91 Ukraine Startups to Watch in 2020

Ukraine's tech sector is booming. This year’s list of the best 91 Ukraine tech startups is an eclectic mix of hyper-growth scaleups, small creative startups and everything in between.

The last update was made on November 16, 2020.

Curated by @gonsanchezs

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lifecell working to bring people together with simple services that bring new meaning to their communication.

Kiev   501-1000    


Bookimed is a free global platform to search for hospitals and arrange treatment for people from every corner of the world.

Kiev   101-250   $500,000  


Atlas exports natural & organic foods from Ukraine

Kiev   11-50   $200,000  

Epom Ad Server

Epom Ad Server is an all-in-one ad serving solution, developed to meet the needs of advertisers, publishers, ad and affiliate networks.

Kiev   101-250   $7,000,000  


GameTree is a free app for finding gaming friends and building strong teams.

Kiev   11-50   $250,000  

Universal Commerce Group

Universal Commerce Group is an international internet holding group

Kiev   251-500    


С2С crowdshipping marketplace that connects travelers with the senders of postal packages, and facilitates their communication.

Kiev   1-10   $520,000  


Alty is a mobile App Development Company.

Kiev     $6,300,000  


Ugears is the manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model sets designed for self-assembly without glue.

Kiev     $707,000  


modnaKasta is an online shopping platform that provides its users with discounts on fashion and lifestyle products.

Kiev   501-1000   $1,000,000  


Morbax HRis Digital Talent Management Platform for candidates sourcing, assessment and individual career development.

Kiev   11-50   $150,000  


Marketplace connecting Djs and Bookers with nightlife events.

Kiev   11-50   $200,000  

Ready To Travel

Ready To Travel is a search engine for travel tickets and routes.

Kiev   1-10   $250,000  


Startup.Network is a company and website that makes it easy for people to invest in new startup companies.

Kiev   1-10    


Automobile EV Company developing new Hardware Controllers via SMART APPS and Tablets with new BMS- Battery Mgt Systems with Conditioned temp

Kiev   1-10   $500,000  


Multitest.me - ISP search service. With its help, every user can quickly choose the best rates and book a connection to one’s address.

Kiev   11-50   $250,000  


ITERIOS is an independent developer of software for the B2B travel market.

Kiev   11-50   $500,000  

GreenFuel Charging Network and Management System for Electric

E-Vehicle Charging Station Retailer and Manufacturer.

Kiev   11-50   $100,000  

Esports Charts by ESM.one

Ukrainian-based company developing a number of esports/stream related startups.

Kiev   11-50    

The Burger

The best burger delivery and one of the most successful food e-commerce in Ukraine!



Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management, Cybersecurity, and Business Process Outsourcing services with 25+ years on the market.

Kiev   1001-5000    


Rozetka operates an e-commerce retailer that sells goods and services.

Kiev   1001-5000    

Sigma Software

Sigma Software provides top-quality software development, graphic design, testing, and support services

Kiev   501-1000    


Professional Software for Recruitment with cloud and Enterprise versions

Kiev   11-50    


Klumba is a marketplace for buying and selling children's products, women's, men's clothing and footwear, household goods.

Kiev   1-10   $124,000  


Cloud-based POS system for cafes and restaurants (point-of-sale)

Kiev   101-250    


Address.ua is an online real estate classified.

Kiev   11-50   $310,000  


Prom.ua is all-Ukrainian trade center on the internet trading platform with the designer of sites and online stores.

Kiev   251-500    

Ninja Lender

Ninja Lender is a B2B marketplace where different types of credit institutions can buy and sell rejected loan applications online.

Kiev   1-10    


Human+Tech Customer Support Outsourcing that powers Unicorn and acclaimed tech companies worldwide

Kiev   501-1000    


SuperDeal.com.ua is a deal-of-the-day website that offers coupons for discounts and promotions throughout Ukraine.



Indie game studio. We are developing Sci-Fi action/adventure game PROZE.

Kiev   1-10   $2,000  


Our company is providing services in the field of online education. At the moment we are teaching all popular foreign languages.

Kiev   11-50   $14,000  

Mawi Solutions

We are creating solutions for the democratization of heart big data collection and analysis to detect diseases at early symptomless stages.

Kiev   11-50    


Smart telephony Binotel on the basis of a virtual PBX is a ready-made solution for sales departments, call centers and companies in general.

Kiev   101-250    


Redwerk provides full-cycle software development from initial concept to a live solution.

Kiev   51-100    


International Center of E-commerce Allbiz is one of the biggest online global trading platform.

Kiev   501-1000    


Softengi is a global SOFTware ENGIneering services provider. Our goal is to solve your business issues using information technologies.

Kiev   251-500    


CADLAB.io is a cloud-based service offering Git version control repositories optimized for hardware development.

Kiev   1-10    


Casual is an online project management tool that enables teams to plan and execute projects as simple visual workflows.

