121 Poland Startups to Watch in 2020

Poland's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Poland tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Cosmose AI understands, predicts and influences how 1 billion people shop offline.

Warsaw   11-50    


Brainly is an edtech and social learning network platform where students go from learning to asking to teaching together.

Krakow   101-250   $68,500,000  


DocPlanner is a booking platform and management software provider for doctors.

Warsaw   1001-5000   $140,471,966  


All-in-one, ever-evolving big data platform that uses AI to accelerate growth of your company.

Krakow   101-250   $16,441,726  


Pilot is a marketplace where companies hire contract developers and designers.

Wroclaw   101-250   $120,000  


eBroker.pl is a comparison engine that analyzes the offers of financial services available on the market.

Krakow   101-250    


Nethone is an A.I.-powered solutions that help convert threats and challenges into well-informed and profitable decisions.

Warsaw   101-250   $1,000,000  


Infermedica develops AI technology for preliminary medical diagnosis and triage.

Wroclaw   51-100   $3,650,000  


Tylko is a D2C brand offering high-quality, perfectly fitting shelving that can be ordered in the easiest way possible.

Warsaw   51-100   $12,677,748  

Talent Alpha

Talent Alpha is a human cloud platform that connects global enterprises with European software houses, offering tech talent as a service.

Krakow   11-50   $9,767,106  


Kontakt.io is on a mission to simplify the global delivery of location data insights.

Krakow   11-50   $8,265,000  


The fastest way to collect feedback from customers.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,110,000  


Displate is a global marketplace and a manufacture specializing in creating exceptional Magnet-Mounted Metal Posters.

Warsaw   51-100   $5,333,098  


CallPage is an ICT SaaS company that converts website visitors into sales calls.

Krakow   51-100   $6,708,549  


Ramp creates a platform for p2p fiat to crypto exchanges.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,128,149  


Creamfinance is a financial services company based on cutting edge financial technology instruments.

Warsaw   101-250   $30,118,088  


SALESmanago operates a cloud-based online marketing automation platform used by over 10 000 companies in over 40 countries.

Krakow   101-250   $7,700,000  

Grupa Pracuj

Grupa Pracuj, the owner of GP HR VENTURES, is the fastest developing technological companies in Central Europe providing HR solutions.

Warsaw   501-1000   $95,000,000  

Golem Factory

Rent your unused CPU/GPU cycles and get paid in cryptocurrency.

Warsaw     $17,200,000  


CashDirector SA is a technology company providing banks with Virtual CFO & real-time accounting platforms for SME clients.

Warsaw   101-250   $4,000,000  


XTPL is developing on a global scale a breakthrough, additive manufacturing technology for ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials.

Wroclaw   11-50   $12,216,008  


Applica uses artificial intelligence to distill key information from documents automatically, precisely, and within seconds.

Warsaw   11-50   $3,520,000  

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is an analytics and customer data platform tailored to the individual needs of enterprise clients.

Wroclaw   101-250   $2,000,000  


Elmodis offers an end-to-end IoT solution that monitors performance and improves operating efficiency of industrial machines.

Krakow   11-50   $5,150,000  


Distributed infrastructure monitoring, smart traffic load-balancing and routing

Krakow   1-10   $500,000  


Data science collaboration hub. The most lightweight experiment management tool that fits any workflow.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,700,000  


NovaKid offers an effective way of learning, encouraging your child to communicate in English.

Krakow   51-100   $1,527,796  


Foap AB offers smartphone users and photographers the opportunity to earn money from their photos.

Warsaw   11-50   $4,581,895  


Devskiller is a developer screening and online interview platform powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology.

Warsaw   11-50   $500,000  


Codewise is the industry’s first provider of AI-powered online ad measurement and management solutions for digital marketers.

Krakow   101-250   $1,000,000  


Shoplo is an e-commerce platform that helps small businesses sell throughout the globe.

Warsaw   11-50   $795,000  

Digital Fingerprints

Digital Fingerprints is a continuous authentication solution based on behavioural biometrics compliant with PSD2 and GDPR

Katowice   11-50   $2,000,000  


AioCare by Healthup is an ultraportable spirometer device which helps to control asthma and reduce the number of exacerbation.

Warsaw   1-10   $1,100,000  


SHOWROOM is a marketplace for independent fashion designers.



AI-powered software for organic synthesis design

Warsaw   1-10   $385,000  


VersaBox designs and manufactures autonoumously guided vehicles for industrial and consumer applications.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,848,709  


NapoleonCat is a SaaS social media customer service and analytics tool.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,055,000  


Airly builds networks of air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities to enable real-time monitoring via map.airly.eu

Krakow   11-50   $1,173,825  


bNesis is the API-based hub which combines multiple external sources of data and various external scoring systems from third-party vendors

Warsaw   11-50   $600,983  

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt specializes in the development of cutting-edge interactive entertainment and worldwide digital distribution of video games.

