121 Marketplace Startups to Watch in 2022

Marketplace's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 121 Marketplace tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 26, 2022.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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Monzo is a London-based digital-only bank platform.

London   251-500   $417,342,054  


eToro is a social trading and investment marketplace that allows users to trade currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks.

London   501-1000   $222,700,000  


Raisin is a savings and investment marketplace that connects retail customers with banks looking to expand deposit reach.

Berlin   51-100   $206,007,634  


Bitdefender is a global security technology company that provides advanced threat protection to both business and consumer customers.

Bucharest   10001   $187,000,000  


LendInvest operates an online marketplace for property lending and investing.

London   251-500   $992,974,209  

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Mitto is a debit card and app designed for “Generation Z” teens.

Barcelona   11-50   $2,200,629  


foodpanda is a online food delivery marketplace that enables users to place orders at local restaurants via its website or mobile app.

Berlin   1001-5000   $749,450,000  


Pollen is an invite-only marketplace, using influencer marketing for experiences and events.

London   251-500   $88,500,000  


Fiverr is a marketplace for creative and professional services.

Tel Aviv   101-250   $111,000,000  


Festicket is a marketplace to discover and book music festival tickets, accommodation, transfers and extras.

London   101-250   $30,277,382  


TourRadar is an online marketplace to compare & book multi-day tours to over 200 countries worldwide.

Vienna   251-500   $66,500,000  


Takeaway.com is an online food delivery marketplace in Continental Europe and Vietnam.

Amsterdam   1001-5000   $890,974,082  

Back Market

Back Market is an online marketplace dedicated to refurbished products.

Paris   101-250   $56,016,228  


CrossLend designs a cross-border marketplace lending platform that makes pan-European investments possible via a single platform.

Berlin   101-250   $55,027,505  


Wallapop is a hyper-local mobile marketplace for buying and selling secondhand goods created in Barcelona and supported by Antai VB.

Barcelona   51-100   $2,162,261  


Storefront is an online marketplace for renting short term retail space.

Paris   51-100   $8,900,000  


MindMaze builds intuitive human machine interfaces through its breakthrough neuro-inspired computing platform.

Lausanne   101-250   $110,630,833  


Carmudi is an online marketplace for new and used cars and motorcycles in Mexico, the Middle East and Asia.

Berlin   251-500   $45,000,000  


Malt is a curated local marketplace that connects the best freelancers and customers.

Paris   51-100   $36,227,660  


Caroobi is an integrated marketplace for automotive aftersales.

Berlin   51-100   $20,000,000  


Watchmaster.com is a digital marketplace for buying and selling luxury watches.

Berlin   51-100   $29,903,059  


CityBee is a car sharing startup.

Vilnius   11-50   $124,393,440  


Marketplace of Personal Stylists

Milan   11-50   $1,590,612  


The full-service marketplace enabling fashion brands to open an outlet store with zero effort and all the benefits.

Amsterdam   1-10   $9,644,928  


Refurbed is a marketplace for refurbished electronics, which are used products that are completely renewed and resold.

Vienna   11-50   $2,239,651  

Hellas Direct

Hellas Direct is a digital-first, full-stack insurance company, empowered by cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence.

Nicosia   51-100   $29,849,904  


Zeek is an online marketplace that enables its users to sell unwanted vouchers in exchange for cash and purchase discounted gift cards.

Tel Aviv   11-50   $12,500,000  


Ramp creates a platform for p2p fiat to crypto exchanges.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,128,149  


YouDo.com is a marketplace that helps consumers find and hire local professionals for home repairs.

Moscow   11-50   $24,225,000  


hemea is SaaS-enabled marketplace between homeowner wishing to renovate their home and carefully filtered and rated local contractors.

Paris   11-50   $7,455,134  


PromoFarma.com is an online health & wellness marketplace with 30.000 products sold directly from local pharmacies

Barcelona   51-100   $7,020,876  


Managed marketplace for investing in asset rentals to gig workers

Amsterdam   1-10   $1,200,000  

Lemongrass Consulting

Lemongrass Consulting is World class consultants. Extensive SAP experience. Innovative solutions.

Reading   11-50   $19,260,000  

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow design aeroponic irrigation and control technology for vertical farms.

Bristol   11-50   $1,311,018  


Right Mesh is on a mission to connect the next billion users without infrastructure.

Zug   51-100   $30,000,000  


Beleco is a marketplace where members share designer furniture

Stockholm   11-50   $2,328,789  


iExec provides blockchain based decentralized cloud computing platform.

Lyon   11-50   $12,000,000  

CRX Markets

CRX Markets is an independent marketplace for Asset-Based Financing solutions and connects Buyers, Suppliers, Banks and Investors.

Munich   11-50   $6,651,434  


DOVU is a global rewards platform for smart travel, powered by cryptocurrency.

Bristol   11-50   $6,448,024  


EstateGuru is the leading cross-border marketplace for short- and mid term property loans in Continental Europe.

Tallinn   11-50   $1,418,610  


Vispera is an Istanbul-based visual recognition startup.

