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Top rounds for week of May 15, 2023

  • raises $250M
  • TISSIUM raises $53M
  • Twirl raises a $2M Pre-seed from Creandum, Cocoa VC
  • smartbax raises a $1M Seed from High-Tech Grunderfonds
  • Sastrify raises a $22M Series B from Endeit Capital, HV Capital, FirstMark Capital
  • DataOps raises a $17M Series A from Notion Capital
  • Insider raises $105M
  • Laced raises a $12M Series A from Talis Capital
  • Satellite Vu raises a $15M Series A from Molten Ventures
  • Konfir raises a $2M Seed from Triple Point Ventures, Portfolio Ventures
  • Flink Food raises a $161M Series C
  • Pyrpose raises $1M
  • Vensum raises a $3M Seed from Lifeline Ventures
  • Patient21 raises a $108M Series C from TDJ Pitango Ventures, Target Global
company of the week

Predictor of cancer treatment success.

  • Industries


  • Locations

    London, UK

  • Investors

    Hoxton Ventures, Fly Ventures, Octopus Ventures

  • Funding

    $14M Series A

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