100 Lausanne Startups to Watch in 2020

Lausanne's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 100 Lausanne tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on March 25, 2020. This is how we decide who shows up.

Lausanne 10+ employees Fast-growing

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SOPHiA GENETICS combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing.

Lausanne   251-500   $140,152,150  

Cellestia Biotech

Cellestia is a bio-pharmaceutical company with strategic focus on anti-cancer drugs modulating the NOTCH signaling pathway.

Lausanne   11-50   $28,307,144  

Aleva Neurotherapeutics

Aleva Neurotherapeutics has developed a proprietary neurostimulation platform based on microDBS Technology

Lausanne   11-50   $57,122,994  


MindMaze builds intuitive human machine interfaces through its breakthrough neuro-inspired computing platform.

Lausanne   101-250   $110,630,833  


Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for inaccessible places.

Lausanne   51-100   $17,928,004  


Agile robots for security and safetymonitoring of industrial sites.

Lausanne   1-10   $503,267  

Kandou Bus

KANDOU specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.

Lausanne   11-50   $96,108,081  


Procsea is the first business-to-business seafood marketplace.

Lausanne   11-50   $10,920,004  


Akselos is the creator of the world’s most advanced digital twin technology to protect critical infrastructure.

Lausanne   11-50   $12,956,399  


GenomSys is a Swiss company composed by engineers with extensive experience in research, development and project management.

Lausanne   1-10   $9,449,125  


Hydromea develops products and solutions that allow customers to have autonomous high-speed and high-volume subsea data access in real-time.

Lausanne   1-10   $216,218  

GTX Medical

GTX Medical develops and offers an implantable stimulation system and a robot-assisted training program to rehabilitate individuals.

Lausanne   11-50   $40,995,026  


ScanTrust provides a secure cloud-based IoT platform for production authentication and supply chain visibility solutions.

Lausanne   11-50   $5,689,430  

Lunaphore Technologies

Lunaphore is a med-tech tissue analytics company.

Lausanne   11-50   $17,527,072  


Sensimed designs, develops, and commercializes integrated micro-systems for medical devices.

Lausanne   11-50   $33,408,620  


KiWi is the Fintech app of micro-businesses in emerging markets

Lausanne   11-50   $4,385,697  


Remoto is a global corporation that is specialized in solutions and platforms in the Connected Car sector.

Lausanne   51-100   $2,170,000  


Amazentis is a life science company dedicated to employing research and clinical science to create therapeutic nutrition products.

Lausanne   1-10   $8,855,005  

Kido Dynamics

Kido Dynamics uses machine learning and quantum physics techniques to analyse and predict human mobility.

Lausanne   11-50   $2,627,238  


The first BaaS (Bottles as a Service) platform using IoT to capture every bottle opened & connect bartenders directly to beverage companies.

Lausanne   11-50   $3,601,328  


PIQ is a powerful wearable that can be used in many sports with innovative metrics.

Lausanne   101-250   $5,500,000  

SAGE Group

SAGE is a Swiss leading software publisher dedicated to the Wealth Management industry.

Lausanne   10001    

Debiopharm Group

Debiopharm Group is a global biopharmaceutical development specialist that in-licenses promising biologics and small molecule drug.

Lausanne   501-1000   $2,100,000  


Pryv's purpose-built middleware helps healthcare organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,376,064  


Xsensio develops the unique Lab-on-Skin™​ sensing platform to sense in real-time biochemical information at the surface of the skin.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,521,910  

AELER Technologies

AELER is an AI-powered, logistics technology company. They enable full in-transit visibility through next-gen shipping containers.

Lausanne   1-10   $1,361,381  


BioWatch is a wrist veins biometric reader, functions as a security solution for smartwatches.

Lausanne   1-10   $2,542,719  


Asceneuron develops effective therapeutics for orphan tauopathies and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lausanne   11-50   $35,473,170  


Batmaid.com is the first platform in Switzerland to book quality home cleaners online in less than 60 seconds.

Lausanne   11-50   $2,519,424  

SamanTree Medical

SamanTree Medical is an innovative Swiss company, developing a medical device to acquire tissue images during surgical cancer intervention.

