75 Fashion Startups to Watch in 2022

Fashion's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 75 Fashion tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

Fashion 10+ employees Fast-growing

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Farfetch is an online luxury fashion retail platform.

London   1001-5000   $701,500,000  


Zalando is a fashion and technology company, currently transforming into a multi-service platform.

Berlin   10001   $615,854,261  


combyne is a social tool for combining clothing. Our vision is to digitize the usage of fashion.

Munich   11-50   $4,531,860  


Investigative Intelligence Platform.

Galway   11-50   $14,739,014  


Privalia is an e-commerce website that trades fashion and household products.

Barcelona   501-1000   $295,106,690  

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Decisions extends Office 365 with a solution to plan, organize and run successful meetings.

Oslo   51-100   $1,309,336  

Horizon Discovery

Horizon is a world-leading gene editing company that designs & engineers genetically-modified cells, applying them to advance human health.

Cambridge   251-500   $38,511,176  


Heuritech is a cutting-edge technology company that provides predictive analytics on trends to fashion and lifestyle brands.

Paris   11-50   $5,665,333  

Tokeny Solutions

The end-to-end compliant platform to issue, manage and transfer securities on the blockchain.

Luxembourg   11-50   $5,643,748  


Mutlubiev.com is an online platform where users are able to book cleaning services from service providers

Istanbul   51-100   $5,440,000  


Brandquad.ru is a cloud platform for goods manufacturers that helps to automate the work with commercial content.

Moscow     $3,065,136  


Connecting all fashion boutiques and brands in Europe, so our customers can find themselves.

Copenhagen   101-250   $28,069,066  


Stylight is an online platform for the fashion and lifestyle industry worldwide.

Munich   101-250   $1,700,000  


Caliroots is a streetwear fashion retail company with both retail stores and an online presence.

Stockholm   101-250   $5,912,435  

Upside Energy

Upside Energy reduces greenhouse gases by enabling people to make smart choices about when to use energy.

Manchester   11-50   $8,315,323  


Digitalise and streamline your entire purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes via a single connection to our cloud-based network

Gothenburg   251-500   $10,888,371  


chicfy is an online marketplace for everyone that can buy, share, and sell fashion clothes and a personal style.

Madrid   11-50   $1,178,933  


JSgenesis is building a content platform on the blockchain.

Oslo   1-10   $5,804,841  


Match2One makes it easier for advertisers to make automated and hyper-targeted purchases of ad inventory i.e. programmatic marketing

Stockholm   11-50   $4,905,507  


Ledgy is the platform where you can track all your shares, manage your ESOPs and model detailed financing rounds.

Zürich   1-10   $1,135,447  


Aplazame is a consumer credit company that provides instant financing service for online purchases.

Madrid   1-10   $2,240,479  


Weekdone offers a managers’ dashboard and team management service for companies.

Tartu   11-50   $290,000  


Probely automates web vulnerability scanning and is targeted at companies that build online services.

Lisbon   11-50   $1,443,887  


The all-in-one crypto platform: trading, wallets and taxes under one roof.

Madrid   1-10   $667,786  


Zadaa is a marketplace app that helps people to sell and buy clothes that fit.

Helsinki   1-10   $3,665,841  

Meal Box

On-demand and subscription based meal delivery company of Turkey. Food delivered within 30 min., hot and in an awarded service box.

Istanbul   101-250   $5,400,000  


STYLEPIT is an online fashion retailer that delivers products from local and international brands.

Copenhagen   51-100   $18,439,382  


Assiteca is an insurance company that operates in the insurance brokerage market.

Milan   501-1000   $28,039,479  


Muzzley is a single intelligent entry point for connected devices, and a complete SaaS and PaaS solution for consumer IoT.

Lisbon   11-50   $4,896,500  


Mindtrace builds intelligent systems which exploit the synergy of brain-inspired algorithms and neuromorphic hardware.

Manchester   1-10   $1,744,210  


ZOOT is a fashion and lifestyle multi-brand that offers clothing for men, women, and children as well as housing and design products.

Prague   51-100   $6,400,000  


At Tinggly, They scour the globe to find the most inspiring top-quality experiences.

Vilnius   11-50   $170,000  


DeviceHub is an integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) for IoT solutions, in order to integrate both hardware and web technologies.

Bucharest   1-10   $152,027  


Bauzaar is an innovative online platform committed to Pets and their life quality in your families.

Milan   1-10   $278,731  


UNOWN is an e-commerce website that lets women lease sustainable premium fashion.

Hamburg   1-10   $54,677  


B-Parts is an online platform made for professionals in the automotive sector and the only dedicated to the commercialization of used parts.

