Breakout List 2023: Startups to Work for in Europe
Breakout List 2023 🚀

Great Companies to Work for in Europe

Breakout growth creates breakout opportunities. The problem is you, as a candidate, don't have enough information to make the biggest decision of 2023 - which company to work for. We looked into thousands of tech startups, so you can find the job you deserve.

Located in Europe High-growth High-impact

Babylon Health

Babylon Health aims to provide accessible, affordable healthcare by combining AI with doctors.

Why you should work here

This Covid19 crisis has shone a light on a big issue most of us didn't even know existed: the healthcare industry needs an upgrade, and it needs it fast. That's what Babylon Health is working on, and they're succeding. If you're interested in the intersection between healthcare, technology and AI, and want to help revolutionise and industry that is both vital and deeply conservative in its operating ways, this might be the company for you.

London   1001-5000   $635 million   Unicorn    

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DocPlanner is a booking platform and management software provider for doctors.

Why you should work here

Another Heathcare-centric company that made it to our Breakout List, and with good reason. Considering the Covid19 pandemic, and how it's affecting the healthcare industry--the move to more efficient and potentially remote doctor consultations has become more important than ever. That's where DocPlanner comes in. If you're interested in helping to make sure this change happens sooner than later, DocPlanner is the company to join right now.

Warsaw   1001-5000   $140 million   Unicorn    


Klarna is an e-commerce payment solutions platform for merchants and shoppers.

Why you should work here

This e-commerce company has raised more than a billion dollars in funding and is putting a substantial amount of that money where it matters: talent. Klarna is a company that values, above all, flexibility and creativity. With an extremely people-centric approach to business, they've grown in a very short time from zero to 1000+ employees. They've got roles for all types of workers, and believe in having those roles be not fixed, but malleable in nature. If you join Klarna, who knows where you'll end up in your career?

Stockholm   1001-5000   $1.4 billion   Unicorn    


Bolt provides a ride-sharing platform that connects passengers and drivers from different countries.

Why you should work here

One of the fastest-growing startups in the world. Over 25M costumers in 30+ countries. One mission: to revolutionise transportation. Bolt aims to be a cleaner, smarter, more socially responsible urban mobility company. It's the perfect work opportunity for all who want to enter the race against Uber and Lyft.

Tallinn   1001-5000   $300 million   Unicorn    

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AccuRx is on a mission to bring patients and their healthcare teams together.

Why you should work here

AccuRx has come up with an extremely simple solution to a very complicated problem. They've realised that making interactions between healthcare workers and their patients easier, more efficient and remote can both save time, money and lives. They've raised more than $10 million to do just that. So if you're interested in helping build and shepard the technology that could potentially change the healthcare industry as we know it, and in the meantime help people get the care they need during this ongoing crisis, Accurx is the company to join.

London   11-50   $11 million   Unicorn    

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Payfit allows small and medium enterprises to easily and quickly pay their employees.

Why you should work here

Payfit's business model and mission is to revolutionise HR for all companies and, to make this as real as possible, this company has made employee fulfilment its number one priority. According to Firmin Zocchetto, Payfit's CEO: “If we want to revolutionise HR, we might as well be the best example possible.” So if you're interested in helping shepard companies around the world through this time of crisis, and work under a CEO that believes in leading by example, with actions, not just words, Payfit is a great place to work at.

Paris   251-500   $100 million   Unicorn    

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Alan is a digital health insurance platform with a focus on user experience with an excellent price-quality ratio health plan.

Why you should work here

This French startup is one of the younger ones in our list, just turning 4-years-old in 2020. Alan has raised more the €75 million and is looking to revolutionise health insurance by focusing on incredible UX and unparalleled price-quality ratio in their health-plans. If you believe healthcare is a space in desperate need of innovation, this is the company to join.

Paris   101-250   $140 million   Unicorn    

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Spendesk is the all-in-one spend management platform built for employees and finance.

