121 Privacy and Security Startups to Watch in 2022

Privacy and Security's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Privacy and Security tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Privacy and Security 10+ employees Fast-growing

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DIGIT is Scotland’s leading technology media & events company.

Edinburgh   101-250    


Panorays automates third party security management.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $5,000,000  


Next-gen secure cloud network for the modern and distributed workforce

Tel Aviv   51-100   $5,000,000  

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is an independent energy technology company and supplier.

Bristol   1001-5000   $323,637,027  


Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that lets IT and Security teams see devices for what they are to manage & secure all.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $37,000,000  

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Kaseya is an automation software provider that offers remote management software for the information technology industry.

Dublin   251-500   $544,777,315  


Veriff provides web and mobile identity verification solutions that help reduce fraud and meet KYC requirements.

Tallinn   101-250   $7,820,000  


GuardiCore provides micro-segmentation and workload protection solutions for data centers and public clouds.

Tel Aviv   101-250   $106,000,000  


Carbyne is a national emergency communication platform, running the most advanced technology for emergency infrastructure.

Tel Aviv   51-100   $23,900,000  


encompass robotically automates information and news discovery for KYC requirements for onboarding, event-driven refresh and remediation.

Glasgow   51-100   $5,461,804  

GOSU Data Lab

GOSU Data Lab is a company with a focus on GAMING DATA and AI

Vilnius   11-50   $2,320,000  


Identity Management & Access Governance Solutions and Services

Copenhagen   101-250   $25,069,057  


Alcide provides a cloud-native security platform from code to production to continuously secure workloads running in Kubernetes.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $12,300,000  

Smart Protection

Smart Protection keeps and protects intellectual and industrial property rights online.

Madrid   51-100   $7,619,407  

Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic provides sound recognition technology that makes consumer technology more intelligent.

Cambridge   11-50   $20,172,620  


Unbound Tech providing protection for cryptographic keys and credentials, even in the presence of a network and server breach.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $15,104,693  


Cylus offers solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements and needs of the railway industry.

Tel Aviv     $17,000,000  


PlainID is a cybersecurity company providing a business-policy based Authorization platform.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $13,000,000  


Vulcan Cyber is a security company that helps enterprises quickly detect and fix vulnerabilities in their software stack and code.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $14,000,000  


Alsid IT builds innovative solutions to help companies secure their directory infrastructures.

Paris   11-50   $16,543,511  


Squirro delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured and unstructured data.

Zürich   11-50   $11,500,000  


Fireglass allows users to click with confidence from any device by eliminating malware and phishing from web and email

Tel Aviv   11-50   $20,000,000  


D-Fend provides an autonomous counter-drone perimeter security system, which automatically detects, identifies.

Tel Aviv   1-10   $28,000,000  


SCADAfence secures industrial networks as they increase automation, digitization and connectivity

Tel Aviv   51-100   $10,000,000  


Signaturit designs a electronic signature software that offers trust services that guarantee the legal security of all digital transactions.

Barcelona   101-250   $11,733,267  


Intezer provides enterprises with unparalleled Threat Detection and accelerates Incident Response.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $10,000,000  


Perception Point is an Israeli cybersecurity company focused on leading advanced threat prevention across enterprise collaboration channels.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $10,000,000  


Orca Security deliver comprehensive full-stack IAAS & PAAS security visibility in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative approaches

Tel Aviv   11-50   $6,500,000  


Qwant is a French search engine focused on user privacy.

Paris   11-50   $47,513,903  


LogPoint delivers the most flexible and easy to use platform for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring your machine data.

Copenhagen   101-250   $10,000,000  


Blueliv provides cyber threat information and analysis intelligence for enterprises, service providers, and security vendors.

Barcelona   51-100   $8,386,018  


Votiro provides solutions to safeguard against undisclosed and zero-day exploits.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $14,000,000  


Cyber Security solutions for ICS/SCADA networks

Tel Aviv   11-50   $28,000,000  


Alyne is a Munich based B2B RegTech offering organisations risk insight capabilities through a software as a service.

Munich   11-50   $3,389,152  


B-Secur represents the next generation of internal biometrics.

Belfast   11-50   $13,677,772  

Lunaphore Technologies

Lunaphore is a med-tech tissue analytics company.

Lausanne   11-50   $17,527,072  


pCloud is a provides cloud storage solutions for personal and business consumers.

Zug   11-50   $3,000,000  


Datum is a marketplace where users can share or sell data on their own terms.

Zug   11-50   $10,000,000  


Network and Security Orchestration Software

Dublin   101-250   $20,000,000  


TiGenix is a biomedical company focused on research and development of innovative local treatments for damaged and osteoarthritic joints.

