startups to Watch in 2020

Oslo's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Oslo tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 19, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Schibsted is a Scandinavian media group with approximately 6,900 employees spread across 29 countries.

Oslo   5001-10000   $632,867,530  


Visma provides business software and services for accounting and administration.

Oslo   5001-10000   $3,628,252,216  


Tribe offers risk & responsability sharing insurance coverage.

Oslo   51-100   $1,000,000  


ReMarkable is a Norwegian tech startup that offers digital paper tablet for reading, writing, and sketching.

Oslo   51-100   $24,000,000  


Crayon Group provides software asset management (SAM), cloud and volume licensing and associated consulting services.

Oslo   51-100    


The bank account that does your accounting for you. On a mission to give entrepreneurs the confidence to start and grow a business.

Oslo     $3,091,622  


FunCom is a video game development company that develops and publishes massively multiplayer online games.

Oslo   251-500   $43,501,943  


Xeneta is the leading ocean freight rate benchmarking and market intelligence platform and index.

Oslo   51-100   $28,685,331  


Spiff is a social savings app with a simple mission; help people save money.

Oslo     $1,638,777  


Zwipe is enabling battery-less biometric authentication solutions for payment cards, wearables and beyond

Oslo   11-50   $25,184,313  

Greenbird Integration Technology

Greenbird provides Utilihive, the Operating System for the DIgital Utility and Energy Cloud.

Oslo   51-100   $8,171,136  


Decisions extends Office 365 with a solution to plan, organize and run successful meetings.

Oslo   51-100   $1,309,336  

Thin Film Electronics

Thin Film Electronics deploys anti-counterfeiting and product authentication to protect your brand and your bottom line.

Oslo   101-250   $156,515,250  


Otovo is an energy company that offers solar panels and installation services for commercial and residential properties.

Oslo   1-10   $21,733,945  


Graphiq connects companies with high quality graphic designers.

Oslo   101-250   $364,872  


Kolonial.no is the largest online grocer in Norway

Oslo   251-500   $106,042,511  


Swarm64 provides accelerators for relational databases that enable real-time analytics of high velocity data.

Oslo   11-50   $21,241,325  


Fuse makes apps development faster, easier and more fun for both designers and developers.

Oslo   11-50   $18,300,000  


Aprila Bank is a highly automated niche bank focusing on intuitive on-the-spot financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Oslo   11-50   $21,516,133  

No Isolation

No Isolation gathers research and information on loneliness and social isolation for people to educate themselves on the topic.

Oslo   51-100   $10,649,710  


Novelda is a sensor company specializing in nanoscale wireless low-power technology for ultra-high resolution impulse radar.

Oslo   11-50   $39,000,000  


Iris is an AI Science Assistant, helping R&D double productivity when seeking out new opportunities in published research.

Oslo   1-10   $2,500,825  


Ardoq is an Enterprise Intelligence Graph for Compliance, Governance, and Digital Transformation.

Oslo   11-50   $5,328,621  


Chooose makes people and companies climate positive.

Oslo     $4,900,000  

Urban Sharing

Urban Sharing is a fleet management platform for shared micromobility.

Oslo   11-50   $12,271,067  


Auka is the Oslo-based payment technology pioneer behind Settle, a safe and easy way to conduct mobile payments.

Oslo   11-50   $8,611,738  

ayfie Group

ayfie Group offers search and text analytics solutions that bring structure to unstructured data.

Oslo   51-100   $18,000,000  


Huddly combines hardware, software and AI to create intelligent vision products for everyone who uses video to collaborate.

Oslo   51-100   $25,050,000  


OptiNose develops nasal drug delivery technologies and combined drug and device therapies.

Oslo   101-250   $251,433,477  

Neptune Software

Neptune Software delivers a leading low-code, rapid app development platform that helps modernize and optimize your business processes

Oslo   11-50   $11,256,692  

The Future Group

Transports the TV studio inside a computer game engine, allowing people in front of the camera to interact with objects in a virtual world

Oslo   11-50   $46,942,468  


Payr is the next generation mobile banking and product comparison app

Oslo   11-50   $4,193,457  


Documaster makes it easy to store, classify and find documents and data.

Oslo   11-50   $17,583,099  


Nabobil.no is a Norwegian peer to peer marketplace for underutilized personal vehicles. Rent by the hour, day, or week or month.

Oslo   1-10   $1,572,101  


mCASH is a Norwegian startup company that offers an instant smart mobile payment system.

Oslo   11-50   $7,065,063  


DNV GL is an international certification body and classification society.

Oslo   10001   $49,120  


We help banks innovate like FinTechs and FinTechs scale like banks.

Oslo     $2,267,630  


Exabel is the simple-to-use AI & ML platform for active investment managers and financial analysts.

