Natural language processing solution for bids.


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  • 64
Company Size
  • 1 to 10 employees
Last Stage Round
  • Series B


This section hypothesizes why AutogenAI can be a $10 billion dollar company in 10 years, in 10 lines or less.

AutogenAI, based in London, uses natural language processing to automate and enhance bid-writing for businesses. This automation saves time, improves submission quality, and reduces the risk of missing opportunities. The focus on NLP for bid automation distinguishes AutogenAI from manual methods, strategically positioning it in the market. Supported by investors like Spark Capital and Salesforce Ventures, AutogenAI has the potential to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the bidding process across various industries.

Total funding Amount


Fundraising History

  • Dec 06 '23 Series B
  • Jul 26 '23 Series B


  • Spark Capital
    Series B
  • Blossom Capital
    Series B
  • Salesforce Ventures
    Series B