Leuven   101-250   $69,131,486  


GK8 is a cybersecurity company that offers a high-security custodian technology for managing and safeguarding digital assets.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $4,000,000  

Better Wealth

Better Wealth provides automated investment advice services.

Malmö     $2,007,163  


The hassle-free platform for collaborative track & trace of sensitive ocean shipments. Secure, flexible and easy to use.

Antwerp   43840   $172,880  


AliveShoes lets you design, buy and sell your own footwear, completely online, in just a few minutes.

Amsterdam   11-50   $1,019,809  


CUTISS is a Personalized-Skin startup .

Zürich     $8,360,434  


Award winning edgescan is SaaS /Cloud based delivery of vulnerability management solutions.

Dublin   11-50   $1,688,890  


beWanted is an recruitment platform that enables companies to search, find, and recruit talent.

Madrid   11-50   $2,747,003  


Textual provides natural language generation for webshops and brands. Provided as a Saas service integrated in Shopify and PIM-systems.

Gothenburg   11-50   $1,294,151  


EatsReady is the marketplace for mobile ordering. Discover the best restaurants, browse menus, pay & collect using our fast-track technology

Milan   1-10   $1,469,799  


adscale offers advertisers and website owners a transparent and high-reach trading space for digital advertising space.

Munich   51-100   $13,396,639  

Now Healthcare Group

Now Healthcare Group is the world’s premier telehealth and medicine fulfillment organisation.

Manchester   251-500   $5,092,271  


Boostcom serves the global shopping centre industry with a customer loyalty platform: The Mall Performance Cloud.

Trondheim   51-100   $11,178,398  

Mazarine Energy

A Tunisia-focused oil and gas exploration company

The Hague   51-100   $500,000,000  


Robotic Personal Assistants for Small and Medium Businesses

Bucharest   1-10   $222,562  


Pocketguide is a mobile service that offers audio tours with voice navigation for cultural cities in Europe.

Budapest   11-50   $2,090,723  


Making invoice financing secure, low-cost, quick and easy using blockchain and artificial intelligence

The Hague   43840   $2,251,780  


Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market.

Malmö   11-50   $3,500,000  


The first communication app that really makes sense for wearables.

Belfast   43840    

Orca Money

Orca Money provides investors with a platform to compare the various companies and products in alternative finance.

Belfast   43840   $1,081,069  

4net Technologies

4net Technologies is a business communications technology specialist who are at the forefront of technology developments market.

Manchester   101-250   $12,129,331  


Simple route planning for cyclists, runners and hikers

Glasgow   51-100    


Giroxx makes international transfers simple and inexpensive - with the same security as the banks.

Frankfurt   1-10   $1,708,381  


IoT Technologies is commercializing a decade of research focused on distributed sensing / computing technology.

Tallinn   11-50   $28,000  


Crypto collateral based fiat lending platform.

Budapest   11-50   $1,812,000  


Data enriched steel, ready for smart manufacturing.

Vienna   1-10   $282,611  


Paper.li is a content curation service.

Lausanne     $163,166  


Kindaba is a private, safe and ad-free space to share family photos, videos, and updates with family and friends.

Edinburgh   1-10   $107,483  


i-Optics offers eye diagnosis solutions and products for age related eye diseases.

The Hague   43840   $36,051,175  


ClaimAir offers global flight and baggage claim service that lets you get flight or baggage compensations with a few clicks.

Prague   11-50   $185,000  


The world's most advanced resume builder.

Bratislava   11-50   $135,000  


A marketplace for industrial waste.

Warsaw   1-10   $267,289  


Noriel is a multi-channel retailer of toys and children products in Romania.

Bucharest   501-1000   $9,467,596  


ZIP.ch is a new official online directory for switzerland.

Lausanne   1-10   $1,544,452  


An innovative and compliant environment for unlocking the value fo personal data and digital indentities, based on proprietary blockchain

Montpellier   43840   $500,000  


Sezame is a patented remote multi factor authentication without password via App using your mobile phone fingerprint reader.

Vienna     $697,273  

S2 Grupo

S2 Grupo is an IT firm that provides IT solutions and business activity monitoring using real time management systems.

Valencia   51-100   $63,095  


Homefans is a trusted community marketplace for football fans to list, discover and book accommodations around the world.

Manchester   1-10   $145,562  


Miraxess develops mobile convergence and turns your Smartphone into a real laptop.

Lyon   1-10   $200,000  


yalty's mission is to simplify and modernize the administrative management of human resources.

Lausanne     $820,863  


Cleverbridge is an ecommerce and subscription billing solution for monetizing software, SaaS, and digital goods.

Cologne   251-500    

A J Bell

AJ Bell are one of the UK's largest providers of online investment platforms and stockbroker services.

Manchester   501-1000    

Nordic 24/7 Services

Nordic 24/7 Services is an innovation company creating cooling units with cutting edge intelligence.

