Apollo Therapeutics

Apollo Therapeutics

Portfolio of pharmaceutical research and discovery.


Seedtable Score
  • 89
Company Size
  • 1 to 10 employees
Last Stage Round
  • Series C


This section hypothesizes why Apollo Therapeutics can be a $10 billion dollar company in 10 years, in 10 lines or less.

Apollo Therapeutics is building a diversified clinical-stage portfolio of assets in cell signaling, cell stress response, and immunology, backed by specialist long-term investors and collaborations with five of the world’s leading research universities. They initially started as a partnership between three top research organizations and three global pharmaceutical companies with an initial commitment of $50M​​​​​​​​​​​​. It's potential lies in its unique portfolio approach to drug development, leveraging cutting-edge research from prominent academic institutions and the industry expertise of pharmaceutical giants. Their focus on high-value markets and a broad range of programs, coupled with a lean operating model, positions them well for innovative drug discovery and development.

Total funding Amount


Fundraising History

  • Jan 02 '24 Series C
  • Sep 06 '23 Series C
  • Jun 17 '21 Series C


  • Patient Square Capital
    Series C
  • Rock Springs Capital
    Series C
  • M&G Investments
    Series C