Porto   11-50   $884,474  

June Energy

June constantly looks for the best market prices & switches you automatically between energy suppliers, based on your personal consumption.

Antwerp   11-50   $2,914,388  


Brewie is a fully automated brewing machine with a super-sleek, compact design. Perfect for beginners and experts.

Budapest   11-50   $83,346  


Digime3D softwares enables you to extract key body shape and measurements relevant to your industry.

Istanbul     $80,000  


TellJo is a digital assessment tool to prevent payment arrears and reduce financial exclusion.

Brighton     $26,792  

QPM Quality Personnel Management

QPM is an HR Startup from Germany, which focuses on developing innovative HR-products and evidence-based solutions for the HR function.

Düsseldorf   1-10   $81,868  

As We Grow

As We Grow is a children´s fashion label based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Focused on creating timeless, quality clothing.

Reykjavík   1-10   $75,053  

Medical Port

Medical Port is the first truly Global Medical Tourism Facilitator.

Porto   1-10   $607,526  


With our BIOplastics, we contribute to make the world a better place to live in.

Valencia   1-10   $1,201,077  


UpSurgeOn is an educational platform dedicated to neurosurgery and neuroanatomy.

Milan   11-50   $85,651  


Talundra provides courses and training for fashion design.

Brussels     $111,849  

Fashion Cloud

Fashion Cloud is a digital platform connecting retailers and brands in the fashion industry.

Hamburg   51-100    


Tailor app that calculates size through a selfie and guarantees that improve the online shopping experience in fashion industry.

Valencia   1-10   $1,514  


Shoozy is an application that provides its users with a social network of stores, consumers, fashion bloggers, and brands.

Rome   1-10   $25,975  

Ms & Miss York

Ms & Miss York isfashion clothes for moms and toddlers to move their style together.

Valencia   1-10   $4,520  


Germany‘s first blockchain-based residential real estate investment platform.

Hamburg   11-50    


We believe in different thinking and in the power of change brought by the brain sciences.

Bucharest   1-10   $15,843  


StatAce is a revolutionary online statistical system that is easy to use and cost effective.

Sofia   1-10   $174,450  


Vrenetic develops tools for real-time virtual reality streaming, allowing users to connect through interactive and immersive virtual reality

Warsaw   51-100    


Sevenload is a global social media platform that provides photos, videos, interactive show formats, and user generated content.

Cologne   51-100   $38,784,704  


GLOG designs ecological and energy-efficient homes and leisure buildings as a solution for the housing crisis.

Tartu   43840   $30,000  

Baltic Floating Structures

Baltic Floating Structures develops innovative solutions in water construction industry.

Riga   11-50   $222,779  


Glami is a virtual business gallery platform that helps people to discover new fashion trends every day.

Prague   11-50    

Droplet Computing

Enabling applications to be delivered on any device by decoupling them from the OS for online and offline use,

Birmingham   1-10    


Mistertango is the fintech company offering dedicated IBAN accounts to individuals and businesses.

Vilnius   11-50    


Genetrainer is a website that provides a personalized fitness plan for users based on their genes.

Bristol   1-10    

Bifrost Wealth

Bifrost Wealth offers personalized advice and a tailored investment experience from financial experts

Glasgow   1-10    

Life is Porno

Life is Porno is an apparel and fashion platform that creates original clothing expressing forbidden street culture.


Jeko Disain

Jeko Disain OU is an electronics design and manufacturing company.

Tartu     $53,142  


Posbistro is an innovative mobile point-of-sale and management software for restaurants, catering, pizzerias and franchises.

Krakow   11-50    

BBT Software

BBT Software AG, a provider of Insurance software.

Bern   43840    

Alda Games

Mobile game development company situated in Brno, Czech Republic.

Brno   43840    


Ponant is a cruise and travel company, provides cruises and sailboat cruiseline for luxury cruises.



Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Marketplace

Porto   1-10    


Programatically perform actions on websites (i.e. review sites and social networks) which require logging in before accessing the content.

Belgrade   51-100    


TapSOS is an app for a non-verbal method of contacting the emergency services.



Paarly Solution is a pricing intelligence tool that monitors online products to give E-retailers a bird’s eye view of the competition.

Toulouse   11-50    


The AroundThen app enables real-time event interaction and engagement; making business networking easier.

Reading   1-10    


uitelkaar.nl's purpose is to support couples in the emotional period of separation.

The Hague   43840    


Hack42's mission is to facilitate interfaces between creativity, technology and art.

Arnhem   11-50    

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