Espoo   43840   $1,283,851  


E-Food.gr is a website that enables its users to order food online from restaurants in Greece.

Athens   101-250    


1:1 personalised promotions made simple. Launch contextual coupon, gift card, referral, discount, loyalty and giveaway campaigns faster.

Katowice   11-50    


New music creation and playback standard

Riga   43840   $824,064  


PubGene develops bioinformatics solutions for microarray approaches, including gene and protein arrays.

Oslo     $55,997  


Ligatus is a Native Advertising Solutions provider for brands, publishers, and programmatic buyers.

Cologne   101-250    


The most intelligent email verification, to keep you from bounced back emails.

Wroclaw   43840    

ODI Medical

ODI Medical develops technology for bedside evaluation of circulatory failure based on assessment of microcirculation.

Oslo   1-10   $81,868  


Alliance is a world-renowned esports organization fielding competitive players across some of the most popular video games in the world.

Gothenburg   101-250    

OpusCapita Group

OpusCapita Group Oy, a Nordic market leader in e-invoicing and financial processes.

Espoo   1001-5000    


Seemore specializes in highly advanced solutions associated with augmented reality by creating things not previously existing in the market.

Wroclaw   43840   $58,142  


Brussels-based regulatory compliance company.

Brussels   101-250    


Global Cloud DDoS Mitigation Provider. Headquarter based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt   11-50    


GetGround is a platform to buy properties with a focus on helping their clients make the most of their money.

Reading   1-10    

HaasOnline Software

HaasOnline is dedicated to providing an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, capable of fully automating trades with trade bots.

Rotterdam   11-50    


Lumene is a Finnish manufacturer of cosmetics.

Espoo   501-1000    


InQuest has an absolute leading position in recruitment and interim management.

The Hague   11-50    


Mobile game developer and publisher. Owner of Sudoku.com, Pixel Art games and others

Minsk   101-250    


Sunglasses made by photographers.

Glasgow   1-10    


TQCC offers NDT training, certification and consultancy services to companies and persons worldwide since 1999.

Athens     $56,064  


Luxaviation is setting new benchmarks for service across all customer groups jet owners, charter passengers and air charter brokers.



Compendor helps financial institutions truly understand the regulations needed to comply with by providing easy to use decisions tools.

Frankfurt   11-50    


Personalized video platform

Brno   11-50    


Matooma is a M2M service company that provides a global SIM cards connectivity solution and managed services.

Montpellier   11-50    

Euro Payment Group

Euro Payment Group is a service provider for electronic real-time payments with integrated risk management tools.

Frankfurt   11-50    


E-shelter develops and runs high availability data centers.

Frankfurt   101-250    


Freightly is a real-time logistics & transport management system.



LähiTapiola is based on mutual company form, a group of companies owned by its customers, serving the personal, farm, entrepreneurial.

Espoo   251-500    


Wirecapital is the rapidly growing European multi-bank payment processing center that operates in Russia, EU and CIS.

Nicosia   11-50    

OLYMPIC Banking System

OLYMPIC Banking System is a multi-branch, multi-entities, multi-currency, multi-language and naturally multichannel system.



Nutiteq is a leading mobile software development company in the niche of open mobile mapping solutions.

Tartu   11-50    


VTTI B.V. one of the world's fastest-growing energy storage businesses.

Rotterdam   5001-10000    

Eurasia Drilling

Eurasia Drilling Co. provides exploratory and developmental drilling.


Ignite Data

Ignite is the UK’s leading provider of technology-driven Patient Recruitment and Real-World Evidence solutions.

Reading   11-50    

Intuitive Robots

Intuitive Robots gives a spark of life to humanoid robots.

Nantes   1-10    


Octopush provides innovative communication SMS & Email APIs and Web-based solutions

Marseille   1-10    


Unidesq enables global brands to manage leading technologies of the programmatic advertising ecosystem with one platform.

Cologne   1-10    

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals manufactures and supplies liquid medicines.



SonoView is developing an advanced 3D ultrasound imaging technology for early and more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer.

Bern   43840    


Independent media supported by People through secure, safe and private digital-subscriptions.

Prague   1-10    


mimacom develops agile and on target highly qualitative individual software solutions for your complex digitalization projects.

Bern   251-500    

Dynamic Planner

Dynamic Planner is used to risk profiling and asset allocation process.

Reading   101-250    


Clever website monitoring which will help you fix the issues, automatically pause running Online PPC ads and notify your social networks.

Prague   1-10    


CY4GATE is a 360° hub for Cyber Intelligence, Security and Cyber Electronic Warfare solutions.

Rome   51-100    


Software development studio specializing in artificial intelligence and custom IT solutions.

Wroclaw   51-100    

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