Istanbul   11-50   $1,855,245  


Sleeknote is a customer engagement tool for ecommerce businesses, used to engage visitors and turn them into customers

Aarhus   11-50   $1,126,431  


Reve is a lifestyle marketplace that brings together content, community, and commerce.

Stockholm   1-10   $1,486,355  

Forza Football

Forza Football mission is to make the world of football a better place and available for everyone

Gothenburg   51-100   $2,700,000  


chicfy is an online marketplace for everyone that can buy, share, and sell fashion clothes and a personal style.

Madrid   11-50   $1,178,933  


ReaQta offers cyber threat protection solutions based on real-time behavioral analysis.

Valletta   1-10   $2,757,518  


Parkpnp is a marketplace that allows people to list, advertise and then generate income from their unused or under utilized parking spaces.

Dublin   11-50   $1,680,263  

Buildit Accelerator

Buildit, Accelerator of Things, for startups in hardware & IoT

Riga   43840   $2,332,105  


Skyeng - an interactive online English learning school and educational software developer

Moscow   1001-5000   $313,000  


A cloud-based mobile platform for wellness service providers and corporate employers.

Espoo   11-50   $3,902,514  


Zadaa is a marketplace app that helps people to sell and buy clothes that fit.

Helsinki   1-10   $3,665,841  


VEACT is developing applications, processes and products to improve sales success in the car trade market using data-based marketing.

Munich   11-50   $3,040,484  


Matillion is a data transformation solution provider or cloud data warehouses.

Manchester   11-50   $60,000,000  


Recruitment marketplace for SW developers. Developers stay anonymous while companies pitch to them and get a €500 bonus with a new job.

Prague   51-100   $3,317,751  


DueCourse helps small businesses get paid on time by creating & sending 'smart' digital invoices to their customers in seconds. For Free.

Manchester   1-10   $8,350,723  


Unikum.net - a mobile web service for preschools and schools - just passing 1 000 000 paid user accounts - bootstrapped to 4 MUSD revenues

Stockholm   11-50   $2,000,000  


Auxmoney is an online peer-to-peer loan marketplace.

Düsseldorf   251-500   $1,973,609,428  


Marketplace for European commercial real estate

Tallinn   1-10   $583,039  


Iconfinder is a search engine and marketplace for icons for web developers.

Copenhagen   1-10   $1,500,000  


Jobin is a digital platform that allows you to find professionals of the home to make any reform or repair.

Madrid   11-50   $1,519,984  


Cytox have developed a simple genetic based blood test for the assessment of risk and diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.

Manchester   1-10   $15,484,778  


Wide Eyes delivers specific visual search technology that can recognize automatically any kind of fashion article from an image.

Barcelona   11-50   $300,000  


Finboot is the dynamic company behind MARCO, a unique blockchain agnostic, enterprise grade SaaS product.

Barcelona   1-10   $378,288  


Marketplace for event spaces

Helsinki   11-50   $934,713  


International marketplace of assets and financial instruments for SME and the platform of collateral and asset management

Tallinn   1-10   $3,800,000  

DRD Biotech

DRD developing rapid diagnostic test for the brain damage: Stroke, Concussion.

Moscow   11-50   $3,388,089  


GameTree is a free app for finding gaming friends and building strong teams.

Kiev   11-50   $250,000  


Drawbotics is the marketplace for all marketing and communication needs in real estate

Brussels   51-100   $538,598  


iMusician Digital is a platform to sell music online.

Zürich   11-50   $2,108,619  


A tech company that uses distributed ledger technology to help organisations work faster, safer and with greater impact.

Luxembourg   11-50    


CarPlanner is a digital car-as-a-service marketplace for all-inclusive, hassle-free car subscriptions.

Rome   11-50   $1,085,341  


Trioteca is the digital advisor that helps you to get your best mortgage in Spain

Barcelona   11-50   $1,104,526  


Pragsis Bidoop offers Big Data solutions and Big Data & Analytics consultancy services.

Madrid   101-250   $2,854,977  

Silicon Line

Silicon Line is a provider of innovative ultra-low power optical link technology for mobile and consumer electronics markets.

Munich   11-50   $28,255,029  


AI-powered recruitment. Reach & assess hidden programming talents with programming challenges.

Wroclaw   11-50   $700,000  


Glowbl enables to turn any digital service into a collaborative experience where human interactions are represented just like in real life.

Lyon   11-50   $7,100,000  


InAccel provides high performance accelerators for Machine Learning & Analytics applications based on novel FPGA engines as IP blocks

Athens   1-10   $600,000  


Keller Sports is an online retailers for tennis, running, fitness, outdoor & wintersport equipment.

Munich   51-100   $5,609,141  


MedicSen is a start-up dedicated to health care, to technological innovation as a key tool.

Madrid   1-10   $169,656  


Yocabè connects apparel brands and their products with the global customers of online marketplaces.

Rome   1-10   $995,711  


Peer-to-peer Income Share Agreement Platform providing creators with access to funding in exchange for a share of future income.

Bristol   1-10   $444,880  

Kolay Randevu

Online Beauty Booking Marketplace & SaaS Salon Management Software.