Lausanne   1-10   $18,000,092  


Technis is building the future of connected and interactive flooring. Starting with a new generation of intelligent touch-enabled surfaces.

Lausanne   11-50   $2,071,547  

Loop Medical

Loop Medical is on a mission to develop an easy and painless blood collection technology making it accessible to all.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,606,616  


ActLight’s Dynamic PhotoDiode technology offers technological breakthrough solutions

Lausanne   1-10   $1,999,501  


By processing and modelling satellite data and geographic models, WeGaw monitors snow worldwide, daily.

Lausanne   1-10   $1,185,671  


OneVisage is a swiss start-up which aims to become a leading digital identity service provider.

Lausanne   1-10   $401,324  


PikcioChain is a Blockchain-based exchange for personal data.

Lausanne     $9,000,000  


The Olympe platform reinvents and accelerates software development through real-time ecosystems easily integrated with legacy systems.

Lausanne   11-50   $554,886  


ARTIRIA Medical provides micro-actuated device allowing to treat vascular diseases.

Lausanne     $302,097  


Skioo is a mobile and web solution that allows skiers to have an instant access to its partner resorts.

Lausanne   11-50   $9,016,113  


CashSentinel is an e-commerce payment provider active in Europe.

Lausanne   11-50   $617,140  


DistalMotion develops medical devices that are used to perform minimal-invasive surgeries.

Lausanne   1-10   $220,592  


Lookmove connects the different players in the property sector with a digital facilitation tool.

Lausanne   11-50   $1,722,558  


Attolight produces time-resolved cathodoluminescence instruments to measure carrier dynamics in nanostructures.

Lausanne   11-50   $7,908,645  

Domo Safety

DomoSafety is a leading provider of behavior-based and medical data analytics in real-time .

Lausanne   11-50   $4,252,597  


SensArs restores limb functionalities to people affected by extremities amputation or nerve damages.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,608,048  


Saphetor is a personalised medicine company.

Lausanne   1-10   $2,430,771  

AB2 Bio

AB2 Bio is a drug discovery and development company.

Lausanne   1-10   $20,886,336  


2four1 is a disruptive subscription based application that provides thousands of Buy One Get One Free.

Lausanne   1-10   $600,000  


Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the movie industry with the proprietary technologies.

Lausanne   1-10   $102,663  


Paper.li is a content curation service.

Lausanne     $163,166  


PapayaPods is an online tool that allows landlords to manage the entire rental housing journey digitally, in one place.

Lausanne   11-50   $186,019  


Mirrakoi specializes in software development for 3D organic and freeform surfacing for fast and smooth product design.

Lausanne   1-10   $317,520  

SmartWall (SwissPay)

SmartWall is a monetization platform for media and advertisers that drives engagement, loyalty, interactions and more revenue.

Lausanne   1-10   $600,000  


Flybotix develops a collision tolerant drone for in-structure and indoor inspection.

Lausanne     $50,261  


Metaco is a Swiss-based company focused on cryptocurrency management solutions built for financial institutions.

Lausanne   11-50    


MeduSoil is a specialized subcontracting business.

Lausanne   1-10   $130,562  


PB&B is a life sciences startup developing a new generation of fillers and soft tissue remodeling injections for plastic surgeons.

Lausanne   1-10   $3,309,689  


GenView is a Swiss IT Software company.

Lausanne   11-50   $2,248,727  

SUN bioscience

SUN bioscience creates advanced cell culture platforms.

Lausanne   1-10   $102,595  


Darix makes augmented reality applications for professionals.

Lausanne   1-10   $312,687  


Aesyra develops and commercializes intra-oral sensors for dental professionals.

Lausanne   1-10   $401,632  


FieldWiz is the first standalone performance and strategy tracking system.

Lausanne     $659,640  


Abionic is ideally positioned at the boundaries of medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Lausanne   11-50   $27,842,207  


Insolight is an energy company that develops and manufactures solar panels.

Lausanne   11-50   $14,319,843  


Raizers is an investment platform for unlisted securities

Lausanne   11-50   $1,414,566  

Bloom Biorenewables

Bloom Biorenewables is making biomass a true alternative to petroleum.