Oslo   11-50   $10,230,000  


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes.

Oslo   101-250   $58,886,598  


VIBBIO is a video creation platform for businesses

Oslo   11-50   $2,147,844  


Web design platform for professionals

Oslo   11-50   $1,056,655  

Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium develops manufacturing technology for the production of aerospace-grade titanium structures.

Oslo   51-100   $29,000,000  

CatalystOne Solutions

CatalystOne Solutions is a cloud applications for human capital management.

Oslo     $4,980,413  


Spond is the best solution to organise your team sport as well as any other type of group activities.

Oslo   11-50   $6,002,040  


JSgenesis is building a content platform on the blockchain.

Oslo   1-10   $5,804,841  


Platform connecting brands and influential creators

Oslo   11-50   $2,450,859  


Soundrop is a social music application that enables users to listen, vote, and interact about songs with their friends.

Oslo   11-50   $6,400,000  


Imerso is a computer-vision company that challenges the global construction industry with intelligent digital twins of building-sites.

Oslo   1-10   $2,053,142  


Villoid offers a shopping app that enables shoppers to find and buy products from a range of brands, and share and follow fashion trends.

Oslo   11-50   $7,256,938  


Abelee provides investment services based on adaptive data-driven models and strategies.

Oslo     $8,181,680  


Scrimba is a new format for teaching and learning programming.

Oslo   1-10   $247,627  


FJONG is a digital closet that provides limitless access to fashion in an affordable and sustainable way.

Oslo     $1,114,351  


Teston helps you make better and informed decisions by knowing how the users in your audience experience your product or service.

Oslo   11-50   $2,754,396  


Confrere is a video meeting and conferencing platform for professionals.

Oslo   1-10   $1,691,643  


Unloc AI provides more freedom with open doors via sharing digital keys.

Oslo   11-50   $383,174  


Unloc AI provides more freedom with open doors via sharing digital keys.

Oslo   11-50   $1,200,000  

Ably Medical

Ably is developing technologies that efficiently integrate patient treatment, practical nursing and medical research.

Oslo     $6,189,906  


Hold is engaging a generation of digital natives to ‘make it happen’ by rewarding them for putting down their phones.

Oslo   1-10   $550,000  


GrepS - the objective skill analysis to show teams, companies and individual developers where they stand.

Oslo   1-10   $464,953  


OncoImmunity is a bioinformatics company based in Oslo, Norway.

Oslo   1-10   $2,553,101  


MESH is accelerating entrepreneurs and by providing physical and digital platform to meet, work, network and socialise.

Oslo   11-50   $1,874,121  


Axeptia provide expertise and a platform for effective management of your own credit and debt collection portfolio.

Oslo   1-10   $719,740  


Movi is the worlds most powerful Mobile Video SDK

Oslo   11-50   $1,800,000  


Grogro offers fresh and organic prepared food for babies and toddlers.

Oslo   1-10   $110,000  


AIMS Innovation provides Application Performance Monitoring services.

Oslo   11-50   $2,500,000  


Poption is a marketplace for campus recruiting – connecting companies and students.

Oslo   1-10   $353,718  


Lucidtech is a Norwegian company that develops machine learning technology to automate business processes.

Oslo     $605,449  

The Creators Community

The Creators Community is building workspaces for the creators shaping our future.

Oslo   101-250   $6,469,499  


Lawbotics creates a revolutionary new platform for automating legal documents in a business.

Oslo     $682,178  


Gelato Group is focused on the development of cloud solutions that enable printing service providers to manage their businesses.

Oslo   101-250   $29,000,000  


Messaging automation that creates awesome employee experiences

Oslo   1-10   $150,000  


SammeVei is the leading ridesharing app in Norway and working on developing a software for the urban commute of the autonomous future.

Oslo   1-10   $521,662  


The easy and intuitive tool that integrates with popular services, to help increase your productivity

Oslo   1-10   $1,011,940  


Hunit provides tools for professionals to create digitalized investment instruments in markets with no centralized authority

Oslo   1-10   $581,202  


Book a doctor at home and drop the route and waiting room.

Oslo     $1,828,808  

N2 Applied

N2 Applied AS serves as a nucleus for the development of new technologies within the area of nitrogen.

Oslo     $4,159,400  


Moodie is an innovative mobile application that combines services and technologies for urban experiences.

Oslo     $938,771  


Sharemy3D is a browser-based 3D model viewer empowering e-commerce to easily share 3D models of their products.

Oslo   1-10   $230,379  


Last minute tickets for cultural events

Oslo     $493,910  

Mime Petroleum

Mime Petroleum is a new exploration, development and production company focused on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Oslo     $300,000,000  


Grunt gives PowerPoint powerful new capabilities.