Warsaw   251-500    


Vintom is the ultimate Personalized and Interactive Video Platform for Marketing, Sales and Service.

Warsaw   11-50   $540,212  


InkSearch is platform connecting tattoo artists with clients giving quick possibility to book appointment online.

Warsaw   1-10   $265,589  


BETEGY is an automated self-learning system which predicts outcomes of football games with high accuracy.

Warsaw   1-10   $700,000  


Yosh.AI develops voice assistant for retailers enabling them to enter voice commerce on platforms like Google Assistant and Alexa.

Warsaw     $2,238,689  

Social WiFi

Social WiFi helps businesses to provide their customers a better digital experience that drives return visits and online recommendations.

Warsaw   11-50   $897,931  


SonarHome is the first company in Poland to offer iBuying, enabling quick and safe sale of an apartment directly to the company.

Warsaw   11-50   $795,147  


AI-powered recruitment. Reach & assess hidden programming talents with programming challenges.

Wroclaw   11-50   $700,000  


SEEDiA is making cities sustainable by reducing CO2-emissions and keeping citizen connected and charged up.

Krakow   11-50   $265,000  


Unamo provides SEO and Social Media analytical tools for online marketing professionals.

Warsaw     $799,684  


Mobiltek, the firm behind online and mobile payments company Dotpay.

Krakow   11-50   $28,779,396  


Quality English lessons from the comfort of your home.

Warsaw   11-50   $540,000  


Hospitality & coffee company (coffee shop chain, coffee roastery, cold brewery) in Poland.

Wroclaw   251-500   $10,469,924  


Marketing Automation (SaaS) powered by Big Data with advanced personalization, recommendation system and targeting capabilities.

Warsaw   11-50   $800,000  


Voxel.pl provides specialized radiology services and advanced diagnostic imaging services for the patients.

Krakow   11-50    

Vortex Oil Engineering

Vortex Oil improves water flooding technology and can boost oil extraction volume.

Warsaw   1-10   $1,404,505  


Packhelp is an online platform for creating and ordering custom-branded packaging in a web browser.

Warsaw   51-100   $12,715,968  

AIDA Diagnostics

AIDA Diagnostics is a software based on machine learning algorithms which optimizing blood transfusions in hospital.

Warsaw   1-10   $200,000  

Wanda Maps

Wanda Maps is a community to build and share personalized maps of local recommendations.

Krakow   1-10   $100,211  


We’re a team of scientists, designers and entrepreneurs working on digital solutions to empower people to sleep and dream better.

Warsaw   11-50   $2,500,000  


Smart system automating delivery management for complex construction sites.

Warsaw   11-50   $307,792  


4Mobility is a first polish car-sharing operator.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,876,087  


ZenCard is a customizable loyalty redemption platform.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,046,025  

Cyberus Labs

Cyperus Labs is dedicated to providing solutions in the field of cybersecurity using the latest technology.

Katowice   43840   $3,299,407  


Cardiomatics™ is a cloud AI tool for ECG analysis. Simply give us a raw ECG signal and our algorithms will turn it into valuable analysis.

Krakow   11-50   $940,511  


Fully automated mobile microfactoring platform for SMEs

Warsaw     $1,317,980  

Sales Manago

Benhauer is a marketing software company developing marketing automation tools for companies of all sizes.

Krakow   101-250   $1,700,000  


AI driven platform that help brands to distribute their editorials in the format of native advertising

Warsaw   11-50   $505,000  

Geo Renewables

GEO Renewables focuses on renewable energy by developing, constructing and operating wind parks.

Warsaw   11-50   $55,400,000  


Datarino is leading polish data-driven company that turns information into consumer insight.

Wroclaw   51-100   $2,642,480  

Patent Fund

Patent Fund is a company that helps scientists get help for their projects, with both materials and grants.

Wroclaw     $1,046,383  


Sotrender is an all-in-one social media analytics platform.

Warsaw   11-50   $600,000  

SmartLife Robotics

SmartLife Robotics helps parents invest in a Better Future for their children through advanced AI-powered Robot Toys.

Warsaw   11-50   $460,000  


Husarion manufactures an unmanned ground vehicle controller used in consumer robotics applications.

Krakow   1-10   $578,000  


Sugester combines CRM, helpdesk and livechat features to deliver a one-stop solution for small businesses.

Warsaw   1-10   $279,383  


ProxiGroup delivers innovative cloud software solutions.

Wroclaw   11-50   $1,266,967  


Flowbox is a VFX platform with the most advanced Rotoscoping on the market to boost the efficiency of visual studios.

Krakow   1-10   $300,000  


Zmorph develops and sells personal fabrication machines and related products, including software, accessories, and materials.

Wroclaw   11-50   $1,000,000  


It’s the first mobile job search app for low-skilled workers - waiters, salesmen, physical workers.