Istanbul   11-50   $1,047,082  


Fabless semiconductor developer working on new-type silicon photomultiplier with extended dynamic range, better sensitivity and lower noise.

Moscow   11-50   $6,300,000  


Tutellus is a P2P edtech platform based on blockchain that pays students for learning.

Madrid   11-50   $1,453,521  


AllThingsTalk is an IoT middleware platform offered as a commodity SaaS

Ghent   11-50   $3,576,480  


Beroomers is the mid-term housing marketplace for students and young professionals, present in more than 50 destinations worldwide.

Valencia   11-50   $278,220  

CHRG Network

SAAS platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their CS.

Vilnius   43840   $191,898  


TrackDuck is a Visual feedback tracking for web development.

Vilnius   43840   $287,721  


Lucidtech is a Norwegian company that develops machine learning technology to automate business processes.

Oslo     $605,449  


Blabu.com is an on-demand marketplace for people around the world where they can practice their English with native speakers.

Prague   1-10   $500,000  


Vestas is a global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy.

Aarhus   10001    

Buy Buddy

Buy Buddy is an end to end solution for retailers to democratize easy check-out and manage in-store inventory.

Istanbul   1-10   $50,000  


Zana is an intelligent assistant that responds to health questions and empower people to get and stay healthy.

Karlsruhe   43840   $189,229  


The world's first unified network, based on Blockchain technologies with the highest level of encryption, designed for securely storing

Zug     $3,550,434  


Tuvalum Sports is a marketplace that specializes in buying and selling of bicycles.

Valencia   11-50   $292,690  


A marketplace for influencers and brands.

Istanbul   11-50   $1,000,000  


Kronaby is a company specializing in purposefully designed smart, connected products.

Malmö   101-250   $1,179,778  

Le Cicogne

Le Cicogne is a marketplace that brings together the demand and supply of baby-sitting, baby-teaching, and baby-taxis.

Rome   1-10   $676,241  


MFMSolutions provides SMS services to financial organizations, including banks, insurance companies, and asset management companies.

Moscow   101-250   $5,000,000  


It’s the first mobile job search app for low-skilled workers - waiters, salesmen, physical workers.

Warsaw   11-50   $930,000  

Genz Biotech

Genz is an R&D company developing AI solutions in genomic data analysis for personalized medicine for women fighting breast cancer

Istanbul   1-10   $344,616  


Midnightdeal is a dynamic travel marketplace that connects travelers, looking for premium vacation deals and hotels that have empty rooms.

Vienna   1-10   $226,420  


Enuygun.com is Turkey's leading comparison site on travel and personal finance.

Istanbul   11-50   $539,118  


Confidas helps SMEs get paid on time by providing credit risk data

Bucharest   1-10   $203,945  


Ugears is the manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model sets designed for self-assembly without glue.

Kiev     $707,000  


Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies.

Bern   10001    


Quark VR is the next-gen compression and streaming technology for VR and AR. We provide Immerive Computing on the Edge.

Sofia   1-10   $211,222  

Analogy Co.

Analogy Co. provides a tool for corporations and communities to access aggregated knowledge of thousands of cases as if it was a consultant.

Budapest   11-50   $1,549,068  


Cronoshare is a marketplace that enables people to hire local service professionals.

Valencia   1-10   $420,921  


MyBaze is a design marketplace that offers fashionable collections of women's, men's, and children's clothing.

Warsaw   11-50   $1,663,917  

City Expert

City Expert will help you find your new home with ease and commision free

Belgrade   11-50   $1,755,061  

Oliver Wicks

Oliver Wicks is a custom menswear e-tailer.

Sofia   11-50   $262,846  

Banking One

Predictive Analytics for banks - we predict which customer is interested in what financial product.

Cologne   1-10   $110,401  


LANXESS is a specialty chemicals company.

Cologne   10001    


TieTalent is Switzerland's tech-focused job platform, matching talents in IT & Digital Marketing with companies.

Geneva   1-10   $252,437  

Flight Refund

Flight Refund assists air passengers to enforce claims against airlines for delayed or cancelled flights.

Budapest   1-10   $1,046,439  


Mobilly is a provider of pay for parking, buy train or bus tickets with your phone or on the Internet services.

Riga     $1,197,474  


Zendera is optimizing logistics for small carriers.

Oslo   1-10   $139,655  


Lumo Develop short-circuit savings in the service of the energy transition.



BookYourStudy is an online booking website for education, where everyone can book classes online or get free consultation on education

Minsk   11-50   $300,000  

Device Authority

Device Authority is a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain.

Reading   11-50    


Bot-Hive helps small businesses find robots that will improve their company’s efficiency

Bristol   1-10   $392,033  


Adormo makes it easy to manage property listings on multiple vacation rental websites like Airbnb.

Sofia   1-10   $128,507  


Luxury Car Rental Marketplace

Tallinn   1-10   $218,235  


NejRemeslnici.cz is an online marketplace connecting customers with quality craftsmen.

Prague   1-10   $519,807  


The company QSC AG offers medium-sized businesses extensive ICT services from one source

Cologne   501-1000    

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