Kiev   51-100    

Leading Solution

Professional market researchers and list builders, with more than 100 projects successfully completed and great professional experience.

Kiev   1-10    

Gambit Stream

Gambit Stream develops gambling and betting related games.

Kiev   11-50    


Uptech is a Ukrainian outsourcing mobile and web development company. We design & develop mobile and web apps with the right market fit.

Kiev   11-50    


EVE.calls is a human-like bot that helps companies to support, sell, notify and survey customers.

Kiev   1-10    


Eda.ua is an online food delivery marketplace that enables its users to place orders at local restaurants.

Kiev   51-100    


Temy is on a mission to enable startups leverage technologies

Kiev   51-100    

EGO creative innovations

EGO delivers digital innovation as a service. Since 2005, EGO has helped over 40 companies successfully build 150+ digital products.

Kiev   11-50    


A global performance marketing technology company

Kiev   11-50    


Gamepack is a fast-growing art production and game development solutions provider.

Kiev   51-100    


PriNum provides mWallet platform with social network functionality.

Kiev   11-50    


Effa is an eco-clean disposable toothbrush made of paper

Kiev   1-10    


Ukrainian Development | Western Management | Global Delivery

Kiev   101-250    


Beatshapers is a boutique size development studio, pioneered Twitch streaming interactions games. Active on consoles and VR/AR HMDs.

Kiev   11-50    


Karabas.com provides tickets for events in Kiev and Ukraine.

Kiev   11-50    


RuggedCom is a leading provider of rugged communications networking solutions designed for mission-critical applications in environments.



Dobovo is a web-based, rental platform that enables its users to find accommodation in different cities of Ukraine.

Kiev   11-50    


B2B E-commerce solutions provider with 14 years of experience in the industry. In 2015 launched Gepard content syndication platform.

Kiev   101-250    


Smart platform for managing bus and coach business

Kiev   11-50    


QATestLab is an independent provider of QA and testing services.

Kiev   101-250    


Drupal development – is one of our main professional activities, we carry out for several years.

Kiev   51-100    


Fanchats is a social platform for sports fans.

Kiev   1-10    


IntroPro is a software development company delivering high quality business solutions including enterprise systems, embedded systems.

Kiev   501-1000    


Agroxy is an agricultural commodities spot trading platform, marketplace.

Kiev   1-10    


Tochka.net is a online news and media portal.



IDCEE is an annual unparalleled gathering in the heart of CEE intended for Internet entrepreneurs, VCs and angel investors, CEOs and CTOs

Kiev   11-50    


AppReal is a development company created by world’s upper class specialists.

Kiev   11-50    


Custom software development company

Kiev   5001-10000    


Blockspoint is an online media entryway devoted to cryptographic forms of money.

Kiev   11-50    


Cloud LMS for train sales teams

Kiev   1-10    


Ticketsell.ai is the AI-empowered platform that provides products suite such as Top Competition, Top Sales, and Top Price.

Kiev   1-10    


Full-Stack Team for eCommerce Projects | eCommerce Web Developers

Kiev   11-50    


Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) - operating in healthcare (pharmaceutical) industry. The company performs clinical trials.

Kiev   11-50    


FinTech software development company.

Kiev   11-50    

PNN Soft

PNN Soft offers a full range of software outsourcing services to businesses worldwide. The portfolio of software projects and programming

Kiev   51-100    


Sovtes is a cloud-based platform that aims to automate and improve the overall productivity of logistics processes.

Kiev   11-50    


SeoProfy is a result-oriented international company for search engine promotion, contextual advertising and content marketing.


Extrusion in Motion

Extrusion in Motion develops high-end titanium nozzles for composite 3D printing and design of desktop filament extruders.



Oplata is a convenient international payment solution that aims to make the process of paying for online purchases simple and safe.

Kiev   51-100    


SoftRize is a software development service provider.

Kiev   11-50    


Ohhio provides super chunky blankets handmade with merino wool.


INVO Group

INVO Group is a marketing and sales group that specializes in start up, fashion, and healthcare consulting.

Kiev   51-100    


Groshivsim specialization is short-term loans online especially, payday loans.

Kiev   101-250    


Casers - is a web platform for solving real cases from the business and government representatives.

Kiev   1-10    


Magento software development service provider

Kiev   11-50    


C3PA is a high-tech network of affiliate pay-per-action programs.

Kiev   11-50    


VRobot is a virtual simulator from which you can compose any robot and get or test your skills of designing and programming robots.

Kiev   11-50    


Digital farming platform of data collection and analysis for the most advanced agriculture

Kiev   1-10    


Devellar is the team of professionals united to provide a full range of services in the field of IT.

Kiev   251-500    


Schodennik.ua is a provider of Free school education network.



AI-powered daily journaling app that tracks of your mental state.

Kiev   1-10    


Recruiting and staffing company focused on the Tech ecosystem.

Kiev   11-50    

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