Lausanne   1-10   $10,127  


ZIP.ch is a new official online directory for switzerland.

Lausanne   1-10   $1,544,452  

Osmo Blue

Osmo Blue develops technologies that enables the recycling of industrial waste heat at low temperatures.

Lausanne   1-10   $143,422  


DermoSafe is a Swiss company that aims to bring innovative products and services for the management and early detection of melanoma.

Lausanne   1-10   $698,204  


Morphotonix is a nano-imprinting company, providing security against anti-counterfeiting combined with additive-free processing and more.

Lausanne   1-10   $81,868  


GenKnowme is an innovative life science company.

Lausanne     $111,219  


SpotMe is a mobile platform that allows anyone in Marketing, Sales or HR to easily build the app they need to engage their audience.

Lausanne   101-250   $144,471  

Privately App

Privately keeps your social networks content private, secure, and removable.

Lausanne   1-10   $111,468  


AVAtronics is a noise-canceling technology company.

Lausanne     $110,625  

Composyt Light Labs

Composyt is developing wearable display technology for see-through augmented reality in unobtrusive conventional eyewear.

Lausanne   1-10   $112,121  

Novamet sarl

Novamet develops a smart data-driven tool to optimize aluminium melting (recycling) processes.

Lausanne   1-10   $102,805  


PWRstation is a Solar product development company selling preassembled, transportable, activation-ready solar mounting systems.

Lausanne   11-50   $1,090,000  


Logmind is an AI-Accelerated log data analytics platform for the visibility and automated insights into unstructured log data.

Lausanne   1-10   $20,062  


Saas, Cloud-based technological B2B platform to sell hotel rooms in Night and Day-use

Lausanne   1-10   $100,785  


TreaTech provides liquid waste management solutions.

Lausanne     $108,590  

Rheon Medical

Rheon focuses on the development of first-in-class glaucoma drainage devices.

Lausanne   1-10   $504,329  


yalty's mission is to simplify and modernize the administrative management of human resources.

Lausanne     $820,863  


NOVAGAN's activity is to focus on the fabrication of III-nitride semiconductor epiwafers and optoelectronic devices.

Lausanne     $179,533  

AVK Systems

AVK systems is a Swiss technology firm dedicated to taking the audio experience in compelling broadcast content.

Lausanne   11-50   $3,729,258  

Gene Predictis

Gene Predictis is a Swiss precision medicine company.

Lausanne     $489,873  


CompPair is solving damage issues for the composite materials industry by developping smart sustainable textile systems.

Lausanne     $10,027  

Enairys Powertech

Enairys Powertech develops, manufactures, and sells clean energy storage and management systems based on compressed air.

Lausanne     $1,879,400  

LYF Rescue Drone

Start-up that proposes a new effective way to maximize chances of survival in avalanches using autonomous research drones.

Lausanne     $2,487  


SwissSource Instruments allows customers from academia and industry, who want to screen complex samples with Mass Spectrometry technique.

Lausanne   1-10   $10,027  


Crisalix is the inventor of a 3D, web-based simulator for plastic surgery.

Lausanne   51-100    

Gait Up

Gait Up provides objective motion analysis solutions for Sports and Health.

Lausanne   1-10    

Leman Micro Devices

Leman Micro Devices' Health Sensor & App is the only smartphone integrated solution that measures blood pressure with medical accuracy.

Lausanne   11-50    


Genohm is a makers of slims, a customizable Lims+ ELN solution.

Lausanne   11-50    


SecuTix is the market’s global, integrated ticketing system, developed for professionals in the events and leisure industries.

Lausanne   101-250    


SalesWings is the world's most intuitive way for growing sales and marketing teams to track, qualify and prioritize their very best leads.

Lausanne   1-10    


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and data engineering services

Lausanne   11-50    


Frontiers is a community-oriented open-access academic publisher and research network.

Lausanne   251-500    

Scientific Visual

Scientific Visual supplies quality control workstations to visualize defects in non-polished sapphire such as watch covers and wafers.

Lausanne   1-10    


Smeetz provides companies with an ultra-flexible and scalable event booking platform.

Lausanne   1-10    


REA is a preterm birth diagnostics company.

Lausanne     $9,800  

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