Oslo     $1,871,628  


OwnersRoom is a fintech startup that allows users to handle all investor related processes with ease.

Oslo     $631,584  


BAD NORWEGIAN is a natural skincare brand from Norway, founded by a former NATO soldier, to offer men simple products and routines.

Oslo   1-10   $600,000  

Domos Labs

Domos Labs is theplatform supports a unified API across all connected device categories, removing significant friction for app developers.

Oslo   11-50   $867,155  


Upwave is a visual productivity platform that helps modern businesses thrive. Organize, plan, track, collaborate and get things done

Oslo   1-10   $790,786  

Scatec Solar

Scatec Solar is a fast-growing supplier of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions.

Oslo   101-250   $145,879,242  


Turning physical activity into a genuine video game experience

Oslo   1-10   $266,253  


Lavo develops a solution that lets you be notified on your mobile when highlights of the TV show.

Oslo   1-10   $7,696,753  


Book venues for corporate and private events online.

Oslo   1-10   $1,782,878  

Age Labs

Age Labs is a molecular diagnostics company focused on reducing the cost of developing drugs by accurately measuring your biological age.

Oslo   1-10   $1,143,515  


The first platform covering a ship's entire dry-docking process.

Oslo   1-10   $368,016  


Airtight is a privately held company that engages in leakage monitoring, measuring and testing activities.

Oslo   11-50   $2,860,578  


Learnlink is a tutoring-student connection service in Norway.

Oslo   1-10   $383,931  

Stingray Marine Solutions

Stingray Marine Solutions is engaged in developing a technology for the removal of sea lice.

Oslo   11-50   $5,256,567  


Versor develops software necessary for true autonomous drone flight both indoors and outdoors.

Oslo     $300,000  


Outtt’s vision is to become the primary service for discovering, accomplishing, and sharing outdoor adventures around the world.

Oslo   1-10   $479,532  


Wheel.me helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling everything indoors to move effortlessly on smart wheels

Oslo     $52,651  


Checkd is a SaaS-based company that develops field management applications for the construction industry.

Oslo   11-50   $300,000  


A complete service for everyone working freelance who doesn't want to start their own company.

Oslo     $2,455,322  

Pre Diagnostics

Pre Diagnostics is an innovative Norwegian diagnostic company

Oslo     $5,460,034  


Staaker is a camera-drone manufactoring company.

Oslo   1-10   $1,000,000  

EdTech Foundry

Makers of Differ, a messaging app with chatbot teaching assistants. 19x increased student engagement. 3x increased course completion rates.

Oslo   1-10   $200,000  

Pandion Energy

Pandion Energy is a full-cycle oil and gas company driving value by maturing resources to reserves in high quality assets.

Oslo     $100,000,000  


IncludeOS allows you to run your application in the cloud without an operating system.

Oslo   11-50   $2,646,720  

Red Thread Games

An independent game studio based in Oslo, Norway.

Oslo   11-50   $152,942  


Requestify allows you to collaborate with your friends on jukebox-style playlists.

Oslo   1-10   $363,975  


Socius, the world's first automated programmatic ad platform, provides custom native ads that scale.

Oslo   1-10   $431,600  


Luado is a new Norwegian service that manages small jobs easily, responsible and insured.

Oslo     $750,198  


Bestseller is web-shop of brand clothes and accessories.

Oslo   10001    

Be Your Best

Science-based cognitive assessment & training. Improving the performance of the world's best football players!

Oslo     $1,800,000  


BrightArch built OrgWeaver to save SMB's & enterprises significant time and costs to understand and improve their organizations.

Oslo   1-10   $139,661  

Tillit Forsikring

Easy and reasonable insurance ofall your valuables on your phone.

Oslo     $122,788  


Minuendo is creating the earplugs with technology that adapts to the ambient noise.

Oslo     $1,600,000  


Minvoice is a common digital invoice delivery platform that provides a simple overview of all incoming invoices.

Oslo   1-10   $234,972  


Dintero is a Norwegian startup that helps retailers build a better omni-channel customer experience.

Oslo   1-10   $244,729  


Zendera is optimizing logistics for small carriers.

Oslo   1-10   $139,655  

SpinChip Diagnostics

SpinChip is considered the ultimate concept for in vitro diagnosis analyses in a point of care setting.

Oslo   11-50   $2,078,597  


NTTY helps customers to streamline the way they create, work with, co-operate, and share products and services.

Oslo   1-10   $471,843  


Leading DMP with Intelligent Personalization helping publishers & marketers transform their raw data into their most valuable asset.

Oslo   101-250    


EpiGuard holds top level expertise with product development and manufacturing.

Oslo   11-50   $4,086,025  


Respinor develops an ultrasound sensor for continuous monitoring of the diaphragm, the main breathing muscle.

Oslo     $3,146,978  

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