Why you should work here

Spendesk has a razor sharp-vision that involves two goals, and two goals only: Help businesses spend smarter, everywhere and build a great global company where people thrive. Since their inception in mid-2016, they've raised over 50 million to make sure they accomplish that very vision. So, if you're interested in working in the Fintech area, and joining a team of 250+ awesome people, Spendesk is the place to be at. You even get your own company card to make your business expenses a little easier!

Paris   101-250   $50 million   Unicorn    

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Pleo offers smart payment cards for employees for them to buy things they need for work, while keeping the companies in control of spending.

Why you should work here

This Nordic startup boasts a flat and transparent work-environment where you can be yourself. With a solid product-market fit, a inter-European expansion plan in motion and over $78m in funding, 2020 is set to be a very exciting time to join Pleo.

Copenhagen   101-250   $78 million   Unicorn    

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N26 offers mobile banking solutions to customers in the European Union through its subsidiary.

Why you should work here

N26 boasts a full European banking license, combined with revolutionary technology and no branch network. This Berlin-based startup currently operating in over 30 countries and 5 office locations is busy redesigning banking for the 21st century. If that's not enough to convince you N26 is going places, maybe you should note they have raised more than $670 million in funding.

Berlin   1001-5000   $782 million   Unicorn    

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TransferWise is a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges.

Why you should work here

After a rocking 2018 and 2019, Transferwise is set to become a key player in the online banking world. With a team that recently built and seamlessly released a fully functioning borderless account and debit card for its costumers, the opportunities for personal and professional growth in this company are boundless.

London   1001-5000   $772 million   Unicorn    

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Front App is the shared inbox for teams

Why you should work here

Front is turning 7 years old in 2020, and its doing it in style. With $79m raised, 5000+ businesses relying on them to make their teams more productive and a killer CEO by the name of Mathilde Collin, this Paris & SF based company is set to become an A-player in the space. If you believe email is something ripe for innovation, this is the company for you.

Paris   101-250   $138 million   Unicorn    

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Lilium is a Munich-based startup developing a revolutionary on-demand air mobility service.

Why you should work here

Lilium is not your run-of-the mill tech startup. With an extraordinary mission aiming to do something that has never been done before, this team of 350 colleagues around the world is composed only of the best.

Munich   251-500   $340 million   Unicorn    

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Meero is an AI company providing enhanced photography services.

Why you should work here

Meero is a key player taking care of all the laborious and time-consuming tasks in the photography world — allowing photographers to do what they do best. If you believe creatives are the 'architects of the visual world', and are willing to tirelessly support their skills and business, this the company to join.

Paris   251-500   $290 million   Unicorn    

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Pitch offers a next generation of content collaboration and presentation software.

Why you should work here

After raising $50 million in the last few years, this small but powerful startup is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. A diverse team of individuals focused on great communication, smart workflows and awesome creative output have made Pitch the to-go platform for companies such as Slack, Framer and Metalab.

Berlin   11-50   $52 million   Unicorn    

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Coople operates as a staffing platform that connects companies and workers.

Why you should work here

300,000+ workers worldwide trust Coople, and with good reason. Operating since 2009, with offices in London and Zurich, this Talent & Staffing company is posed for an amazing start of the new decade.

Zürich   101-250   $75 million   Unicorn    

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Glovo allows customers to track their deliveries in real-time and locate the nearest glover (courier).

Why you should work here

Currently present in more than 23 countries around the world, and with a team of 1,200 employees, Glovo is quickly taking over the food-delivery space — especially in Europe, its home turf. If you're passionate about the space, and about connecting people with amazing food and experiences, this is the startup to be a part of.

Barcelona   1001-5000   $500 million   Unicorn    

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Personio offers a holistic HR management and recruiting solution for Startups and SMEs.

Why you should work here

More than 300 employees from 34 different countries make this Munich-based a startup to watch in 2020. Personio is revolutionising the HR and applicant management software space and is set to thrive this upcoming year — if you want to be a part of a mission-based, coffee loving team, this is the company to join.

Munich   251-500   $130 million   Unicorn