Warsaw   11-50   $930,000  


Inmotion manufactures automated digital slider for smart-phone, light mirror less camera, and GoPro.

Krakow     $878,009  


LiveCall is a software that helps companies turn potential customers into qualified sales calls.

Warsaw   1-10   $54,343  


SiDLY builds innovative telemedicine equipment for patients requiring constant medical care, both institutional and individual patients.

Warsaw     $580,000  


JustDrive is a mobile-first, customer-oriented application offering drivers simple and fast refueling.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,195,000  


Sporticos provides football statistics in the form of infographics.

Warsaw   11-50   $381,680  


BilTech is a platform to aggregate and automate your bill payments

Warsaw   1-10   $53,733  


Enabler of all multi-factor authentication methods

Krakow   1-10   $872,007  

Colibri IO

Colibri IO is a provider of software tools, allowing its users to monitor and track their brands online.

Warsaw   1-10   $235,000  


Metrosoft is a Poland-based fintech company that develops multi-tier, service-oriented asset management software.

Krakow   11-50   $2,018,678  

Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator helps you make better decisions when faced with math-based problems.

Krakow   11-50   $31,059  


Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network provided by blockchain technology for online advertising.

Warsaw   11-50   $2,349,599  

3D Motion Controls

3D Motion Controls is a wearable and wireless controller for 3D CAD and BIM software.

Warsaw   1-10   $260,000  


Deskdoo is an award-winning Virtual Cloud Desktop full of business apps for distributed teams and remote workers.

Warsaw   1-10   $100,000  


Share your content with people in exchange for social media promotion and increased social media reach.

Wroclaw   43840   $131,688  


LiveChat builds live chat software with help desk feature. Used for ecommerce and providing amazing customer service.

Wroclaw   101-250    


Text and formulas combined for better data-driven content.

Wroclaw   43840   $133,127  


MyBaze is a design marketplace that offers fashionable collections of women's, men's, and children's clothing.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,663,917  


Syntoil is a systems transform end-of-life tires and rubber waste into commercial products.

Wroclaw   11-50   $963,680  


Harimata combines psychology and technology to give children the best start in the future

Krakow   1-10   $120,000  


Provider of medical abonaments for pet owners. It's better (and much cheaper) to prevent than cure.

Warsaw   1-10   $105,000  


Innovative Spectral Ground Penetrating Radar for Subsurface Analysis

RzeszĂłw   43840   $330,353  


Gamfi is an online gamification platform for setting goals, building engagement, feedback and rewarding customers.

Warsaw   11-50   $300,000  


RentPlanet is an online platform for short-term apartment rentals in Poland.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,050,000  


A marketplace for industrial waste.

Warsaw   1-10   $267,289  

Toolbox for HR

The best developers among recruiters, the best recruiters among developers. Hit the ground running tech recruitment team.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,270,000  

eDoktor24 International

The aim of the project is to create a platform for remote consultation between doctors and patients.

Warsaw   1-10   $107,479  

UBS Zurich

We bring you Geos - an operating system for businesses and governments to create indoor navigation and to manage smart sensors.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,000,000  


Kekemeke is a mobile marketing tool, based on a loyalty program with an efficient model of acquiring participants.

Krakow   11-50   $397,671  


Kinetise is a web-based editor that empowers anyone to easily build custom mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Warsaw   1-10    


Whisbear is the company behind the Humming Bear, an app-powered toy helping kids fall asleep at night and during nap time.

Warsaw     $1,665,019  


network anomaly detection solutions and cybersecurity services

Wroclaw   11-50   $1,100,000  


Quotiss is a sales automation platform.

Warsaw   1-10   $53,518  

Work Service

Work Service is the temporary staffing and personnel outsourcing company in Poland.

Wroclaw     $34,626,684  

HOJO Clean

hojoclean.pl is a leading online marketplace of professional cleaning services.

Warsaw   501-1000   $765,852  

Medical Simulation Technologies

Medical Simulation Technologies provides specialized simulators for medical personnel training.

Krakow   1-10   $200,000  


Limtel is a telecommunications company that develops software that revolutionizes business communication

Warsaw   11-50   $650,000  


Akredo lets customers apply for cash loans with only one application and receive several offers from participating banks on the platform.

Warsaw   1-10   $818,504  

Right Hello

Right Hello Sp. z o.o. helps B2B companies gain new customers by automating the direct sales process.

Wroclaw   43840    


Instantly record and share your best moments of gameplay.

Wroclaw   11-50   $570,000  


MYLED has created and developed a platform that allows you to consolidate the market of electronic advertising media in Indoor and Outdoor

Krakow   1-10   $300,000  


Kanban-style project management solution.

Krakow   1-10   $40,000  


Nanoxo is a chemical company with an experience in designing and manufacturing of various functional materials.

Warsaw     $262,314  


Intelligent management of parking spaces in urban agglomerations and public facilities.

Katowice     $601,494  

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